There are hundreds of offshoots and splits from the Worldwide Church of God; therefore, it is impossible to list, or keep track of, all of them. The first four sections also include testimonies from former members.

To understand more about the history of the earlier breakaway groups, read the Outsider’s Inside Update Newsletters (available as PDF download) which looks behind the scenes at the real activities and associations pertaining to the “transformation” of the Worldwide Church of God and their New Age agenda.

Philadelphia Church of God (Gerald R. Flurry)

Restored Church of God (David C. Pack)

Christian Biblical Church of God (Fred R. Coulter)

Living Church of God (Gerald E. Weston)

Worldwide Church of God Organizational Splits [offsite link] (There are hundreds more splinter groups since this list was formed, plus there are now splits of various splinters)


“…Take heed that no man deceive you.” ~Matthew 24:4 


Where is the True Church?

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