NOTE: Sermons and Bible studies critiqued below were sent to ESN by a trusted PCG source, former member, or anonymous. These are all from 2021.

Note: Use discernment with Questions & Answers site (that we may link to) as we have discovered there are some Calvinistic leanings in some of their articles.

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Wik Heerma Tells Members to Remove Vanity From Their Lives:

January 31, 2021

Wik Heerma, in a recent Bible study, told members to “remove vanity” so they can prepare for the Days of Unleavened Bread. I found this so paradoxical when GF and the top ministers have got to be some of the most vanity-filled fat cats around. He said the root principle of sin is vanity and when we understand it, “we are understanding the mind of Satan.” So does that mean GF and all those elite know-it-all ministers filled with so much vanity have the mind of Satan? He said it is either sin or righteousness. It’s black and white. He said their prayers can be “too focused on themselves” or those in their inner circle. But “if we think like God” then we will “love all mankind” and intensify our prayers for the Work. Does GF’s cut-off ruling allow room for “loving all mankind”? Wik reminded them that they are “blinded to this” and they need to be cleansed of it. How? The answer was to keep the Law and ask themselves where they are deviating from it. The main way they deviate from it, he said, was because of “vanity.” Even though there have been worse sermonettes and sermons chastening members, this was only another message pounded into their manipulated minds for their sins. –Bible study critiqued by L. S.

Read letters about Wik Heerma: “Wik Heerma Has Cruelly Abused Others” and “No Receipts Issued for Past 10-15 Years” (about Heerma earning in the equivalent of one million South African Rand). Also read: The Sin Question

GF: Lunatic Ideas and Erroneous Theology:

February 17, 2021

After the new U.S. president was sworn in, GF gave another of his sermons with lunatic ideas and erroneous theology. Here are just a few:

He believes Satan has already been cast down to earth–but members have “angelic protection.” However, Laodiceans (since they didn’t go with GF) are not so fortunate and Satan is “stamping all over them.”

Only PCG can see the “vision” and “can prove it” since, as GF says, “We are a special people before God.” The world “has to listen to this one last message” from GF. You hear this in all his sermons. Everything is always one last–“one last chance,” “one last warning,” etc. How many one lasts are there?

I had to shake my head when he said, “If you remain loyal to God, you are never going to be spiritually alone.” He won’t come out and say that what he really means is: “If you remain loyal to PCG government.” But even so, what does that have to do with being “spiritually alone”? Perhaps it means “alone” when you are thrown out of PCG.

The word “loyal” isn’t even in the KJV which is what GF uses (except when he twists words from some other version such as the Moffat). What escapes GF is that loyal is primarily what God is to us. We are told in the Word of God that even if we are faithless, He remains faithful. (See II Timothy 2:13 NKJV:” If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.”) Why is that not understood by those in PCG? I would say it is because members are not being taught that if they belong to Christ, nothing can take away their salvation. [Note: See Q&A: Can We Ever Lose Our Salvation?] The Word of God continually says God will never leave us or forsake us and that He continues to work in us until the end of our life. (See Philippians 1:26 KJV: “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” and Hebrews 13:5 KJV: “…he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

GF said to “study the new Trumpet magazine…especially the feature articles as they are truly outstanding.” Folks, how about studying the book of Colossians without PCG literature and find the treasures in Christ? (Colossians 2:3 KJV: “In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”) We have everything we need in Christ. But that isn’t enough for GF.

He quoted from HWA so many times that I lost track of which were HWA’s words and which were GF’s, He said we are “going to rule the Universe” and “restore the Universe” (this doctrine comes from the Mormons) and we need to “get our minds on the New Jerusalem.” How about saying “get our minds on Christ” who is our only hope. (See Colossians 1:27: “Christ in you, the hope of glory:“)

Towards the end of his sermon he said, “This is our future” and talked about the “power” we are going to be given. It’s all about power with GF. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

PCG Members Told to Take a Stand and Die If Necessary:

February 19, 2021

Before his transfer to Edstone, England Wayne Turgeon gave a Bible study where he kept quoting HWA and told how HWA in a 1984 sermon said (and I quote): “We are becoming God teachers.”

He cited Romans 8:31 and then said, “How dare anyone come against a true Christian? They don’t know what they’re dealing with and what they’re messing with.” He went on to say, “But do we always realize who’s behind us, and who’s backing us when the times get tough? Or are we going to run like the flip-flopping politicians? Or are we willing to take a stand and die if necessary?” He added, “If we are loyal to God (translation: loyal to PCG govt.), He always watches over us.”

He also said, “We pray we will all be together soon in that place of safety wherever that might be. Things are going to get worse before they get better.” –Bible study critiqued by L. S.

Comment: Read: “Members to Develop the Faith to Face Death” (2007 letter to ESN)

Note: Joel Hilliker has replaced Wayne Turgeon as principal of Imperial Academy.

Gerald Flurry Getting Crazier by the Day:

March 1, 2021

I had the “honor” to listen to Pt. 3 of GF’s sermon “Where are We in Bible Prophecy?” and it was all I could stomach to listen to a few parts. He is getting crazier by the day. He focused on nothing but Tribulation, wrath, punishment, death, how many are going to die, how there won’t be many left, Germany is going to strike and kill, etc. I don’t know how members can sit there week after week and listen to this bull crap doom and gloom.

He said the Prayer Rock they are in possession of is “a symbol of Jesus Christ.” (A rock in the Bible is a symbol of Christ but not HWA’s prayer rock! As mentioned in the article Idolatry in the PCG, this rock is nothing but blatant idolatry!)

Here are some other things he said:

“Who are we that God would entrust us to deliver this message to this world and especially three nations of Israel and God’s Laodicean church most of all. The PCG has the New Throne of David and the New Stone of Destiny. That’s putting us in a pretty close proximity to God.”

He was downright arrogant when he started criticizing Evangelicals and saying, “How much do those people who are following Trump–how much do they know about their Bible? You could almost say zero. They are getting further away from God all the time.” (Who is getting further from God? Isn’t it GF?) “We have to learn you can’t follow a puny little man [i.e., Trump]” (And who is following puny little Gerald Flurry??) “They don’t obey much of anything in the Bible. They don’t obey God and they don’t want to obey God. But they will follow Jeroboam [i.e., Trump] And that’s their great sin.” (What about those who are following GF? Isn’t that a great sin?)

He raised  his voice when he said, “God’s wrath is on this nation!” and “This is a strong message that we have to deliver to these people!”

The more I listened to him the more delusional I could see he is becoming and the more of a headache I got. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Lies in Sermon by SF Will Keep Members Under the Law:

March 6, 2021

[The following were notes were sent to us by a PCG source and L. S. has added comments.]

SF in a recent sermon “Focus on the Lamb of God” (which did not focus on the Lamb of God but on sin and the Law), was filled with what I call lies. He also quoted from HWA many times.

