Best of the Letters From 2012


Wonderful and Very Needed Website:

January 6, 2012

First, let me thank you for your wonderful and very needed website! I am a child survivor of WCG and have been struggling for many years with the “stuff in my head” and the guilt that it brings. I am 56 and attended for over 20 years. I have recently been attending a great Christian mainstream church near my home and attending a women’s Bible study. What a difference to be around godly women who really love and know the Lord. Thank you again for your great work to help all of us find our way back to the true Gospel message and a real relationship with Jesus. –R. C., child survivor

The Absence of Jesus in Herbert Armstrong’s Teachings:

January 10, 2012

I grew up in the WCG and went through several splinter groups before finally realizing the absence of our Savior in their teachings. There was a focus on earning our salvation regardless of how many times it was professed that we cannot. I do pray for all those taken in by the deceptive teachings of how they believe a person is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I know pastors that cringed at the mention of Jesus and how they ranted and raved about it being too “syrupy” (if I can use that term) and too Protestant.

I am currently a Pastor of a small church that teaches about the true relationship we can have with Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your website. I do see that it has helped many and continues to do so with the many problems they have faced and still do. –J. H.

You Have Been of Great Help:

January 26, 2012

I would like to thank you for your website. As a former WCG member (1969 to 2002), you have been of great help to me. I check your site several times a week and have recommended it to others. I am glad to be out and have no interest in any of the tangent groups. –K.

You Helped Convince Me About WCG:

February 2, 2012

Thanks so much for your site. I exited WCG over three years ago after coming in contact with your site. You helped convince me that the WCG was a cultic organization that brought destruction and damage to many lives including mine. I experienced firsthand the burdens of its legalistic teachings placed on members. The present organization and its leadership has been in my opinion very unwilling to acknowledge the damage done to past and current members and their families. It seems that the survival of the organization is more important [to them] than the healing of spiritually and religiously abused people. Your points about the way WCG uses fear, guilt, and mind control techniques is right on target. –Georgia

Nothing Less Than Hoodlums and Gangsters:

February 15, 2012

Much thanks for your work. The fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 were very disturbing for me as I “unbelievably” came to learn that the WWCG and its splinter groups are nothing less than hoodlums and gangsters. This is sad but what is more sad for me is that I knew Jesus as my Lord and Savior and this knowledge was diminished gradually as a result of all the indoctrinations of Restored Church of God headed by David C. Pack.

I am repulsed that these men, in these splinters, continue in the shadow of Herbert Armstrong. Yet, I am more confused and saddened that their members don’t see what seems so obvious–that they are caught up in a religious cult where they sacrifice the God-given gift of their intellect. And for what? I have spent much time deliberating why these so called ministers and “apostles” would continue as they do. I could take the easy road and say that they themselves are/have been deceived by HWA. But, nay, not all! Surely they have “a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof: from such turn away.” (II Tim. 3:5).

I remember asking one of the members why is it that David Pack has such a nice and large home and nice vehicles. The member said to me, “he has to because no one will follow or listen to him if he does not have them. You know how people are.” I could not believe my ears because if David Pack truly believes that he is God’s appointed then surely he would not depend upon his worldly possessions to entice new membership. But then again, that’s what their business is all about–to attract, allure, persuade… Tragic.

Surely, these men have not a clue as to what it really is to present their bodies a living sacrifice and that they be not conformed to this world and the ways of this world. (Romans 12:1-2)

Finally, I have just read the critique of Mystery of the Ages, chapter two [PDF]. All I can is gangsters, gangsters!!

I pray that you all be increased with right knowledge and wisdom from above. Thank you again.

With my warmest regards, –Impacted by Restored Church of God

David Pack is Simply Part of a Long Line of False Prophets:

February 16, 2012

Just for the record, it should be noted that Jesus said that the church would never die out; that it would exist without interruption throughout the ages until His Second Coming. If this is true, then how can it be that we would have a church claiming to be God’s church which would call itself the “Restored” Church of God.

How could it be that God’s Church had to be restored and by “a man” when Christ said it would never die out and that He would be with it until the end of the age.

Knowing that makes it amply evident that David Pack is simply one of a long line of false prophets preaching for filthy lucre’s sake, a wolf devouring God’s sheep, feeding and clothing himself rather than sacrificing “his” life for the well being of the flock and feeding God’s sheep.

He, like so many other ministers who came out of the wreckage of the WCG, is simply someone who was in need of a job and wouldn’t have been able to make a living in the real world and so chose to live off of the gullibility of those whom he could deceive. –R. F.

