Exit and Support Network



Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center, 525 Richland Ave, Athens, OH 45701 (740) 589-5600
Wellspring was founded by the late Dr. Paul Martin in 1986. Providing outpatient counseling services for victims of spiritual abuse, psychological abuse, and toxic relationships. They also offer phone consultations for therapeutic professionals and families, seminars, weekend educational workshops, conference presentations, and reference materials.

Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, P.O. Box 371, Huntersville, NC 28070 (704) 895-0489 
MASA offers educational programs to teachers, child caregivers and professionals for the prevention and detection of child sexual abuse. Provides a resource referral network of professionals who aid in the recovery of children and adults who are survivors of sexual abuse. MASA is a leader in initiating and supporting legislation that protects the children.

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