NOTE: Sermons and Bible studies critiqued below were sent to ESN by a trusted PCG source, former member, or anonymous. (The last one is a critique of a financial report.) These are all from 2022.

Note: Use discernment with Questions & Answers site (that we may link to) as we have discovered there are some Calvinistic leanings in some of their articles.

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Carlos Heyer Being Transferred to Latin America:

January 7, 2022

GF, the man who has destroyed so many lives with a single ruling, gave a sermonette December 25 entitled “Changes in the Spanish work.”

The entire sermonette was about Carlos Heyer being transferred to Latin America. GF’s biggest concern was that there were “No ministers right now inside Latin America. Nobody there to serve the people the way we’d like.” Or is he worried that he isn’t raking in as much money? [Read: May 2, 2021 letter “Gerald Flurry’s Jet Plane is Paid Off and More Money Received” where Andrew Locher tells in his April 17 sermon how Carlos Heyer brought back “thousands and thousands of dollars from Central and South America” from the poor brethren there.] Is this what GF is afraid of losing out on?

Alex Harrison, known as a very abusive and cruel minister, used to be the regional director in Latin America and the Caribbean until he met his Waterloo on November 29, 2020 and died. [Read February 2, 2015 letter “Alex Harrison of PCG a Law-Breaker” about how Harrison took more money out of the country than the government allowed to be taken out and he could have gone to jail.]

GF said he talked to Carlos Heyer, who has been regional director at HQs for 7 years, about moving to Columbia where they have the most people in that area. “To do that we’d have to relieve him of almost all of his HQs duties.” He said there are now 4 full-time staff members working under Heyer and he’s “familiar with the department.”

This transfer is being called by GF a “critical need in the Work at this time”; a “desperate need to get a minister there”; one who will “not just be tied down to HQs” and told how it was “urgent to get this message to the world.” What message? Does any of this message include preaching about Jesus as the Savior of the world, how it was He who forgave all our sins and how we have been redeemed by His blood? Does it include how there is nothing we can do, no amount of works, that will ever gain us salvation? [See our section Grace & Law]

He said “our second commission is to feed the flock.” How is PCG feeding the flock? And we aren’t talking about those that are the elite; those that have cushy jobs and money to spare. Isn’t the only thing they are feeding the lowly members is a steady diet of fear, guilt and shame, as they coerce them into giving more money? When have we ever seen GF or any of the lofty PCG ministers truly care about their flock and the suffering they cause?

Deryle Hope is the man who will be taking Heyer’s place as regional director at HQs. GF bragged about Hope, telling how well qualified he is, and that he has an “impressive education” and speaks “5 different languages.”

GF added, “We like to change the ministry around every 5 or 6 years and sometimes we can’t do that but we do it as much as we can.” The reason why they change (move around) the ministry is never given. It is more than “so members won’t get attached too much on one minister.” Could it be because they receive complaints about a certain minister or a death of a member? To hide a scandal perhaps? He only says he thought it “would be a good change for Heyer and Hope and all the members in the Spanish speaking world, especially in Latin America.” We can clearly see the “good change” is going to be so members in that area can begin to be guilted into sending GF money.

There has never been a message by GF without bringing Satan into the picture. He says, “Satan is going to be trying to interfere with this as much as he can and stop us from anyway possible from doing something that we believe God wants for all of us.” Since when has God ever been behind anything GF attempts to do?

GF ended by saying he has “high hopes now that the work in Latin America is going to grow quite a lot from now on.” I’m sure he has “high hopes.” Hopes that he can benefit financially. –sermonette critiqued by AJW

UPDATE: Carlos Heyer was dismissed as a minister on November 1, 2023 from the Colombian congregation. Read: “Carlos Heyer No longer a Minister In South America” (November 7, 2023 PCG letter).

GF Still Trying to Pull a January 16 Miracle Out of a Hat:

January 21, 2022

I recently received notes from a PCG source about the PCG sermonette given on January 15, entitled “God Answers Prayer.”

As usual,GF is still trying to pull a “January 16 miracle” out of a hat like he does every year at this same time.

Dwight Falk, a minion of GF, wants members to believe “This is a very special weekend” because the next day is January 16. He wants them to believe that “God is drawing much attention to January 16 since Mr. Armstrong died.”

In the past GF attempted to string a long list of dates together to prove a miracle happened every January 16 since HWA died. These are found listed in his 2019 booklet, January 16 God’s Miracle Day under “Notable Events in the Church” and “Notable Events in the World.” (p. 30-31)

Let’s stop right here. Totalistic groups (aka cults) always teach and circulate sacred myths and stories to try and prove the leader’s “divine authority.” (see Leaders of Totalistic Groups Have These Traits in Common) This is what we have with this ridiculous January 16 “miracle day.”

Falk says “January 16 also gives us a lot of encouragement.” How? by reminding them that “God answers His people.” Who are His people? We have heard many times in the past that according to GF, and now Falk, they are only those in PCG. Forget about all the others that have come to Christ by faith and faith alone and have received His Spirit. Those don’t count.

He said during the WCG changes many people were asking questions such as what is happening to the Work? How long is this going to go on? What is going to happen here? How long are we going to see God’s Work tread underfoot by a rebellious leadership? Falk then read Daniel 8:13-14 and said GF explains this prophecy very thoroughly in his booklet Daniel– Unsealed at Last! In this booklet, GF’s “explanation” is to take the question that was asked in Daniel 8:13 about “how long” and apply it to the time of the WCG changes.

We have read over and over how GF will apply Scriptures intended for the nation Israel to the church (in this case to PCG).

Falk says at the end of this 1,150 days God began to give His answer. He began to reveal Malachi’s Message to GF. [You mean the booklet that GF plagiarized and that Dennis Leap helped to rewrite?] He says the booklet shows how the Work had been stopped because of the man of sin [i.e., Joseph W. Tkach Sr.] He said this booklet began to hit people’s mailboxes around Jan 16, 1990 [only around?] Then he says a little while later “it was all put together and it began to go out to the church and we began to get that answer.” [You mean after SF read the manuscript for MM and said his dad was crazy? You mean after or before Dennis Leap said there were errors in it?] In the booklet January 16 God’s Miracle Day, GF says “In the spring of 1989, God began to show me the answers. [Nothing about January 16, only “the spring”] I started work on a manuscript [for Malachi’s Message].

Falk said other incidences where God answers on January 16 was the copyright victory where he says God answered on January 16. Yet in the Miracle Day booklet it says: “In March of 2003, we obtained the copyrights to Mystery of the Ages and the 18 other works of Mr. Armstrong…” (See “Sold the Copyrights” which shows it was March 7, 2003 and “Closing the book – Settlement reached over texts” (Pasadena Star News) which says the settlement was announced on March 12. Nothing about January 16. Yet Falk says we got the answer to that question on January 16, 2003, ending 6 years of litigation. He says we didn’t hear about it then, but “that’s when the answer came.” No, it was March 7, 2003 and the agreement reached was in April 2003. (Read: PCG Did NOT Win a Victory in the WCG vs. PCG Court Case (February 23, 2007 letter to ESN by Attorney at Law). Also see our article: Is Habakkuk About the WCG/PCG Court Case? (How Many Falsehoods Is Gerald Flurry Telling You?)

Falk says #3 lesson to learn from this history is: “God answers through His government. That’s the way He works.” No it’s not the way He works as nothing like that is in Scripture. Read: “Why do members emphasize the “government of God?” from our Q&A) which shows that those words are intended to connect with the group’s leader and its headquarters. The Greek word kuriotēs is translated as authority and lordship in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and says usually with reference to a celestial hierarchy.

