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“The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.” ~Psalms 9:9

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Never Really Felt Comfortable With WCG:

January 7, 2024

I happened to see your site while searching the Internet because I was curious about what happened to all of the people I knew for so long. After reading some of the letters, I’ll add my take on this ongoing stupidity.

I was a member of WCG back in the early 80’s and a very short time in the 90’s in the Enid and Oklahoma City churches. I quit going after graduating from college [not Ambassador]. I didn’t see the point in continuing to be a part of something that I never really felt comfortable with. Private jets, mansions, private nurses, marathon sermons, obnoxious and controlling pastors, loud mouth evangelicals, empty wallet, and a very tired and sore rump pretty much did it for me. I didn’t even believe that stuff anymore. Too many things just didn’t make sense to me anymore. My journey away from that slop eventually led me to where I am now. I don’t have anything to do with any of it. It makes me sad for the people that are still being suckered into it. Makes me wonder why we are so gullible.

Yeah, I met that Flurry dude. He seemed to be really jacked up about end-time prophecies. He used to get really into those sermons with lots of red-faced yelling. He’d prattle on about dates, events, places, and lots of crap about Germans. This guy really hated Germans. Prophecy was an obsession to him. He looked forward with glee to the day that god smashed all the sinners and innocents to smithereens, and he and the “chosen” were spared in some place of safety. Nice god. –D. K.

Comment: Why people seem to be so gullible is covered on the Q&A under “How can intelligent people become deceived?” These groups were never about God in the first place but only about power and money. They used “church” as a front for their wicked agenda. Many had their lives ruined as a result.

Former Members Can Say Some Crazy Things:

January 20, 2024

I was reading the letter, “How I Was Gaslighted by a Former WCG Member” and all the insane and mean words that former member said. I personally know how former WCG members can say some crazy things.

I was acquainted with a woman when I was attending WCG (she stayed with GCI after the split). At the time when we were both in WCG I didn’t realize how big a problem she had with another member who was formerly close with her but later really ticked her off. Well, this woman who stayed with GCI, later told me, “There are some people I am not looking forward to seeing in Heaven.” I was like, “what the??” Later on she ended up getting mad at me and I’m sure I am now another one she “doesn’t want to see in Heaven.” –Former WCG member

Root of Jesse:

January 22, 2024

I was in WWCG years ago and left. Long story like most on my way out. My question is, I seem to remember Herbert W. Armstrong referring to himself as the root of Jesse. Am I correct? I searched your website but could not find anything and thought I didn’t remember correctly. Thank you for your ministry in helping so many. –S. K.

Reply: I never heard HWA refer to himself as the root of Jesse. 

Didn’t Have a Childhood Growing Up:

January 23, 2024

I didn’t have a childhood growing up. I missed out on everything. Plus, I had a mother who beat me every day. However, the only thing I learned, is that I should act as if Jesus Christ were standing by my side at all times. I am 71 years now, and I still have problems about that cult. –L. D.

Interested in Finding Other Survivors to Contact:

February 9, 2024

Hi! There used to be a page here where we could contact other former members. Is that still available? I was born into WCG and then was in PCG up until 2013. My family is still in it.

I was just wondering if there’s people that are able to find other survivors.

Thank you! –Former child survivor [name withheld]

Comment: Here is a direct link to it: If You Would Like to Email Other Exiters.

I Relate to Everyone’s Feedback:

February 13, 2024

I was born and raised in the WCG. Transitioned to PCG in the nineties. Left a few years ago. It has been a hard road. I am in my forties now. Cut off from all my family; friends are my only source of community. The single beautiful blessing to come out of it has been reuniting with my daughter who left when she was a teen. I hadn’t seen her for almost 10 years. Your site has been helpful. Gives me peace of mind that everything I was experiencing and feeling was not in my head! They [the cult] says they are the monopoly on the way of love and give. It truly is not so! I relate to everyone’s feedback on your site. –Child survivor of WCG

WCG Ministry Got Tired of My Constant Questions:

March 7, 2024

For several years I have frequented your website trying to keep abreast of information and/or further travesties committed by the various latter-day “Churches of God.”

I am an [elderly] man who was disfellowshipped from the Worldwide Church of God in 1974. My problem with the WCG ministry (or their problem with me) was that I refused to simply accept what they taught as if their words came directly from God’s lips. They tired (and were often seriously offended) by my constant questions, to the point where one day they simply asked (forced) me to leave the WCG.