SF says, “Jesus had to be crucified because God won’t compromise with his Law.” Lie. Christ willingly shed his blood on Calvary and rose again in order to pay for the sins of the entire world. He was foreordained (chosen) to be the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. I Peter 1:20; Revelation 13:8.

SF says, “The view [in the world] is that He [Jesus] did it all for us and that is a cop-out.” Lie. The truth is that He did do it all for us. Ephesians 1:7; II Corinthians 5:21, and many more Scriptures. This is the Gospel of grace.

SF says, “What Christ went through is proof that God’s Law is active and valid and in force.” He added that Luke 24 says it. Lie. The Bible says no such thing. Jesus is telling His disciples in Luke 24 that Moses and all the prophets spoke of the things concerning Himnot the law. (See Luke 24:25-27) Read our articles: The Law of Moses and the Grace of God and Must We Keep the Law for Salvation?

SF says, “Jesus had to die because God won’t compromise with His Law.” Quoted HWA as saying it is false what “people in the world are saying that Jesus did these things for us because we can’t keep the law perfectly.” Quoted HWA as saying, “We have to keep the Law in order to be saved” and “God won’t receive you just as you are.” Lie. The Scriptures say “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” (II Corinthians 5:21) There are no works of the Law involved in salvation. It is a free gift. John 3:16. Read some of our articles in our section Law & Grace and especially many of Bob George‘s “A Closer Look” booklets.

SF continually quoted words by HWA from his sermons and articles, which  will always sound good and right until you exam them in the light of God’s Word. Read our article: Why Herbert Armstrong Could Not Have Been God’s True Apostle.

SF says, “Young people have left PCG recently; they weren’t making the necessary changes they should have. In the end Satan overcame them.” Lie. Maybe these young people wanted out from under the burdens in PCG and to be able to make their own decisions.

SF says, “If you don’t commit to a life of overcoming you will become calloused and drift away from God.” Lie. Victory comes by resting in Christ, not struggling. Go to our article: Must We Keep the Law for Salvation? and search for the word “overcome.”

SF’s voice, the same as all top level PCG ministers I’ve heard gets very loud in the middle of this sermon.

SF says,”We are living it first now and then will teach the whole world how to do it.” Lie. Members are not able to keep the Law perfectly so how can they teach the “whole world” in the future how to do it?

When we focus on the Law it arouses sin, and causes sin to have more power. See Must We Keep the Law for Salvation? and click on the question “Can you explain more about the works of the Law and salvation?”

This sermon will keep members in bondage to the Law not cause them to focus on “The Lamb of God” who took away the sin of the world. (John 1:29) –[name withheld] (additional comments by L. S.)

Contradictions and Twisting by Brad Macdonald Regarding Humility:

March 7, 2021

The previous letter which told how SF would not only take something from the Bible and twist it to mean something else but also say contradictory things, reminds me of a Bible study someone sent me with Brad Macdonald speaking about “Humility” and which was to prepare members for Passover. He said, “Humility is seeing yourself exactly as God sees you.” [Note by ESN: If we have the Holy Spirit, God sees us robed in the righteousness of Christ.] Then he went on to talk about how that humility can be vanity if we don’t see our potential (with the Holy Spirit).

He quoted from an old 1966 Good News which explained what humility is and said one of the marks of it is, “submissive to authority.” This is always twisted to mean authority to “government in PCG.”

He said, “If our children don’t have humility how can they have a relationship with God?”

I might also add that Macdonald’s voice did indeed get high in the middle of the sermon, almost to the point to where it sounded like a crotchety old woman. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it that bad. –Former member

Members Told Not to Take Satan’s Bait:

March 19, 2021

Roger Brandon recently gave a sermonette where he told members not to take Satan’s Bait.

He threw out the question, “Have you ever wondered what Satan is doing during the days leading into Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread?” (Comment: This causes the members to concentrate right away on Satan.)

Then he told them Satan is getting them to “leave the church” and “bait them into sinning” and if they do those things, he can “slowly erode their faith.” He quoted from HWA more than once. (Comment: Brandon doesn’t mention that even though Satan tempts Christians in many ways, “we are not unaware of his schemes” [II Corinthians 2:11] and we can take up “the shield of faith” to “quench all the fiery darts” thrown at  us [Ephesians 6:16].)

He talked about Satan “broadcasting in attitudes and moods” and “sometimes we can’t resist that bait.” (Comment: This is referring to how HWA always said Satan had some sort of “wavelength” that he sends out through the air broadcasting bad attitudes. This is the opposite of Ephesians 6:10-18, a passage which talks about more than “Satan” having some sort of “bait.”)

He quoted I Peter 5:8 and said, “Satan is “always on the job” and” Satan is out to destroy us.” (Comment: These words do nothing but concentrate on fear.)

Then he laid guilt on the members, by saying, “When we fall it’s because we’re not close enough to God.”  (Comment: It’s because we are not depending wholly on Christ and standing fast in His grace [I Peter 5:12 and Colossians 2:5, steadfastness in Christ, which Brandon didn’t quote because he left out grace and Christ as our Helper.)

He told them there is “grave danger” in getting their minds on themselves. Because then they “can’t really comprehend Passover or conquer the Devil.” (Comment: It is Jesus, not us, who is the one that goes forth to “conquer” [Revelation 6:2]. Also read: How can I observe Passover if I’ve left the group? from our Q&A which also talks about Passover).

He said Satan has the “right bait” for each of us and it might be to: not pay our tithes, control our temper, lack of patience, lust of the flesh, or words we hear from others and how we react. (Comment: Tithing and offerings have always been a major doctrine in PCG, especially during the holy days. Read: Tithing and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.)

One of the worst things he said was that God won’t even hear our prayers (he quoted Isaiah 59:2) and added that “Our sins separate us from God.” (Comment: This is seriously in error since God has forgiven all our sins through Christ Jesus. Read: The Sin Question. PCG ministers are known to constantly quote from the O. T. which was the old covenant and Christians are not under the old covenant.)

There was so much emphasis on striving with a focus on Satan in this sermonette. (Comment: Brandon does not want to emphasize that we who have trusted Christ and his free gift of eternal life are overcomers because “the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). He does not focus on Christ and what He has already done for us. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Update: We critiqued a sermonette given by Roger Brandon in June 2021 and entitled it: Fleeing to a Place of Safety.

PCG Focusing on Death and Martyrdom:

April 19, 2021

The following notes were sent to ESN:

Andrew Locher, April 9 Bible Study, spoke on the “Mark of the Beast.”

Comment: For those who don’t know who Locher is, read April 17 letter: Shameless Sermonette Exploits Members Financially which shows a true picture of Andrew Locher.

AL: (Quoting HWA) “the mark is Sunday” and “those with the mark of the beast will suffer God’s wrath, but those without the mark will be tortured and killed by man. Do you want to die at the hands of man or by God? We can be protected in a Place of Safety during the Tribulation. It requires faith and obedience to God’s Law.”