The Bragging and Boasting in RCG is Not of God:

February 17, 2012

I have noticed that you have been receiving more letters regarding the Restored Church of God lately. It’s possible that this has occurred because the RCG spin doctors are at work. Some of Dave Pack’s ministers who have come from other organizations have been blogging about their experience in the RCG. The ones that I have read have been in the WCG and later went onto United Church of God. They all anointed their eyes and wound up in “God’s one and only true church” (of course, that is none other than RCG).

This is nothing more that a public relations campaign to make the RCG look magnificent! They act like they are the only group doing anything. Plans are in the making for a World Headquarters in the Wadsworth, OH area. They boast of healings and other miracles. Someone needs to let them know that the false prophet Gerald Flurry is over 10 years ahead of RCG with his building project. Other organizations claim increased membership, record numbers of people watching their programs, increasing magazine circulation, and incomes rising despite the difficult economy.

All of the bragging and boasting in RCG is not of God. –Impacted by WCG, RCG and PCG

David Pack Calling for Fast on March 3:

February 28, 2012

The RCG is fasting this coming Saturday. Pack wants to borrow money to finish his “building project.” He feels the need to exceed Gerald Flurry. The banks want 50% already paid, plus the names and addresses of the members who are pledging property. The fast is to somehow pressure God to change the bank’s mind or to persuade God to help them to come up with more money. My question is, why? If we are so close to fleeing to Petra, why bother? –Anonymous

David Pack’s Propaganda Statements in His Co-Worker Letter:

February 28, 2012

David Pack said the following propaganda statements in his September 27, 2011 to co-workers and brethren: (Comments by ESN are in brackets and purple.)

“When we consider this year’s outbreak of violent and deadly tornadoes across the U.S., is it any surprise there are increasing hurricanes and tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico and on America’s East Coast? When these storms arrived in the last few weeks, I did not hear one person say that the nation must turn to God and repent.” (p. 2) [Pack fails to mention the fact that HWA was saying the same thing in his day. This is simply placing fear in the members along with discounting many Christians and Christian ministries who have always spoke about the need to turn to God. But how would RCG members know this since they aren’t to listen to what anyone else says except Pack?]

“The entire Work is changing in ways that are difficult at this point to even quantify. It is a story of miracles and open doors appearing almost daily.” (p. 2) [Pack’s criteria for “God being with RCG” is to focus on physical things not on having the peace of God.]

“Incidentally, several in the group that went to Pasadena entered what was Mr. Armstrong’s home, which is now occupied by a real estate company that rented it about a year ago… Mr. Bill Behrer explained to the owner a little of the man who had once lived there, and the owner had no knowledge of this and no idea who Mr. Armstrong was. … I thought about how even the greatest of God’s servants through the ages are so quickly lost to memory. [Which of “God’s servants” is he talking about? Surely not great men of God such as Dwight L. Moody, G. Campbell Morgan, George Mueller,  Harry A. Ironside, and others.]

“The Internet presents people with the opportunity to instantly ask about services in their area. We are now seeking to slow people down, in hundreds of cases way down, and get them much deeper into literature … We hope and believe that the net result will actually be a faster growth rate in the Church in 2012…” (p. 3) [This is a cult tactic so people will come to the false conclusion that RCG is “God’s true church.” Read ESN article: How Did Herbert W. Armstrong Recruit People? to understand the process.]

“Know that I have not moved ‘one inch’ from my belief about when the 6,000 years of man’s rule are up. It seems almost beyond impossible to me that we have more years remaining than can be counted on one hand. (p. 4) [Pack stated in his sermon: Clarion Call—The Time is Now! that “the Tribulation would begin in the spring of 2018 at the latest” and that “the latest Christ could return is Feast of Trumpets 2021.” Now it seems he is predicting a date of less than five years.]

I am sending you his entire letter as PDF. Note where it says on page 4, second paragraph, how it he is predicting something for around 2016. –Impacted by RCG

Many Innocent People Are Going to the Slaughter:

February 29, 2012

I was just roaming around The Restored Church of God’s website and I stumbled into your expose´ of David Pack.

I am an ex member of WCG and was with them for 20 years. I also attended Ambassador College so was privy to a lot going on of which the lay membership were not aware. I left in 1980 so am an old bird so to speak. I have several friends who also left and we just have home Bible study.

I got the distinct impression from David Pack’s website that he, too, is just like Herbert–a little peacock strutting his stuff, full of himself, and passing himself off as an Apostle.

