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Jesus is Always There

Someone feels my pain and grief
Someone comforts as no one else
When others fail, on Him I lean
Jesus is always there

Someone lifts me with His strength
And through the darkness carries me;
Spiritual healing and peace He sends
Jesus is always there

Someone loves me all the time
All I desire is found in Him
Ever faithful and merciful
Jesus is always there

By Deanna
November 10, 1994


"The Eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the Everlasting Arms."
~Deuteronomy 33:27


It Was Christ

When no one else could understand
The problems that I had
It was Christ… that drew near

When no one else could even help
Untangle all the knots
It was Christ… that stepped in

When no one else had the solution
And all had turned their backs
It was Christ… that took charge

When no one else could keep on trying
And all hope ran dry
It was Christ… who intervened

By Deanna


"...I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." ~Hebrews 13:5


I Needed the Quiet

I needed the quiet, so He drew me aside
Into the shadows where we could confide

Away from the bustle where all the day long
I hurried and worried when active and strong.

I needed the quiet, though at first I rebelled.
But gently, so gently, my cross He upheld

And whispered so sweetly of spiritual things
Though weakened in body, my spirit took wings

To heights never dreamed of when active and gay
He loved me so greatly, He drew me away

By Alice Hansche Mortenson


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