Comment: What an option! To believe that “Sunday is the mark of the beast” came from the 7th-day Adventists, which HWA plagiarized from. Also read: What About Sunday Worship? and Sabbath and Sunday (Common Arguments and Misunderstandings) to show how this is absolute falsehood!

AL: “Satan was cast down at the death of HWA. It was the transition into the Laodicean era. The 7th head, the Holy Roman Empire is here.”

Comment: This is a myth and lie spread by PCG. There is no biblical basis at all for this. Satan will be cast down (Revelation 12:9 during the Great Tribulation which hasn’t even begun yet!

AL: “We are the only ones that keep the Sabbath.”

Comment: Those tutored under HWA have heard this a thousand times. What Locher is referring to is that PCG is the only ones that keep it like it should be kept. The 7th-day Adventists and other cults would disagree.

–[name of country withheld]

GF and His Spirit of Prophecy Sermon:

April 19, 2021

The following notes were gathered from a PCG conference in the past with Gerald Flurry giving a sermon, “The Spirit of  Prophecy”:

GF: (admitted he doesn’t emphasize certain verses or words on his programs because he) “will lose listeners.”

Comment: He definitely would lose listeners so he has to pussyfoot around in what he says.

GF: “God’s law is a law of love.”

Comment: There is no place in the Bible where it says God’s law is a “law of love.” The Law was given to the nation of Israel and not to the Church nor to the Gentiles. Read: The Law of Moses and the Grace of God.

GF: “God wants us to get it into our minds about the Father and the family.”

Comment: God is not a “family” of two (i.e., Father and Son) that man can be born into. God cannot change. Mike mentioned this in his Final Exit Letter to Craig Winters with Scripture references in Footnote #2. Jesus and the Father are One (John 1:1-4) What God wants  us to understand is about His Son who gave His life for us so we might have everlasting life.

GF: “The Laodiceans would forget everything in the Tribulation if it wasn’t for us. They will know they are being punished for their sins.”

Comment: GF continually focuses on the “Laodiceans.” I wonder if he will know he is being punished for his sins when he finds himself in the Tribulation?

GF: “If we don’t have the Law we are going to be deceived by the Devil.”

Comment: No, if we hold to the Law (have the Law), we will not understand the grace of God.

GF: “There is the possibility that we will be martyred. So what if you have to give up your life?”

Comment: GF takes a non-nonchalant view of members’ death as if to say, “Yeah, so what? No big deal.” He frightens them that they could be in the Tribulation when the Tribulation is referred to as “Jacob’s trouble”  (Jeremiah 30:7) and contrary to what he teaches, the church is not Jacob.

GF: “There is no way we can ever get in this Paradise without God teaching and correcting us.”

Comment: We are not living in O. T. times. “Teaching and correcting” by God has nothing whatsoever to do with whether we will be in Paradise. It is a matter of accepting the sacrifice of Jesus and trusting in Him for eternal life. Jesus took all our punishment (bare our sins) on Calvary. (I Peter 2:24)

GF: We will rule over all the universe and all the planets will blossom like a rose.

Comment: The Bible says not one word about us “ruling over all the universe. GF took this teaching from HWA who copied it from the Mormons (LDS). Also, it is the wilderness that is to blossom like a rose not the planets. (Isaiah 35:1) To say otherwise is a figment of one’s imagination.

GF: “God feeds us so much new revelation.”

Comment: No, GF thinks God is feeding him new revelation. GF’s “revelations” have contained nothing but biblical errors, false doctrines, and false prophecies! God said everything He had to say in the 66 books of the Bible.  This is a good offsite article with much info: Is God Still Giving Men Revelation Today?

GF: “The Laodiceans have no new revelation. God cuts them off because Elijah [HWA] prayed that He would.”

Comment: This view that HWA prayed and there was a 3 l/2 spiritual drought on the church (until PCG began) is total lunacy. This is covered in ESN’s reply to the letter: What is the Baptism Cut-Off Date of Laodiceans? / SF and Malachi’s Message.

GF: “The greatest woe on this earth was what happened to the Laodicean church.”

Comment: No, the greatest woe is what GF has concocted in his head for members to dwell on and which is keeping them from the freedom they could experience if they walked away from PCG.

–[name of country withheld]

Members Are Sure to Experience Anxiety and Guilt:

May 14, 2021

Members are sure to experience anxiety and guilt after listening to Wik Heerma talking about whether or not they have the Holy Spirit. Some of the things he said: [emp. by ESN]

“Many of our troubles we bring on ourselves. We show a lack of the validation of God’s H.S. working in our lives because we’re too far from God. We are too self-willed; too self-reliant.”

“Our religion is 24 seven.” [24 hrs a day, 7 days a week]

Blamed them for “trying to do things on their own, according to their ideas.”

“People aren’t praying earnestly; surrender; obey the commandments of God.”

It was as if it was a sin to ever be depressed, make a mistake, or think on your own. Other things he said:

“Maybe [so and so] didn’t better himself on the job” [so he could produce more money and tithe more].

“We have to produce proof that we have the Holy Spirit.”

“The reason we are called is to bear fruit.”

“Let’s make sure we bring forth that evidence.”

–From PCG source (excerpts from Sermon: “Evidence of Unconditional Surrender”)

GF Says God Revealed to Him the Sign of Immanuel:

May 16, 2021

In a recent sermon which was “played in all churches” Gerald Flurry said that God has helped him to see what “the sign of Immanuel” is. (Isaiah 7:14) His “deeper understanding” is that it means God is with us; i.e., PCG.

He dwelt on the fact that PCG has the New Throne of David and they will receive double crowns. It was all on himself and his church. The focus was not on the Lord Jesus and that He is our Savior. He said “God with us in the flesh” was “only part of it.”

Here are a few of his astonishing and false statements:

He read John 1:12 but omitted the first part and the last part:

“But as many as received him [He omitted those words], to them gave he power to become the sons of God [He read those words, focusing on “power”], even to them that believe on his name:” [He omitted those words]

GF does not believe that we are now the sons of God.

“We are becoming the sons and daughters of God.” [False! Galatians 3:26 says: “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus” and Gal 4:6 “And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.” See this offsite article about John 1:12 (from “Answers From the Book”)]

He went on to say what will cause you to “win”:

“If you stay with God’s true Church, you are going to win.” [False! PCG is not God’s true church.]

Reads John 1:1 again:

“He wants us to focus on the Word that became the Son.” [False! Jesus was always the eternal Son of God – See: The Eternal Sonship of Christ (PDF)]

“God may just go on creating families and creating Himself in human beings and families throughout all eternity.” [False! This is Mormon (LDS) doctrine; God is immutable and cannot change. See footnote #2 in Mike’s Final Exit Letter to Craig Winters.]

“The Word was willing to divest Himself of all that glory and take a chance on losing His eternal life. Lose everything and we couldn’t be here today if he had not succeeded. Now that ought to rattle your cage because that’s impressive.” (False! No, it’s heretical! If Christ was fully God–and He was–how could He fail? He couldn’t.)

