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Is Philadelphia Church of God the true church of God? Or is there spiritual abuse and financial exploitation awaiting as a result of one’s involvement?

If you are reading The Philadelphia Trumpet and/or are thinking of joining PCG, you will want to read our informative articles. These pages offer hope, support, understanding and freedom from a system of bondage.

NOTICE: Are you exiting PCG and thinking of joining Restored Church of God? Be sure and check out our section: Information on Restored Church of God (David C. Pack).

Mike’s Testimony

Mike’s Exit Letters to Craig Winters of Philadelphia Church of God
(Courageous testimony confronting the deception and evil fruit in PCG; covers Gerald Flurry)

Philadelphia Church of God Articles

Articles on Gerald Flurry 
(Includes info on the “no contact” ruling; info on Malachi’s Message, etc.)

Letters From Those Impacted by Philadelphia Church of God (2020)

Testimonies by Those Impacted by Philadelphia Church of God
(Includes suicide of Janet De Gennaro as a result of the no-contact policy.)

Crazy Statements Made by PCG Ministers

Where is the True Church?

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“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” ~ Ephesians 5:11




This section of the Exit & Support Network™ website was created February 2000 as a resource for information on the Philadelphia Church of God.