Best of the Letters From 2016


Had No Idea There Were So Many Others:

January 7, 2016

I would like to thank you for creating this website. I was raised in the WCG from 1965 until I left at 18 in 1982. For a short time, I went back in 1988, and left again in 1990, knowing that the organization was truly not for me.

I really had no idea there were so many others that have had the same struggles and torment from their experiences with WCG, so I thank you for taking the time to offer this information. –M. H., Child survivor of WCG

Haven’t Turned Off Something So Fast in Ages!

February 1, 2016

Hello, I found your website by typing in “David C. Pack” and realized that he is Armstrong’s copy or whatever. I haven’t turned off something so fast in ages!! I will send your web address to the person that recommended that channel. Hopefully, it will get through to them.

Thanks again for the info! God Bless!! –Spared from RCG [name withheld]

Herbert Armstrong’s Awful Treatment of His Daughter, Dorothy:

February 2, 2016

I just read the article about Herbert Armstrong’s awful treatment of his daughter, Dorothy. Vern Mattson did the right thing by talking about the evil that HWA committed against his wife, while Dorothy was an innocent child. I have daughters myself, and it makes me angry to know he could do this to a little girl for so many years.

When I was first told about the incest by a long time member, I remember being stunned. Even though I didn’t want to believe it, deep down I felt it was true. I always wondered why none of HWA’s daughters were ever in “the church” (WCG). I knew one son (Richard) died as result of a car accident, and I heard about GTA through the church gossip line (he had already been booted out of the organization and was the subject of much whispering). But when I read HWA’s autobiography (which was given to all members at the Feast), I found out for the first time that he had two daughters. Nobody ever said what happened to them, so I never asked. It was like they never existed. But it didn’t stop me from wondering. I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something was amiss. When I finally did find out, I had an “aha!” moment. The puzzle piece finally fell into place. I asked a long time deaconess about the incest (she knew the upper echelon families and had spent time with many of them) and she confirmed this–but quickly added the “none of God’s servants were perfect.” Then she started with the party line of “David committed adultery with Bathsheba” excuse. I told her that David and Bathsheba were consenting adults, and there was no reason, excuse or justification, for committing incest against a young child. She must’ve seen the horror on my face and left. I couldn’t believe that she never mentioned this to me in all the years that we knew each other. We’ve not spoken to each other since. After this, I knew that there was no way that HWA was God’s messenger, let alone an apostle. Apostles were supposed to love and protect children, not sexually assault them. If HWA was God’s Apostle and had all the “answers” about childrearing, and “turning the hearts of the children to the fathers” and vice versa, then where were his daughters? The total silence in the WCG on this matter was a sure sign that something was being covered up.

As the WCG crumbled, the secrecy surrounding HWA’s incest was finally out and I read more about it in the Ambassador Report. Part of me figured that if it wasn’t true, then HWA could easily have won a libel/slander case against the AR. As far as I know, no such case ever existed. Years later, I saw GTA on Geraldo putting his hands all over the masseuse. [Read ESN article: Garner Ted Armstrong and the Masseuse] I never watched Geraldo (I watch very little TV in fact), but the TV happened to be on at my mother’s while I was visiting. I was shocked at what I saw, but more pieces fell into place. GTA felt “entitled” to push himself onto a woman that repeatedly said “no.” So from where did he learn that behavior? It wasn’t too hard to figure out. To see him drunk, naked (tattooed), and attempting to sexually assault a woman, verified everything I read about him in the Ambassador Report. If they were right about GTA, then they were probably right about Dorothy.

I never stopped thinking about Dorothy through the past two decades since our exit. She had suffered greatly, and I hoped one day she would tell her story, although I couldn’t blame her if she didn’t. To see this confession come straight from the source was an incredible piece of information. I appreciate that the author of this letter shared this conversation. It was invaluable to me. May Dorothy rest in peace. –Former WCG member [name removed]

Comment: Also read: Why is it Difficult For Exiters to Question Herbert Armstrong? and Shocking Words That Herbert Armstrong Told His Daughter Dorothy.

