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Draw Near in This Dark Night

Jesus, thy love and light I long to know;
Draw near in this dark night of loss and woe:
My wounded spirit fears pain's long duress;
Eyes blinded by my tears dread sightlessness.

Rebellion's fierce onslaught thy voice can still;
The void within me nought but thou canst fill:
There is no peace, no rest, apart from thee;
E'en joys by thee unblest bring pain to me.

There comes a wave of deep and strong desire
That o'er my soul doth sweep and I aspire
To pure, abiding joy, to perfect love--
To peace without alloy, gift from above.

Come, heal my wounded heart, thou gentle Friend;
Bid all my fears depart, my anguish end:
Only when thou doest dwell within my breast,
My longing dost thou quell, and give me rest.

By Victoria Booth Demarest

(Author of Shade of His Hand: For the Comfort of the Sorrowing)


Consider Him

When the storm is raging high,
When the tempest rends the sky,
When my eyes with tears are dim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.
When my plans are in the dust,
When my dearest hopes are crushed,
When is passed each foolish whim,
Then my soul, consider him.
When with dearest friends I part,
When deep sorrow fills my heart,
When pain racks each weary limb,
Then, my soul, consider Him.
When I track my weary way,
When fresh trials come each day,
When my faith and hope are dim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.
Clouds of sunshine, dark or bright,
Evening shades or morning light,
When my cup flows o'er the brim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

Author unknown


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