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My Experience With "God's Church"


These insightful writings cover deception, fraud, trauma and abuses at the hands of "God's ministers." These writings remain posted in order to validate exiters from the Worldwide Church of God, or any of the high demand, abusive offshoots such as Philadelphia Church of God or Restored Church of God, as some of the experiences will be similar.

It is very helpful in one's recovery to start at the beginning of our group experience and write about incidents that not only were stressful, but all that come to mind that you are trying to sort through.

Where Do the Feelings Go? (covers processing painful thoughts; includes: "How Do I Go About Writing and What Do I Write About?")

Prayers For Freedom From Spiritual Strongholds
Very effective in gaining liberation from strongholds and oppression due to involvement in any harmful, abusive group or occult practices.


NOTICE: These writings are the sole property of Exit & Support Network™. Please do not post any of them on other websites. 

  • Exiting
    Several writings; including: "Leaving is Hard Because..." "The Reality of the Truth," "Reclaiming the Ability to Make My Own Choices" and more.
  • Deceit
    Several writings; including: "How Did Herbert W. Armstrong Recruit People?"; "How WCG Changed the Original Words of Sacred Hymns," "A Different Jesus," "What Was Missing?" and more.
  • Abuses Suffered
    Several writings; including: "Wasted Years," "The WCG People Betrayed!" "What Was Done to Our Character and Personality?" "If We Didn't Pray the WCG Way" and more.
  • Reflections
    Several writings; including: "Questioning Why I Was in an Abusive, Controlling Group," "How Do We Keep From Holding Onto Our Pain?" "My Weird Experience of Baptism into 'God's True Church,' " "But I Had Such a Wonderful Time at the Feast of Tabernacles!" and more.


UPDATE: Worldwide Church of God changed their name in April 2009 in the United States to Grace Communion International.

Articles For Those Who Were Emotionally & Spiritually Abused

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