There are several occurrences of sneakily twisting or omitting of facts in this sermonette–that’s nothing new with PCG’s ministers–and trying to fabricate a myth, aka, a big fat lie, about January 16.

–sermonette critiqued by L. S.

Brad Macdonald Makes Members and Singles Fear to be Unequally Yoked:

February 1, 2022

These are from my notes when I listened to Brad Macdonald as he tried to scare the members and singles into not associating with the world, which he called “being unequally yoked.” The sermon was named: “Don’t Be Unequally Yoked.”

He said God wants those in PCG to be completely separate from the world. [Note from ESN: Cults want their members to be isolated from the world as that way they can control them more effectively.]

Talked about Herman Hoeh being really yoked to God in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and that meant “being yoked to Mr. Armstrong (HWA). Being “tightly bound” to HWA made Hoeh “incredibly successful and incredibly effective at doing God’s Work.” Kept talking about Hoeh and said he was “the most accurately informed historian in the world.” I couldn’t find anything like this when I searched on the internet. Told how Hoeh in the 70’s began to unyoke himself from HWA and yoked himself to intellectualism and by the 1970’s was yoked to the synagogue of Satan. [Note from ESN: See Footnote #8 at bottom of our critique of Herman Hoeh’s article on the Tribes of Israel which gives interesting info about about Herman Hoeh.]

Brad Macdonald said this happens when someone breaks the yoke with God’s government [Note from ESN: “God’s government” is a buzzword that translates to mean PCG HQs] and God’s apostle (HWA).

He also said to be “very, very careful when listening to conservatives as it’s human reasoning.” Compromising was called “rebelling against God’s government.”

Told how HWA was was “yoked to God’s law” [Note from ESN: God’s Law translates to the Law given by Moses. See Nehemiah 10:29] and he was absolutely vigilant about it. If we begin to compromise, we will let Satan get a foot in the door. There was no place for compromise in HWA’s life. [Note from ESN: To see whether or not HWA ever compromised, see our section on Herbert W. Armstrong]

“This is the approach that we need to take with Laodicean families, with smartphones; speculations about Jesus Christ’s return.” [Note from ESN: Who is it that has been speculating about Christ’s return? Hasn’t it been PCG ministers, especially GF?]

He said some individuals in PCG have done a lot of research and he told them to “stop doing it.” GF in his Bible Study said God wants His people to be thinking and asking questions, but we can’t yoke ourselves to them, “because one day you will be called out on it and if you are yoked too closely to it, it will be very, very difficult to change.”

He wanted everyone to be alike and said, “We want to be yoke fellows, all of the same mind, all of the same view. [Note from ESN: There is to be no individualism allowed in cults.]

He equated eternal life to PCG doctrines. “Either we hang on to what we’ve learned, or we lose our eternal life.” [Note from ESN: We cannot lose our eternal life once we have it. Read: “Can we ever lose our salvation?” (Q&A)]

“Yoke yourself to church literature, yoke yourself to the sermons coming from GF and God’s ministers.” [Note from ESN: Nothing is said about taking on the yoke of Christ which is far easier and becoming free from the yoke of bondage to the Mosaic law. Refer to: Matthew 11:29-30; Acts 15:10 and Galatians 5:1]

“Be very careful about becoming unequally yoked with this world.” He kept trying to put fear in the members and singles as he said, “Don’t underestimate the power of the Devil to bring you into his team.” [Note from ESN: He is making the Devil out to be more powerful than God and contradicts the verse, “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” –I John 4:4]

Brad mentioned “Delilahs” in our life as maybe being: “a relationship with someone in the world, a relationship with a Laodicean family member, a sin we’ve become comfortable with; a speculation; your version of a church doctrine; an attitude of bitterness or resentment towards a minister or another members; maybe it’s your smartphone, or maybe it’s entertainment.”

“Ask God for the will and power to smash the yoke that is binding you to that thing.”

They were told to never compromise with God’s Law, church policy, the Word of God; our relationship with God [Note from ESN: “Relationship with God” means relationship with PCG HQs]; and be absolutely unrelenting. They were to “give no thought to trying to appeal to the logic and the rational mindset of the other side. [Note from ESN: In other words, don’t think your own thoughts; don’t be a critical thinker.]

All throughout it was “Follow the example of HWA; follow the example of God’s apostle (HWA) today. He repeated about yoking yourself to God, God’s Law, God’s Truth. and God’s Work. [Note From ESN: These are all buzzwords. See: Buzzwords (or loading the language)]

When Macdonald gets excited and starts lying, he begins stammering even more, which I hate listening to. –sermon critiqued by Anonymous

Fred Dattolo Perverts Ephesians 1 & 2:

February 27, 2022

On February 18, 2022, Fred Dattolo) (aka in this critique as Babbolo) gave a Bible study. It was a perverted version of Ephesians 1 & 2. He babbled about receiving God’s grace admitting that it is “unmerited pardon” and “we cannot earn it,” then was quick to add, “But here’s the problem.” Ever notice how there’s always a “But…” with PCG ministers? He continued by saying others [those outside PCG] believe there isn’t any “responsibility” in order to receive that grace and that that was “utterly untrue.”

However, it is what Dattolo is saying that is “utterly untrue.” He adds, “Even though we can’t earn it, we do have things to do in order to receive God’s grace.” Also,”There’s never enough we can ever do to earn it, but–notice that word “but”–God requires that we do some things before he will grant us that grace.”

Do you notice how contradictory his words are? Where does the Bible say things like this? It doesn’t and Dattolo has to pervert and twist the Scriptures, taking verses from different places and piecing them together, in order to come up with this.

Dattolo (aka Babbolo) quoted from the Moffatt Bible version several times. It is well to note that James Moffatt denied the infallibility of the Scripture, frequently denied the historicity and authorship of the N. T. books (Ephesians being one); and  was an unbeliever who attacked the virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14), the deity of Christ (I Timothy 3:16), and the Godhead (Colossians 2:9 [this verse was completely removed]). Moffatt was also engulfed in theological modernism.

After Dattolo quoted Jude 1:4, he said “the whole world is deceived” meaning only those in PCG have the “truth,” and tried to say that grace is “using an excuse to disobey God’s Law.” However, Jude 1:4 is talking about apostates who interpreted God’s grace as liberty to do what their flesh desired with no inhibitions. These were antinomians who declared that since the flesh was not created by God, it was proper to give in to its desires. In Jude’s day the apostasy was Gnosticism. Gnosticism taught that the body and all matter was essentially evil, and the spirit alone was good. The conclusion was that it didn’t matter what man did with his body (immorality or shameless sin). That was a perversion of grace. (paraphrased from J. Vernon McGee, Jude 1:4)

Dattolo repeated, “Again, there are conditions to receiving that grace.” He then cherry picked different verses in the Bible in order to “prove” that grace is not a free gift. He wants us to believe that grace is conditional, the same as HWA taught, and just as SF tried to proclaim. (Please read William Hohmann’s excellent critique of Stephen Flurry’s article: A Critique of “You Are Saved by Grace!”  which will unmistakably explain this.)

Think about the following words by the Apostle Paul:

“And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.”(Romans 11:6)

You can’t mix grace and works, which is exactly what PCG does!