Cannot Listen to Fred Coulter Any Longer:

February 8, 2016

I started listening to Fred Coulter‘s teaching/preaching online at Church at Home about 1 l/2-2 years ago. I really thought I had found “my church.” I loved listening and what he said went along with what I already believed. I thought he was a really good man of God. A few months ago, I stumbled on videos about the flat earth and NASA hoaxes, and of course I thought them to be totally ridiculous, but I don’t immediately dismiss ideas that don’t line up with my current programming/education. I love learning and knowledge and I read/study everything. Point of this email is: I wrote Fred Coulter and asked what he thought of it all, and also I commented that I respected his opinion. He wrote back telling me that the earth is an orb and NASA did land on the moon. I wrote back, thanked him, commented again that I respected his opinion, but I was still reading about it, and I included an ancient Hebrew map of the flat earth. I also made it clear that I was not a flat earther/NASA hoaxer, just learning about it. It fascinated me. Because of my respect for his knowledge and his kind manner in videos, I thought he would have some great articles/videos/information that I could look at, I like to look at all sides of a problem/idea.

Well, Fred Coulter wrote me back a nasty letter, and told me that it “was the stupidest thing he had ever heard” and he told me not to contact him again. His letter (email) was very rude, and I was shocked. I thought he was someone I could talk to and find answers. I look at him totally different now; he is just a mean old man, with no patience or tolerance for helping people. I have not, and can not, listen to him any longer. I have a book written by him and I am gonna burn it tomorrow with the rest of the trash.

This is probably off subject for your site, but I just was so hurt by his response, that I had to tell somebody. –M. H.

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

Update 2019: To explore the biblical and scientific case against the flat earth theory go to The Creation Guys.

David Pack Predicts a Weird Type of Rapture:

February 8, 2016

I want to tell you just how crazy David Pack is. It seems he loves to praise himself. He has declared that he is the real Elijah [see February 2, 2015 letter] and is now predicting a weird type of Rapture (he doesn’t use that name) in which the members all will go to Jerusalem and help three angels build the Temple. Then Jesus reigns the world for three and a half years. After that, Jesus leaves the world to the Tribulation, but He also leaves the members here! He is beating down the members with twisted scriptures and sermon after sermon on the same subject. He is quicksand! –Anonymous

Comment: Many who have been impacted by Pack note that he is becoming more unstable.

Those of Us Who Still Suffer:

February 11, 2016

I can only thank and pray blessings over you for what you’ve made available to those of us who either still suffer, or at least carry some residue of the damage done. I was a member for 13 yrs. I’ve thankfully found my way to a relationship with our Lord Jesus! –Former WCG member

End to Guilt Article Was a Game Changer:

February 13, 2016

Bless you for your “An End to Guilt” article. It has been a game changer for me. Thank you and God bless you! –D. F.

Ronald L. Dart Dies:

February 23, 2016

I just found out Ronald L. Dart of “Born to Win” program died. He preached Armstrong for so long that he actually looks like him! (They have a picture of him on the site.) –Impacted by HWA–Impacted by HWA

Comment: Ronald L. Dart (born January 7, 1934) died January 24, 2016 at the age of 82. Dart graduated from Ambassador College in 1960, became an “evangelist” in Worldwide Church of God, and then was with GTA’s group, Church of God International (CGI).  He teaches a false gospel of works based on the dogma of false prophet Herbert Armstrong, instead of Christ Jesus and His saving grace. For more info, go to Ronald L. Dart (OIU Vol. 4, Pt. 4 which mentions Dart’s beginnings) tells how Dart told an acquaintance that he “had a friend who was making millions with this kind of business.” UPDATE: Ronald L. Dart died January 24, 2016 at the age of 82. His “Born to Win” program has been airing on many Christian radio programs. A 2004 letter to ESN told how Alan Ruth admitted to his former roommate [author’s son-in-law] that he over heard Dart say at an FOT that he had “all the money I will ever need.”  Also see our article: What is Behind Christian Educational Ministries?

