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It is not how many abusive details that a survivor can recount and describe in order for their story to be considered important. It is how the individual perceived their experience to be detrimental, or even life shattering, that counts.

NOTE: Names have been changed for confidentiality, unless otherwise noted. Not all stories are posted and we reserve the right to refuse to post.

Also see: Where Do the Feelings Go? (covers processing painful thoughts)

Testimonies and Writings by Exiters

Update: Worldwide Church of God changed their name in April 2009 in the United States to Grace Communion International.


Doctrines of Destruction

Lamb With Wolf-Like Jaws! (Testimony exposing the deceit, abuse and hypocrisy of the Worldwide Church of God. Written during their new doctrinal changes; mailed to ESN, former WCG minister David Covington, counter-cult apologetic ministries and local WCG members.)

Suffered A Terrible Ordeal

I Left After Experiencing Severe Abuse

The Carrying Out of a Disfellowshipment in Worldwide Church of God   

Why I Didn't Stay in the "Changed" WCG

God Opened the Door and Said to Get Out!

Telling My Pastor There Were "Other Christians" Led Me Out of WCG

Leaving WCG Allowed Me to Discover the Real Me

Wish I Had Never Wasted My Time (this author was only 19 years old)    

Abused by Worldwide Church of God When I Decided to Leave Their Fellowship (shows ongoing cultic mindset in WCG in 2005)

Real Life in a Glass House (I Suffered as a WCG Minister's Wife) 

I Pray God Would Shake WCG to Their Foundations!

Pronounced "Unconverted" (This man went from "converted" to "unconverted" and back to "converted" again.)

Son Refused Re-entry After Motorbike Accident

I Suffered Because of Worldwide Church of God (mentions Gerald Flurry)

I Was Enslaved to the WCG Cult      

Abuses I Remember in Worldwide Church of God

I Was Not Among the Upper Crust (also covers the new changes)  

After Increasing Strictness, I Am Glad We Left

We Are Free at Last!

I Became Weary With the Whole Mess (was also in United Church of God; mentions Roderick Meredith) 

I Had Serious Concerns

I Wasn't Supposed to Have Any Insights

I Saw the Hypocrisy in Worldwide Church of God

I Was Never Really Happy

Restored Church of God:

David C. Pack is a Madman (Includes links at end to many letters on our site about RCG)

I Almost Became a Member of Restored Church of God!

Why I Left Restored Church of God (This man was at RCG HQs; mentions Pack's failed prophecies for 2013.)

Starting to Heal After Thirteen Years (also had David C. Pack as minister in WCG)

Restored Church of God Destroyed My Marriage

Living Church of God:

I Questioned Things Early On (After Becoming a Member of Living Church of God)

My Mind Was Finally Opened About Living Church of God

The Error and Deception of Living Church of God (This man kept a diary of all the odd things he noticed at LCG services.)

My Gut Feeling Said Something Wasn't Right

I am Leaving Living Church of God

Living Church of God Has Religion Based on Works and Fear

Christian Biblical Church of God

Beware of Fred R. Coulter! (Includes links at end to several letters/testimonies about CBCG)

Christian Biblical Church of God--An Ungodly Experience Nobody Should Have To Endure

Intercontinental Church of God (formerly Church of God International)

My Journey From the Depths of Despair (This man was influenced by GTA's teachings and almost ended his life.) 

Church of God International Teachings Did Not Add Up

United Church of God

Why I Left United Church of God (This man was also raised in WCG.)

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