I want to expose two “leading ministers” in Australia: Max Rumler (Regional Director of Australasia and Africa1) and Aaron Hudson.2 During the past year and a bit, since the Feast 2010, they have personally suspended, disfellowshipped and marked over 40 people in the Brisbane Congregation! This all began with the so called “Assault by Max Rumler on Last Great Day.” [December 20, 2010 letter)

Aaron Hudson is son-in-law to Max Rumler and they have worked quite well in removing a couple of ministers in Australia. Aaron Hudson (now Preaching Elder) is the minister for Brisbane, Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria. He has been ordained by Max since the Feast 2007. Although he claims not to take offense to people talking about him, he is kidding himself. The man has an ego and is on a power trip. He leads the Brisbane congregation and probably others as if he is the most important man when he enters the room. He believes “he is God’s Minister!” and commands respect. Not a surprise there! His modus operandi is to gather as much information of the members and then use it against them later. This is where he thrives! Prying on people’s personal lives and wanting everybody to “counsel” with him, so he can make decisions for them.

In the beginning of 2011 was when Max and Aaron’s blatant disregard for members started. I believe after much intense pressure from these two dictators, members who were out and wanted to counsel to get back in, turned against each other because Aaron and Max were telling each party a different version of events so they would turn like wolves on each other. They pressured these suspended members to inform on anyone not falling in line with the Government (PCG Dictatorship).

What occurred was probably the greatest blow to the Brisbane congregation in years. One by one, family by family, they started to kick members out of the congregation. The reasons why they did this was because everyone was on trumped up charges of speaking against Max and Aaron. These people got expelled for speaking the truth about them and they couldn’t hack it. The people in Brisbane live in fear of the ministry and reason whatever they say is “usually right.” The “YES” men and ones who pay high tithes are placed on a pedestal, while “lowly” members are suspended, shunned and get no attention. What the poor people in PCG Brisbane don’t realise is that their beloved leaders are the ones causing this division. They name drop and accuse others of things during their so called “counselling” sessions to one party and then do the exact same thing to the other party. This has created anger and division amongst the membership and many are not happy. It astounds me how members get abused by these cult leaders and take it.3 The simple reasoning for them is: “I’m looking past the man and will leave it in God’s hands.” To think this way creates confusion because you will begin to wonder after a period of time, why is God allowing this? Why doesn’t He fix these things in “God’s Church?” In the end, you will end up spiritually abused, emotionally abused, financially abused and disillusioned with religion in general. The longer you allow this to continue, the more years wasted you will sacrifice to this group!

Several members have been allowed to come back to PCG Brisbane but not without first confessing their “evil” ways and promising to obey Government. I’m guessing it was because Stephen Flurry came down for this Feast in Australia and needed to fill empty seats. There are only 250 to 300 members in the whole of Australia. Interesting as well, some have also been suspended again!

We have around 70 “something” people left in Brisbane with a new family that includes a minister relocating from New Zealand. See how long that will last as they couldn’t handle over 150 members with three ministers and now it will be two ministers and two deacons for just 70 people. I’m certain this “problem” will not go away from Max and Aaron that easily and will be a thorn in their side for quite some time. It is my sincere desire that the people wake up to these evils and for the PCG to fold. I know for a fact they still claim 4,000 circulation on their “Philly” News [Philadelphia News] but that figure is bloated. More people leave than join. I’d say there are only 2,500 to 3,000 left worldwide tops. So it’s not just members leaving as Gerald Flurry has said, but the abusive tyrants who are kicking out the membership with their own agenda. In hindsight, a member getting kicked out hopefully through proper counselling and critical thinking will never return to this group.

Thanks ESN, for keeping this site going and allowing a place to expose these cults!

By Micah, Australia
January 4, 2012

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Footnotes by ESN:

1 In May 2012, Pastor Max Rumler was Regional Director of Oceania & Southeast Asia. Update: Rumler died suddenly on July 16, 2013 of a heart attack initiated by a massive asthma attack.

2 As of 2020, Aaron Hudson was regional director for Africa, Asia, Australia, and Oceania

3 Read: Why do they stay in these groups? (Q&A)


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