The gift of salvation is free. But it’s not free when it has to be earned, no matter how much Dattolo tries to reframe it, twist it, or make it come out like he wants it to say. If grace is conditional, it is not free.

Dattolo (aka Babbolo) teaches that our “sealing is guaranteed” but only if we remain faithful unto the end. That is utter nonsense because once we are sealed with the Holy Spirit which imparts eternal life, we can’t lose that “sealing” because eternal life can’t be lost or it wouldn’t be eternal!

He ignorantly says the entire world, except PCG, is cut off from knowing these things. To the contrary, it is he (Dattolo aka Babbolo) (and any who believe him) who remain deceived, blinded, and cut off.

Confusion and error reign in the PCG! Besides reading A Critique of “You Are Saved by Grace!” other better choices for those interested in wanting to study the Bible in context without mixing law and grace is: Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee or Bob George Ministries which will clearly teach how we are saved by faith alone. (See our Links for a description of both ministries.) –Bible study critiqued by Anonymous

GF Gives Another Boring Antiochus Sermon:

March 4, 2022

GF’s sermon on February 20 was “Antiochus #2 – Son of Perdition.” I’m sure many are getting tired of these boring “Antiochus” sermons but are afraid to express disapproval. His voice was slow, included sniffling as usual, and didn’t reach the level of shouting as he’s known to do. He said Satan tries to get him in the wrong kind of mood before he gives one of these sermons on Antiochus.

Some crazy things he said:

“Satan is insane” and is “smitten with madness.” (Satan is not described as “insane” in the Bible, but is clever and intelligent (II Corinthians 2:11), transformed into an angel of light (II Corinthians  11:14) and is like a roaring lion (I Peter 5:8].)

“We’re all going to be Israel” (The Bible does not say this. Read: How is the Term Israel Used in the New Testament?  which shows the church is not “spiritual Israel”) [offsite link]

“This Throne of David is going to unify the whole world.” (This “Throne” has been an obsession with GF for some time. Read: Gerald Flurry’s Insanity With the New Throne of David.)

Everything we have prophesied has come to pass.” (To see how this isn’t true, read: Gerald Flurry and His False Trump Prophecies.)

“We have to get Jeroboam [Trump] back. That’s what Amos 7 is all about.” (To see how he tries to shoe-horn the O. T. into the N. T., read: Gerald Flurry and the Amos 7 Prophecy.)

“We are going then to be telling Mr. Trump something that he doesn’t know. We’re going to teach him about the House of David and the Throne of David and what is about to happen to this world!” (This is GF’s ego. Nothing is said about teaching others about Christ, His forgiveness, and salvation.)

And that’s going to be the wonderful conclusion we will be able to thunder to this world.” (God is the one that can “thunder,” not GF. Revelation 14:2.)

“We are so close to that last hour.” (GF has been repeating the words “last hour” for many years now.)

–[name withheld]

Wayne Turgeon and GF’s Messed-Up View of Bible Prophecy:

March 12, 2022

Wayne Turgeon gave a Bible Study from England last week on “Isaiah” Chapter 6, Part 2.” He barely mentioned “Ukraine” when he started out and that was only because “his wife wanted him to.” There “were more important things” to cover than Ukraine.

In Turgeon’s messed-up view of Bible prophecy he linked Isaiah 22:22 to PCG because the verse mentions the words “Key of the house of David” which he said means the descendants from David, meaning PCG. GF is so hung up on his “New Throne of David” that Turgeon said GF wrote that the only way it would be possible for all the splinter groups to unite is if they “all united through the Key of David.”

Turgeon said GF believes Isaiah 22:25 is talking about “the famine of the Word.” Then people in the world “will wish they had every book and booklet of Mr. Flurry’s”; therefore, Turgeon said, “get those booklets and study them and mark them.” (i.e., underline all over in them) Since when has GF’s booklets been more important than the Bible? Since when does someone need GF’s interpretation of the Bible? A good Bible commentary will explain these verses much better than GF’s “new revelations.”

PCG believes Amos 7:10-11 is referring to Joseph Tkach Jr. going to the leader of the land, that he called, Mr. Jeroboam–and said “Mr. Donald Trump is his official name.” How the h*** is Tkach Jr. going to go to the “leader of the land” when he (Tkach Jr.) retired at the end of 2018 and Greg Williams replaced him as GCI’s President?! He added, “So he (Trump) has got to get back in office” and for members to “be patient.” Does GF have inside info that the rest of us don’t have? Or has he merely lost his marbles?

He said, “We are making ourselves a target for some intense persecution” by broadcasting and printing about the rising Beast of Revelation 17 and warning that the nations of Israel are “quickly losing their power” in this so-called God is cursing America mantra of GF’s. “We have had it good so far” Turgeon said, “The grass is still green,” etc., “compared to the terrible persecution that is coming.”

Turgeon is losing it, along with GF. No matter who is in the presidential office in the future, Tkach Jr. isn’t going to go to him and cause PCG to receive “intense persecution” by being kicked out of the country. This is nothing but lunacy. If he is interested in true persecution, he needs to take a hard look at what Christians in other countries like Nigeria (or even Ukraine) are enduring. But that doesn’t count in Turgeon’s well-worn fear book.

GF absolutely cannot get his head out of the O.T. Even when he does go to the O.T., have you noticed that you never hear him reading from the Psalms? It’s always some minor prophet book where he tries to see “modern-day Israel” in it. You never hear him talking about Jesus or grace or salvation, the most important subjects in the entire Bible. That’s too “dull” for him. God have mercy on his soul at the Judgment seat. –Anonymous

GF in a Boring Sermon Gives Updates About His Jerusalem Trip:

March 19, 2022

GF gave an “update” on his Jerusalem trip when he spoke from Edstone on the 12th. It was an exceedingly boring sermon, but I’ll mention a few things and comment on some.

He told a lot of their woes after they got there; e.g., water line broke on the Sabbath. But “Satan attacks his church this time of year.”

The only “exciting part of the sermon” was when he told how there was “something toxic” in the food he ate for breakfast at this fine restaurant he and his son went to and so he proceeded to tell how he was vomiting all over his suit and almost fainting and being shaky. (I had to wonder if someone tried to poison him.) He said he said to himself at that time, “I have two to three seconds to live.” SF took him to his room, cleaned him up, and he slept all afternoon and that night. He said that “God healed him” from that. He further noted that there weren’t a lot of people in the restaurant when that incident happened and if there were he would have been taken the hospital and quarantined a long time.

He had to bring up about HWA being sick several times and the time HWA said “he died” and came back to life. He even added that there are some Scriptures that he (GF) “may live until Jesus Christ returns.” He let them know that he will be 87 pretty soon but in good health.

Then I don’t know if he was putting on an act or what, but he started to break up and almost start crying when he said his son “takes good care of him.” He said he has “been blessed with so much loyalty–and all the ministers are loyal and it’s so different than what happened with HWA.” (They are “loyal” because ministers are mostly all related to each other so as not to take a chance on someone being a traitor from the inside.)

Talked about HWA’s “deal” with Jerusalem University; “getting rid of the Putins of this world”; and “we are getting ready to rule.” He said what they are doing in Jerusalem is “more important than what is going on in Ukraine.”

He read a lot from an old HWA co-worker letter about Jerusalem that he said was a “classic” and that they need to get it, read it over, and mark it up.

“God is going to use us and we are going to be tried and tested.” They have to “dig down to the original palace of David–the original Jerusalem.” (As if Christ will not be able to do what needs to be done when He reigns. It’s all up to PCG.)