His voice got loud when he read Luke 1:32  “He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David:” He emphasized that they (PCG) have the Throne of David “in this church!

Instead of emphasizing Christ (which PCG does not do) he emphasized what they have and how they are about to receive “dual crowns and rule with Jesus Christ forever.”

Brought up about the house of Jeroboam and Trump getting back in and PCG being kicked out of the country:

“What do you think will happen if we get that message out? It may get so bad that they will want to get rid of us. … We’ve been telling them that for 75 years. It is a strong, strong message and we have to deliver it. … It is all going to be over very shortly.”

“They won’t be able to bear it [this message] and that’s when we will get booted out. And we’ll have to have the faith to believe God and trust God and to know Immanuel is there, God is with us.”

“That throne [the New Throne of David] is in our church for the very first time ever. … We are about to receive our double crown forever!”

Does Gerald Flurry even know the love of God?  He has shown himself to be proud, believing God gives revelations to him, declaring himself to be that prophet and other such titles, and if any dare to speak up to him, or attempt to correct him, he will mark and disfellowship them. GF is not going to fare well when all is said and done. He will eventually come to the end of himself. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Another Guilt Trip on Members:

May 29, 2021

I heard about the following sermon through a trusted PCG source. (All emp. mine; some of my words are in purple)

SF gave a sermon shortly after Pentecost entitled, “Satan’s Attack on the Lay Membership.” By the title you would think it was going to be about a huge spiritual attack coming on the members for their beliefs. But no, it was another guilt trip which included comparing them to others. Some parts were almost laughable if it wasn’t for the pressure he put on the members. Here are a few excerpts:

“The restrictions and lockdowns are really wearing down God’s people … [He put the blame for all of it on:] Satan, our Adversary is keeping God’s people under pressure.”

[However, to compare them to members in Canada, he added:] “The income keeps going up in Canada even though they are very much constrained in that country.”

“Some are letting down and not assembling together. [But] this has nothing to do with lockdowns.”

[Brought up about how HWA got really hot under the collar and pounded the podium the time when someone wanted to cancel Friday night Bible Studies.]

“Satan hates God’s purpose and is doing anything he can including using the pandemic to thwart that purpose.”

“Satan doesn’t want us to get together, becoming more unified… Satan wants us to be like so many in this world–divided, lonely, anti-social.”

He referred many times to GF’s book, “The Book of Hebrews” which mentions “Satan” 14 times; and “assemble” or “assembling” at 8 times; the word “Laodicean” or “Laodiceans” 53 times; the word “work” 53 times and “place of safety” 5 times. [What he doesn’t say is that the book of Hebrews exalts the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, which you never hear GF, SF, or any of the ministers saying.]

[Quoting from GF’s Hebrews book]: “It takes work to maintain an intense hunger for the truth and desire to assemble because we are just naturally selfish, want to withdraw, we want to hole up. We don’t want to spread ourselves out there and really give and support the weak as Paul said, and think about the others… This represents an audacious attack on the church and in particular the lay membership of the church. … How many more opportunities do we even have? To spend time with God’s family? [before the return of Christ]  We don’t want to take that for granted.” [end of quotes from GF’s Hebrews book]

“Satan loves it when people withdraw into their basements, and strap on all that protection, so that they don’t have to look at people in the eye, so that they don’t have to have human interaction. He loves it.”

“We have been called to serve in a much greater and worldwide work” [than those in the book of Acts].

“The church is going to stand out more and more as we go forward.”

“We’re all replaceable if our attitude goes sour.”

[Quoting again from GF’s Hebrews book:] “Before long, all of God’s people will be surrounded by millions of people wanting to learn what we know.”

Along with obsessively quoting HWA and GF’s booklet, it was the same old mantra about “God’s family,” “God’s church,” “ruling over many planets” and how you “can’t be a loner” and “try to climb into God’s Kingdom some other way” (than through PCG). This sermon (which felt like a weight around my neck) was given so that the members would get fired up, assemble together more, keep praying and fasting, and support the Work more, making sacrifices. How much more guilt can they handle?  –L. S.

Wayne Turgeon Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine:

June 4, 2021

I don’t know how interesting this story will be until one realizes the true meaning of why Wayne Turgeon told it. It was passed along by a PCG source.

Wayne Turgeon has preached in the past about how members need to behave in certain ways–obedient, patient, long suffering, don’t answer back, do as you’re told, especially with those in authority. Exhibit the fruits of the Spirit.

Well, he recently got a taste of his own medicine. In a recent Bible study he took much time at the beginning to tell a convoluted story about his and his wife’s woes of being denied into this one country (that he wouldn’t name but at the end he mentioned the Alps), and how it took hours and days. All because the rules had been changed due to a technicality and how they were stringent. Being grouchy and short-tempered is nothing new for Turgeon, although he had the members laughing at his plight.

He related more and more problems as he went on saying the latter ones were due to his not contacting this country’s Embassy. Turgeon was short-tempered with several of those he had to deal with and who grilled him with many questions.

He explained that the reason he was going through all these details was to inspire them (the brethren listening) to PRAY for God’s ministers–all around the world. “We don’t know how long this (pandemic) is going to last. But I need to meet some members that haven’t been visited in awhile; I need to meet new contacts that want to come into the church.”

He later asked the authorities for a form (it was 4-6 pages long) so he could complain about his treatment. It was in English but he would have to pay to get it translated into whatever language they have. So he eventually tore it up because it would be too much hassle and may make his future visits tougher if he tries to go back and they (the authorities) had it on file.

Then he said he started wondering “if they might be checking out the Philadelphia Church of God” and the names of those members and the prospective members in those countries he hoped to visit. [Oh yes, Wayne, they might find out what is behind PCG and how much money GF is pulling in and you wouldn’t want that.]

At 1 AM some men come out dressed in military uniform with pistols and he said it was a “little bit intimidating.” (These men were carrying a big wad of papers for them to sign, but Turgeon refused because only one page was in English.) He admitted that he “made several frustrating comments” at that time such as: “If I was back in the U.S. I would be calling my lawyer!” (He told the brethren he didn’t have a lawyer) “I have no rights here! This is being run like a Nazi dictatorship!” He said they (he and his wife) could had been sitting there for hours and if they hadn’t gone on back to check on them they could have been sitting there all night! He said it flustered the officers and the main guy’s hands “started shaking.” Turgeon said, “So we must have had them intimidated.”

Then these officers call security and finally, Turgeon and his wife are escorted to the TSA after 1:30 AM and back out to the lobby. His tote bag was swabbed for drugs. There were bright lights, people talking out loud, etc. At 2:30 AM he falls asleep on an end table and is awaken by three armed immigration officers in the lobby of this airport demanding to see his passport. So Turgeon blurts out, “They took my passport!”