I had to chuckle at your expose´ of David Pack, but at the same time found it so sad because so many innocent sheep are going to the slaughter with these splinter groups. They are being so mind-controlled, just like we were in WCG.

I had an interaction with Pack’s assistant that didn’t go very well so I told him politely, thanks, but no thanks. He wanted to set up a visit–all because I just sent for a booklet.

Thanks for your good work. –J. H.

Dave Pack Attacks Ron Weinland:

March 2, 2012

Dave Pack attacked Ron Weinland on RCG’s website news (“Ron Weinland—Spectacularly Wrong!”). But it strikes me that what Pack accuses Weinland of is the same thing that applies to Pack; i.e., a “false prophet,” “deceiving thousands of people,” is a “complete fraud,” etc.

Thanks for all that you do. You are wonderful and doing good things. –Impacted by RCG

Comment: The January 1, 2008 letter:  Ron Weinland and His False Prophecies and our reply tells much more about Weinland.

David C. Pack Lives in a “Rich” Neighborhood:

March 9, 2012

David C. Pack lives in a very nice neighborhood at 402 Pheasant Run, Wadsworth, OH 44281. (I am sending you photos that I recently took of his house and neighborhood.) Some houses in there are very, very nice. His is not bad at all. Hardly “modest.” I’d call it an upper middle class neighborhood, maybe even upper class. I would say that considering the surrounding area (Wadsworth) that David Pack lives in a “rich” neighborhood.

The new future campus site is conveniently located about 2 miles from Pack’s house. The site is right by all the modern shopping centers, chain restaurants, name brand retail outlets, etc. Looks like they will be depending on the local police department to enforce the no trespass sign. –W.

David C. Pack and His Lavish Lifestyle:

March 9, 2012

Dave Pack drives the best car and lives in a huge house in the wealthiest part of town. He gets the money from his six figure income. He plans on building homes for himself and his key people on the property on Ambassador Drive in Wadsworth, OH. That’s where the future site of the headquarters is now under construction. –[name withheld]

David Pack and His Brethren/Co-Worker Letters:

March 15, 2012

David Pack places himself into Revelation 10:11 as the one who will be “visiting before world leaders” and prophesying. I remember HWA claiming this also. In his January 4, 2012 brethren/co-worker letter he does nothing but boast and brag about what has taken place (most of it completely unverifiable). All of his brethren/co-worker letters end with words from Herbert Armstrong (usually something about being faithful or sacrificing) which Pack refers to as “the customary closing quote.” I guess he feels HWA’s words will keep members motivated. –J.

Continue to Do This Great Service:

March 16, 2012

I wanted to simply say thank you. I have a friend who spent her entire life in WWCG having left a few years ago. She has a broken spirit. I could understand because I have had only a short two years with RCG and find myself feeling shattered after I learned I was deceived. This friend recently embraced Universalism. I read some paper on it. However, I was never able to get my mind wrapped about it. We both referred to Scripture how that Christ died for the whole world (forgiveness). She believed in Universalism because of these Scriptures. I am so thankful that I now understand that there is a distinct and fundamental difference between forgiveness and salvation.

I had been listening to a SDA (Seventh-day Adventist) radio station, when driving, after I somewhat cleared my head from the deception of RCG and yesterday was the first time I actually changed the station. Listening to that station this last week has become unbearable and they seem to stuff down your throat the Sabbath command, dietary laws, etc. I only wish I could tune into a station that brings the true understanding about the Scriptures. I told my friend yesterday that I had a website for her to go to. I hope she too will receive the freedom in understanding who she is in Jesus Christ because of what He has done.

Continue to do this great service that you are doing to help those that are hurting so badly because of the deceptions. When I visit your site, which is every week, I am always hoping to see more and more letters from those impacted by the WWCG and its offshoots which for me is a prayer answered, that God will reveal, to the various members, the truth about these destructive groups and they may break away to stop the destruction and exploitation.

Thank you so very much again. With my warmest regards to all of you at ESN. –Ex RCG member

Death of a Loved One Leaves Impact:

March 27, 2012

My wife’s sister recently died of a brain aneurysm. From the beginning the doctors were up front with the family as to the gravity of the condition. They couldn’t give any hope for survival and the family watched her die over a period of about a week.

The very real emotional pain that my wife suffers through this is over the family relationships that could have been but were not. We were in WCG nearly 30 years and as you well know they encouraged members to look to the “church” as family rather than relatives. We couldn’t acknowledge birthdays, or other important holidays, and these things estranged our relatives from ourselves. Once her dying sister slipped into unconsciousness, it was too late to make amends for the years of severance.