Update 2017: Allie Dart (Dart’s wife) formed The Ronald L. Dart Evangelistic Association in June 2017 to “promote the works of the late Ronald L. Dart.” She died on August 9, 2017.

Lack of Transparency by the Ministry in COGWA and Other Splinter Groups:

March 20, 2016

After years of seeing the same results time after time, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of the division, controversy and injustices in the splinter groups can be traced back to a total and complete lack of transparency by the ministry. Although we may not agree in all areas of religion and theology, hopefully we can all acknowledge that if the ministry was required to be transparent in matters of controversy, it would be a significant overhaul that would prevent a lot of the corruption we have all seen. I have been a first hand witness to seeing genuine Christians kicked to the curb like a piece of trash as well as sexual predators given a haul pass. These acts have only been possible because of a lack of transparency when these decisions are being made!

A couple years ago I sent in a paper to the doctrinal committee of COGWA asking for scriptural evidence for their current system. I was shocked by how little biblical support the ministry has for justifying operating in secret. –J. S.

Behavior of Wife Changes Drastically After Joining RCG:

March 21, 2016

Hello. I found your website and was reading many comments, as well as a lot of other information. Thank you. I was married to a member of the Restored Church of God. Her behavior changed drastically once she became enrolled in RCG. Long story short, I left her and filled for divorce. I could not accept her being so secretive about where she was going, her spending increasingly more time away from home, discovering many valuable items disappeared, and lots and lots of money sent to the RCG. She was fine with our marriage ending. She told me RCG didn’t officially recognize her being married to a “non believer” anyway. –Impacted by RCG

Robert Ardis Dies:

March 20, 2016

Robert G. Ardis was a false prophet who left PCG around 1997 and formed his own group called Church of God’s Faithful. He died on March 17, 2016 at the age of 84. –[name withheld]

Comment: Ardis was also known as Robert “Bobby” Gene Ardis, Sr. Church of God’s Faithful has been described as a spiritually dangerous group.

More About Robert G. Ardis:

March 21, 2016

The members of Church of God’s Faithful are probably still in “shock.” It appears as though Bob Ardis may have been sick for a little while. His last “sermon” was a repeat.

I honestly don’t really keep up with these guys. I only knew of Bob Ardis when I was in the PCG. He took the prophesies of HWA/GRF and added his own brand of insanity. I doubt his group has ever been more than a few hundred people.

His main theme was that he was now the true Philadelphian leader (as GRF had become “rich and increased with goods”). Thus, making GRF the Laodicean leader. [See: Is the Philadelphia Church of God Now the Laodicean Church?] Both of them are just egomaniacs who wanted people to look to them and their church literature instead of God and His Word.

These “leaders” are all pretty much the same. –[name withheld]

Comment: Church of God’s Faithful is a splinter of PCG. They incorporated in September 1997 and is led by Robert G. Ardis who was disfellowshipped from PCG that same year. CGF holds to several of PCG’s (and HWA’s) teachings; however, they veer from others. For instance, Ardis teaches that the Place of Safety will be somewhere in Saudi Arabia, not Petra, and that PCG has become the Laodicean church. [Read: Is the Philadelphia Church of God Now the Laodicean Church?] CGF believes that HWA was the “end-time Elijah” and “took the gospel of the Kingdom to the entire world,” but he had a “few inaccuracies” in his teachings, and they (CGF) have received “tremendously important new truths.” Ardis teaches that Christ secretly returned like a thief on the Feast of Trumpets in 1997, but that He will return visibly at the First Resurrection (which will occur on Pentecost). CGF says this secret return was the “great mystery” that was accomplished, and that we are now in the Day of the Lord.

Such teachings will appeal to certain exiters seeking “truth” instead of focusing on the Lord Jesus Christ (who is the Truth) and learning more of His grace and redemption.) Read: Where is the True Church?

Update: Robert Ardis died March 17, 2016.