At 8 AM, after it being “tortuous” to try and get any kind of rest, they go to Gate 4 where they were told to go. The first men there at this immigration office were friendly and in T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. But two military security guards had to drive them in an armed vehicle right up to the plane and escort them inside the plane.

Turgeon said he believes it will “only get worse not better as time goes on.” He was glad he gave a study on Acts recently (thinking about what the Apostle Paul went through). He emphasized that members are to “Please PRAY for the ministry. We are not going to quit. They are going to have to kill me first.” (This was the fear part.)

Of course it never enters these ministers’ minds to just stay home. We know they won’t as they need to recruit more members into their church (PCG) so they will receive more money. But Turgeon got a first hand view of how difficult life can be. –[name withheld]

Gerald Flurry Still Full of Malarkey:

June 17, 2021

GF gave a recent sermon, “Satan’s War Against God’s Government.” The more I listened to it the more I could see he is still full of malarkey. Satan doesn’t have any “war” going on against “God’s government” because first of all the words “God’s government” aren’t even found in the Bible; secondly the words “God’s government” when used by GF are meant to mean Headquarters (see Q&A: “Why do members emphasize the “government of God”?” and obeying that government in PCG.

GF desires to imitate HWA (his hero) and quotes him all the time, but he will never be able to speak with the energy and vigor that HWA put forth. He boasts,

“Where do you find beautiful music like you find in God’s House? It isn’t to be found.” [This is such a bunch of crock. Beautiful music can be found in many places.]

“Nobody gives messages like we do,” but GF’s sermons are downright boring. He repeats the same things over and over all the time (raising his voice at the right moment to give emphasis). For instance,  here is some of the monotony:

“Times are going to get far worse; it will be a horror picture; God’s church is going to have to go to a place of safety; those that leave have a gall of bitterness; if you get bitterness in you, it will consume you; this is what happened in the 70’s; we had to put up with that nonsense for 6 years; blah, blah, blah.” [And how long have we had to put up with GF’s nonsense?]


“How many of those ministers (who are willing to teach the Law of God) do you find on this earth? You don’t need to look beyond this church because you won’t find any, that I know of, and I think I know just about what’s going on all around the world. Almost a total destruction of the ministry.”

One personal story he threw in about his childhood was:

“My mom was really strong–just about the strongest mom you could ever have. But my father was never taught anything about child-rearing. And he was a harsh father and he offered virtually no praise in my life. [Note: GF’s father was an alcoholic. Royal Vision, July/Aug. 2000, p. 9] And I don’t care who you are. You are going to be somewhat damaged in your personality, and your confidence, and I felt how am I ever going to get beyond this? I was just floundering all over the place in my early 20’s. And then there was a man by the name of Herbert W. Armstrong that showed me a way out. A father figure. … This man saved my life! The Autobiography and all those wonderful examples he gave, and how you can live the abundant life now. But you have to choose.”

He referred to himself when he quoted Ephesians 4:11 about God giving some apostles and prophets… He said,

“It is a blessing when you can have a minister who will stand up and say ‘I am going to work to help God perfect the saints.’ ..teaching every word of God. … Is our number one goal to do the will of God and to finish His Work? … It’s all about the Father’s Law.” [No, it’s all about Christ and His grace: “For the Law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” -John 1:17]

“We need to sacrifice like we’ve never sacrificed before!”

No wonder so many have left. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Fred Dattolo Pushes Theme of “Obey God’s Government”:

July 4, 2021

I was sent a sermon “Know Your Enemy” by Fred Dattolo. Dattolo is one of the main ring leaders in the PCG pushing dread and terror into the hapless members and pressuring them to knuckle down and “obey God’s government, which includes “supporting God’s Work.” He hammered members incessantly about how Satan’s main goal is to “destroy God’s government” and to “destroy as many people as he possibly can” and “divide.” At one point he told what Satan wanted to destroy and repeated the words “government” three times in one sentence, one after the other like a broken record, saying that’s what Satan was “broadcasting.” PCG’s top ministers are despots who will use threats and twisting of Scripture to get their message across in order to keep members from leaving.

I want to point out some of the damnable lies in this sermon (which I’ve placed in purple:

Dattolo cherry picks Scripture, especially when he said “God’s Spirit is given to those who repent and obey God’s Law.” The Bible no where says we are to “obey God’s Law” in order to receive His Spirit. Christians are no longer under the Law, (Read: The Sin Question) We are not to look to the Law to save us, but to look to the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The Law is the basis of God’s Government.” The words “God’s government” are not in the Bible. These words refer to the government (i.e., tyrannical rule) at PCG HQs.

“The emphasis today is on the warning [i.e., prophesy again] because time is short.” How long are we going to hear the words “time is short”? We’ve heard them since HWA first started speaking them decades ago.

“If we don’t do God’s Work, the church will die.” First of all, Jesus said the gates of Hades would not prevail against His church (Matthew 16:18); secondly PCG is not God’s Church and there is much posted on the ESN to prove that; thirdly the words “God’s Work” are not in the Bible. God’s Work actually refers to the needs and wants of the leader; i.e., Gerald Furry.

“We could die spiritually if our hearts are not in this Work.” Where is this in the Bible? Ponder Jesus’ words in John 10:28: “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”

Dattolo carried on about how the “only way we are going to endure to the end” is “working hard to finish this Work” which translates into sending GF more money.

He beat them down by telling them if they “can’t submit to God’s government” they “never will be in God’s Kingdom.” Where does the Bible say that? It’s not there.

“We’ve got to be really converted to understand this.” False! We have got to work hard to come out from under the mind control to see through what Dattolo is spewing forth. Check up on his words; look up the Scriptures; understand what he’s getting at and how he’s trying to manipulate you.

“There is never a reason to abandon God’s government and leave God’s church unless you are deceived.” Yes, there is good reason to leave when you realize you are being deceived by the Flurries at HQs, who are eager to take your hard earned money and keep you toiling under heavy burdens so that you will give even more.

Does Fred Dattolo read the Bible? Does he teach what it says? No! Notice this sentence that he said:

“Christ came to first, restore God’s government and then save man.” That is a lie which can be refuted by Scripture: I Timothy 1:15: “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.” Matthew18:11: “For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.” John 12:47: “And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.”

Christ is not focused on “Government” and “God’s Work.” He redeemed us from the curse of the Law (Galatians 3:13); He came to minister and give His life a ransom for many (Matthew 20:28). This is a concept that Dattolo is has no comprehension of. But he will stand before God someday and answer to Him for all his lies, twisting of Scripture, and abuse of those who believed they were truly obeying God.

He quoted from HWA several times. Why does he (and other PCG ministers) constantly lean on and look to Herbert Armstrong’s words? Wasn’t HWA a false prophet? Isn’t Gerald Flurry one also? Why follow a false prophet?

When someone gets caught up in PCG, they lose the ability to think critically. But they can regain it again. See this 2013 letter: PCG Rules With Fear.