The world won’t listen but “they will listen before this is all over with and God is going to let them [men like Putin] know what it’s like to be on the receiving end.” He even used the words, “give them a taste of their own medicine.” He believes that Putin will use a nuclear bomb “before this is all over with,” and “these men are beasts.”

“Our job is get that message out there.” “Who is blowing the shofar today? This is all about our work.”

This sermon was his most boring, drawn-out one to date in spite of him getting his audience to laugh loudly several times.

There was nothing in this sermon to help people know how to have a closer relationship with Christ. –PCG source

Daryl Hope Tells What the Ten Directives for the End Times Are:

March 27, 2022

To show what foolishness the PCG is feeding their members, Deryle Hope, in his fast-paced, cocky voice, gave a recent tedious Bible Study (“The Ten Directives for the End Times”) where he listed what he called the “prophetic stages, phases, or milestones” they have experienced since the start of the end time. He said we are in the period of at least nine time frames and are “waiting for number ten.” Those into GF’s prophecies will lap this up.

1. The End Time or latter days which really started when HWA came on the scene in 1931 and HWA said in MOA that the Philadelphia era began at Pentecost and that signaled the time of the end, or the latter days.

2. The second one was when HWA died on January 16, 1986. He said they ended the end mentioned in Matthew 24:14 and that was the end of the Philadelphia era and the start of this Laodicean era.

3. The third one occurred on March 11, 1989 and that marked the end of the 1150 days (mentioned in Daniel 8:19) That’s when the sanctuary was cleansed and then God started to reveal to GF the content of Malachi’s Message (MM) and we entered the phase known as “the last end.”

4. The fourth was after Malachi’s Message (MM) was written. The PCG was formed and had started mailing out MM in January 1990, and then we entered “the time of no more delay.” (Revelation 10:6)

5. The fifth one occurred on May 5, 2001 when we entered “the last hour” (I John 2:18).

6. The sixth one was “the point of no return” on July 25, 2008 which was the time when the Laodicean church is collectively in 3 nations of Israel, America, Britain, and the Jewish nation, and had reached the point of no return.

7. The seventh was May 31, 2009 which was “the shaking of the nations.” (Deryle said most of these milestones are explained in “some booklets GF has written.”) This 7th one is about the construction of “God’s House” which was completed in 2010.

8. The Eighth one was January 16, 2017 and that was the beginning of the New Throne and the New Stone. He told how GF said (in The New Throne of David booklet, p 14), “We must possess the Throne of David in the Place of Safety, meaning we must also possess the stone which represents the throne. … We are ready to go to the Place of Safety and we now have the New Stone of Destiny.”

9. The ninth milestone occurred on January 20, 2017 when President Donald Trump was inaugurated and “we began the Jeroboam end.”

He said “it appears we are on the verge of milestone number ten” and that it will probably be the leader of the Holy Roman Empire (the 3rd Antiochus). Then he asked if the imperial Antiochus heading the Holy Roman Empire will be the 10th milestone?

“Well, we don’t have long to wait.” … “We are in a world that is about to explode.” … “There must be more than ten.”

Then he went over the last 6 directives he gave in the last B.S. in December: (1) watch (2) pray always; (3) occupy; (4) take heed to yourself; (5) do God’s Work; (6) hold fast.

The love he emphasized that we should have was “love toward God and His government.” We become the chosen only after we are called, repent, are baptized, and make the changes we need to. What tomfoolery. He said we must be faithful and loyal and endure to the end in order to be with Him when He returns. He said, “We can’t be quitters now.”

None of this was scriptural. (See ESN’s section: “Grace & Law.”) –AJW

Brad Macdonald Lectures Singles on Serving Others in Place of Safety:

April 3, 2022

In a single’s Bible study given on March 26 (“Christ’s Example of Service in Trial”) Brad Macdonald encouraged the singles to go above and beyond to serve those in the congregation.

First, he brought up how w some members there locally (in Edmond) are “really struggling with some pretty major health trials.” One is Janet Dattolo (wife of Fred Dattolo– the minister whom Dan De Gennaro held responsible for the death of his daughter Janet and who also gave a sermon warning singles). Brad said Janet Dattolo is having more difficulties and pain because of her cancer. He briefly mentioned that others had the following happen: a stroke; a fall; kidney failure (John Krueger); diabetes (Andrew Locher). These were “just a few of the brethren here locally” he said. But added that he is “sure there are others out there.” And there are brethren around the world, he said, “who are experiencing similar health trials.” (No mention of how the “shun doctors ruling” is contributing to their suffering.)

He quoted verses in I Corinthians and said God “uses trials and tribulations to grow our faith and develop patience and test our patience and grow us in godly character, to shape and mold us into perfect god beings.”

This kind of verbiage is exactly what HWA spouted to members repeatedly while he was trotting off to doctors. This whole study made me sick because of the way members have been brainwashed since day one into not going to doctors but “trust Christ” and are now suffering much more than if they had availed themselves of one.

He said God expects us all–especially singles–to serve the family of God, especially if they struggle with loneliness or discouragement from time to time. (I’m sure they do struggle with these problems since they can’t date or marry outside the PCG). He said this need is only going to intensify over time as the “church” experiences more trials and tests.

Brad then said he was thinking lately about the Place of Safety and the logistical needs. He talked about the thousands of caves in Petra but only about five are on ground level. (The rest were several stories high.) “Not a great place,” he said, “for the Philadelphia Church of God, which has 50% elderly people, and a good portion of us has some kind of deficiency (overweight, broken hip, etc). How are we even going to enter these caves?” (What happened to Adullam where the Place of Safety was supposedly changed to?)

So, he said, if you think about 10,000 people (the number PCG thinks are going to the Place of Safety), entering the Place of Safety in that 30 day period (the time they have to get there), and “within a few hours those individuals have to eat, go to the bathroom, going to have to shower; they are going to need counseling; and that’s just a massive logistic issue.” In that moment. he said, there is going to be a desperate need for servants. … In that moment, I think there will be a particular need for healthy servant-minded converted singles in particular. Those who are “locked in to God’s government” to help God’s people. (How many singles are going to stop right here and begin to really think about this scenario? Not necessarily about the “need for servants” at this time, but how in the world any of them are going to be able to maneuver across a desert area and get to these caves and then live in them?)

He states: “The more of the mind of Christ we have, the more we will serve because the mind of Christ is the mind of service.” (Read: How Can I Have the Mind of Christ? from Got Questions, which shows exactly what this means and it is not what Brad is saying. In fact, you can’t even have the mind of Christ if you don’t have the Spirit of God!)

To think of others and serve them is well and good, but this study covered not only the lunacy of entering a so-called Place of Safety but encouraged them to sacrifice themselves to the point of forfeiting their own basic needs. –Bible study critiqued by AJW

Joel Hilliker and His “Jonah” Bible Study:

May 21, 2022

Joel Hilliker gave a Bible study recently entitled “Jonah.” Here are some clips from it with my comments:

His introduction told how the problems with the economy are all happening “because of an Antiochus; because of the truth we have been talking about. That [which] GF has been talking about for about a full decade now.”

“We must not run from anything God wants us to do.” [like Jonah did]

“Running from God is the worst sin we can commit.” (said GF) [Comment: There is no “worst” sin; all sin leads to eternal condemnation. But God gift to  us is eternal life. Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Jesus has already forgiven us of all our sins through his death, burial and resurrection. Isn’t it rather GF that has been running from God?]