Robert Ardis Was Under Doctor’s Care:

March 22, 2016

Morning ESN, we have family in the South Carolina PCG congregation which I believe Robert Ardis broke away from in 1997. Their meeting place and Ardis’ home are not far from each other. I’m sending along his obituary which was posted online. Interestingly, he died at Trident Medical Center on March 17. Not sure what he was being treated for but he was clearly under doctor’s care.

Thanks for your good work! We keep praying and working to see our family and others freed from the PCG, Armstrong doctrine, and the multitude of “only true church” offshoots. –[name withheld]

P. S. I hear the SC PCG congregation has been declining steadily. They may be down to 40-50 members at best.

Living Church of God Using World Vision in Canada for Their Seminar:

March 28, 2016

Since membership is in decline in the HWA offshoots, I believe they are getting more desperate. World Vision (Canada) is allowing Living Church of God (Roderick Meredith) to use its headquarters for LCG’s upcoming seminar. Tomorrow’s World (produced by Living Church of God) will conduct their seminar on Saturday May 16th. Just think of those who will attend this seminar, thinking they are hearing Biblical truths, since this seminar is at World Vision. The HWA offshoots are also advertising their “free” literature and study courses on Facebook, too. –[name withheld]

Update: World Vision, Canada, cancelled The Living Church of God’s “Tomorrow’s World” seminar “Has God Abandoned Mankind?” on May 16, but they are now hosting it on June 4th, 2016.

Living Church of God Hiding Behind a Legitimate Religious Organization:

March 29, 2016

The previous letter is definitely right! LCG is hiding behind a legitimate religious organization. They will not admit it is an Armstrong cult. And unfortunately, there are Biblical illiterates who will think they are hearing “new truth.” I will warn about this on my Facebook page, and it should reach quite a few, so I can give them a heads up on this. That was an HWA tactic from the get go! –Former member of WCG

Living Church of God Saying They No Longer Have Any Ties to Armstrong:

April 15, 2016

Regarding LCOG “hiding” behind World Vision for their seminar [see March 28 & March 29 letters], I sent the president of World Vision a detailed email of concern with quotes from Roderick Meredith, and some of his denials of the Christian faith. I have not heard [back] from him. At least I gave David Cerullo CEO of INSP Networks some credit. He had Tomorrow’s World cancelled from his network in 2007. I sent him and John Roos, Senior Vice President Marketing, a five page letter showing Roderick Meredith’s ties to Herbert W. Armstrong, his smear on Christianity, and many of his unbiblical-unorthodox teachings. The LCOG tried to persuade him that they no longer really have any ties to Armstrong, and abandoned many of his teachings. Of course, that is not what his “Official Statement Of Fundamental Beliefs” states. Mr. Cerullo also had The Church of God International’s program “Armor of God”” cancelled as well. So did “World Harvest Television”

Many other Armstrong offshoots have been cancelled from Christian radio/TV as well. These stations include Salem (even though they are airing Ron Dart again on their OnePlace.Com), Wilkins. Wilkins lost $150,000.00 cancelling Dart, American Family Radio, Former Trevecca Nazarene University’s WENO, and a host of others. I have been warning Christians, and Christian radio and TV concerning Armstrong, The Way International (that’s another story) and others.

It’s very clear that Dr. Roderick C. Meredith still considers Herbert W. Armstrong a great Bible teacher, and continues to teach and believe in many of his doctrines. Dr. Meredith’s official statement of fundamental beliefs states “Our doctrines, practices, policies, and traditions have their roots in the Worldwide Church of God under the leadership of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong” (P.1.) My email to Mr. John Roos, beyond any question of doubt shows the Living Church of God/Tomorrow’s World teachings are contrary to that taught in the Word of God. Their doctrines are wrong on salvation, the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ, their denial of the Trinity [i. e., the Father is fully God, the Son is fully God and the Holy Spirit is fully God –each are distinct yet are one God], the physical resurrection, Hell, and many other Christian teachings. –Anonymous

Ronald L. Dart Teaching a False Gospel:

April 20, 2016

Recently I sent an email to [a Christian radio ministry) to warn of the anti-Trinitarian–and hence unbiblical/unorthodox teachings being promoted by Ronald L Dart, through his “Born To Win” program. Dart unequivocally teaches and promotes many of the doctrines of the late Herbert W. Armstrong. This should cause any Bible believing Christian to beware of Ronald L. Dart’s teachings.

