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January 1, 2019 to Present

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I Find Your Website Super Interesting and Helpful:

January 13, 2019

I'm a child born into the PCG, and my mother recently told me about your website. I find it to be super interesting, and helpful. It'd be super awesome if you could get back to me soon. Thanks. --Child survivor of PCG

PCG Northeast Fruit Sales and New Radio Show:

January 26, 2019

PCG Northeast has been boasting that they made $100,000 this year from their fruit sales in comparison to $84,000 last year and they sent a letter attached with a check to Flurry.

Also they were promoting Grant Turgeon's new radio show Behind the Work that first aired on November 29, 2018 on KPCG. -- Anonymous

Comment: Grant Turgeon is the son of Wayne Turgeon.

"That Prophet" (Gerald Flurry) Really Needed That Corporate Jet:

February 4, 2019

An article in February's Philadelphia Trumpet is about the Personal Appearance Campaigns that Gerald Flurry and his son [Stephen] have been doing recently. On page 6, we're told that the PCG's corporate jet, bought in 2017, is "largely to enable [Gerald Flurry] to meet more supporters of the Trumpet and to restart the Personal Appearance Campaigns." More are to take place this year.

But why does Flurry have to buy a corporate jet simply to travel around North American cities? Jesus only had to walk around what is now Israel, but He must have instructed "God's end-time Elijah" (and his successors) to arrive looking like the CEOs of multinational companies or the rulers of great nations. Some of the contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination will crisscross the country in rented coaches, while "That Prophet" flies past them in his "corporate jet." --D. K.

PCG Blames Their Website Troubles on Flurry's Future Visit to Jerusalem:

February 18, 2019

So apparently PCOG believes all the problems with their websites being down and recent power outage is due to G. Flurry's future visit to Jerusalem February 21 as it must be a very important one. --Anonymous

GF Visiting Jerusalem is Waste of More Members' Money:

February 19, 2019

I doubt that GF visiting Jerusalem is very important. It's just been blown out of proportion and is a waste of more members' money for airplane fuel. --C.

Gerald Flurry Doing Unusual Stuff Lately:

April 1, 2019

Gerald Flurry has been doing some unusual stuff lately, from sporting a beard (he looks old enough already without the beard; he's starting to show his age, and he's not aging well) to calling for a fast on a Sabbath--which hypes the urgency of it--because of money being "scarce" (no doubt money is "scarce" because of his "high maintenance" personal jet) and wanting to build another "college" in Jerusalem. He's really milking the members for everything he can get, using whatever means he can. I can't imagine too many people wanting to stay in the PCG. --S. N.

Comment: HWA didn't age well either but you will still find sites and booklets staging a "younger" Armstrong, trying to make him good looking. The truth is that many have told how HWA was very evil. Yet certain offshoots continue to deify him, preaching his doctrines of devils which end up destroying families. See: Questioning Herbert W. Armstrong.

Book of Remembrance Spawned from GRF Misinterpretation of Bible Prophecy:

April 3, 2019

Someone sent me this today ("The Separation of the Righteous from the Wicked in God's Church is About to Happen Shortly!"). I have known about this organization (the Ark of God Foundation) for awhile. I know that it is lengthy. It's absolute prophetic nonsense that has spawned off GRF misinterpretations of Bible Prophecy. Passover is approaching, and this what some ex-PCG members are excited about.

It is my understanding that this organization is based out of the Philippines. They are ex-PCG members who have 2 leaders that believe they are the two witnesses. Their primary work is to warn the PCG. They somehow believe that they (PCG) are the only true church (even though there are probably about 700 splinters from WCG). --PCG exiter

NOTE from ESN: This splinter group's site is Armstrong Remembrancers and Keepers of God Foundation but neither the book nor the above referenced article can be found on it. PCG members were told to "burn the book." Following are quotes from the article and are only posted to show the foolishness of this fear-based prophecy. (For those who are afraid of losing their salvation, read: "Can we ever lose our salvation?" and Where is the True Church?)

"God used His Two Witnesses as mere scribes to put in writing His message for His people in that book. [Book of Remembrance] ... Thus, if you have any disagreement with its contents, you will find yourself reasoning and arguing with God.
"It is a book which exposes the last end betrayal happening within God's Church which involves the ministers themselves who are supposed to lead God's people in the way of holiness and righteousness. This is God's way of getting His people's attention and to make them aware of what is happening in His own Church.
"Stephen Flurry [after he went through a copy of Book of Remembrance] looked like a man who has been spending days on binge drinking booze. He looks like he has been depressed for days or that he has not yet fully recover from a hangover. [refer to the video of his Trumpet Daily program published on Oct 10, 2013]
"A copy of the book finally found its way into Gerald Flurry hotel room during his brief visit to the Philippines on Apr 3, 2018. God helped the Two Witnesses to stealthily deliver a copy of the book to his room even if they had to wait the whole night for the right moment.
"Now notice the appearance of Gerald Flurry as he appears unusually with a beard and mustache in the Key of David program sometime after his return to the US from his trip to the Philippines. He also looked bothered as his facial expression reveals it. It's been quite some time now since Apr 3, 2018, and Gerald Flurry has retained his not so good-looking beard and mustache. His appearance obviously indicates the effect of the message of the Book of Remembrance on him which just validates all the many prophecies about his becoming enlightened about all the wrong things that have been happening in the Church supposedly under his watch.
"Notice that this matter of discerning between the righteous and the wicked in God's Church with the use of the Book of Remembrance is the principle being pointed out by Mal 3:18...In Mal 3:6, God is actually speaking to the Jacobite Laodiceans in the Philadelphia Church God.
"They are the members of the Philadelphia Church of God. ... The PCG is not really doing God's work of rebuilding His spiritual Temple today. ... In effect, the PCG has been misusing and misappropriating God's money in doing their own work of vanity. The concert series in AC auditorium, the Edstone work, the jet plane project, the ever-continuing building program, the Irish Dancing project are just examples of PCG activities that are not really helping raise the ruins of the Tabernacle of David which is fallen.
"God is now calling the PCG to repentance and this is a call to return to God by supporting the real Work that God is doing today. It is the work of calling God's faithful saints from the PCG and from the various COG who comprise the saints from our time which will be joined together with the other groups of saints from the previous eras which will make up the totality of God's Firstfruits or the 144,000 saints of Rev 7 and 14.
"The outpouring of blessings from heaven is an allusion to the outpouring of abundant new revelations from God which is being experienced right now by the little group known as the Ark of God Foundation. God has been pouring upon this group new revelations every Sabbath without end since the group started meeting together with God's Two Witnesses or prophets (Rev 11:10). The group now is in possession of what they call a thousand years worth of knowledge.
"And with the use of the measuring tool in his hands (Book of Remembrance), GRF will be able to separate those who will continue supporting his leadership from those who would rather support and follow the man of sin in the person of his very own son, Stephen Flurry.
"That 'return' will be happening soon and it will be seen by everyone. This prophesied event will find its complete fulfillment when Gerald Flurry finally splits up with the wicked in PCG, taking with him the faithful 10% who are the only ones who will be saved from the calamities of the 7 last plagues that will be poured upon the wicked ones who will remain with Stephen Flurry and his fellow Edomite ministers. The 90% who will remain with Stephen Flurry is the Edomite Laodicean group who will choose to support their work of vanity rather than the Work of God which will eventually come to nothing and cost them their eternal salvation.
"Have you read the Book of Remembrance or have you burned your own copy. Gerald Flurry will know who among you will be saved using this book."

