It is nauseating how often PCG ministers bring up the Bible verses about King Saul losing the Spirit of God in order to put the members in fear of losing God’s Holy Spirit (which does not dwell within their “church” anyways) and in fear of losing their eternal life which only comes by Jesus, not Gerald Flurry, for disobeying the PCG “government.” Does that phony religious organization not always pretend to own a sort of copyright on God’s Holy Spirit, too, as well as “the truth?”

Does the PCG ministry not also often imply that if any member does not pay up, that they will lose the Holy Spirit as a consequence, which Holy Spirit is not present there in the first place? As if you somehow rent the Holy Spirit from the PCG while in that “church!” Preposterous. They fail to heed the lesson about Simon Magus attempting to purchase the Holy Spirit in Acts 8, which verses the PCG’s false ministry often misuse for their own purposes.

After being banned from “the church,” I have lots to relate about my experiences. I committed no crime, nor had made any argument with any minister nor made any “dissident” statement, but because I myself have become a crime victim and was thus injured, also suffering severe financial loss, I was “suspended.” This is how the fake church treats crime victims. But I do believe that if I still was considered a member, I would only be subject to more and more punishment in the future.

A few years ago, a certain two ministers, (who did not even seem human to me), whom I had never met in person before, one a regional head, accused me of things for three hours straight, in my own home, to try to instigate me into reacting rebelliously, while the regional head tried to force me into accepting only his version of certain events that happened to me personally, and then he claimed I could be “dangerous” to the brethren for telling my own account of what crime was committed against me by criminal scum.

Basically, they “suspended” me because I did not agree with the ministers’ accounts of what was done to me and why, which ministers were not even around to witness all what transpired, but only knew of the rumors they heard. What could they possibly have known about it in order to pass any kind of judgment? Those two ministers accused me, a crime victim, of being “dangerous.” Ridiculous.

No, but rather it is they who are very, very dangerous to the captive brethren, and so is their “church.” These two men acted more like mafia henchmen than ministers of God.

I believe it was the foregone conclusion of that slimy tandem of accusers, no ministers of God, that I was “dangerous” and “hostile,” and their intent was to throw me out of the “church” before they even walked through my door, and I also believe that it was likely the diabolical duo had already been given orders from a higher office in the “church government” to get rid of me. That is the impression I received. Their behavior towards me was abnormal and hostile.

The names of these inhuman ministers are Cal Culpepper and Greg “Nice.” Greg “Nice” is just as sarcastic of a man as his nice last name is towards his character. These were a couple of the most despicable, disdainful, and creepy goons I ever met, and the spiritual residue of their presence in my home still seems to pollute my place. I should have been the one to leave a boot print on their coat tails. I have more to tell about this horrible experience I had with them, and it certainly validates the stories I have read from other exiters.

As that murky organization, the PCG, claims to be the “god Family” perhaps it would be more appropriate to dub them the “god Mafia” with Gerald Flurry being the “godfather” of them.

Keeping the members from communicating the harms that they suffer, by isolating one from another, is a key to their ability to control the congregations with an iron fist. These are mob tactics, are they not, to make certain victims shut up about their experiences? And is it not also very mob-like to make the members pay in, in order to receive “protection?”

This fake “church” is more than just a church alright. (See the latest Key of David title, “Not Just a Church.”) What a sick joke. How about, “Not Just a Church?” It is not a church at all. Cross out the word, “Just” for sure, or it could be rendered, “Not a Just Church.”

It has been a huge and pressing debate in my mind as to whether the Holy Spirit exists at all within the people of the PCG, and as far as it concerns the ministry, however, there is no debate in my mind that a very evil spirit(s) dwell(s) within them. There are some things that I feel behooved to relate about on just that issue later on.

No, God’s Spirit cannot exist within them.

And not unlike the Mafia, you do become “married” to that “family,” and can never leave it, without a threatened consequence.

Since being “invited” to come to that “church” I had nothing but curses come upon me and my life, and now, in retrospect, I do not believe that all those curses were entirely of spiritual origin, but that there may well have been real physical and human hands involved in administering some of those punishments that I have suffered.

A fake “church” sometimes becomes desperate to uphold its hoaxes, just the same as the fake leftist “mainstream” media does.

At no other time in my life, did I need to attend so many funerals and sign so many “sympathy” cards, as I did in that “church.” I could have ended up attending my own funeral, too.

I renounce the PCG and all of its competing sibling organizations, and I rescind all support of their kind of “work.” Also, I feel responsible for having done inadvertent harm for ever having “supported the work” of them, and for ignorantly colluding with them in exploiting and abusing vulnerable people.

I pray to be able to help reverse any of the harm that may have been done by my words and actions in the past. Jesus is my Lord and Savior who forgives even those sins, and Jesus also knows how I cannot help but want to make proper reparations however I am able, as a human being. I know my sins are forgiven, and I also want to do better in the future. Jesus paid for my sins, nevertheless, I still desire to correct whatever part of the wrong I have done, out of consideration for the people that have been harmed by that cult and still suffer to this day.

That is all I can say for now, and to keep up the good work at ESN. A good work, done with true faith.

By Curtis
June 16, 2022

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