Members can choose to cast off the burdens of PCG and walk away–not in the direction of those who will exploit them again and lie to them–but to Christ Jesus who will give them rest. (Matthew 11:28) They don’t have to be held by their fears anymore. –sermon critiqued by L. S.

GF’s Boasting in His “God Family” Sermon:

July 17, 2021

Gerald Flurry’s recent sermon entitled, “The God Family” was given to the youth at SEP. In it he made some wild over-the-top, even crazy, statements. Those who understand the false doctrines he is teaching, and the deceitful path he is on, will be able to spot this. Some of my comments are in brackets and in purple.

He started and ended with loud music. Beforehand, it was the Celtic Throne music, which began with drums.

At the beginning he did nothing but boast about the Celtic Throne performance, including the important people they had brought in. The CT performances are very important to GF and especially to his ego. He said the CT was “choreographed by God”; “inspired by God,” that this is one way the youth are “serving in the Work,” and it inspires them to “work even harder.” Astonishingly, he said the dancers “begin at age 4.”

According to GF, this CT performance is a “God family” message “showing the world how God’s family serves” and how God “brings them nothing but blessings in their lives.”

“We show them God’s way of life when they look behind the scenes.” [OK, let’s look at that scene. On the front we hear stirring, powerful music, spectacular lighting, dazzling costumes, young people Irish step-dancing across the stage, as they celebrate the New Throne of David. Then we pull the curtain back and what do we see? Destroyed families due to the no contact ruling, abuse, suffering, fear, control, exploitation, lies, unhappy children and young people. We see misery, sorrow, even death. Isn’t something very wrong with this picture?] [Note by ESN: To read more about all this see: Testimonies by Those Impacted by Philadelphia Church of God and letters.]

In this sermon GF emphasized Malachi’s Message, the Laodiceans, and how “God’s Law is taught at the SEP” and “we have to get out a God family message.”

“The Law is essential for this church to survive.” [Without the Law the members would find they are under grace and would leave. See: The Law of Moses and the Grace of God.]

“God is going to forget the Laodiceans’ children if they forget God’s Law.” [Won’t this crazy statement make the PCG youth, especially the children of top ministers, feel special and glad that they are part of an elite, favored group?]

Over the top statement—> “We have to be God to be married to God. That’s an amazing truth.” [It’s also an amazing lie.]

[Note: For those who want to look into this “God family” doctrine, it is covered in our two Mystery of the Ages critiques.]

After quoting from Malachi where it says Elijah would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, etc., GF says the reason they have SEP is because God says (primarily says to the ministers but also to those who follow them), “If you refuse to teach that, you are going to lose your eternal life.” … “That’s very serious for you young people, and you have to understand this.” [Do the Scriptures anywhere say we can lose our eternal life? If we could, it wouldn’t be eternal.]

There was talk about how the hearts are being turned to the fathers, etc. [When have the children’s hearts been turned to the fathers or vice versa? See: Testimonies From Child Survivors. GF has blinders on, just as HWA did, in thinking everything is so wonderful and marvelous with the young people in PCG. Isn’t it the children of the top ministers that claim all is wonderful?]

He says Satan has turned 95% of God’s people [now Laodiceans] away and “Satan can seduce you right away.” [Wouldn’t this make Satan more powerful than God? He read several scriptures in I John yet didn’t understand what he was reading.

Crazy statement—–> “Christ must be with your Spirit. … If Christ isn’t with that Spirit the Spirit won’t help you.” GF could not even understand Galatians 5:18 (which he read): “But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.” He quickly went right on to say, “If you don’t keep the Law the Law will break you.” [Where does it say that in the Bible?]

He talked a lot about the movie Star Wars at the end and said if they (the youth) have the work ethic like George Lucas did, God is going to “bless their lives in ways like they could probably never imagine.” “If you really want to make it with God, you’re going to have to be a great servant. … an outstanding servant to God–to His Work, to His message, getting this message out.” [This would include giving their money to PCG.]

GF said he loved the music in Star Wars, but said it’s all fantasy. [Seems that what GF is preaching is fantasy] And we have to “proclaim this God family message.” After stating, “Let the real force be with you,” he played the theme of Star Wars loudly at the end.

Does Gerald Flurry speak the truth? Does he have the Holy Spirit within him? Or is he unregenerate, hardened to the suffering and evil he has caused and even allows? Has he given himself over to a reprobate mind? Has he been taken over by a lying spirit? Isn’t this what happens to those who claim they “speak for God,” have received “new revelation,” appropriate biblical titles for themselves that belong to Christ, and then go on to leave Christ Jesus out as Lord and Savior and the center of their message, and of the entire Bible, failing to focus on Him, but instead focus on fables and lies?

This warning has been given before. Get out before it is too late! –sermon critiqued by L. S.

Stephen Flurry Brainwashes the Youth at SEP:

August 3, 2021

Stephen Flurry gave it his best shot to brainwash the youth at SEP (PCG Youth Camp 7-6 to 7-26) with his July 17 sermon, “Your Malachi’s Message Challenge,” saying it was “their history.” This sermon almost topped all his others for number of lies..

He brought out how July 16 was the so-called “anniversary of God resuming the spiritual rain” on that day in 1989 (in GF’s booklet Daniel: Unsealed At Last! originally published in 1999, revised 2001, 2004, 2007, 2012, 2014 and 2016, GF says the end of the 1,150 days was March 11, 1989), and “we’ve enjoyed some spectacular revelation ever since.” Malachi’s Message is what he says “started it off.”

Then SF told the tall tale about himself and how his father made the point in The Epistle of James booklet that when he (GF) gave him (SF) the manuscript to Malachi’s Message on July 16, 1989 “It was like I was getting to read a rough draft of new revelation.” A rough draft of new revelation? What craziness.

He rambled about the manuscript to MM and how “inspiring and exciting it was to read that manuscript for the very first time.” Of course, he left out the part about how the first time he read the manuscript he thought his Dad “was crazy.” (Read the words in the testimony: Suffered Many Abusive Experiences.) Instead he said “that book really strengthened my faith in God” and “this is the book that revived the Work of God.” (Read: Gerald Flurry Relied on Helen Amos for Much of His Prophecies, February 28, 2017. This letter mentions Robber’s Cave which was the exact place and time where SF read Malachi’s Message and “saw the light” and was baptized.)

In more of this idiocy he said the N. T. book of James is referring to PCG and “Elijah” in that book is referring to HWA and the end of James is referring to the PCG youth at SEP camp!

Not only did he say “Everything started with Malachi’s Message,” but he reminded his listeners that GF proclaimed, “Malachi’s Message is the most important revelation from God in the Laodicean era!” … (This is very similar to how HWA wrote in Mystery of the Ages, “Time may prove this to be the most important book written in almost 1,900 years.”) MM he said was used to revive God’s Work” and “If Satan destroys Malachi’s Message, he destroys the Work.” These are absolute asinine statements.