Book of Remembrance a Bunch of Malarkey:

April 3, 2019

I read the last letter. Boy, what a bunch of malarkey. --Anonymous

It's the Same Thing That Bob Ardis Did:

April 4, 2019

This [Book of Remembrance] is basically the same thing that Bob Ardis [Robert Ardis] (now deceased) [founder of Church of God's Faithful] did when he left PCG. His whole work was about GRF and PCG. This is a common error with many people who have left PCG. They feel that somehow GRF was right with Malachi's Message, and then got off track, and is now Laodicean. Whatever group arises from them suddenly becomes Philadelphian, and has to warn those of PCG. --PCG Exiter

Amazed by Those Who Continue to Believe What False Ministers Have Taught Them:

April 10, 2019

At this time of the year I am always amazed at those people who left, or were disfellowshipped from the WCG/PCG/COG's, and annually perform all the rituals of cleaning out the house, searching for the last crumb of leaven as instructed by HWA and GF.

Once they leave they continue to believe all they were taught by these false ministers, crucifying Christ again every year and are unaware that Christ was a once off final sacrifice for the forgiveness of all their sins. The giving of the Holy Spirit as promised by Christ has also come and Christians are led by the Holy Spirit.

How they can believe anything that GF teaches at this time of their lives is astonishing. --Ex WCG and PCG

Comment: See: Articles and Writings on the Holy Days

HWA Said the Bible is All That You Needed:

April 22, 2019

HWA said the Bible is all that you needed, just like all the other leaders (GF, etc.) that try to imitate him; yet, they still send their literature and expect members of their group to open it and read it as soon as possible. --G. W.

Gerald Flurry Having Pain in One of His Legs:

April 28, 2019

Gerald Flurry has been experiencing pain in one of his legs since his trip to Portland, OR. He has been doing those Personal Appearance Campaigns again. Makes me wonder if he has congestive heart failure? He sits when he speaks. He wasn't able to speak for the Holy Days in Edmond. I heard that he had varicose veins and they can be painful, but it's doubtful they will give anyone the complete story. Wonder if he's going to the doctor?

Speaking of his campaigns, he has made a few stops flying around in his personal jet. They have had lots of problems with the jet. It's costing them a bunch of money to keep it going. --Former member of PCG

Assyria is Germany?

April 30, 2019

Below is a quote from a website I found when searching for the word "Assyria":

"Assyrian Christians — often simply referred to as Assyrians — are an ethnic minority group whose origins lie in the Assyrian Empire, a major power in the ancient Middle East. Most of the world's 2-4 million Assyrians live around their traditional homeland, which comprises parts of northern Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran."

A man and his single daughter were of this ethnic minority group called Assyrians and became members of the PCG in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia quite some years ago. When other members of the congregation asked them what nationality they were, they would correctly reply "Assyrian." The late minister Max Rumler  would interject with "You can't be Assyrian. Assyria is Germany!"

--Impacted by PCG

Comment: This has been added to Amazing Statements Made by Philadelphia Church of God Ministers - Statement #30. Also read ESN article: The Origins of Assyria and Germany.

Any PCG Congregations or Splinter Groups That Meet in or Near North Port, Florida?

May 1, 2019

Hi, I have frequented you site for years and years. My adult child had become a member of PCG since before 2005. Not long after, we got their official NO CONTACT letter to us. I have visited your site to try to keep up on what's happening in PCG as best I could. Without your site we would have learned next to nothing.

Recently I wondered if my child's family, a husband and children whom I have never seen, were still living in the same home. So I searched the County residential land and parcel records and found they they had sold their home in our state in 2015. I kept searching and did find them living in North Port, Florida in Sarasota County and searched the Sarasota Florida County residential Parcel records on the .gov site there and sure enough, they had purchased a property in 2015 in North Port, Florida, Sarasota County. North Port is just south of the coastal city of Sarasota FL.

So I also wondered if they were attending a PCG congregation in or near North Port, FL in Sarasota County, Florida. I wondered if they quit the PCG and joined a splinter group of PCG in or near of North Port, FL.

My question to you is, with all your accumulated info and numerous contacts, do you know of any PCG congregation (list) or of splinter groups of PCG that meet in or near North Port, Florida? Do you or anyone you know have a list or could acquire a current list of PCG congregations? If there are congregations in these areas then most likely they are still attending PCG. If not, they may have quit the PCG, which would be more than great news for us!

Thank you for any information you can share with me.

Sincerely, --Impacted by PCG [name removed]

Reply: There has been mention of a Florida West and Georgia South congregations. There could be one in Tallahassee as they've had yard sale fundraisers there. There was a PCG Feast site in Palm Harbor, FL in 2018. Palm Harbor and North Port are about 1 hr. and 39 min apart. I would think that If they quit PCG they would contact you. I'm sorry I can't help you more. It is really tragic what PCG is doing to families.