Five percent of God’s people [i.e., the “Laodiceans”] have done what Jonah did.” He said the “vow” the members gave when they were baptized was, “I will give my life to do whatever you ask of me. That’s a vow we have to pay if we are going to claim eternal life.” [Comment: This is insane. See my previous comment about eternal life according to the Scriptures.]

[He talked about GF’s Jonah booklet] “We must conquer our human nature, our cowardliness, our materialism, our selfishness and small-mindedness, and we have to be repenting daily.” [Comment: Our human nature is a part of us. What Hilliker should be calling it is “carnal nature.” However, this is works-based salvation. In Jesus we have redemption, the forgiveness of sin. He became sin for us so that in His resurrected life we have life. We do not repent daily. The more we focus on works the more we are not walking in the Spirit.Refer to Bob George Ministries for more info on this. ]

“We very well might have to deliver this message in person. You repent or you perish.” [Comment: It sounds like he is referring to PCG going directly to the leaders of our nation with PCG’s “message,” which we know they will never do and wouldn’t get far if they attempted it.]

“All suffering through history could have been avoided if people had been repentant.” [Comment: This is false, as sin entered the world through one man and only Jesus who was foreordained before the foundation of the world to suffer and die for our sins (1 Peter 1:18-21) could remedy that.]

“This world will be held accountable for how they responded to God’s message” (these words coming from GF). [Comment: “God’s message” refers to PCG’s message about their warning prophecies to befall the nations, especially the United States. The truth is that the world will be held accountable, not according to how they responded to GF, but how they responded to the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ who was the Savior of the world and whether they believed on Him or not. (John 3:16)]

“God wants us to save lives.” [Comment: He is talking about being saved physically (i.e., heading to PCG’s so-called place of safety; nothing about saving people spiritually.]

“God is determined to warn; He is offering people the opportunity to repent and He is doing that through a man–an end-time prophet and end-time Jonah.” [Comment: He is referring to GF who is not a prophet nor an end-time Jonah. Nevertheless, as many cult leaders love to do, GF has given himself many biblical titles. Refer to: Biblical Titles Gerald Flurry Has Appropriated for Himself.]

“This is GF’s commission right now and it is ours if we support him. This message must go out.” [Comment: This “support” refers to financial support which is what GF must have in order to carry on and preach his false gospel which cannot save anyone.]

“Keep reminding ourselves about the importance of repentance and the beauty of turning from sin and turning to God and how that moves God.” [Comment: There is no “beauty” in all this striving, guilt, repenting, works, and giving every last dime to GF. What God wants is our faith, love and devotion. Read: An End to Guilt which is one of many helpful articles on our site.]

–Bible study critiqued by AJW

Brad Macdonald Brags About What Celtic Throne Performances Will Accomplish With the Audience:

May 31, 2022

Brad Macdonald in his sermon entitled, “Desire Spiritual Children” bragged about what their Celtic Throne performances will accomplish with the audience as the shows travel across the country. Many things he said were ridiculous. I didn’t listen to all of his sermon so this is only the first part. My comments are included.

He began by talking about the eleven shows that are coming up and how the first one will be the Monday after Pentecost.

He said “we live in a horrible, horrible world … a time of tremendous uncertainty, and fear and hopelessness and heartache. Most people that are sitting in a Celtic Throne audience probably enter that theater full of anxiety and stress. Statistically many of them will be struggling with depression and discouragement. Many of them will probably be on anti-depressants.” [Comment: He has no proof of this. Most depressed people full of anxiety and stress will not feel like attending this kind of show.]

“And our goal is to encourage and to uplift these people–[voice rises] to give them a shot of hope and joy.” [Comment: If they are on anti-depressants, or having fear and hopelessness, how will this performance be able to do that? By making them believe that the United States and Britain are Israel? Or by watching a flashy performance?]

“We want Celtic Throne to be the world’s best anti-depressant where the only side effect is uncontrolled smiling and a foot that won’t stop stomping [word unclear].” [Comment: This is ridiculous. Has he even been in the throes of depression?]

“To let them see that there is still a place in this world that is joyous and optimistic.” [Comment: Will they let the audience actually know about the state of PCG families? The misery, the burdens, the broken lives and broken families, esp due to the no contact ruling? No, of course not. It’s only the “happy” dancers on stage they see.]

“We really do want to move and inspire people. We really do want to impact people. We really do want to give people hope and excitement. And let them see that there is still a place in this world that’s joyous and optimistic and positive.” … “We want this show to stimulate some searching questions.” [Comment: Yes, questions to lead the person to want to send away for PCG literature.]

“Maybe the audience is going to think why are they so happy?” … [Comment: Maybe the audience needs of tour of the inside of PCG, or maybe they need to read the testimonies from former members.]

“This show is really a World Tomorrow type production.” [Comment: Yes, with the goal of recruiting others into PCG.]

“There isn’t anything we won’t find in the Celtic Throne show that won’t be in the Millennium.”

As usual, Brad was full of ridiculous statements that didn’t match real life experiences. –sermon critiqued by Anonymous

SF Gives Sermon On Faith to Be Healed:

June 12, 2022

Since there have been so many illnesses lately and even deaths in PCG, it is natural that we should expect Stephen Flurry to give a sermon on faith and healing. He recently gave one entitled, “Unwavering Faith to Be Healed.”

What was ironic towards the first of this sermon was when he bought up that during the Mystery of the Ages lawsuit there were a number of them [in PCG] that “worked on these research papers to help to prepare our attorneys for some of the depositions and court proceedings.” The papers were “biographies about the key individuals that led the church astray.” “There were quite a few specific doctrines or teachings of the church that we pulled together (instruction or teaching from our literature), in order to just inform our lawyers again of what the church’s position was on various doctrines. Because we knew a lot of those doctrines would be distorted and twisted [Note by ESN: Isn’t it PCG that distorts and twists Bible doctrine?] to make the church look like a dangerous cult. [Note by ESN: Why would anyone have to “make” PCG look like a dangerous cult. Don’t they already have have the identifying marks of an abusive, controlling group? (aka a religious cult?) Wouldn’t it be considered destructive to separate families; to inflict shame, guilt, fear and eventual trauma; not to mention exploiting them financially?]

SF went on to say, “I can’t remember how we dived up all the subjects. I do remember being especially interested in a couple of subjects myself. …. One of these research papers (11 pages in length) was on the subject of ‘Divine Healing‘ and was prepared by the late Tim Thompson. … The date on that paper was July 24, 2002 (about 6mos before Thompson died).”

He said that there was a Royal Vision article in March 2003 by Tim Thompson entitled “Being Purified as Gold” (which he said was probably first a sermon). He told how Thompson’s faith was “always such an inspiration” and how “he decided to put his faith in God for healing.” [Read June 9, 2004 letter: Death of Tim Thompson] [Note by ESN: SF mentioned that Thompson died of throat cancer]

The RV article said “faith is simply trusting God and believing that God will do what He has promised to do. [Note by ESN: God has not promised He will always heal.] “It takes time and experience to build that kind of faith.” … “Live by the faith of Jesus Christ in all areas of [our] lives, not just in healing.” [Note by ESN: The only place in the N. T. that talks about “the faith of Jesus Christ is in relation to not being justified by the works of the law: Galatians2:16  “Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.”]

SF said Thompson was writing this “basically for the lawyers in particular. … to encourage people to live by faith.”

