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Regarding the Email List

If you are presently on the email list, or planning on receiving it, it is always wise to be very cautious about disclosing detailed personal information to those you don't know well, such as your last name, city, home address, phone number, or emailing pictures of yourself. If you do happen to experience problems, have doubts about whom you are emailing, or end up feeling worse, we recommend stopping the correspondence at once, even changing your email address if necessary. Remember you are in control. Contact ESN if you have any problems with a particular person.

We began this list in order that exiters might be successful in connecting with others who have suffered similar experiences and to give them a chance to share thoughts and questions, along with receiving support, validation and encouragement from others who are in the process of healing (or who have successfully healed) from a deceptive, exploitive group.*

Please do not pass the email list on beyond those on the list. If anyone wants on it, they need to email ESN and furnish the required information.

Former WCG member:
Thumbs upI'd like to see more communication among us that have left and I think in time that will happen as the years pass and more time has passed.

Former WCG member:
Thumbs upI've enjoyed contact with the people whom I had the opportunity to communicate with. I hope they find it helpful.

Child survivor of WCG & former member of PCG:
Thumbs upI think you and the others are doing a great job. I wish there was a way to reach more cult members and keep other people from becoming involved. The internet is a powerful tool and your site I am sure has helped many people including me.

Former WCG member:
Thumbs upThe email list is helpful but I tend to find ex-members, understandably, just want to get on with their lives.

Child survivor of WCG:
Thumbs upI have made great progress lately and I no longer will need to be on the list. Your site has been very helpful and has a wealth of information. I have purchased virtually every book on your booklist and have come very far. Thank you so much for putting up this site. Without it I would still be struggling all alone. Thank you.

Child survivor of WCG:
Thumbs upI found the email list helpful in the beginning, but now I look to see if I know anyone on it. Others have started to email me from it and I love to talk to others about their experiences. I think you are doing great!

Former WCG member and Impacted by PCG:
Thumbs upI have found the email list helpful to be able to share things. I hope this year there'll be more people be set free from bondage. Thank you for helping in this process.

Child survivor of WCG:
Thumbs downI passed a few emails back and forth with someone for awhile. I don't know if talking with strangers on the internet is the way to go, sharing personal info with total faceless strangers. Who knows what their intent is? Maybe I'm paranoid. Please take me off the list.

Former WCG member:
Thumbs upI like having the email list sent to me because I like to hear about others exiting.

Former PCG member:
Thumbs upIf there is anyone who could benefit from "chatting" with me, that would be good. You never know who you might meet or be able to help.

Child survivor of WCG:
Thumbs upI have corresponded with some of the participants at times but would love an updated list. I am happy to speak with any of them. I feel I have come along way since I first found your site. I still feel a little lost where God is concerned but I am getting over the hurt and anger of being raised in WWCG and it has been helpful talking to others,

Thumbs upFormer PCG member:
I was happy to receive the list because I found someone on there that I used to know and we have been corresponding.

Thumbs upChild survivor of WCG:
I haven't looked at it [the list] in a while to be honest with you. I have received a few emails, usually from people who are new to your site. We usually chat back and forth a time or two and then that's the end of it. It is nice, though, to be occasionally reminded that I'm not alone. I enjoy the emails a lot.

Thumbs downChild survivor of WCG:
I never had anyone write me back. But I only emailed a few.

Thumbs upFormer member of WCG:
I was able to find a few friends from the email list.


*This type of support is not meant to be a replacement for professional counseling.