Malachi’s Message was “God’s challenge” he asserted. His “I dare you challenge” to the youth. “It had all the answers; it told you exactly what to do.” It is so typical for cult leaders to have some mystical book that furnishes all the answers.

Leading them to lift HWA high on a pedestal, he told them that as they delve into Malachi’s Message “they are automatically and immediately reminded of why God has such a high opinion of Herbert Armstrong.” “Studying Malachi’s Message will build your faith” he said. (It wasn’t reading the Bible that would build their faith.)

He raised his voice when he quoted from the O. T. book of Malachi. “God said, I sent this message to you. … You shall know this is revelation from God!” He even twisted and mangled II Thessalonians 2 saying God sent the strong delusion but “He also sent this message” (MM).

Trying to be extremely serious, he said to the youth, “God is challenging you to fight for His Truth and even die for it if necessary.” (The word “die or dying” is often spoken of in PCG sermons.)

The longer SF talked the thicker the lies got. It looks like SF doesn’t know how to do anything but continually lie over and over until the lies are so deep and the webs so thick that innocent and gullible people have a horrific time finding their way out. How can someone that presumes to speak for God lie so much?? We know that Satan is the father of lies.

SF worked hard in this sermon to turn the youth away from Christ and onto a bogus book where those that read it will embrace lies. SF will keep right at it because after he read Malachi’s Message in 1989 at the age of 19, it didn’t take him long to realize that this story-line had the potential for a great money-making scheme, and neither he nor GF were about to let it go.

Someday there will be a reckoning for such liars and SF and GF will stand before God and answer for all the evil that they’ve perpetrated against those who trusted them. –sermon critiqued by AJW

Monotonous Sermon by GF Included Senseless Statements:

August 16, 2021

A nothing-new monotonous sermon by GF was passed on to me. It was entitled “Where We Are in Bible Prophecy.”

First, I want to mention that I believe one or more of the top goons in PCG are ghost-writing GF’s articles and booklets (or at least coaching him) as his literature reads differently than his spoken sermons.

GF started out, as he often does, with a croaking voice. Much of this dragged-out sermon was political and his voice was halting at times, especially when he read from his notes, which shows he is losing speed. It wasn’t an earth-shaking sermon so what I want to do is quote a few of the senseless things he said: [some emphasis is mine]

(1) “Donald Trump is coming back to gain his presidency.”
(2) “[the people in charge of America today] would like to blot out what we are doing most of all.
(3) “We expose the Devil and he hates that and is enraged by it.”
(4) “We are the top priority.”
(5) “New revelation came to HWA and has been coming to me. Quite a lot of it has been coming to me over the years.”
(6) “God is preparing us to show Jeroboam [Trump] and his followers what their main sin is and it’s rejecting the House of David and the Throne of David, and we have it [the Throne of David].”
(7) “The only light there is on this earth is right here!
(8) “If we didn’t have borders in this church, we wouldn’t have a church! Borders of a spiritual nature, of course,”
(9) “It’s all about a new civilization.”
(10) “We better keep this vision in our minds.”
(11) “The real Supreme Court has given us God’s Throne.”
(12) “Think about it–this eternal Royalty that God is building in us.”

There was the typical raising his voice when he emphasized certain words so that he would sound like HWA; however, GF is not what could be called charismatic. This deadpan sermon does not promote peace and rest since (as usual) there was nothing about keeping Christ Jesus in our minds (which Satan would be more against than PCG’s “exposure of the Devil”), only keeping the PCG “vision” in our minds. If people stay in the books that GF continually mulls over, such as Kings and Amos, they will never grasp that salvation is by grace through faith without the works of the Law (Read: The Law of Moses and the Grace of God) and that all of our sins have been completely forgiven (Read: The Sin Question). –sermon critiqued by AJW

Wik Heerma and His All or Nothing Statements About Peace:

September 1, 2021

PCG ministers use all or nothing statements. Wik Heerma (Southeast United States regional director) in his August 14 sermon, “What It Means to Grow in Peace,” said, “The way of peace can only be found in God’s one true Church.” This excludes all other churches except PCG. The fallacy of such a statement is that Wik shows his ignorance of the Word of God. The Apostle Paul said, “For he [Christ] is our peace…” (Ephesians 2:14) Peace is found in a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, not in a place or a church.

Wik called PCG, “God’s one true Church.” There is no one true Church as explained in Where Is the True Church? Those who are in Christ Jesus are already in His church. Jesus said to come to Him (not a church) and He would give us rest (peace). (Matthew 11:28)

How can members in PCG have lasting peace with an ongoing diet week after week of fear, guilt, rules and performance?

Here is a good quote I found on our Questions & Answers:

To have peace and contentment with one’s faith is entirely different than being tricked into believing (as a result of fear and coercion) that one is in “God’s one true Church,” and all others outside of it are lost and headed for the Great Tribulation or eternal death. Totalistic (authoritarian) groups have done great damage to individuals by causing them to hold to the belief of unconditional submission to a man that claims to be “God’s representative.” For anyone to manipulate another person’s mind for one’s own gain is a great evil.


SF Talks About “Our Noah Like Work” and Going to the Place of Safety:

September 5, 2021

SF gave a Bible Study on August 20 at HQs entitled, “Our Noah Like Work” in which he compared GF’s “work” to “Noah’s work” and talked about members going to the Place of Safety. Below are some of the things he said.

He said Joel Hilliker had a Trumpet Brief  on August 18 (“Prophecy is Fulfilled in Afghanistan”) and he [Hilliker] “talked about these people desperately clinging to those cargo planes, even on the outside and he said that it brought to mind images of people clawing at the sides of Noah’s ark when God sent the flood.” [Those who read The Bible Story books in WCG will remember Basil Wolverton’s frightening cartoon depiction of that scene.]

“We in the church know the flood is coming.”

“And in a lot of ways, the pictures of those people all sitting on the bottom of that C-17, crammed in there– that may be something that we experience ourselves at some point. We don’t know exactly what it means to be lifted away to the place of safety on the wings of a great eagle. But somehow or another, we are gonna to fly to the Place of Safety. And as Amos 7 says, we’re gonna be escorted out, or asked to leave. … There might be some government jets that are part of that massive transport operation. … 10,000 saints headed off to the Place of Safety. And then when you look at the outside of the vessel, when the people know the rain has set in and it’s not gonna stop–it’s a pretty sobering visual.”

He referred to GF’s Peter booklet several times and said “We’re like the family of Noah. Hard at work during these final days of the present evil world. And soon we are going to be flying right into another world, a new world.”

He referred to 9-11 as the time they [PCG] “entered into the Last Hour.”

“Noah and his family were a type of this church; a type of this work that we are engaged in. A Noah like work. We are facing universal destruction.” … “God promises to save us.”

“If we are supporting God’s preacher of righteousness [i.e., GF] [Noah was called a preacher of righteousness in II Peter 2:5], then God promises protection; God promises to save us.”