You can only begin to imagine the heavy sorrow at the memorial service, the pain of missing that many years of closeness that could have been and should have been. That serious error cannot be undone. It slips into Eternity and we must live with it until we come to complete healing. The abusive and misleading policies and doctrines of Worldwide Church of God has left a trail of pain, suffering and death. –Former member of WCG

Restored Church of God is a For Profit Business:

April 13, 2012

Herbert Armstrong prophesied of specific dates and was wrong, so he qualifies as a false prophet according to the Bible. David Pack is aware of these false prophecies since he is some sort of expert on HWA and promotes him as one who had “truth.” But he cherry picks HWA to make his own ploy look credible with regard to HWA being the first Apostle and now Pack being the final Apostle, thus enabling Pack to fleece the flock. Pack therefore is deliberately misinforming the members and selectively presenting this HWA information to further his fraud. He seems to be most interested in money so that he might glorify and enrich himself. He is a businessman and uses deceptive practices. His rhetoric is designed to attract and retain members from whom he extracts cash.

Pack is judgmental, critical, combative, and seems to be delusional. Where is the love that Jesus talked so much about? Instead Pack pulls out select Bible verses that justify his meanness. This RCG is so far off track when it comes to being kind and charitable to other human beings. What kind of charitable organization is it that serves only itself? Answer is: it’s not a charitable organization. It is a for profit business and everything that Pack says, writes, or does is related to money.

I do hope that this perspective might be shared and help anyone affected by David Pack to see some nugget of truth in this and that they might be spared the destruction that ultimately comes to those who are deceived, hopefully sooner rather than later. –Anonymous

My Image of Herbert Armstrong Has Been Completely Blown Apart:

April 18, 2012

I just finished reading Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web by David Robinson. [available as PDF download] Thank you for emailing it to me. What an absolute mess! How in the world–not to mention a “church”–could things get so completely corrupt and twisted? How could men, who have the abilities, the potential, and the resources to do so much good in the world, chose to do such evil? I will never be able to get my mind around that!

My image of HWA has been completely blown apart with the idea of him answering the door to his hotel room completely nude; keeping a “black book” to record every time he “pleasured” himself. [See the part beginning with: “The allegation surfaced…” in Honey I Shrunk the Church.] The very thought of a 90 year old man “pleasuring” himself is just wrong on too many levels to begin to tell. Committing incest with his daughter? Where the hell was Loma in all this??

How did the man live with himself?

I believe every word of Robinson’s account because the book was written in 1980 and if it were not true, Stan Rader would have had David Robinson in court so fast, suing him for libel, that it would have made your head spin. That’s how you can know it’s true.

Herbert W Armstrong stood in awe of power. He craved power and authority and was enamored by world leaders who had the respect and prestige that went along with being a power broker. He featured these leaders on the cover of the Plain Truth and his own office was festoon with autographed pictures of various world leaders he collected on his travels.

One such leader was the late King Hussein. Why did Armstrong admire men like Hussein? …

In David Robinson’s book, Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web, he often quotes Lord Acton’s famous:

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

These words are very true. But most people seldom hear that quote in its entirety. The complete quote goes like this:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

In the eyes of this world, HWA, Stanley Rader, King Hussein, they were “great men.” But as it turns out, Acton was right. They were also very bad men!

God will have the final say.

Thanks for the info. God bless Exit & Support Network™. –S.

Comment: It helps to read: Profile of a Sociopath. When we begin to understand the mind of such men (and their goal of power and wealth), we begin to make some sense of what happened.

As far as King Hussein, those in WCG were told:

“I hope to arrange for the use of Petra as a possible refuge or place of safety during the Great Tribulation when I see King Hussein. Pray for this please.” (February 25, 1982 Co-Worker letter from Herbert W. Armstrong)

David Pack Selling His Books:

April 23, 2012

Did you know David Pack is selling his books? I.e., The True Jesus Christ – Unknown to Christianity. This reminded me of how Garner Ted Armstrong (Intercontinental Church of God) tried to sell his book The Real Jesus in the `70s. I guess Proverbs 23:23 doesn’t apply when what you’re selling isn’t “the truth” and when the true Jesus is unknown to the author, not to Christianity. I also remember Raising the Ruins by Stephen Flurry started out selling strongly on Amazon because members began snatching it up, then it tanked quickly. Now, you couldn’t give a copy away, let alone get someone to buy it that didn’t have a clue what it is about. I can’t believe Pack has the audacity to try to sell his books. At least a lot of people knew GTA just because of HWA pushing himself out into the public eye. Most people haven’t a clue who David Pack is. –S. L.