Then, par for the course, SF had to quote from Herbert Armstrong where HWA stated God “has answered every time.” HWA said “you can get the same results if you are willing to learn what I have had to learn….”

Then he quoted HWA (in a typical blame on the members) saying “Ninety-nine out of every hundred earnest, surrendered Christians have not fully realized just what faith is or how to exercise it.”

SF talked about some young men who were “wavering in their belief” when they weren’t being healed. Some of the things SF said sounded like you would hear from Mary Baker Eddy in her Christian Science books.

Went over Hebrews 11 and said they “died in faith” yet that chapter doesn’t say anything about dying from illness.

He said HWA emphasized in that healing booklet “unwavering faith to be healed” and “Is your faith in God’s healing promise sure? Or does it stagger?”

SF’s voice raised when he quoted Jesus saying, “Elijas truly shall first come and restore all things.” (Matthew 17:11) Then he said in the healing booklet, both Christ’s true gospel message and miraculous healing have today been restored in God’s true Church.” (but not publicly)

He quoted HWA in the healing booklet saying, “It IS God’s will.” “Just have faith!

He went on with the false teaching that Christ died for our physical sins. [Note from ESN: This is a false teaching, often held by many Charismatics. See the lie and the truth: “If you are sick, you have broken physical laws and you need to repent!” Also see the article by former PCG member, “Philadelphia Church of God Healing Doctrine” and read the comments by ESN at the end regarding what HWA stated in chapter 5 of his 1979 booklet, The Plain Truth About Healing, that if anyone said there was “no such thing as physical sin,” they were “not intellectual” and that it was “rank stupidity, ignorance or willful perversion of plain simple truth!”]

SF said if you don’t ask in faith, how crazy that you think you will get anything from God.

Quoted HWA saying, “Instead of grumbling, see the loving hand of God in it and be thankful.” “Arise from your bed of doubt and walk the walk of faith.” It all sounds wonderful and good. But can we say that HWA’s life was someone to emulate? [See: “Why Herbert Armstrong Couldn’t have Been God’s True Apostle.”]

Brought out how HWA was practically blind when he wrote Mystery of the Ages (considered “The most important book since the Bible.”)  He talked about the 1985 Pentecost sermon HWA gave and how he couldn’t see anything at that point and SF said he thought, “This is Jesus Christ talking for sure.”  “The power of God was there.”

He brought out how there is no reason we should doubt and “God is not to be questioned.” [not sure if SF said these last words or HWA]

Talked about how we can “claim that healing promise.”

He said HWA said, “There is a place for medicine and a place for doctors” and SF said it was a total lie that it was a “sin” to go to doctors in the WCG. [Note by ESN: Then why was there the paper given out to ministers entitled, How Did WCG Instruct Ministers to Deal With “Health and Medical Problems”? And why did so many members for decades believe it was a sin to see one (until the doctrine was changed)? Isn’t it SF that is lying?]

He said HWA said “God wants us to rely on Him.”  SF quoted, “If you know to do good and don’t do it, it is sin.” And our prayer every day should be “increase our faith.”

He went back and forth from the O.T. to the N. T. regarding faith, diseases, and healing and mixed it all together.

What wasn’t mentioned in this sermon was that no matter how much faith someone might have, if it isn’t God’s will for them to be healed, they won’t be. (I John 5:14) Read article, “Why doesn’t God heal everyone?” (from Got Questions)

This sermon is sad on one hand because of the sick members who will feel they don’t have enough faith or aren’t obeying enough if they aren’t healed. SF has admitted that too many have been dying in PCG. Perhaps one reason they are (and no one can know for sure) is the stresses and burdens they are under which has weakened their immune system.

If anyone wants to read an inspiring biography about faith, read: The Autobiography of George Muller which tells how he depended only upon God’s response to prayer to supply the daily needs of the thousands of English orphans, and George Muller of Bristol (His Life of Prayer and Faith) by A. T. Pierson The last book may also be read online. More through descriptions are be found on our Booklist under “Spiritual Comfort/Inspiration.” These books, while not about physical healing are about God supplying all our needs which He does promise. (Philippians 4:19)

–sermon critiqued by AJW

SF’s Long, Drawn Out Bible Study to Keep Members Striving and Fearing:

June 18, 2022

SF gave a long, drawn out, Bible Study entitled “Deliver Us From the Evil One” to show the members how to pray for protection from the Devil, but it was actually to keep them striving and fearing. I will briefly try to cover what he talked about, much which was either unbiblical, foolish or insane.

He said Satan “has been cast down at the death of Herbert Armstrong.” (PCG has been repeating this lie for decades. This is nothing but a “sacred myth” (which many totalistic groups have). Well known Bible scholars have always maintained that Satan will not be cast down (Revelation 12:10) until the outset of the Great Tribulation. See this answered on Got Questions: Is the war in heaven in Revelation 12 describing Satan’s original fall or an end times angelic battle?

“Most people in ‘the church’ don’t even own guns.” (How does he know that? Has he checked everyone’s house?)

He went to Matthew 6 and said “The more you organize your prayers, the more effective they will be. … If we’re not praying fervently to God every day, there is a fatherless problem.”

“If you don’t give God your best you are going to have a lot of trouble. If you give it [your best], you are going to have success beyond your wildest dreams.”

“You can build your entire prayer life around this prayer outline in Matthew 6:9.

“This is God’s inspired prayer outline.”

“We need protection.”

“Do you pray for safety on a daily basis?”

“Do you pray for God to deliver US, your brothers and sisters [in PCG] to be delivered on a daily basis?”

“The biggest protection we need is from our Adversary (the Devil).”

Told how HWA got “rapid fire answers to his prayers.” (referring to HWA’s autobiography where it say HWA supposedly prayed one hour, fasted one hour, and read the Bible one hour, and then repeated. Much in this Autobiography is full of lies to elevate HWA and make him something he is not. See ESN’s expose` section on Herbert Armstrong.)

“Satan wants to grind us down; he wants to crush us.” (Throw in fear after talking about safety and protection.)

Talked about an old 1985 Good News article that wonders whether Christians unwittingly denied themselves this protection simply by failing to ask for it. (Blaming Christians.)

“Pray that God would deliver US (referring to PCG members) from sore trials; that He would deliver US from the our Adversary, the Evil One.”

Make sure we’re drawing near to God and resisting the Devil. If we get it right spiritually, there’s nothing we have to worry about. There is a sheltered feel to this campus [HQs] because God’s presence is here.” (If you get it right, you’ll be safe.)

“The people of the world don’t bring God into the picture; they don’t pray; they don’t bring God into their lives; they don’t pray for protection from the Evil One.” (Again, how does he know this? Another lie.)

“God is waiting to spring to action if we will just establish contact with him.” (In other words, He won’t “spring to action” unless and until we establish contact by following certain rules.)

“Satan is like an active shooter and the biggest target is on our back. He knows we are not of this world so he is looking to pick us off.” (Fear statements again if things are not done in the right way.)

“Satan wants to crush us like wheat; he wants to grind us like wheat. …There is comfort, safety and protection in the Family of God…in God’s truth.” (Throw in lots of fear, but let them know the safety and protection is in PCG.)

“Every day is a battle. Every day since 1986 when Satan was cast down.” … “There are things we are doing [in this world] since 1986 that has never happened before that.” (Puts their focus on Herbert Armstrong’s death.)