“This present, evil world is almost over.”

“When we are lifted over to the Place of Safety, that is the new world; that is the World Tomorrow.” … we are IT. We’re the hope of this world. This Noah-like work.”

“Noah had to go out and build for God for a century. Then the rains came. … He had to plan ahead.”

“It’s been almost a century since God opened the mind of Herbert Armstrong. And here we are–right where God prophesied.”

“We’ve got to support our preacher of righteousness.” [i.e., GF]

“We are here to tell this world that is about over.”

He quoted from GF’s Peter booklet and said “You can look at Noah’s example and see that God saves a few. God is going to save us; He’s going to rescue us. He’s going to protect us. He promises that. We’re His children and He’s our Father. He’s going to look after us.”

“God is still teaching us. The new revelation just continues. We haven’t even gotten some of the finer points or details regarding the Place of Safety and our flight and how that operation is going to be carried out. That is going to be exciting, getting some instructions in sermons from my father–‘Hey! We’ve got to be ready. God has shown me this and this and this about this verse here or this verse over there.’ Selling off our belongings. And being air-lifted out of a dangerous world.”

Reading from the Peter booklet again, “Noah and his family were spared. A big benefit of doing God’s Work as He commands. Rewards always accompany obedience to God. … all the way to the end.”

He read I Peter 3:19-21 “This age is about over. … God tested Noah to make sure he would wait and endure until the very end.”

“Eventually, we’re going to be packing our bags–for good!”

–Bible Study critiqued by Anonymous

Should We Continue to Listen to SF’s Fear-Drenched Sermons?

October 23, 2021

I had a sermon passed on to me that SF recently gave entitled “The Tremendous Power of Satan.” Whether he gave this because it was close to Halloween, and to create some fear, I do not know. But it is almost becoming a waste of time to critique any PCG sermons and I may not do it anymore (unless GF says something outrageous). I will mention a few of the things he said and then give hope at the end.

He said on the weekends he’s been “trying to get through a few chapters of Mystery of the Ages.” As Brad Macdonald said not long ago, this is the book members should read over and over. I beg to differ, MOA is one of the books PCGers, ex-PCGers, ex-WCGers, offshoot members, ones with a loved one in PCG, and others, need to renounce (see Prayers for Freedom From Spiritual Strongholds) and then to cast it into the fire and burn it.

“Without God’s power, we are no match for the Devil.” Words that certainly don’t give peace. I find that John in I john 4:4, says, “greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.” .

He talked about Satan wanting to “blot out God’s Work; to blot out God’s truth; to blot out God’s people.” There was a focus on death and hating.  Satan “hates God’s servants; he hates God’s family; he hates God’s little infants.”

He said Christ was born to rule, to replace Satan on the throne. But John says in I John 4:14, “And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world” and I John 3:8 “…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” He talked about how “the Devil is running the show” and “do we understand the power Satan has?” and “we are his number one target.”

What happened to all the times God has told us, “I will help thee,” “God will help me“? What about the many verses that say, “Fear not” and “Be not afraid“? You can get a Bible concordance and look these (and similar ones) up. Set aside (or get rid of) any and all PCG literature when you read your Bible. Does fear have any place in a sermon that should be giving hope and peace? I found no hope or lasting peace in this sermon.

He emphasized the strength and power of the Devil and how he “tried to take God off His throne twice” and the planets that Satan and his demons destroyed. “If he could do that (to the Universe), think what he could do to you (and the church) if you let your guard down?

To enforce obedience to the “PCG government of God” he said: “It’s a slippery slope to go down, to begin to question God, to begin to criticize God, to begin feeling like you’re being mistreated, like it’s unfair, like it’s a grave injustice… Satan preys on those kinds of attitudes, those kinds of moods”  and “Satan pumps us full of attitudes of envy, resentment, impatience, anger, bitterness”; he is “working behind the scenes.”

Much of the time he talked in a lackadaisical manner; never giving examples from his own life or talking about himself, to help others see he is human, since he, along with other top ministers, want to appear high and lofty above the members.

At the end he brought in about the armor of God in Ephesians 6:10 but did not elaborate on how to use it, as he knows nothing about this.

Instead of telling them to focus on Christ and how He is the one to defeat Satan and his evil, the emphasis was on fearing Satan’s power (unless, as he brought in at the end) they have the “tremendous power of their Creator God.”

For those who are genuinely interested, and want more than SF’s lackadaisical, unhelpful, fear-drenched, uninspired, works-based sermons, there is much better teaching available regarding Satan and demons (and don’t forget there are demons within PCG as has been brought out in the letters) by checking out Russ Dizdar’s teaching videos on spiritual warfare and evil spirits on the Internet. One to start with could be: Deliverance from Dark Spirits (it shows the title as “How to Get Rid of Evil Spirits” but the former is correct). Below the title, it gives a thorough description of Russ and his ministry. (Note: (To avoid any ads when watching this video download and use the Brave browser.)

If anyone is looking for teaching on law and grace, Bob George Ministries is one I recommend. There is so much helpful material out there that would be very worthwhile to listen to, or read, than PCG sermons. Just don’t be afraid to check things out for yourself and then make your own decision. May God bless you. –L. S.

Sermon by Andrew Locher Failed to Teach What the Bible Really Says:

November 29, 2021

Andrew Locher, a PCG minister, has failed to teach his congregation what the Bible really says, especially about salvation. In his November 20 sermon, “Heroic Deeds,” he admitted the Holy Spirit comes as a gift, but then asked how this gift “factors into salvation”?

He read Romans 8:11 (and I’m quoting that passage from the NKJV as it makes it clearer): “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.

And then he said that this verse “does not mean that once we receive this gift of the Holy Spirit that we have salvation; it’s not just about believing the name of Jesus Christ, repenting and then being baptized.” [all emp. throughout mine]

It doesn’t? It seems like that verse is pretty clear what it says. In fact, read the entire chapter so you get it in context. John 1:12 makes it clear also: “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:”

Locher then said, “There’s more to it than that.

Locher wanted members to get their minds off the gift of God really being eternal life, while he danced around, and reinterpreted, verses such as “Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

He simply had to make it more complicated as he wanted to add works to the equation.

Locher also said” baptism only starts the process of salvation.”

Can you find anywhere in the Bible that says salvation is a “process”? Or does it say salvation is instantaneous? To believe it is a process is to say that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for all our sins was not really “finished” even though He said “It is finished.” (John 19:30)

I quote: “Salvation and forgiveness of sins is not about following steps [or about a process]. It is about receiving Christ as Savior and recognizing that He has done all of the work for us. God requires one step of us—receiving Jesus Christ as our Savior from sin and fully trusting in Him alone as the way of salvation.” (Excerpt from Got Questions, “What Are the Steps to Salvation?”

–partial sermon critiqued by Anonymous

Comment: A very good article for those who want to learn more about this subject is: Belief implies trust in Jesus and by this faith you are saved by Don Koenig.

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