It is very difficult to know when listening to Dart’s “Born To Win” radio program that his teachings are very different from evangelical Christianity. It is not until one looks into the doctrinal teachings of Dart that the real story is told. Often, Dart presents his teachings so skillfully that the person is sold on his teachings/beliefs before he or she realizes it. He introduces his anti-Trinitarian–unbiblical teachings–in his literature, tapes, Bible Correspondence Courses, other cult sites, and his personal correspondence to me.

Dart’s tape 9121, “Can Man Become God?” clearly shows his Armstrong teachings. He favorably quotes Herbert W. Armstrong five times, makes a clear connection between his theology and that of Armstrong. His teachings that God is a family–not a Trinity [Godhead]–and that one is “born again” at the resurrection, when one is changed from flesh to spirit, from human to divine (a god), were taught by Armstrong. Hell is made a joke in the presentation (Dart denies Hell, the immortality of the soul, the physical resurrection of Christians, Genesis Chapter 1, and other Biblical teachings as well).

My concern is that [certain Christian radio ministries] airing programs of organizations, when examined more closely are actually unorthodox, people are deceived. This deception is enhanced when programs to promote their ministry are placed among well-known evangelical ministers and ministries.

There is a relationship of trust between Christian’s and Christian radio stations that the programs they air are produced by groups that at least meet the basic criteria of the Christian faith. Otherwise, we will soon have more Armstrong groups, anti-Trinitarians, and other unorthodox organizations using Christian radio stations to draw unsuspecting listeners into their folds. –[name withheld]

Comment: Ronald Dart (Independent Church of God) derived his dogma from Herbert W. Armstrong. (See comments under February 23 letter above: “Ronald L. Dart Dies.”)

HWA Offshoots Don’t Represent True Christianity:

April 21, 2016

Just want to let you know that I’ve found your site very helpful! I was in LCG for a while and then UCG and COGWA. I have been fully convinced for about 1.5 years now that the HWA offshoots don’t represent true Christianity.

I also want to comment on COGWA [Church of God, a Worldwide Association]. As some others have said, I definitely feel that COGWA is trying to present a softer image. For example, I heard a sermon on salvation/grace, and they are saying confusing things. They accused others of accusing themselves of trying to “earn their salvation.” Then they went on to say that we are saved by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ. They also try to say that keeping the Mosaic Law is a fruit of the Spirit. This doesn’t even make sense because they say that members that don’t keep the Sabbath and holy days are unconverted. –[name withheld]

Abiding Church of God Splinter of Restored Church of God:

April 29, 2016

I was looking at your list of offshoots, but couldn’t find The Abiding Church of God. My ex husband used to be in the Restored Church of God. He divorced me and went to work for them two weeks after that.

My son and I have been severely affected and traumatized by the Restored Church of God. I would just like to know if you could confirm if the Abiding Church of God is also a splinter group. I saw on their Facebook page they are promoting Armstrong’s books, so I would assume they are.

Thank you very much for your time and for the website. Your website has been a great help to me. –Kind regards, –Impacted by RCG

Comment: Abiding Church of God (ACOG) is a splinter group of Restored Church of God and is headquartered in Independence, MO. They have a video by HWA on their home page and they offer some of his books, including Mystery of the Ages (which we have done a critical review of [available as PDF download]), and the U.S. and Britain in Prophecy. (See British Israelism–True or False?)

More Info on Abiding Church of God (Splinter of RCG):

May 1, 2016

I wanted to give you a little information on the Abiding Church of God. This is a splinter of the Restored Church of God.

It was started by at least one former “minister” of that organization. It is primarily made up of ex-RCG members.

