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The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.” ~Psalms 9:9

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Never Really Felt Comfortable With WCG:

January 7, 2024

I happened to see your site while searching the Internet because I was curious about what happened to all of the people I knew for so long. After reading some of the letters, I’ll add my take on this ongoing stupidity.

I was a member of WCG back in the early 80’s and a very short time in the 90’s in the Enid and Oklahoma City churches. I quit going after graduating from college [not Ambassador]. I didn’t see the point in continuing to be a part of something that I never really felt comfortable with. Private jets, mansions, private nurses, marathon sermons, obnoxious and controlling pastors, loud mouth evangelicals, empty wallet, and a very tired and sore rump pretty much did it for me. I didn’t even believe that stuff anymore. Too many things just didn’t make sense to me anymore. My journey away from that slop eventually led me to where I am now. I don’t have anything to do with any of it. It makes me sad for the people that are still being suckered into it. Makes me wonder why we are so gullible.

Yeah, I met that Flurry dude. He seemed to be really jacked up about end-time prophecies. He used to get really into those sermons with lots of red-faced yelling. He’d prattle on about dates, events, places, and lots of crap about Germans. This guy really hated Germans. Prophecy was an obsession to him. He looked forward with glee to the day that god smashed all the sinners and innocents to smithereens, and he and the “chosen” were spared in some place of safety. Nice god. –D. K.

Comment: Why people seem to be so gullible is covered on the Q&A under “How can intelligent people become deceived?” These groups were never about God in the first place but only about power and money. They used “church” as a front for their wicked agenda. Many had their lives ruined as a result.

Former Members Can Say Some Crazy Things:

January 20, 2024

I was reading the letter, “How I Was Gaslighted by a Former WCG Member” and all the insane and mean words that former member said. I personally know how former WCG members can say some crazy things.

I was acquainted with a woman when I was attending WCG (she stayed with GCI after the split). At the time when we were both in WCG I didn’t realize how big a problem she had with another member who was formerly close with her but later really ticked her off. Well, this woman who stayed with GCI, later told me, “There are some people I am not looking forward to seeing in Heaven.” I was like, “what the??” Later on she ended up getting mad at me and I’m sure I am now another one she “doesn’t want to see in Heaven.” –Former WCG member

Root of Jesse:

January 22, 2024

I was in WWCG years ago and left. Long story like most on my way out. My question is, I seem to remember Herbert W. Armstrong referring to himself as the root of Jesse. Am I correct? I searched your website but could not find anything and thought I didn’t remember correctly. Thank you for your ministry in helping so many. –S. K.

Reply: I never heard HWA refer to himself as the root of Jesse. 

Didn’t Have a Childhood Growing Up:

January 23, 2024

I didn’t have a childhood growing up. I missed out on everything. Plus, I had a mother who beat me every day. However, the only thing I learned, is that I should act as if Jesus Christ were standing by my side at all times. I am 71 years now, and I still have problems about that cult. –L. D.

Interested in Finding Other Survivors to Contact:

February 9, 2024

Hi! There used to be a page here where we could contact other former members. Is that still available? I was born into WCG and then was in PCG up until 2013. My family is still in it.

I was just wondering if there’s people that are able to find other survivors.

Thank you! –Former child survivor [name withheld]

Comment: Here is a direct link to it: If You Would Like to Email Other Exiters.

I Relate to Everyone’s Feedback:

February 13, 2024

I was born and raised in the WCG. Transitioned to PCG in the nineties. Left a few years ago. It has been a hard road. I am in my forties now. Cut off from all my family; friends are my only source of community. The single beautiful blessing to come out of it has been reuniting with my daughter who left when she was a teen. I hadn’t seen her for almost 10 years. Your site has been helpful. Gives me peace of mind that everything I was experiencing and feeling was not in my head! They [the cult] says they are the monopoly on the way of love and give. It truly is not so! I relate to everyone’s feedback on your site. –Child survivor of WCG


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