Comment: Read article: Raising the Ruins – Selling the “Truth” by Jim Kazimir.

Dave Pack Identifies “Synagogue of Satan” and Marks Several Splinter Leaders:

April 24, 2012

I just listened to Pack’s over two hour and fifteen minute sermon called “Synagogue of Satan” that was posted April 23. Here is a quick summary:

All splinters are the Synagogue of Satan.
Ministers (“not the brethren” as he repeats over and over) are deceived and of Satan.
Pack had supper with Garner Ted Armstrong, then Pack told HWA what GTA said; ten days later GTA was fired.
Splinters stole billions of dollars from God: “Just think what RCG could have done with the money.”
Pack speaks of himself in 3rd person.
Many are vilifying Pack.
Armstrong was the Elijah.
“God made” Pack “the watcher.”
“How can they invent so many lies against me?”
Ministers are the scorpions referenced in the Bible.
Pack is bringing some current splinter ministers with him (to the Place of Safety)
“No turning back now.”
Formal announcement: Roderick Meredith, Richard Ames and 8 others are formally marked; could be as many as 20 but did not name more than the 10 as “God’s enemies.”
If splinter ministers don’t join RCG, they will be marked.
If not in RCG, they are “cut off from God.”
Pack “is not judging anyone.”
All other ministers on earth are “invalidly ordained” and certainly not of God.
“I have given them a chance to become part of RCG.”
References his dad as one who made him (Pack) tough.
He knows that this sermon will lead to severe criticism.

The man is losing his mind! He displays many symptoms of psychological deterioration. –Anonymous

We Were Thinking of Joining Restored Church of God:

April 24, 2012

We were thinking about joining the Restored Church of God under David C Pack as we thought we had finally found the true church. Now we are very worried about RCG after reading the information on your site, especially Without My Informed Consent! The obligation is to the “church” [RCG] and not to God.

Thank you so much for sending Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web. We had been searching for it. WOW. I can’t believe it. –[names withheld]

A Documentary About Jim Jones Reminded Me of WCG:

May 12, 2012

I was watching a documentary about Jim Jones and it reminded me of being raised in a “crazy church” (Worldwide Church of God), as it is called in my family.

Thank you for your website. It’s wonderful, supportive, and loving. –R.

Your Site Helped Me Understand the Truths and Exposed the Lies:

May 12, 2012

I want to thank you for creating such a website that helps me understand the truths and to expose the lies and deceptions of false churches. I’ve been church hopping for many years to want to learn the truth. Nothing makes sense. I’m a Seventh-day Adventist almost like WCG and I’m getting out.

I went through the same emotional problems as the WCG members until I found your website. Now I’m free!

I just want to say “thank you.” –R. K.

Followers of Armstrong Do Not Believe in the God of the Bible:

May 15, 2012

To those who have taken the time to gather and/or write such detailed information that is found on your Exit & Support Network™ website, I can’t say thank you enough.

I grew up in WCG in the early 70s. From the time I was a small child, I knew that something was wrong with this whole “religion” thing. I ended up on my own, basically for not wanting to go to “church” anymore. Through it all, I never outright blamed God, but I didn’t give Him too much thought either. I hated religion. I was fortunate, though. For the most part, things turned out fine for me. I managed to get my college degree, a good job, family and a middle class life. After the demise of WCG, my parents are now avid followers of David Pack.
A few years ago, I came to saving faith and was baptized in a non-denominational church. I began to study the Bible in earnest, and was blessed to be discipled by a wonderful couple who were well grounded in the Bible. I realized fairly quickly that God had used my experience growing up in WCG to bless me with the wonderful ability of discernment.

This afternoon, after reading one of your articles, you stated that followers of Armstrong do not believe in the God of the Bible. It finally clicked for me. The god they follow does not fit with the attributes described of God in the Bible, no more than the Mormon god or Allah of Islam. You’ve provided me with a point to start picking away at my parent’s theology. I pray that God will open their mind and heart to hear the truth, and if I can be the tool God uses would truly be a blessing. They are so deep in their erroneous beliefs, direct refuting will fall on deaf ears. Planting a seed of doubt–with God it can grow.