PCG Has Lost Many Members in Florida:

May 2, 2019

[Regarding the above letter.] The only PCG congregation that I knew of in that area met around Tampa, FL, about 80 miles away. They have lost so many members in FL. Perhaps they have a small congregation in FT. Meyers. That is only around 40 miles or so from North Port.

PCG tends to meet in fairly large cities, and members are driving further and further. They have combined several congregations (as the membership shrinks), and try to have a minister with the larger groups every week. My understanding is that sermons are sent to the leading person in an area to an electronic device. Once the message is played, it disintegrates. --Former member of PCG [name removed]

PCG Has to Be Getting a Lot of Money From Somewhere:

May 2, 2019

The last letter is true. I'm awestruck at how an ever-shrinking organization can support the lavish lifestyle of its crazy upper leader. They have to be getting their money (and a lot of money) from somewhere.--Anonymous

One Way For Flurry To Stay Afloat:

May 2, 2019

I am guessing that Flurry is taking out equity loans against the property that PCG owns. This is one way to stay afloat until he dies and leaves a mess for his heirs to clean-up. I was told a few years ago that GRF has a business degree. PCG sat on some high dollar real estate prior to their headquarters moving to its current location. I'm sure they got top dollar for the properties at their previous HQ. --Former member of PCG

Gerald Flurry Not Doing Very Well:

May 13, 2019

I have heard that Stephen Flurry has gone back to Edmond. It appears as though Gerald Flurry isn't doing very well. Wayne Turgeon has been shipped off to the U.K. --Former PCG member

More on Gerald Flurry's Health:

May 15, 2019

I saw the recent post about Gerald Flurry's health. The news is that GF has an ulcer on his leg which requires him to keep his leg elevated whenever possible. He also sits behind a desk at his speaking engagements.

In other news, Greg Nice's youngest son (Dustin) recently passed away from cancer. Sadly, his mother had to sit by his side in North Carolina while he was in hospice care until his passing. To my knowledge, he didn’t seek any medical treatment. --[name withheld]

Dustin Nice Died:

May 21, 2019

Dustin Nice age 26 died in Greenville/Taylors, South Carolina on April 20th. He is the youngest child of Greg and Desi Nice. He leaves his wife Whitney, in-laws, brothers, and extended family. Dustin passed from metastatic colon cancer that had moved to the abdominal lining. Limited treatment was available. --Gail Nice Inglima

Gerald Flurry Recorded Live Video:

June 3, 2019

There was a live video played this past Saturday that G. Flurry had recorded recently at HQs. He may be down, but he’s not out of the game yet. --Anonymous

Flurry Probably Receiving Top Notch Care:

June 6, 2019

I would not be surprised at all if Flurry is receiving top-notch care to keep himself alive while his faithful followers die like flies, afraid to seek medical care for fear of not sending that money to him and his cause. Of course, they wouldn't let anybody know he is getting care.

I really wish this whole thing would just collapse so everyone involved will be released from the tyranny of Flurry and his minions. I pray for that day. God bless you for your site and everyone that it has helped including me. --S. J.

Wondered if Anyone Else Had Experienced the Back Stabbing That I Saw in PCG:

June 9, 2019

Hello. I just found your site today and I want to thank you for making it a public site. I was a member of the PCG for more than a decade and I can totally relate to much of what was written and even cried a little. I was always wondering if any one else had experienced some of the back stabbing B.S. that I saw taking place in the PCG. The article by Kieren Underwood about HWAC college [Life at Herbert W. Armstrong College] was the best. He gets it. He saw the best and the worst there, I guarantee. I have a son who went to HWAC and got a Job at the PCG HQ and turned into the most arrogant little ass on planet earth. Thanks a lot PCG ministers.....Great job.

I will keep reading and would love to add an experience or two on your timeline. Thanks again. --[name withheld]

Dan Cohran Has His Own PCG Splinter Group:

June 11, 2019

I wanted to write to you regarding this man (Dan Cohran, Hold Fast 2 All Things). Not sure if you know much about him.

He is a deacon who conducts himself as a "super" deacon and is incredibly arrogant. He performs all kinds of ministerial functions.

He gives a lot of the sermons, collects monies, has his own feast site, counsels and baptizes people, and even disfellowships them if he believes they have gone astray. I am guessing that he anoints them too. And who knows what else?

He claims to follow all HWA taught. Yes, here is another one. He is a former PCG member, and has been involved with at least one other PCG splinter [Church of God's Faithful, founded by Robert G. Ardis]. He has had his own organization for several years. Most of his members are ex-PCG. I've listened to, and read some things on his website. I don't know how he can "judge" the ministry as all having gone astray. He's not even a minister. And has no authority from God to do so. He is usurping authority! He is not even following HWA's version of church government from the top down. He doesn't know each minister personally. He is measuring them using HWA's standards, and teachings, and not Jesus Christ's.

This is a major error that many "ministers" and members have done. I know because I have done it myself. I sure hope that many who are with this false leader wake-up! --Former member of PCG and RCG

Extreme Measure in PCG:

June 11, 2019

You won’t believe this!

A person in PCG has a daughter who left with a baby. The extreme condition this person goes to in order to see their grand baby. The daughter has to bring the baby to a location and leave. This grand parent then comes and sees the baby for a while. Then when the grand parent leaves, the daughter can come and pick up her baby. --[name withheld]

How I Got in Trouble for Using the Word "Shenanigans":

June 12, 2019

Here is a ridiculous story about how I got in trouble with the PCG Ministry for using the word "Shenanigans." No joke.

After Armstrong Auditorium was opened, the PCG Ministry got a brilliant idea to have a public showing of the Jeremiah play and just fling open the doors of Armstrong Auditorium to the general public. No tickets, no limits, just come on in.

When I heard this announcement at services, I emailed Wayne Turgeon and told him that since I had 30 plus years in construction that there are building occupancy limits and those cannot be exceeded. He ignored me as usual. I was basically told to be quiet.