They have grown rapidly in the last year or so. David Pack has changed so much of what HWA taught (and even what he himself taught since beginning the RCG). Ministers and members have been making quite an exodus from RCG!

Hope they keep it up! Unfortunately, the ACOG is not the answer. –Ex member of WCG, PCG, RCG

I Discovered Aaron Budjen is a Modalist in His Doctrine of God:

May 4, 2016

Good day. I have listened to Aaron Budjen’s recordings about the Trinity. I discovered that he is a modalist in his doctrine of God, similar to Oneness Theology of UPCI. What do you think of this man? I love to listen to his audio recordings, since they deal with the issues regarding law and grace, faith and works, and that he does not teach money-based tithing. But as I listened to his four archives of one topic about the Trinity, I discovered he is not a Trinitarian. He is like that of the followers of Watchman Nee who seem to be Trinitarians but are actually Oneness in theology. Aaron Budjen said in his recordings that about the Father, he thinks of God as the Creator. About the Son, he thinks of God as the One who died for him. About the Holy Spirit, he thinks of God as the One who dwells in him — but the three are one and the “same person.” The words in quotation marks are from his own words. I caught him of his modalism because he made analogy of the Trinity using water, steam, and ice. Only Oneness Pentecostals and Modalists use this analogy of the Godhead.

I hope you have a good reply. God bless. –J. S.

Reply: Aaron Budjen of Living God Ministries replied to a listener in defense that he “does not consider himself a modalist.” He stated that those who believe in the Trinity believe there are “three Gods sitting on a throne in Heaven” (which is not true). Even though Aaron believes Jesus is God, he won’t say Jesus is the eternal Son of God.

While Aaron has given some good studies, i.e., on tithing, baptism and the Sabbath, listeners should especially be aware of his apparent modalism in his other messages; i.e., his Trinity messages, especially #2 & #3, Hebrews message #3, and other messages where he says Jesus is the Father or Jesus is the same as the Father. He may also have other teachings which arise questions; therefore, be discerning.

Larry W. Wilson a False Prophet in Sheep’s Clothing:

May 9, 2016

If there is any way of getting the word out about how Larry W. Wilson of Wake Up America Seminars is a false prophet, I would certainly appreciate it. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and needs to be exposed along with his associate, Martin D. Purvis. Marty is now the president of Wake Up America Seminars, Inc. since 2012. Also, 52 percent of their income goes to salaries and directors. There are only 3 employees at Wake Up).

My husband got hooked on to him at a low point in his life. And now he lives in constant fear and judgment. I never hear of the joy that Jesus brings us. Larry has become like a drug to him. –[name withheld]

Comment: Larry W. Wilson was formerly connected with 7th Day Adventism until they had a parting of the ways. He knows of Herbert Armstrong as he has mentioned him, and his doctrines are very similar to HWA’s. His teachings are filled with fear and apocalyptic (end time) events.

UPDATE 2021: Larry W. Wilson died on January 11, 2021. This scam continues to be carried on by Martin D. Purvis.

Larry W. Wilson Has Flown Under the Radar For Many Years:

May 9, 2016

It looks like Larry W. Wilson has successfully “flown under the radar” for many years. There’s not a lot of critical information on the web about him. I did find something from one ministry who had examined one of his booklets. But from what I have gathered, he’s following the same formula as other HWA wannabes. He’s an evil man, making money off religion. I’ll remember this couple in prayer. Wilson sounds like a spiritually dangerous man. –E. S.

Larry W. Wilson Has Some Very Strange and Unbiblical Teachings:

May 9, 2016

If I am correct, Larry W. Wilson is a former 7th Day Adventist. He has some very strange and unbiblical teachings, to say the least.

