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When "Good Christian Men" Change the WCG

A fairy tale the leaders would want us to believe


After Herbert W. Armstrong died in 1986, Tkach, Sr. and team embarrassingly discovered HWA was all wrong. His doctrines were incorrect and Protestantism was really the one with the correct Bible viewpoint. Worst of all, the Worldwide Church of God hadn't just been called a "cult," it really had the definition of one, and HWA had been a false prophet!

So the leaders knew they had to get things changed, as it was not only the "right thing to do," but the WCG image had to be scrubbed clean in order to lift its head in the evangelical world. They knew the members would be too shocked and demoralized if this news was sprung on them all at once; therefore, they decided they had to do it "slow and easy," in order not to damage them any more than necessary.

But when Earl William's tapes started circulating the country and others in the WCG were already finding out the truth about the New Covenant, Tkach, Sr. and leaders knew they had to make their move much sooner. This did throw somewhat of a monkey wrench into their scheme of things, but the members would just have to accept the message. Plans were now laid to go full speed ahead with the "truth of God."

After the members were informed about legalism being dead and HWA being wrong, revenues suddenly dropped and everything looked like it was falling apart. But the good thing was that God was surely behind it all because He had had enough of all the abuse and exploitation over the years caused by HWA. Yes, it was apparent that God was now stepping in at last.

The leaders, who all along were only trying to do what was best for the people, realized this was part of the cost for repenting and wanting to reject the wrong and embrace the right. They felt it was far better to set the record straight instead of keeping on preaching falsehood. If necessary, they would step down from their positions, take a reduction in salary, and become humble men in a smaller church. Prayerfully, they hoped the WCG wouldn't fold, but if it did, it would be God's will. At least they knew the people would be set free from the bondage of false beliefs, and they--good Christian men--could sleep at night with a clear conscience.

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