So I went down to Edmond just to see what would happen. It was pretty funny as they were overwhelmed with people and were letting way too many people in the building. People were standing in the aisles and the balcony was loaded with way too many people. I just shook my head and left and drove home without even staying for the show.

I sent an email back to Wayne Turgeon saying basically that was some stupid shenanigans you guys pulled. I told you there would be too many people in there. If the Edmond Fire Marshall would have seen that, he would have locked the doors because you were way over your building capacity limit.

So the next day my Minister Winston Davis called me and read me the Webster's Dictionary definition of the word "Shenanigans".....Really??? I told him I don't sleep with a Webster's Dictionary under my pillow and where I come from "Shenanigans" means you did something really stupid. But he wanted to try to scare me. It didn't work.

I found a bar called Shenanigans and bought 2 of their T-Shirts and sent them to Winston Davis and his wife as Feast gifts. He never even told me thank you. --[name withheld]

PCG Ministers and Their Group Think:

June 12, 2019

Here is a story for you about the Philadelphia Trumpet website and a story about how supposedly "greedy" teachers are in Chicago.

One of Roger Brandon's children at HWAC [Herbert W. Armstrong College] wrote a story on the Trumpet website about teachers in Chicago and was slandering the teachers and the teacher unions and making them out as a bunch of greedy bums who don't care about the kids at all, just how much money they can make.

I had a father who was a teacher and many other family members who are still teachers. Most teachers are overworked and under paid and under appreciated for sure. And most teachers are union members.

I had been a union pipe fitter since 1985 until I retired (33 years union). So I wrote a comment to this inexperienced 18 year old kid who wrote the story. I asked him if he had ever been in a school classroom in Chicago as a student? Had he ever been a teacher's aide in Chicago? Had he ever been in a class in Chicago as a member of the Press to observe the classes? Had he ever been a member of a teacher's union or any other union? Then I stated that if the answer to any or all of these questions is no then you should modify this story or just retract it because you simply do not know what the heck you are talking about.

This started a massive firestorm amongst some of the ministers and me and my response was the same as I told this Brandon kid about his story. Have you ministers ever been union members at any time ...anywhere? If your answers is no then you simply do not know what you are talking about.

They would babble the typical stereotype responses about how lazy union members are and how corrupt unions are. Those statements are not true for the most part. I would ask the ministers if a marriage was a union? Well, yes …. If United States is a union of states? Well...yes.... If Israel was a union of 12 tribes?...Well...yes...

From that experience I saw how the ministers tried to break your will and have no opinion except for whatever their group think is. It never worked on me. I am entitled to my opinion. So is everyone else.

I didn't get kicked out over that but it sure got my fur rubbed the wrong way. --[name withheld]

Stolen Letter Was the Last Straw for Me and the PCG:

June 12, 2019

This is a story about another PCG incident which was pretty much the last straw for me and the PCG. Mark Nash had gotten expelled for whatever reason in 2016. They never tell you anything because they want to treat you like a mushroom. Naturally we were never to contact anyone who got expelled.

I wrote an anonymous letter to Mark Nash anyway to encourage him because he baptized me and we always got along great. His wife Carol stole the letter I wrote to him, being the busybody she always was, and took it to Brian Davis. Brian Davis called me because of the postmark denoting the town it came from. I just told him "Yes, I wrote the letter to encourage the man."

I did get kicked out for that but as time went on I know that I never put on any front or phony air as to who I am. I never said I was perfect or great. Never have, never will. You can't say the same for many many PCG members and ministers. Backstabbing hypocrisy and spies abound there.

I always figure God Almighty will sort these things out and vengeance is God's, not mine. --[name withheld]

Flurry Determined to Make it to His FL Campaign Despite Jet Problems:

June 13, 2019

Recently, Flurry's plane on its way to a "campaign" in Tampa, FL, had a malfunction in the motor operating the wing flaps so returned to Oklahoma City airport. They departed once again, but again had to return to Oklahoma City airport! Flurry was determined to get to Tampa to give his lecture no matter what.

Well, "luckily" for Flurry, there just happened to be a small charter plane available at another airport close by, which was a much smaller jet. Flurry managed to give his lecture after it was postponed for half an hour.

PCG claimed that miraculously the PCG pilots found the small charter plane which just happened to be available! If God was truly with the PCG, then they wouldn't have had the problems with the motor in their plane in the first place!

I wish that the people who attend these lectures would first check out what the PCG is really all about, destroying families, no medicines, etc. -- Impacted by PCG

Comment: Gerald Flurry spoke on the book of Hebrews in two 75-min lectures for 187 Trumpet subscribers the first day and 120 subscribers the second night. However, in the first lecture, (which was accompanied by heavy rain and flooding) only 4 non members attended and in the second lecture, there were 10 non-members attending. (The rest must have been PCG members.) Read: Flurry Claims New Revelation About Book of Hebrews (February 21, 2017 letter to ESN). 

Feast Sites for 2019:

June 28, 2019

The Feast sites for 2019 are:

Edmond, Oklahoma (headquarters)
Cranberry, Pennsylvania
Blaine, Washington
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Indian Wells, California
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
Invermere, British Columbia, Canada
Mount Irvine, Tobago
Henley-in-Arden, United Kingdom
Buffelspoort, Republic of South Africa
Tweed Heads, Australia
Baguio City, Philippines

--[name withheld]

Gerald Flurry's New Throne of David

July 1, 2019

So...about Gerald Flurry's "New Throne of David" idea. Well now. I'm totally confused because in the United States and Britain in Prophecy book, HWA says David's throne is overturned (transferred) only 3 times and won't be overturned again until Christ's second coming when God Himself gives David's throne to Christ. HWA uses Ezekiel 21:25-27 as the Bible verse proof. And on pages 86-102 of United States and Britain in Prophecy (copyright 1980 WCG), HWA shows that God transferred (overturned) David's throne only 3 times from Zedekiah's line to Ireland (first overturn), then to Scotland (second overturn), then to England (third and final overturn).

If David's throne was moved again, that would be overturn #4...and Ezekiel 21:27 says that, after 3 overturns, God won't move David's throne again until Christ's Second Coming when God Himself gives David's throne to Jesus Christ. I smell a rat.--G. T.

