The Philadelphia Church of God ministry is deranged and dangerous. I’ve lost count of how many people I know who had their lives cut short, not seeking medical attention, including my own family.

They’ve fasted recently1 because there are many sick members in that destructive group2 including top brass like Stephen Flurry3, Andrew Locher4, and the wives of some ministers.

A very prominent regional director “counseled” a good friend of mine to get surgery and reassured her in confidence that there are many members who quietly get procedures done–including the ministry.

The leading ministers know they’re a fraud and yet are willing to sacrifice the lives of their members–members who are taught they will be healed once they’re anointed by a PCG minister. I’ve heard so many times how you’re healed once you’re anointed – as long as you have faith. And this is despite any physical symptoms you continue to have!

If you search their website for healed members, you will find very few articles, almost none. I personally know of one member who now relies on medication, yet that person’s article is still up there! This is very misleading and dangerous. They pretend that God heals them! The only time I’ve heard of someone being healed is just after a cold or virus runs its natural course!

They brainwash their members into believing that it is their decision, even though they shame anyone for looking to the medical fraternity. “If you don’t have the faith to be healed, you won’t have the faith to flee, or the faith to be protected in the “Place the Safety” or the faith to be resurrected” and you are told this from the pulpit!

That’s fine if it were true! When you leave the PCG, you begin to realize how sick that place is5 and how God was never there! It sickens me to think how I played Russian Roulette with my own life and the lives of my children!

I remember being warned about vaccinations and always felt guilty for seeking medical attention–even for my young kids! I even heard of a teenager who was told she was vain for getting braces!6

SEP is compulsory for teenagers and us parents are forced to waive all legal rights when sending our kids to camp7. This has left me feeling very uncomfortable as there are no legal recourse should my kids suffer neglect, including medical.

It’s a toxic and dangerous environment, especially for children, leaving many traumatized by the physical, emotional and mental abuse!

I’ve seen mothers spank their 6 month old babies8 because minister wives like Lynda Macdonald [wife of John Macdonald9] couldn’t handle their soft cooing noises during services.

The kids are hammered with apocalyptic visions if they don’t stay and don’t obey! Camp theme only a few years ago was literally “loyal and royal” meaning that if you are loyal to Gerald Flurry, God will give you a position in His Kingdom.

Our kids hear the Pastor General GF say how those who leave are “traitors and deserved to be shot!”10 Our children are taught those who leave are destined to suffer the worse suffering in the Great Tribulation! And if they do leave, they will be cutoff by their families!11

They tell them that it’s their choice, all the while holding them over a barrel!

I can only hope that the Turgeons are feeling even a slither of the pain they have inflicted on so many families, now that Micah Turgeon [youngest son of Wayne Turgeon] has left12. That’s assuming they will hold themselves to the same standard.

By M. K. (former member of PCG)
July 17, 2022

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Footnotes by ESN:

1 May 22, 2022 letter

2 See: Identifying Marks of an Abusive Group

3 SF is son of Gerald Flurry

4 Andrew Locher is Chief financial officer in PCG. Read: Shameless Sermonette by Andrew Locher Exploits Members Financially (April 17, 2020 letter to ESN)

5 Philadelphia Church of God is a Sick System!

6 Read: Crazy Statement #6 to see what one PCG minister told a new member about braces on their child’s teeth.

7 Read: “PCG’s Strict Rules for Those Attending SEP” (May 22, 2021 letter)

8 Read: Spanking Babies and Harsh Discipline of Children in PCG

9 John Macdonald was the father of Garth Macdonald. Read: “Garth Macdonald Dies Due to Lack of Medical Care” (9-1-06 letter) and John Macdonald Cuts Off Mel Tupas and His Wife for Trivial Incident (2-6-17 letter). John Macdonald replaced Fred Dattolo as Canada regional director in 2018.]

10 Read: Crazy Statement #17 to see how GF once said a member’s head should be shot off.

11 Read: Gerald Flurry’s Sermon: Exposing Satan (explains the no-contact rule in PCG) and The Laodicean Policy in Philadelphia Church of God.

12 To read about Micah Turgeon leaving PCG, read: Micah Turgeon Has Left PCG (July 12, 2022 letter)


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