I just want to express my heartfelt thanks. –[name withheld]

Conditions One Must Meet Before Attending RCG Services:

May 22, 2012

I have been reading over your site for the past few months. And I thank you because it has helped me to realize I am not crazy for the feelings I have been having. … My husband had to go through phone calls and questions and agree that he believed in RCG’s ways before they would even tell him the meeting place. Thank you for hearing me and being there for those who were victims and the families of them. –Impacted by RCG

Your Site Has Been a Comfort to Me:

May 22, 2012

Hello Friend, I found your website recently and it has been a comfort to me! I did not grow up in the WCG, but did attend services with several of the splinter groups for many years. I can relate to a lot of the other people who’ve sent in letters to your site. Deep down, I’ve never bought into the USA/UK lost tribes of Israel thing and trying to live life according to strict set of ancient Hebrew holy days and Sabbaths. It has made me feel very lonely and anxious. I’ve given up job offers and never married because of these Armstrongite beliefs. Again, glad I found your site. I enjoy reading it! Funny as it sounds, I never liked that Herbert W. Armstrong (always had that grumpy, bitter old man look about him) or his religious “henchmen” as I see it. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out and PLEASE pray for me. –Impacted by HWA teachings

Ron Weinland Charged with Not Paying $357,000 in Taxes:

June 5, 2012

The Kentucky Enquirer and the Associated Press has reported that Ron Weinland, the Church of God-PKG (a HWA offshoot) “lived a lavish lifestyle off donations from followers from around the world” and that he “didn’t pay taxes on much of the money.” He has been charged with not paying $357,065 in taxes from 2004 through 2008. –Impacted by HWA

Ron Weinland Convicted of 5 Counts of Tax Evasion and on House Arrest:

June 20, 2012

I have a loved one in The Church of God-PKG [Preparing for the Kingdom]. My heart breaks daily as I watch the hold this “church” has on him. Just wanted to bring up that Ronald Weinland, the group’s leader, was convicted of 5 counts of tax evasion and is on house arrest with a GPS tracking system awaiting trial September 24th. The story Is nauseating. They’ve blown through millions of dollars in church funds on their luxurious lifestyle. Please let others know so maybe it can deter someone from joining this group. –Impacted by loved one in COG-PKG

I Realized Herbert Armstrong Was Just a Man:

July 8, 2012

I’d like to request the PDF version of the book: Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web. I am 18 years old. My parents are still deeply involved in the Living Church of God. I have recently begun researching what exactly I was about to get myself into. I have always believed that this place is a cult, and I hate how “the church” (as everyone calls it) negatively affects its members. As a child sitting on the floor during services, I wasn’t sure who Herbert Armstrong was. In my mind, he was portrayed as some supreme being. Of course I realized later he’s JUST A MAN. I want answers, and when I ask my parents, they get righteously indignant and their answers are one-sided (of course, they are). Thank you for your time. –Anonymous

Undying Allegiance and Never Questioning:

July 16, 2012

It is amazing how you can read something that sounds reasonable, not questioning, and then accepting it as fact. For years I was in the WCG and accepted the statement HWA and later others gave about him restoring the 18 truths. He made it plain that these truths had been lost since the first century, and that he had restored them to the church in the 20th century. All of the splinter groups today believe what he stated without any thought to what his statement meant.

I was recently thinking about his statement and all of a sudden, something struck me to the core.

Has anyone thought of what he actually was saying and the profound implications? It would mean that the church for nearly 2000 years would not have known the following:

  • They would have not known the TRUE GOSPEL…..just like the world (And in their own teaching could not be saved)
  • They would have not known the GOVERNMENT OF GOD…..just like the world (If it were that important, they would be lost)
  • They would have not known or understood the HOLY DAYS…..just like the world (Were not they important then?)They would not have understood WHO OR WHAT GOD IS…..just like the world (How can they be at one?)
  • They would not have understood TO BE SEPARATE…..just like the world (Did they not need to come out of the world?)
  • They would not have understood THE WORLD WAS DECEIVED…..just like the world (Was the world not deceived during that time?)
  • They would not have understood 2nd/3rd TITHE…..just like the world (Was it not needed then?)

These are just a short list of the problems Herbert Armstrong created with his statement of restoring the 18 truths. Think about them and their ramifications in detail and you will see, as I did, it couldn’t have made any sense. I was in the WCG from 1968 till 1992 and then made the mistake of going to the PCG for 7 years, but that’s another story. It seems when anyone has undying allegiance for another human, what they say is never questioned. I suppose that’s human nature, and probably the worst form of it. –R.

Restored Church of God Uses Religion to Control People:

August 22, 2012

I am very thankful to your website about the Restored Church of God and that you have the truth out there about people who claim to have the true church when they really do not but use religion to control people. I know that it was fate that I came across your website exposing them for what they really are–false apostles and wolves in sheep’s clothing. –R. W.