No King Until Christ Returns:

July 19, 2019

Ezek. 21:27  I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.  

Intensive from H5753 abbreviated; overthrow, NO MORE! Until!

Repeated 3 times for Emphasis, Intensive.

If you’ll take notice, Israel hasn’t had a king since.

There will NOT be an earthly king to rule over Israel till Christ returns and takes the Throne. --J. D.

Comment: See 2-27-18 letter: "King Flurry?" and letter following that and Biblical Titles Gerald Flurry Has Appropriated for Himself.

Power Trips in the PCG:

July 31, 2019

I just wanted to tell you that since I have discovered your site a couple of months ago I have read most of the letters people wrote and I am at the same time glad and sad to see that I am not the only one who has experienced being slandered, back-stabbed and chased off by the power hungry ministers, employees and certain members in the PCG.

I am sure this is why the ministers never want anyone to discuss counsel. That way their power trips and brutality is not exposed. they want to treat you like you are 10 years old. We don't need anyone nosing into our private affairs.

I am sure God will do like He says He will in Ezekiel 34 and those ministers will be held accountable for their deeds.

I won't go on and on with scriptural confirmation but we can all see the truth of two or more witnesses to confirm a thing. The PCG (and probably other groups) have a problem with power tripping ministers and Edmond elites slandering the sheep of the flock and chasing them away. Your website proves that beyond the shadow of a doubt with many witnesses to the fact.

You are doing a great service and I thank you and everyone who takes the time to write you letters and provide updates so we can all watch and pray as events unfold here on this Planet. --Kansas

Stephen Flurry Doing What His Father Can't:

August 2, 2019

I have seen how Stephen Flurry is flying around in the PCG jet to various campaigns in the U.S. and Canada, and even in the UK. They schedule them pretty far in advance and now he is doing what his father can't. He's also doing those campaigns live online now.

I don't think GRF is able to do much. He has made a "new" program or two in the studio. It may just be pieced-together segments. Then they advertise some different book or magazine. --Former member of PCG

Flurry's "Prophecy" Might Shake Certain Members' Faith in Him:

August 2, 2019

If GF's "prophecy" in January 2017 [See January 14, 2017 PCG Letter] about President Trump fails, it might shake certain members' faith in GF. He has "prophesied" that Trump will be re-elected and will force the members of the PCG to be deported to Jerusalem, and will also be assassinated in his second term. --T. H.

Flurry Doesn't Know Which to Do:

August 3, 2019

Gerald Flurry looks like he doesn't know whether to smile or look serious like a "prophet" should. He winds up trying to do both, and it doesn't work. --[name withheld]

The Cost of Retirement at Age 62:

August 7, 2019

Because most in WCG believed they were going to Petra, they took out retirement at age 62.

But by encouraging people to take early retirement, both the member and the organization were losing money since retirees and their spouses take about a 20% cut in benefits for early retirement.


If $1800 a month, it was cut 20%. Spouse cut 25%.
$1800 X .2 = 360. Spouse got half of 1800 or 900 got cut.
25% = 225. 225 + 360= 585/ month X 12 = $7020/yr.
When they’ve been retired 15yr. 15 X 7020 = $105,300.
10 tithe is cut $10,500

If Flurry has 1600 tithe payers X 15 = $16.8 million.

Only looking at it strictly from the monetary point of view does everybody get hurt. The point would be that the members "get hurt" because they lose money (20% of what they could be drawing if they didn’t retire early) and GF "gets hurt" because he could be colleting tithe money on 100% retirement payout from the members instead of 80%.

Some people in PCG on a fixed income, including retirees and people on disability, aren’t required to tithe. Still, we know that most or many will tithe anyway because of the strong arm persuasion that the PCG uses.  --Anonymous

Gerald Flurry Prophesied in 1996 About Race Riots:

August 9, 2019

Hello to all the people at Exit and support Network™

I came into the PCG in June of 1996 under Wilbur Malone, Dennis Leap and Cal Craven. I attended the Columbus and Cincinnati congregations for Sabbath and Holy Days. On the Sabbath on January 18, 1997, I remember hearing a Gerald Flurry sermon on cassette (this was before DVDs were used) where old Gerald prophesied that the Black Gentiles (his words) would rise up and riot against the White Israelite's of the USA because of Bill Cosby's son who was killed on HWA's death anniversary 3 days before on Jan. 16. 1997 by a White assailant. He said this would culminate in race riots in the major cities. Of course none of this transpired at the time and I filed it under a "delayed prophecy" that would eventually come true like all the other false prophesies of HWA that were just waiting to be fulfilled.

I write this because of GF's latest false "prophecy" of D. Trump being re-elected and deporting all of the PCG members and then being assassinated. Gerald Flurry is a con man and a fraud and is only out to steal his gullible members' tithe and offering money. He cannot back up anything he predicts. Jeane Dixon had a better record of predicting the future than old brother Gerry ever did.

I was just wondering if any of your long time members remember this bogus Bill Cosby prophecy of times past. All of the cassettes have been destroyed like any good cult would do to cover itself.

I am in contact with one retired person in the PCG that still attends services. From what I have been told the congregations are split between the die hard Flurryites and those who are finding brother Gerry's new Revelations hard to take. Most stay in because of family members, spouses, jobs/positions in the congregations, and dating potential mates. There is a lot of pressure to attend Holy Days and Personal Appearance Campaigns as well as Fund Raisers and Fruit Sales. Most of the PCG youth are heading for the hills as soon as they reach 18 with the exception of the sons and daughters of the privileged elite such as contact persons, deacons, children of ministers and favored lackeys and cronies of the ministry. If you drink the Kool Aid as a PCG youth and be a good boot licker you might be able to attend PCG Youth Camp in Edmond.

Thanks to all the hard work that goes into your website. it has been 16 years since I have been out and your website has been invaluable. God Bless. --M. M., Ohio

Comment: Also, "Flurry declared the Los Angeles riots of 1992 were predicted in Ezekiel 5, even though the 'city' referred to in Ezekiel 5 is 'Jerusalem' (see Ezekiel 5:5)." (Quoted from footnote #2 in Jim Kazimir article "Does Gerald Flurry Misquote and Fail to Understand the Scriptures?")