“Prayers are to ascend from the righteous. (They must be righteous) Prayers protect us. When God’s people stop doing this, they fall away, they leave ‘the church.’ They turn Laodicean. Without prayer we are fatherless.” [quoted words taken from GF’s Prayer booklet]

“Jesus talked about the family of God in his prayer.” [This is a lie.]

“Will we stay there [in our prayers] until we get it right?

“Everybody in the world is just ignorant of this Truth.” (Meaning everybody except those in PCG.)

“Pray that we [in PCG] would be delivered.”

There are a lot of people that hate this message. (This is a persecution complex given to members.)

He said that on these talk shows (or news shows) the preachers they bring on (if they do) are “going to be your garden-variety Protestant that says, ‘Just get saved and you will see your slain loved one in Heaven.’ It’s such an empty and hopeless message and it says nothing about why these tragedies [shootings] happen.” Then he said this Fox reporter “should have invited his father (GF) to that segment” (laughs). He said, “They don’t want to hear N.T. teaching; only platitudes that tickle the ear.” (Gives the impression that only PCG is preaching N. T. teaching. Slanders and puts all Christian ministries in the same boat, which is what HWA would often do.)

The solution is “thy Kingdom come.”

“PCG is going to face enemies but when we fast and petition God we will get his attention and He will fully protect us.” [taken from GF in his Prayer booklet]. (This is a lie. We don’t try and “get God’s attention” in order to be “fully protected.”)

He takes Luke 21:18: “But there shall not an hair of your head perish” and applies it to PCG members and says. “Not one hair shall perish because of the prayers for protection and that we might escape all these things.” (He cobbles Luke 21:18 together with Luke 21:36. Dr. J. Vernon McGee says Luke 21:18 applies directly to the 144,000 Jews during the time of the Great Tribulation. Are PCG members part of those 144,000? Jesus said the words in Luke 21:18 in 32 AD, before the destruction of Jerusalem, yet SF wants members to fear that it is talking about the Great Tribulation. “Grace Through Faith” has this to say about Luke 21:36 in brief Q&A format: “Understanding Luke 21:36.” Also, “In the New Testament Epistles, church age believers are told to ‘wait,’ not ‘watch,’ since there are no signs preceding the ‘any moment’ or imminent rapture event.” This is explained in Consistent Biblical Futurism, Pt. VIII, by Thomas Ice (PDF).

“Better not be burdened down by the cares of this present life–if we stop praying. Satan is a master of distraction. He is working night and day to pull us away from our prayer closet.” (This is putting much fear into them again.]

This Bible study, as always, was a twisting of the Word of God to keep members striving and fearing to leave PCG. There was nothing reassuring in it. –Bible study critiqued by Anonymous

Dwight Falk Tries to Intimidate Members Into Supporting “the Work”:

June 24, 2022

A PCG source sent the following notes. It was a short, but twisted, taken out of context, sermonette given by  Dwight Falk, who knows absolutely nothing about exegesis of the Scriptures.

Falk started off talking about rising gas prices and then went on to quote Malachi 3:11: “And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts.” This is God talking to the “sons of Jacob” (See: British Israelism-True or False?) not to the N. T. church that Jesus founded, and reading the passage in context shows it is talking about pests such as the locust or caterpillar eating their crops, not about gaining financial blessings. The PCG ministers know they can control members much better if they use the O. T. especially that which is applying to the House of Israel.

He said if we “support the Work,” God will rebuke the devourer. [Note: For a definition of the words “the Work” see Buzzwords (or loading the language).]

He rattled off several blessings they (PCG) have; i.e., Armstrong College, etc., etc..

As long as we are supporting His Work, God will rebuke the devourer (i.e., take care of us)” he asserted.

In other words, the blessings we receive are contingent upon doing certain acts–especially supporting, giving money to, “the Work”–then God will follow through. Is the New Testament church today living in O. T. times?

He took examples from the O.T.; i. e., the Israelite’s clothing and shoes not wearing out in the wilderness; the blessings and curses in Deuteronomy.

“God will rebuke the devourer,” he said, “as long as we stay close to Him and support the Work.”

Notice how God helping us is all centered around supporting the Work.

Does Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” say anything about God taking care of us, or blessing us, “as long as” we “support the Work”?

No, it does not.

Sorry, Dwight, you failed Bible exegesis big time. –sermonette critiqued by PCG source

Members Told to Love the Law and the Government:

July 3, 2022

I can’t bear listening to Deryl Hope and his tone of voice. He always comes across as a cocky young punk with some kind of unusual accent that I can’t quite place.

On June 25 he gave a twisted sermon entitled “Inside the Walls.” The main message being: We are to Love the Law [Mosaic Law or “God’s Law”] and the Government [in PCG].

“We have to want that Law to rule us and that Government to guide and direct us.” [Translation: We have to want the PCG ministers to rule us and tell us what to do.] Read : Why do members emphasize the “government of God”? (Q&A)

“The Laodiceans [Translation: the “new Worldwide Church of God” and all those who didn’t follow GF to the PCG] did not love the truth. That is why they forsook it.” [Translation: That is why WCG ministers decided to get rid of HWA’s doctrines and go mainstream, which is what many cults are doing today, so they could slide under the radar and shed the cult image.]

“We have to love both the Law and the Government. We have got to want that government to rule us, and guide and direct us. Otherwise, we risk compromising our submission.” [Translation: We have got to want the PCG government to rule us and tell us what to do. Otherwise, we might wake up to what they are really doing to us and decide to get out of PCG and be free from their harsh “government” and rules and find rest in Jesus who said “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28.]

Deryl said “God’s Law reflects His mind in print.” What he’s saying is that the mind of God is not the words in the Bible.

“If we hope to remain faithful ’til the end, we must love that government and that Law. [Translation: We must perform certain works to remain faithful. Forget the verse that says, “And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.” (Romans 11:6) Forget that Jesus is the One that keeps us from falling: “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,” Jude 1:24.]

In other words, just listen to the twisted words of Deryl in this sermon and not what the Word of God really says.

He said, “We can be so thankful that God [Translation: God=GF] has provided for us a strong spiritual government in the waning days of this Laodicean era. … We have the great privilege of being led by a strong Philadelphian government” [Translation: By a harsh rulership] that is committed to protecting and feeding the sheep of God [Translation: Committed to abusing deceived people looking for spiritual guidance.]

How much do you hear PCG ministers talk about Jesus as their Shepherd? Or do they emphasize the Law and the Government in PCG more than Jesus? The “sheep of God” have Jesus as the Shepherd. “Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.” (John 10:7)

Deryl concludes with, “If we embrace God’s Law and his Government now, that will keep us inside those protected spiritual walls of God’s church [Translation: That will keep us inside PCG] until the day comes when God will move us to the protected, physical fortress of the Place of Safety.” [Translation: Only those who obey what PCG Government says will keep having their hopes in a mythical “place of safety.”]

The point that Deryl will not bring out in this sermon is that the Law was given to the nation of Israel, and the church is not spiritual Israel. See the Q&A under “Questions About the Law, Works or Salvation” to understand that if you are going to keep the Law (which was known as the ministry of death: II Corinthians 2:7), you must keep all of it, which no one can do perfectly. Therefore, if anyone teaches a gospel that mixes law and grace, they are under a curse. This is why this sermon is so twisted and so wrong.

–sermon critiqued by AJW

Fred Dattolo Sermon Is Good Way to Mess up Your Mind:

July 8, 2022

Fred Dattolo, one of the PCG goon ministers implicated in the suicide of PCG member, Janet De Gennaro, gave another sermon on Ephesians, this time on “Ephesians 3 & 4.”

