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Morning Glories

Gifts From God

I love God:
He makes good days when I'm sad,
So that I can't feel sad for the wonder of it;
The clean sharp feel of His blues and greens,
Trees on the top of a hill, His hands on earth.

I love Him:
He made perfections like leaves.
He startles me with orioles.
And puts funny little plants
In the woods for me.

He makes wild, vast storms, rising up shrieking,
To tear down His stately makings...
Oaks and rivers...
And man.
Just to tell us we cannot do without Him:
He is Lord.

I love God:
He attends me as He attends
The intricacies of a tiny conch shell
On a flat expanse of beach.
So very small...
He must have loved it to make it so.

Author unknown


By Faith

I've been upon the mountaintops
Of glory and delight
By faith I've seen my Savior there
His garments snowy white

I felt the waves of ecstasy
Rolling o'er my soul
As God poured out his wondrous love
On one He has made whole

But it was in the valley dark
That Satan's fiery thrust 
Caused me to lean upon the Lord
And in Him fully trust

There were no shouts of joy and praise
Just feelings of despair
Still I was girded round about
By Jesus' loving care

But now I walk upon the plains
Where gentle breezes blow
The valleys are exalted
The mountains all brought low

You see I've learned to walk by faith
And not by feel or sight
And by that faith I'll reach my goal
The land both fair and bright

I still ascend the mountaintop
But faith has brought me rest A
And there with Jesus I can set
My head upon His breast

So Christian friend, if days are dark
And cares beset your way
Just trust in Him, our loving Lord,
And read His word and pray

Author unknown


The Resurrection of Life

Hear the trumpet! Jesus is calling!
Calling for you and me!
Oh, glorious change! Come with me!
Rising now to meet Him soon!

Long awaited and longed for day!
Angels all around I see!
Shouts of rejoicing! Hear them now!
Joy replaces all our sorrow!

Morning breaks, the darkness flees!
Shining on us is His love!
Our voices are singing! Souls are rejoicing!
The Gates of Splendor open wide!

Praise Him now with all your heart!
Beautiful is He, full of grace!
Wonderful Savior! Mighty God!
Forever more with Him to be!

The trumpet blows! The shout is heard!
The call went out to you and me!
Filled with delight! Enter now!
Into His presence, into His love!

By Deanna
September 10, 1997


"Even so, come, Lord Jesus." ~Revelation 22:20


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