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Struggles With Attending Mainstream Churches


Also, be sure and read: Trauma With Another Church (several writings)

NOTE: These writings are not to imply that ESN is against exiters attending good, Christ-centered, biblically sound churches. What we speak out against are practices of abuse, deception and thought reform used by religious leaders in the name of God. However, because of the ecumenical movement, the Word-faith movement, the church growth movement, the emergent church, compromise, the growing amount of worldliness and liberalism, --even the New Age and occult (contemplative spirituality)--infiltrating into the Christian church, there are more and more Christians today that are having a hard time finding a good church. (See links under Discernment & Research) This is compounded by the fact that it is a rare church that can even begin to understand the experience that exiters of religious cults have endured. In spite of this, God promises never to leave those that are His. (Hebrews 13:5) If you are in Christ, you are already in His church.

"It is not essential that you be in this church or in that church, but it is essential that you be "in the Lord. ... What does it mean to be "in the Lord"? Well, beloved, we are in the Lord vitally and certainly when we come to the Lord Jesus by repentance and faith and make Him our refuge and hiding place." ~Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)

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