Members Speculating / Flurry False Prophecies:

(2nd email from person above)

August 12, 2019

What I should have told you in my first email was that many members in the PCG were speculating on who would take over after Gerald Flurry is retired because of poor health-- which has not been unnoticed by the members. There are some that say that they hope that Stephen Flurry is going to relax the rigid Pharisaical standards of his father. Wayne Turgeon has been sent off to England to cool his heals and is considered a hard case like his father-in-law [Gerald Flurry]. I think that the hope is when GF dies/retires his son will sell off the jet and allow disfellowshipped people to come back and attend services. Who knows?

GF is such a fraud. When I came in June 1996 GF prophesied that the PCG would have a "Short Work" which would last only a few short years before the end. I remember the Trumpet articles that said this. The PCG is now into the 18 year beyond the "Last Hour" and these PCG elite frauds are still riding the old HWA gravy train.

There are many current PCG people that still talk to their disfellowshipped family members. They even post it on Facebook. So there are cracks in the Flurryite system that are starting to show. God Bless to you all. --M. M.

Stephen Flurry Will Most Certainly Take Over / Get Out Now:

September 4, 2019

It's been quite a few years since I've emailed you and the ESN site. I'm glad that you still provide this valuable service to the exes, and yes of course the still-ins who lurk even though they’re not supposed to.

I wanted to reply to M.M. who posted that members are speculating as to who will take over after GF becomes too ill to continue. This would also include the event of his passing. I can say without any hesitancy that this has been decided decades ago. Make no mistake about it that it is codified in writing that Stephen becomes the Pastor General of the PCG in either of the above scenarios. He is the heir and this was the case even when I was still in twenty years ago, and Stephen at that time was only in his late twenties. I once asked someone who was in the know about this, and he said emphatically that GF set it up for his son to take over in the event of his death. This was about 1999, or perhaps 2000. I'm sorry that I forgot this guys' name, but he was a close friend of Stephen’s from Washington State. He was also close to the Joel Hilliker family, from which Stephen’s wife Amy came.

As far as Stephen relaxing the rigid Pharisaical standards of his father? Don’t anyone count on that happening. Stephen is an ultra-orthodox Armstrongite and of course Gerald Flurryite too. The disfellowshipment rules will not change one iota. Unless he makes them even stronger, which wouldn't surprise me.

I also wouldn't count on him selling the jet. I bet he rather likes it and will want to use it as often as finances will allow. Mostly he'll want to keep it to help himself and his family "flee." (Eye roll).

But, on the bright side I don't expect the PCG to last very long after GF’s passing, or incapacitation. Just look how fast the WCG fell apart after HWA died. The PCG’s demise will be even faster. Much faster.

Those of you lurking members reading this my advice is to get out now. Your life is way too short to waste one more moment in that toxic organization that passes itself off as "God's Church." It was a bit scary for me to quit so I understand the fear of leaving. But once I did I never, ever regretted it. Not one bit. And nothing bad happened to me either, so don’t buy in to that nonsense that you will be "no longer protected or blessed." That's all nonsense.

--Regards, Michael Daniel (name used with permission)

PCG Already Showing Cracks in the Foundation:

September 5, 2019

I fully agree about Stephen Flurry inheriting the PCG throne. He's been groomed for that position for years, and even now is taking GF's place in the "personal appearances" campaign since GF's health is becoming more frail. I also agree that the PCG will quickly go downhill after GF's eventual death. It's already showing cracks in the foundation in the form of fewer attendees and fewer local churches, which have had to be consolidated over the past few years. Plus overall, the membership is getting older; there's many more gray hairs, bald heads, and attendees showing up for services in wheelchairs and walkers. --W. W.

Scripturally Illiterate:

September 5, 2019

A big reason why most don’t leave the PCG is because they are scripturally illiterate. I don’t mean that as an arrogant put down because being scripturally illiterate was a roadblock for me, and kept me captive to the Armstrongian spiritual prison. This is what happens whenever you let a man, or men who appoint themselves as "God's men" tell you what the scriptures say. The fruits of this is Gerald Flurry saying, "I am That Prophet," and the members believing it. If one is scripturally illiterate then he or she doesn’t know that by proclaiming "I am That Prophet" he is actually guilty of blasphemy. 

About HWA’s Prayer Rock being the Stone of Destiny now. I remember reading about his "finding" the Prayer Rock shortly after I left the PCG. I gotta hand it to GF, he's very good at keeping the sheep hypnotized with Armstrong Idolatry and passing it off as "obedience to God" Now I suppose he’s shifted more of the idolatry toward himself. PCG members must remember what Paul said about idols. It will save themselves a lot of deception. 

One thing, among many, that HWA successfully fooled members with was the definition of "fruits" As in, "You shall know them by their fruits." ....

--Michael Daniel (former PCG member) [name used with permission]

NOTE from ESN: The rest of Michael's email has been turned into an article since it is very long. Read: Bad Fruits of Philadelphia Church of God.

Abusive Ministerial Correction

September 5, 2019

In the late '90s a PCG minister was sent down from Edmond to the San Antonio congregation to straighten a few "trouble makers" out (which meant men who weren’t good at kissing the ring of the local elder, a.k.a. lack of a Philadelphian Standard). 

After services these two men were called to go into a back room to get their correction.  The HQ directed minister laid into each one, one at a time, by getting up in their face and screaming at the top of his lungs. When I say getting in their face I am being very literal. Inches away. One of the men was a bit on the elderly side and was on heart medication. He felt himself starting to get a heart attack and popped a nitro pill to stop it. Did that stop the raging minister? No. 

As he left with his wife, who was just devastated and in tears, he told some of us that he was going to call Flurry and report what just happened. Did that do any good? Of course not. Flurry ordered that ministerial demonic rage attack himself. He wouldn’t even take the call, despite always saying that his "door is always open."  Mrs. Flurry told the gentleman on the phone to just repent and respect the ministers.  Lovely. Oh yes, he had to settle with talking to “that Prophet’s” wife, even though he was at home to take the call himself. 