These “Churches” are Not of God:

September 12, 2012

As a former member of WWCG for 10 years, I was one of the first in our local congregation to leave after Tkach, Sr. died, not because of any change in doctrine or policy, but simply because I came to realize one important fact–that the fruit of the Spirit of God is LOVE–love for everyone, not just a select few that claim to be the “chosen.” The WWCG and all of its splinters is only concerned about its own self preservation–the total “number” of members as some sort of “sign” that it must be the “Work” of God. Missing are the real fruits of the Spirit–namely LOVE. The WWCG never showed any desire to help the local community, they met in secret and did nothing to help anyone else. I now understand that the real Church of God is composed of those who have the Holy Spirit throughout the world (of every race and country) and serve all people–neighbors, co-workers, friends, and outright strangers that need help. God’s love is for everyone, not just church members.

Don’t let anyone tell you that if you don’t do something for them that you are in danger of losing your salvation–this is a total lie to control you and make you do what they want. Be wary of any “church” asking for money and that keeps track of that (not for your own tax purposes) but for them to know if you are giving as much as they believe you should. A church has no business in your finances and does not need to know your salary or ever question you directly about your giving or how much money you make. They should accept whatever you give without any question! If anyone asks you this, then that is your “sign” that something is seriously wrong. Any church that constantly talks about money or tithing is focused on the wrong thing. Just because the leader of the church has a “grand plan” to expand doesn’t mean that the members have to totally agree with it or finance it. The real value in the Church is the members, not in their finances.

Any church (or any organization) that meets in secret, that is obsessed with “loyalty,” keeps you in constant fear, focuses on the “end time,” and only serves itself is not of God!!

I thank you for your website and hope that others have the chance to read what is going on at these “churches” and stay far away from them. –Former member of WCG

Most Informative Website:

September 16, 2012

I happened by your website today and immediately placed in my favorites for further research. I have never been a member of WCG; however, I was considered a co-worker. In the late eighties I received counseling but never did follow through with membership. I find your website most informative and your research is relatively easy to validate. –T.

Your Site Helped Me to Know I Made the Right Decision:

October 11, 2012

I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God for about 35 years, from the time I was 18. I read your site on a regular basis and it has really helped to confirm that it was truly a cult and that I made the right decision to leave about 13 years ago. … I have received a great deal of comfort from reading your articles and really appreciate what you do! Sincerely, L.

Garner Ted Armstrong Knew About the Money Racket:

October 11, 2012

I was talking to an old friend recently who used to be very active in the WCG back in the 1970s and “rubbed elbows” with the WCG’s elite before he left it. He told me that he left it because he figured out that the “whole thing was about money.” He said that if they weren’t getting any money from you, they didn’t have any need of you.

He also said that he had talked to Garner Ted Armstrong (whom he was close with) at a dinner after he figured out the organization but before he left it. He said that GTA knew about the money racket, too, and he asked GTA why he didn’t leave it. He said that GTA told him, “Because I make $150,000 a year, and my wife makes $100,000 a year, and I just can’t leave that.” This was back in the 1970s, when making a quarter of a million dollars a year was a really big deal. –[name withheld]

Read our article on GTA: Intercontinental Church of God (Garner Ted Armstrong)

The Gospel is All So Clear to Me Now:

October 17, 2012

Your site has been very helpful. It has directed me to a wonderful ministry that effectively saved me from joining an HWA offshoot. I was seriously considering joining one of them [LCG] when at the last minute I decided to re-visit your website to have one last chance at reviewing the whole situation. Somehow I came across a link to this website from yours. It didn’t take too long to see the reasons why the offshoots (and others) are following the wrong gospel. One of the reasons has to do with the twisted logic they have regarding the law of faith versus the law of works. Another is why they have it wrong regarding their hard core belief that one must follow some parts of the Mosaic Law. It’s all so clear to me now. This ministry makes a lot of sense and does an excellent job at explaining what the Gospel is really about. It also explains well how, when and why the old and new covenants were applied. Many thanks. –Australia

Beware of the Organic Church and Frank Viola:

October 18, 2012

The organized church out there is in such a mess. It’s hard to find anyone teaching the Gospel, or for that matter anyone who even knows what it is. Jesus has completely been erased.