I merely skimmed it as to listen to his sermons is a good way to mess up a person’s mind. I give only a few comments.

Dattolo, as other PCG ministers, tells us that “God has given GF a much deeper understanding of this verse” (Ephesians 6:19) which talks about “the mystery of the gospel” and said that it refers to the “god family” when in reality it is referring to how the gospel was a mystery that was not revealed in the O.T. but had been revealed to the Apostle Paul by special revelation. Romans 16:25 also talks about this mystery kept secret since the world began.

Looking beyond what GF teaches, and searching for the real meaning in Scripture, we discover this mystery is referring to the mystery of Christ, not as a result of GF, a self-appointed apostle and prophet, having a “deeper understanding.” How could GF understand any of these verses when he doesn’t talk about finding salvation through Jesus Christ alone?

Colossians 1:26-27: “Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:” Colossians 4:3: “Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ,”

In the ESN article, “Did Herbert Armstrong Have God’s Truth?” under “The Words ‘Mystery of the Ages‘” it explains that “the mystery was that Christ was the Head of a new body made up of Jews and Gentiles. This was not revealed in the O. T. It was a special revelation to the Apostle Paul (not to Herbert Armstrong) as Paul tells us in  Ephesians 3:3. … False teachers always turn people’s eyes away from Christ onto some hidden mystery or plan.”

Dattolo said, “When you are god, how many lives are you going to impact?” … “Everything we do is so God’s Work can get done, today and forever.” “Without this Government; without this structure, the saints cannot be perfected.”

Towards the end, he went over the verses in Ephesians 4 that talk about being meek, forbearing one another in love, being gentle, putting away lying, anger, steal no more (what about unscriptural tithing?) evil speaking, bitterness, be kind to one another, etc.

It’s amazing how Dattolo can read these verses in Ephesians and not apply them to himself. –sermon critiqued by AJW

Andrew Locher Continues to Manipulate Members Into Giving More Money

July 27, 2022

I’m going to take apart Andrew Locher’s latest “Financial Report” which was sent to me by a PCG insider and which was merely a beg for more money. My comments in color in brackets.

Excerpts from Andrew Locher, Chief Financial Officer (The Friday Philadelphian, July 22, 2022):

“All over the world, brethren continue to sacrifice at record-setting levels,

[We have seen time and again how PCG is known to exaggerate their financial situation in order to cause members to believe something is rosier than it actually is. In this case, that members are “sacrificing at record-setting levels.” PCG will never show their financial records to the members so they can verify what is true.]

“ensuring we have the resources to expand God’s Work.

[Is it “expanding God’s Work” by making members believe PCG has made archaeological discoveries and participated in digs and that they have archaeologists in the PCG? Are they expanding “God’s Work” with their Armstrong-Mizar Institute of Biblical Archaeology? Read the January 6 letters above: “PCG’s Misleading Lies About Their Archaeology” and “Heard Andrew Locher Lying to Campers.”]

“The expanded projects in Israel have benefited from this increase. Most recently, the UK-Europe-Africa office sent $54,000 to Israel to promote the excavations, as well as full-time staff and students to excavate and renovate.

[Where does all this money come from to “excavate and renovate”? Could it be from the members’ pockets? (or hidden sources of income that only GF is privy to?)]

“…the Church continues to expand our educational efforts around the world.

[What educational efforts? To educate the Jews on their history? Read: March 15 letter above: “Gerald Flurry Gallivanting to the Middle East in His Expensive Jet Plane.”]

“…we have had an increase in both income and expense. Our cost of operation continues to increase now that ministers are able to travel.

[What he means is now that “King Flurry” aka “Prophet Flurry” can jet around to far distant places in his expensive plane which he no more needs than a hole in the head. Read: Why “That Prophet” Really Needed a Corporate Jet (February 4, 2019 letter) and “Why Does Flurry Need a Jet Plane?” (May 8, 2017). Someone once said this jet is GF’s “toy of vanity” and that is an excellent description of it. Notice how Locher mentions an increase in income, along with increase in cost of operation and increase in expense. The good with the bad. This is a mind manipulation technique that Locher is well-trained in.]

“As with family budgets, inflation has resulted in rising costs for the Work …

[What about rising costs for the average member?? Gasoline and food prices and other items have gone through the roof, but Locher doesn’t care two cents. He is using the same techniques HWA used in his co-worker letters to suck (con) more money out of members because it’s “for the Work.” See: Armstrongism: Religion or Rip-off by Marion J. McNair (Chapters 2 and 3 give examples from HWA’s co-worker letters which reveal the propaganda methods he used in order to solicit donors and then con them out of thousands of dollars.) Opens as PDF book.]

“We are carefully monitoring the budget,

[PCG knows full well who their largest contributors and tithe-payers are and they are few. They also are known to keep tithing records on each member as did WCG.]

“but with the excavation and new office in Israel, America Under Attack [booklet], replenishment of literature

[I.e., brainwashing booklets and other literature to recruit people they have deceived and keep them in PCG]

“inventory all over the world and other projects, we have much to plan for.

“During the upcoming ministerial conference, we will have the 16-year inspection/maintenance performed on the Church’s aircraft.

[What happened to GF’s prophetic words about Donald Trump being re-elected, members being thrown out of the country, the soon-coming Tribulation, and the brethren fleeing/flying to the Place of Safety? Has that been put on hold and pushed to the back burner?]”

“If possible, please consider making donations to the aircraft fund (only if you are able)

[Another mind manipulation technique to say “only if you are able.” This “aircraft” was paid off last year! Read a sickening letter from Andrew Locher: “Members to Keep Contributing to the ‘Aircraft Fund’” (May 9, 2021 letter) How are members going to be able to pull out even more money (besides already giving tithes and offerings, and other monies) to this unnecessary “aircraft fund”?

“to help us prepare for this expensive event.

[Expensive event that only members can pay for.]

“Income remains above last year’s totals at nearly every office around the world.

[Make it look good without furnishing documented proof.]

“We are anticipating more second-tithe assistance requests, and less excess second tithe donations due to inflation.

[“Inflation,” or the money being put in someone else’s pockets?]

“Please remember to send in your tithe of the tithe, which helps offset general Feast expenses,

[Another unlawful expense for brethren to continue to come up with]

“and also provides second-tithe assistance to needy brethren.

[How many “needy brethren” truly receive this 2nd tithe assistance? Probably very few.]

“As we all fully understand, our prayers are so much more valuable to the Work than the money we can give.

[Much more valuable then exploited brethren, but “don’t forget to send in your money.”]

“So please re-double your prayers

[What he means is re-double the money you send in.]

“for the finances of the Work and the “stretching” of what God does provide.

[Translation: what the members provide.”]

“Those prayers are what enable this Work to continue to expand even in the midst of horrific global financial conditions!”

[What a farce! It is the money from members that Locher desires since GF covets and craves material possessions for his inflated ego. Regrettably, most members and co-workers are addicted to prophecy and want to hear more and more “new revelation” from GF. What a waste of member’s money, not to mention the poverty it puts them in. Andrew Locher, one of GF’s top lackeys, knows how to manipulate, coerce, and milk more money out of members using a combination of telling them they “need to pray to God,” but at the same time letting them know they should “do their part” by sending in money for the “Work.”]

–financial report critiqued by AJW


NOTICE: Read: PCG Makes Decision Not to Post Anymore Sermons Online (July 13, 2022 letter).

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