--Michael Daniel (former PCG member) [name used with permission]

NOTE: Read Michael's article: Fruits of the Philadelphia Church of God.

I Believe Herbert Armstrong's Prophecy Was Used to Promote Brexit:

September 6, 2019

I am from the UK. Before our referendum many people in churches started to send out prophecies to each other online which convinced many Christians to vote Leave.

When looking at the prophecy sent to us, my husband noticed a lie in the first part of it. It claimed the Bible said something it didn't. This led us to suspect the prophecies were being used to convince Christians to support Leave despite the danger to peace in Northern Ireland and the racism in the UKIP campaign which would otherwise put Christians off.

Possibly they were being distributed by Leave backers or similar, I have no proof other than reports that money was paid to right wing Christian groups from right wing groups in the U.S. to promote Brexit. That coupled with the information that Cambridge Analytica used false prophecies to manipulate votes in other countries and were working with Leave. EU makes the whole thing very suspicious.

After much research I traced the source of the prophecies back to Herbert Armstrong's book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. What has been shared is either that or slightly altered prophecies based on that. I read the book and was horrified at the distortion, racism, and claims made in the book.

I had never heard of Armstrong here in the UK (although some organisations like Prophecy Today sometimes seem to have similar views and I now wonder if they are connected).

However, vast numbers of Christians here in the UK voted Leave because of this and are still totally convinced that this is God's plan. I feel this is spiritual abuse on a massive scale. Convincing people to vote for something that will cause suffering to so many by convincing them it's a prophecy. I was totally torn apart when I realised the people of Jesus were being manipulated, I think my faith was even shaken at the time. I feel I have been in constant grief ever since.

Our country and government are falling apart, people in Northern Ireland are afraid of a return to war on the streets. Racist attacks have increased, people who have lived here all their lives are being forced to leave the country and others are fleeing, and the threat of no deal being driven by extremists is making people fear for their lives if vital medicine is delayed.

I cannot see this as God's plan but all I hear from those that believed and promoted the prophecies are platitudes like 'do not be afraid' said insensitively to those worried about dying due to medicine delays.

My question is this. How do you convince people that this is Armstrongism not Christianity without destroying their faith? Do you have a blog or anything I can pass around online so that if it comes to another vote Christians can see the truth? Many voted Leave "just in case" the prophecy was true and the damage has been horrendous. Most have probably never heard of Herbert Armstrong as generally the prophecies were not presented as coming from him.

I have tried warning people on Facebook and Twitter but I am pretty sure they think I am blaspheming the Spirit. I have had no end of attack since mentioning it. Families are being torn apart because of this and I am desperate to help bring peace.

Could you provide me with as anything that can be shared around? Something that explains a bit about Armstrong, his ideas and influence, as well as debunking his claims and pointing out areas where he comes into conflict with Christ's teaching? I don't know where else to turn. Your website is useful but I can't see anything I can share that will help in this situation. Wikipedia is helpful but isn't from a Christian viewpoint.

Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide and sorry for the long message. --[name withheld]

Comment: This person has received a personal reply. Also read: Was Herbert Armstrong Right About Britain Exiting the European Union? and the links at the end under "Related Material."

Your Help is Much Appreciated:

(2nd email from person above)

September 7, 2019

Your article "Was Herbert Armstrong Right About Britain Exiting the European Union?" is very interesting to me me because it was Armstrong's prophecies that were used to convince people to vote to Leave.

It's a bit like publishing a prophecy that says your dad will buy you a dog and then using that to convince him to buy a dog.

Quoting from ESN article:

"HWA must have been correct concerning this prophecy, and that means he was chosen by God and these 'truths' were personally revealed to him. He has been proven to be a true prophet. Now I am in dire straights for not believing him (thus committing the unpardonable sin), and I will end up in the Lake of Fire for denouncing him. By rejecting HWA, I have directly rejected God."

This was pretty much the argument used to manipulate people into voting Leave. It was control. "You must vote Leave because it was Herbert Armstrong said we would Leave. (Although Armstrong himself wasn't always mentioned)

Thank you. I will continue reading. I think certain people in both my family and my church have become very caught up in this. Your help is much appreciated. --[name withheld]

PCG a Church With No Love:

September 8, 2019

First let me thank you for this informative website. Please keep it open for all to read and hopefully many more members of PCG will be brave enough to get the truth about what really goes on.

I attended the WCG for a few years then attended the PCG. I left the PCG around ten years ago after finding there was absolutely no “Love” in the organisation. Many of the members were sincere but the ministry was disgraceful.

I kept my personal information to myself but many were the times that certain members would try and get that information from me. I learnt early who were the spies in the congregation, knowing that whatever I said would be told to the minister.

I think the worst minister we had was Alex Harrison. It seems wherever he ministered he caused nothing but disharmony. He certainly is a true blue Armstrongite.

Like all other congregations, we met in dirty halls. One place was used for the cat society and the last hall I attended was so hot you could just not get cool. I had to come early to do the set up of the chairs, etc. Once I left my tie off and was blasted by a deacon for not showing respect.

On one feast day all the foodstuffs were placed on the table, and some of the younger people were so hungry they were at the beginning of the queue. Well the next feast day, Alex Harrison announced that the elders must go first and that no-one was to put too much on their plates. When the meal was over, there was plenty left over--no one was game enough to go back for seconds. How petty.

Keep up the good work. Regards, [name withheld]

Flurry Believing Again That the Ark of the Covenant Will Be Found:

September 11, 2019

Well, in hopes of attracting more members, PCG has revived its idea that the ark of the covenant will be found. They had the feast there for a couple of years in Ireland but when nothing moved they moved the feast closer to Edstone. Now they are revving up that idea again probably to keep membership excited and hope to get more.

By the way, I saw photos from the Personal Appearance Campaigns. Most of the people there look to be PCG members with sprinkles of others and mostly elderly. I wonder if they are really as successful as the PCG  brags to justify their plane purchase. --Ex-PCGer

Harassed by PCG Deacon; Ended up Being Blamed by Brian Davis:

September 24, 2019

I was being harassed by the local deacon in the Phoenix congregation for three years. I went to him five times as a brother and tried to resolve it using the fruits of the Spirit. Finally I went to the minister who refused to resolve it, instead blaming me. I pointed out to him that I never even responded to this deacon's behavior, I merely went to him as a brother and tried to resolve it.