I was doing some study and now the new thing is “organic churches.” It’s nothing new really; however, “organic” is the new buzzword for house church. Well, there is this book written by Frank Viola called Pagan Christianity. Hmmm, who else said that? It is written in a very slick way as to get Christians out of the organized system and into this organic church thing, just so as they can set up the kingdom so then Jesus can return because they said so. It’s all part of dominion theology, centering prayer, Emerging Church, New Age, old age, complete heretical garbage. Disgruntled, confused Christians can now go from the frying pan of the pew to the fire of the comfy couch. How sick is that? And God help the non-Christian getting mixed up in this quagmire of deceit. –Canada

Comment: Frank Viola has written several books, some about Christ, which can sound very good to the undiscerning. Viola has said that one of his friends is Brian McLaren, one of the best known proponents of the Emerging Church, and who is exposed in On Apostasy–a Radical Proposal (just search for his name). Also read: Frank Viola – Lessons in Garden Theology or Dominionism 201?” [offsite article] and Barna and Viola Book, “Pagan Christianity,” Remains Popular, Continues Misleading. [offsite article]

Your Site Saved Me From Joining an Armstrong Offshoot:

October 30, 2012

Hi. I love your site. Glad I came across it as it has saved me from joining an Armstrong offshoot just in time to avoid falling into a trap.

Isn’t it exciting to know as much as possible the real truth of the Scriptures when one studies it more and more? It’s so much more pleasant and comforting than the false doctrines of the offshoots and many other organizations, like the JWs, SDAs and Mormons. –J.

Affected by the Abuse and Mental Control:

November 12, 2012

Hello! I am a former follower of Herbert W Armstrong. I also feel affected by the abuse and mental control by these wolves dressed with skin of sheep. I am Spanish speaking, situated in Guatemala. Your website has been of a lot of aid for my mental health. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to request the book Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web in PDF. I will be eternally thanked by your attention to my request. –Guatemala

The Force of Galatians 3:19 Hit Me So Hard:

November 26, 2012

Hi, just to say my wife and I were in WCG for about twenty years and left about 20 years ago. We know that we are no longer under the Law. But it’s incredible that though I know HWA was a heretic and that we are now under Grace, I occasionally get the “What if?” feeling. That’s in spite of what both Scripture and logic tell me. (My wife doesn’t get these thoughts, but I sometimes do, though very rarely these days.)

Anyway, I happened to get onto your site again and was on it for 10 minutes or so. I came over to your part on the Law. And the force of Galatians 3:19 hit me so hard in your article that I realized now what it really means. HWA taught the direct opposite and it stands out more starkly to me than ever before. Thanks a lot. What a great article. [The Law of Moses and the Grace of God] I wish all Worldwiders would read it. I still am occasionally in touch with some but a lot of them still cling to the Law in bits. I have realized for sometime that it’s all or nothing, intellectually, and realized that keeping the Law is rejecting Christ’s sacrifice for my sins. But now I’m more convinced than ever by your article. You could say that I am now convinced in my heart as well as in my mind.

A lot of the Worldwiders I know would feel that it’s worse than cutting of their arm to change. I find that they go on the defensive or get angry whenever the subject’s brought up. It’s a terrible shame because they don’t realize that they are putting a man before God’s word. In other word’s they are worshiping the dead Armstrong. What a tragedy! All we can do is pray for them. Thanks so very much for putting that article on your site. I am about to go back into it and read it over again. God bless. –M. H.

You Spared Me Restored Church of God Misery:

December 19, 2012

I want to thank you for the Exit Support Network™ website. While I have never been a member of the WCG or it’s offshoots, you have probably saved me a mountain of grief.

To explain, present circumstances in my life have led me to renew my relationship with Christ. I first became interested in the WCG back in in the `80s as a way to escape my Catholic upbringing, and decided to track down this organization again to see whether I could obtain some spiritual support. I was eventually lead to the Restored Church of God, and had been reading all the literature, listening to the online “sermons,” and had even contacted a local Minister, praising the RCG as the one true Church, and expressing the intent on attending my first meeting. Thank you very much for putting me straight on this organization and sparing me some potentially harsh lessons.

My letter to RCG included my remark that my renewed relationship with Jesus through prayer and exercise of faith had actually started to produce positive results in my life. It is my conviction that He has led me to your website.

I would also like to add that upon reflection on what I learned from ESN the Biblical verse Mark 8:15 seems quite appropriate for explaining why WCG and splinters are a problem: “And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and the leaven of Herod.” To paraphrase; if the leaders of a religious organization do not exercise the same character as Jesus and Apostles, stay away from them.

I pray that the Lord will bring you continued success in your efforts. Sincerely, R. F.


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