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Following is what is new or updated on the Exit & Support Network™ website within approximately the last year. If you visit this page frequently, please refresh the page to see recent postings.

October 2019

Endured Weekly Mental and Emotional Abuse in PCG New PCG child Survivor Testimony 10-31-19

September 2019

Links Updated 9-23-19

"Bible Correspondence Course" (an Examination) Reposted from 2010 9-21-19

David Pack Rewrites His Special Announcements After Prophecy Fails UPDATE 9-18-19 at bottom to where Pack said in 2007 that the latest Christ could return was Trumpets 2021 and the Tribulation would begin in 2018. Also gives a link to a 2012 letter to ESN that quotes Pack's propaganda statements in His Co-Worker Letter.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus New Added to Comfort in Words of Hymns 9-15-19

Bad Fruits of the Philadelphia Church of God New  Article 9-5-19 (by former PCG member) UPDATE 9-8-19: This now links at the end to Giving the Reigns of Our Life Over to Someone Else.

Do you have anything that refutes the doctrine of annihilation? Updated 9-4-19

August 2019

Names and Titles of Jesus Updated with Faithful and True 8-23-19

Crazy Statements Made by Worldwide Church of God Ministers New  Statement #114 8-27-19

July 2019

The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What it WON'T Be Like Updated with picture at top 7-7-19

The Sin Question Updated with new quote at end by Charles Spurgeon 7-7-19

Where can I have the false teachings of Herbert Armstrong explained (new link on Q&A under Questions About Herbert W. Armstrong) 7-12-19

May 2019

Bob George Ministries Reposted on Links 5-16-19 (Timeless teachings on the complete forgiveness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Books, Bible study guides, and teachings on MP3s and CDs available.) Note: Robert Franklyn George (Bob) passed away on June 1, 2018.

April 2019

Amazing Statements Made by Philadelphia Church of God Ministers New  Statement #30 4-30-19

The Broadway to Armageddon New  Now posted in one complete file on our site in PDF but can still be requested through email. 4-28-19

I Was Never Really Happy New WCG Testimony 4-6-19

March 2019

Prayers For Freedom From Spiritual Strongholds Updated with new link 3-10-19
This section includes a new link to Bill Bean, Exorcist / Spiritual Warfare Minister / Life Coach (for those who need help from demonic oppression)

January 2019

Does Hebrews 12:6 mean that God punishes us for our sin? New Q&A 1-22-19

December 2018

I Saw the Hypocrisy in Worldwide Church of God New Testimony 12-31-18

What Happens if I Join Living Church of God?" Updated 12-1-18
Title change and present tenses changed to past tenses in regard to Roderick Meredith.

November 2018

The Ordeal of Exiting Reposted from 2010 11-13-18

Info on Church of God, a Worldwide Association Updated 11-9-18

October 2018

Do you have anything that substantiates the Pre-Tribulation Rapture? Updated (2nd offsite article is new) 10-23-18

August 2018

Gerald Flurry Lacking Compassion Updated (This letter has a new paragraph added at the end by the author) 8-18-18

My Correspondence With PCG Ministers and Their Spin Replies New Article 8-15-18

July 2018

Life at Herbert W. Armstrong College by Kieren Underwood New Article 7-25-18