Enter Brian Davis who never wanted to hear my side. First it was disrespect towards me, then contempt, and finally anger. That’s when I said goodbye. They don’t use the fruits of spirit or love one another. They actually try to do a beat down on people. Very emotionally immature men who ignore doctrine and favor the ones who suck up to them! --Ex-PCG member [name withheld]

Reply: I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the local deacon and Brian Davis. You had the right attitude but I would not call these men "brothers." Authoritarian groups such as PCG always blame the member. No, they don't love one another and many others have testified to this. The best thing is to speak out so others can be warned. See our articles: Leaders of Totalistic Groups Have These Traits in Common and Identifying Marks of an Exploitive, Abusive Group.

None of Flurry's Predictions or Prophecies Have Ever Come True:

September 26, 2019

I am an ex-member of the PCG. What I find missing in most comments is that not one of Gerald Flurry's predictions or so called prophecies have ever come true and I've heard hundreds. At the time some were made, I knew they wouldn't come true. In 2006 he said half of Jerusalem would be overrun that summer. I knew it would not happen because the Israeli army was too strong. Instead of correcting that, he kept making predictions. I say again, none, none have come true. God tells us if they don’t come true they're not a prophet! And all are short term detailed predictions, I say again none came true! Check it out! --[name withheld]

GF Will Have a Plan if Trump isn't Re-Elected

October 11, 2019

I’m sure that GF already has a plan for if Trump isn’t re-elected: either an excuse for his failed prophecy or a distraction. It could be that the current emphasis on the Ark of the Covenant is a distraction. It’s all mind games for him. --H. T.

Humbling to Know I was So Wrong:

October 12, 2019

I know how hard it is to admit that I could have been so totally fooled by a man [Flurry] who claims to be "close to God." It is humbling to come to the conclusion that I can be so wrong! I'm afraid that many have lost faith entirely because of these frauds. It is the Truth that sets us free. --Ex member of PCG

Ex-PCGer Finds Testimony by WCG Exiter on Netflix Mentally Draining:

October 24, 2019

Hi, my parents and I are ex members of the PCOG. We left around 2014. We were in that cult for about 8 years. Anyway I've almost forgotten about that place. Honestly, sometimes it's a blur.

But lately I was watching the new second season of a show that came out last year on Netflix called "Haunted." It's basically a show about people’s different paranormal experiences, etc., but the third episode took me by surprise. Turns out it's a testimony of an ex member of the WCG. It was disgusting and disturbing. All I feel is disgust. Never being in the WCG, thankfully, but in one of the bigger splinter groups equally evil and terrible. It brought back memories (nowhere near as dreadful as this poor man's of course but nonetheless still mentally draining and traumatic).

Anyway I have so many stories and instances I've personally gone through as well as my parents. I'll send another letter on a later date but for now please watch this episode and relay it to anyone else. I’m just thankful to be away from the horrors of anything associated with Armstrongism. Out here in the real world is actually not that bad.

Thank you for the support system and the website. It helped my family and me years back. We greatly appreciate it. --[name withheld]

Please, I Need Help!

October 27, 2019

I attended the Philadelphia Church of God but came to find out just what this "church" really was in 2017, how cruel it was, and after a long story I am going into a trial against my ex-husband for full custody of our minor children. They are forced to attend PCG services every other Saturday when they have said they do not want to go. As it stands right now unless I can prove that this "church" is not in their best interest he will continue to be able to take them, and if they continue to have their minds controlled by fear-based doctrines, I could possibly lose contact with all of them eventually. Children I raised basically by myself, homeschooled, sacrificed so much for, I gave so much of myself for my family. I can't bare to lose them all.

For the PCG to eventually get to them and convince them that cutting off their mother is what God wants, and if they don't, horrible things will happen to them, is beyond cruel! It is very difficult to get actual witnesses to come to court to tell their stories and prove this organization a danger to my children. But my lawyer says anyone who wants to help can write a letter, tell their story, help prove the dangers, the evils, of this organization. Prove that they have a no-contact policy and how they plan to escape to a place of safety. ANYTHING at all that you read or heard or experienced that you could help me get my children out of there would be of enormous help.

My lawyer will read your letter and if he thinks it is one he can use in our defense he will send it back to you in a form that will be turned into an affidavit. You would simply take it a lawyer to get it signed, and returned.

I will cover all costs that occur if need be.

Right now all the judge has is me saying its a cult, my kids are in danger, and my ex-husband saying, "no it's not, it's a fun loving normal church." I need the judge to see the truth. We are trying to get a hold of a cult expert as well, Rick Ross.

I understand that a lot of you have been through so much pain and suffering, and this may not be what you are comfortable with, but please think of my children and how you could prevent that from happening to them by telling your story. Even if you think your story isn't much proof, it really can be. You know what the PCG teaches, you know how my ex could run off to a "place of safety" basically kidnapping my children, and I may never see them again. You know of the no-contact rule once they are baptized. All this is proof and backs up what I've been saying. A little can go a long way if enough people are willing to help me get them out of there!

My lawyers email address is:
David Reid

You can put in the subject box: PCG Testimony

Or contact Exit and Support Network for my email address.

Please, please pray about this, Don't let this cult ruin my children and take them away from me. --[name withheld]

NOTE: If anyone responds to this email by emailing ESN, their letter will not posted on the site but will be forwarded to the person above.

PCG and the Nazis:

October 30, 2019

How sad. The little PCG lawsuit and the Nazis have good lawyers but if the Judge is overwhelmed with testimony against the PCG he should make a right judgment. Children should not be forced to attend the PCG ever. --[name withheld]

NOTE FROM ESN: Be sure and read the PCG child survivor testimony recently sent in about PCG which shows what goes on inside. The author said PCG needs to be called out because it is the truth. [name was changed] Testimony is: Endured Weekly Mental and Emotional Abuse in PCG.


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