Since then, (except for a hiatus of some twenty years), I have tried to keep abreast of the many changes and upheavals of the WCG and its many offshoots. Although I have had no affiliation with any of these groups, I have over the past fifty years tried to engage several of the ministry (about 12-14) in a discussion of their more egregious teachings. Not one of these men would honestly consider my concerns, let alone discuss them with me. They have collectively, for many years now, simply chosen to ignore my queries so that I no longer even try to reach out to them.

The anger and contempt I once had for the ministry has been replaced by feelings of disappointment and sorrow. And yet, no matter how wrong-headed I consider many of these men to be, I have chosen to believe that somewhere in their hearts and minds, some (perhaps even most) of them truly believe they are doing God and their members a service.

Anyway, many thanks for the service and support you have made available. And by the way, I agree wholeheartedly with your decision not to offer a forum for open discussion. [Read: Why We Don’t Have a Forum] There is altogether too much confusion in the world as it is, without your site adding to it. Well done! –[name withheld]

Comment: This person has received a personal reply.

Inquiring About Re-Baptism:

March 16, 2024

Hello, I am currently seeking ministering on my Christian life. I was baptized in the WWCG in 1983. I didn’t stay with the WCG for very long, and tried to keep the Sabbath and God’s holy days to this day, but without being part of a congregation, which I’ve been searching for as I live in an area where there are no Sabbath keepers. I currently listen online to CBCG, and as I have read some of your comments on WWCG offshoots, I have become a bit dismayed. In my own personal life I have backslid so much so I am presently seeking counseling to inquire about re-baptism. I am hoping you could help me with this matter or point me in the right direction. Thank you. Have a good day. –[name withheld]

Comment: This man has received a detailed personal reply. Briefly here is one part of what we told him. Fred Coulter (whom we do not recommend), along with teaching a false gospel, exploits people financially. See: “Christian Biblical Church of God (An Ungodly Experience Nobody Should Have To Endure).” There are links to helpful material at the end of it. You do not need to be baptized again. If you have placed your faith in Christ as your personal Savior, believing the true gospel as stated in I Corinthians 15:1-4), you have already received the Holy Spirit, which will never leave you. For our readers, our articles on Grace & Law has a section on baptism.

I Was Born Into the Worldwide Church of God:

March 23, 2024

I was born into Worldwide Church of God in 1961. My parents were a deacon and deaconess in New Jersey and Texas. My father was also choral director for the New York City area. My three siblings and I attended Imperial School in Big Sandy in the early 70’s with my oldest sister doing a year at Ambassador College. … Child survivor of WCG

NOTE: Read this child survivor’s testimony here: Didn’t Realize How Much WCG Molded My Personality.

Teaching the Unpardonable Sin:

March 24 , 2024

The church [RCG] I attended teaches if I leave the church I’m committing the unpardonable sin. –[name withheld]

Comment: This person has received a personal reply. Also see our Q&A for “Can I commit the unpardonable sin?” (search for those words when page opens)

Also Teaching God Does Not Listen to Our Prayers:

(2nd email from person above)

March 24, 2024

Yes it is RCG. I thank you for your prayers. I deeply appreciate it. They also teach God does not listen to our prayers if we are sinners and that we cannot pray for anyone outside the “church.” I’m tired. –[name withheld]

Reply: Thank you for letting me know. I see that they have a booklet on this, probably almost the same one that Herbert Armstrong wrote. These are all lies. You will be OK. Just keep away from their literature and teachings. Try to rest in Christ. He is there for you.

Started Questioning Things While in RCG:

(3rd email from person above)

March 25, 2024

I want to thank you so much for all the articles and testimonials I have read. I had been trapped in the organization of RCG for just over 3 years. I started questioning when people had to pay 3rd tithes which is something you did for a year and then Dave Pack decided the dates for tithes where wrong and made people pay again and they fell in line without questioning and then we had to observe New Moons. Ministers are leaving and more. It was just too much. The people there, they are so nice. I hope they wake up. –[name withheld]

Any Ideas Since I Would Like to Be Baptized?

