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Western Dayflower

The Love of Others

Some people come into our lives
Bringing sweet perfume as from a flower
Oh, but only for a little while!
Their freshness touching us

They are like a ray of sunshine
Shining brightly through a dark place
Their laughter, like dancing daffodils,
Sparkling on the meadow floor

Soon, like petals blown, they are gone
How vainly we try to hold them to us!
Yet, their love and kindness linger,
The memory of a lovely flower

By Deanna
(Written about a special helper)


"And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man,
save Jesus only." ~Matthew 17:8


If Only

If only we could know
What thoughts run through the mind
Of those with whom we dwell,
What mysteries we'd find

A brother or a friend
May stand beside us here,
But we might never guess
What to his heart is dear

We may, unconsciously,
Deprive ourselves of much
That we from him might gain
By just a loving touch

His yearning for a friend,
To whom he'd open his heart,
Might well be satisfied
If we this veil could part

God grant that we might see
Beyond the outward shell
Of those, with whom we could
In spirit also dwell

By Edythe Danielson


Special People

As I walk the path of life
Filled with its twists and turns
I have seen Christ step in
And send His love and mercy

Oh yes, He feels our hurts and cries
He reaches out and comforts
And also in our darkest hour
He sends us special people

Special people who lighten the load
They come when we least expect
Special people who come with His love
He always places them there

By Deanna
December 22, 1994
(Read by C. C. Whittington on his radio program on 3-4-98)


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