He comes across as some kind of Bible teacher. I did read a few of his articles and newsletters concerning the Trinity [i. e., the Father is fully God, the Son is fully God and the Holy Spirit is fully God –but they are united in the fullness of one God]. He has many problems and unorthodox–unbiblical statements concerning the Godhead. A few examples below:

He states,

“As you can see, I believe the Bible teaches there are three distinct, separate, co-eternal beings, that make up the Godhead and this makes me a “Tritheist.” (“Questions answered about the Trinity” December 2012, newsletter archive, under “Monotheism verses Polytheism”)

“Long ago, three divine equals decided to create a family and expand the universe in love…For example, consider this possibility: ‘I believe the Godhead decided one God would sit on the throne of the universe and he would display the awesome powers and infinite glory that belongs to each of the three Gods. This required the other two Gods to surrender their display of power and infinite glory so that the universe might have one supreme ruler above all….Three Gods would speak through one mouth.’ (“Jesus existence before he came to earth” February 2012, newsletter archive)

Wilson also states,

“I believe the Bible teaches there are three separate, distinct, and co-eternal Gods. These Gods are one in purpose, plan and action… As you will learn, my understanding of the Trinity is also unacceptable to the JW’s.” (I would add It is also unacceptable to the Christian faith!)

Wilson states that,

“There are two equal, co-eternal Gods in Heaven.” (“Did Jesus Claim to be God?” February 2008, newsletter archive)

–God Bless, [name withheld]

God Revealed to Me the Roots of Adventism:

May 16, 2016

I am not a recovering Worldwide Church of God member, but am a recovering former SDA member. My grandpa was an SDA pastor. He has been deceased now for a little over 20 years. It has been just in the past year or so that I discovered the truth about Adventism. God revealed to me the spiritually dark roots of the beginning of that religion, and that the roots were not of an origin that came from Him. It’s quite a mind bender at times, and I must confess that I bounce through phases of anger, grief, and forgiveness. It would be easier if my relatives were no longer Adventists, but unfortunately that is not the case. I pray for them. That is all that I can do.

It is my understanding that the Worldwide Church of God is an offshoot of Adventism? Is this correct? I also know that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are an offshoot of Adventism a well.

I could use some guidance, and am wondering if this organization has live group meetings of any kind, or if there is a way to get into contact with other members that are recovering from a cult? I have complex PTSD, but have managed, by the grace of God, to push through it on many days.

As you know, leaving a cult can often be very dangerous and a very threatening process. I struggle with that daily, as I’ve had to put up walls with some members in my family.
Please let me know if there is a way to connect with someone or a group that can identify with cult recovery.

Thank you for your time, and God Bless, [name withheld]

Comments: This person has received a personal reply. See: Roots of the Worldwide Church of God which shows the roots of the WCG, starting with William Miller.

David Pack Lost Money by Claiming to Be the Elijah:

May 23, 2016

Dave Pack is pressed for money, as he still is not paying lower ministers for their full time work. At most, he is paying half pay. Many ministers are working for no pay. I do know that he has lost a big chunk of members by now claiming to be the “Elijah.” Anyone, who takes time to check out HWA, especially if they followed him, just won’t buy it. –Impacted by RCG

So Happy I Came Across Your Site:

May 28, 2016

Hello, all I wanted to do was express my gratitude for this site. I am so happy I came across it. So many times when I am just using a search engine to search topics from the Bible, or questions. it ends up linking me to organizations that are affiliated with HWA and Church of God [offshoots]. Now that I can recognize them for what they are, it’s like a red flag. It’s wonderful now that I know the true gospel. It’s hard for anyone to serve me a glass of mud now. Thank you again. –A.

Living Church of God Now Advertising on Christian Radio Stations:

June 3, 2016

Hi, the Living Church of God is now advertising their new website on Christian radio stations. They appear to be trying to gain support by appearing to be a simple Bible believing church. –K. G.

Living Church of God Ad Pulled from Salem Christian Radio:

June 6, 2016

Thank you for alerting me to the Living Church of God, and their ad on Salem Christian radio in KY. I called WFIA and talked to individual who said that the ad was for the “The Living Church.” Interesting. Many of these offshoots of Herbert W. Armstrong will not be upfront and give their complete name.

I informed this individual that their real name is “The Living Church of God.”

