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A Lonesome Place

There's a lonesome place against the sky
Where sometimes all alone we stand
And watch the world go by
A strange world, not our own;

For deep, heart-breaking sorrow
We never fully share
Alone we stand on that bleak hill
Lost in our deep despair

But the cry that comes
From a burdened heart is heard
There is peace, if we will
For God's own Son knew the dreadful pain
Of a cross on a lonesome hill

He understands and He stands by
With comfort in our grief
To ease the pain and bring new hope
And give the heart relief

There is a lonesome place
And all must stand there now and then
But if we place our hand in His
He'll help us smile again

By Helen Marshall


"Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand. " ~Psalm 73:23



"Disappointment--His appointment,"
Change one letter, then I see
That the thwarting of my purpose
Is God's better choice for me.
His appointment must be blessing
Though it may come in disguise,
For the end from the beginning
Open to His wisdom lies.

"Disappointment--His appointment,"
Whose? The Lord's Who loves me best
Understands and knows me fully,
Why my faith and love would test;
For, like loving earthly parent,
He rejoices, when He knows
That His child accepts, unquestioned,
All that from His wisdom flows.

"Disappointment--His appointment"
"No good thing will He withhold,"
From denials oft we gather
Treasures of His love untold.
Well He knows each broken purpose
Leads to fuller, deeper trust,
And the end of all His dealings
Proves our God is wise and just.

"Disappointment--His appointment,"
Lord, I take it, then, as such,
Like the clay in hands of potter,
Yielding wholly to Thy touch,
All my life's plan is Thy moulding,
Not one single choice be mine;
Let me answer, unrepining--
Father, "Not my will but Thine."

Author unknown


God Knoweth Best

Precious thought, my Father knoweth,
In His love I rest;
For whate'er my Father doeth
Must be always best.
Well I know the heart that planneth
Nought but good for me;
Joy and sorrow interwoven;
Love in all I see.

Precious thought, my Father knoweth
Careth for His child;
Bids me nestle closer to Him
When the storm beats wild.
Tho' my earthly hopes are shattered
And the tear drops fall,
Yes, my Friend my all.

Oh, to trust Him then more fully,
Just to simply move
In the conscious, calm enjoyment
Of the Father's love;
Knowing that life's chequered pathway
Leadeth to His rest,
Satisfied the way He taketh
Must be always best.

Author unknown


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