March 30, 2024

I was born into WWCG almost 60 years ago. I study my Bible at home presently. Although my dad was an elder, my parents did not discuss baptism with us kids. None of us have been baptized. I would like to be. Any ideas for me, considering I do not belong to a congregation? –[name withheld]

Reply: We do not need to be baptized if we have placed our faith in Christ Jesus and believe the true gospel as stated in I Corinthians 15:1-4. That is when we receive the Holy Spirit. However, you can be baptized if you so desire. I have known ones that have had someone baptize them in their bathtub, or even in a creek; anywhere where there is enough water to be immersed. It doesn’t matter where you do it and it doesn’t have to be in a church. Perhaps you have a friend who is a believer in Christ who could help you. If you are interested, our section on Grace & Law section has articles on baptism.

No Good Work Goes Unpunished:

April 1, 2024

I’m going to make sure that I pray for you a lot more. Doing a Christian ministry makes a person a target for disapproval and hate. No good work goes unpunished. I used to wonder why we had some really bad people in WCG. Once I understood that it wasn’t the “only true church,” it began to make a lot of sense to me. They simply didn’t have the Spirit dwelling within them. –Former WCG member

I Suffered Abuse at the Hands of Jim Reyer:

April 15, 2024

While I’m not a child survivor, I am most definitely an adult survivor of the WCG and Jim Reyer. This morning I found myself thinking about the abuse I suffered at the hands of Jim Reyer while a member of the Denver church, and quite by accident ran across your site. Much of what you have to say to child survivors is most definitely applicable to those of us who suffered as adults. I was a bit surprised by what you had to say regarding Doug Horchak. I always found him to be loving and helpful to me. I realize, of course, that I can’t judge what happened with others. Anyway, thank you for giving many of us an outlet while we struggle to come to forgiveness for those who called themselves Christian, while at the same time abusing us. Best wishes. –Rick (Former WCG member)

Comment: Jim Reyer and Doug Horchak are mentioned in the testimony: “Still Working Through the Anger.” Jim Reyer died August 3, 2017 at the age of 85. It is true that we can’t go by those who say they had a “good experience” with a certain minister when there are others who would say they had the exact opposite experience. Most of the ministers from these Armstrong groups were abusive and controlling when given the opportunity to do so, and they could be one way one time and another way another time. But it is possible in time to heal from it. See: Is it possible to forgive the abusers? [Taken from our article: “How to Heal From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse”]

I Also Knew Alice Reyer and Her Daughter:

April 15, 2024

(2nd email from person above)

I was aware that Jim Reyer had passed, I just didn’t know when. I was a member of the Denver, CO church when Mrs. Reyer passed. For the life of me I never understood that marriage. Alice Reyer was truly what I considered an example of Christian love and charity. She and I had a number of wonderful encounters and pleasant conversations prior to her death. I was also familiar with the Reyer’s daughter, who even worked for me part-time for a short period. She was just like her mother–sweet and kind. However, talk about marrying a man like “Daddy.” She married a man who was just like her father. Someone told me years ago that she had also passed from the same form of cancer that took her mother (I don’t know if that’s true or not, as I had left the WCG by that point in time).

Once again, thank you for writing. And you’re most certainly welcome to give my e-mail address to anyone who’d like to communicate regarding this issue, particularly adult survivors of WCG/Jim Reyer abuse. Best wishes. –Rick (Former WCG member)

Comment: If anyone would like to email Rick, please contact ESN and refer to this letter and we will put you in touch with him.

The Church Made Me Stop Believing in God:

May 17, 2024


When I was young, I was involved in the “church” [WCG] by way of my dad. He said that he got involved when he was in the Army in Alaska. He told me that he would listen to Herbert Armstrong on the radio. I remember hearing him a lot and he always said, “Goodbye, friends” at the end of each broadcast.

I went to each service and remembered seeing Armstrong in person. Anyway, I have a lot of memories about the “church.” –S.

Reply: Herbert Armstrong never taught about the real God of Love nor the true gospel of grace, but instead abused many people with a legalistic system of law, rules and regulations. Even though he would say, “Goodbye, friends” at the end of his broadcasts, didn’t mean he considered us his friends. He was a charlatan whose main goal was to exploit people financially and control every aspect of their lives. As a result, it is very hard for someone to find their way out of such confusion and abuse after that. This doesn’t mean that the real God of Love isn’t there for you because He is. Just ask Him to make Himself real to you.

We have a section specifically for “Child Survivors” with helpful articles.

Thank you for writing and I hope you can find some helpful material on our site.


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