He informed me that Salem Media in Irving, TX was responsible for airing advertisements. I called and was informed that they are pulling the add, and rightfully so. –[name withheld]

David Pack Says His Daughter and Son-in-Law Left RCG:

July 5, 2016

I recently traveled 100 miles to the closest Restored Church of God service held in someone’s home. I listened to an audio from David Pack, which lasted an hour an a half, indicating all other Christian churches were false and in the near future members of his organization would be leaders in converting other Christians to “the truth.” After a short break, Pack made an announcement where he said that he just found out that his daughter, son in law, and grandchildren had left his church. Apparently, they had been in the RCG for several years. –[name withheld]

David Pack Either Fired, or Forced Resignation of, His Daughter and Son-in Law:

July 5, 2016

Dave Pack has either fired (or required a forced resignation of) his own daughter and son-in-law. They have both been with RCG for several years, probably from it’s start. He had held a high position with RCG for quite some time.

Pack may be trying to smooth over the fact that they were run off.

I am thinking it’s possible that his family may have gone with the fairly newly formed Abiding Church of God. The “minister” there is quite young (like they are). He also has had a lot of growth with the exodus from RCG. I don’t think they would leave without “jobs” waiting for them. –Anonymous

You Saved Me From Living Church of God:

July 6, 2016

I was glad I came across your site and am glad to say you saved me from reaching out to the LCOG people. I have been praying earnestly, crying, saddened day in day out about finding a church. I had contacted them last year and did not communicate with them, as I found it strange that when I asked where their church was located they refused to give me information, instead telling me to call this pastor. Why not just tell me where you meet? So I held off.

Every time I went to contact them, somehow I wouldn’t go through with it. I don’t know why. I just did not call them. I finally said, well, they seem orthodox, just call this pastor, and I was going to call but —then again like for the 10th time I did not do it. Just don’t know why the hesitation.

So I decided to research this organization and then I came across your site and was shocked. When I saw the heresies and lack of knowledge in doctrine, I was appalled. Then to see what they do to members and the requirements for money. Wow!! I can understand how these people were mind-controlled and some are so deep in that they don’t see a way out.

But I prayed and begged and cried to God and said if I can’t find somewhere…well, it just will be me and Him like always. He knows my heart and at the same time I am educated enough to have common sense.

So thank you for your site. –K. F.

Always Knew There Was Something Fishy:

July 13, 2016

Hi, I came across your site by accident. I always knew there was something fishy about Tomorrow’s World TV show [Rod Meredith] and the Key of David TV show [Gerald Flurry].

Where do they get the money? Also their comments and propaganda.

Thank you for exposing the truth. –A. P.

Thank You For Enlightening Me About Restored Church of God:

September 12, 2016

I was just browsing the net looking for a “good” church to attend when I read your article on the Restored Church of God. Incidentally, I have been reading their magazines for some months now and the thought of becoming a member crossed my mind. However, certain things that I read in a book by Pack have me concerned. For example, he mentioned that RCOG is the true church and the only church that has the knowledge of Bible prophecy.

Thank you for enlightening me about this organisation and all the affiliates of the Worldwide Church of God founded by HWA. –S.

All WCG Splinters the Same:

October 19, 2016

After years of studying WWCG material, I was baptized by a splinter leader in 2014. Within weeks, I was being ignored. The minister, who had been helping me from the church benevolence fund, cut me completely off even though I was a struggling widow with a disabled child. When I told him we had become homeless, he said the “church” wouldn’t help and that if I was pleasing God, this would not happen.

After getting on my feet a little, I tried several other splinters. I found most of the members are not friendly, the ministers either worship Herbert Armstrong, or they have a “Messiah Complex.” They are so stuck on the feasts and festival attendance that they don’t really teach much about love and integrity. I dealt with Church of God, the Eternal, LCG, UCG, RCG and PCG. I couldn’t find spiritual nourishment in them, only rules and mandatory attendance. I finally found CBCG [Christian Biblical Church of God]. I don’t know how they are. The minister is not reachable. –M.

Comment: Read: Beware of Fred R. Coulter!


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