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An Open Letter to Our Acquaintances
in Worldwide Church of God

This courageous letter has enabled many to question deception and exit Worldwide Church of God and any of its authoritarian splinter groups. It was written by L. A. Stuhlman, founder of Exit & Support Network™.

If you have exited WCG, or any of its authoritarian offshoots such as Philadelphia Church of God, Restored Church of God, Living Church of God, etc., be sure and also read: Recovery After Exiting a Spiritually Abusive Group

NOTE: Please realize that the word "cult" (which was common when this was written) is used in the context of a totalitarian, deceitful, abusive, and mind-manipulating organization which has caused spiritual, emotional, and psychological harm to those involved.


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This letter was written to inform you of the reasons why we have decided to leave the WCG organization. As some of you know, we have been less active during this past year, which allowed us to assess and evaluate our life and present situation. Our family remained in the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD (WCG), "GOD'S CHURCH," for seven years. At least we can share with you the reasons for our departure from the WCG. As in the past, with other exiting members, we know we will be subject to rumors and judgment by many of you. Those who leave on their own accord--or should it be said, OWN FREE WILL--are prey to other's individual opinions.


July 4, 1987 was our first visit to WCG. After many months of reading the WCG literature and ministerial visits, we were finally invited to what we were told firmly to be GOD'S ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHURCH. We took our election seriously because we, like you, became fully indoctrinated into the knowledge of being a CHOSEN ONE called purposely to be part of GOD'S FLOCK.

Encompassing our life for eight months prior to our entrance to WCG, was the education of WCG beliefs and doctrines through literature, P.T.'s, World Tomorrow telecasts, and Good News magazines. All materials taught us thoroughly that we were being called by GOD and HIS TRUTH. It was our job to respond (REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED; BE OBEDIENT), or we'd be sorry, as HWA stated SO VEHEMENTLY, SO OFTEN.

After our second visit with Larry Wooldridge, we were invited to a church in the area. Even though we completed studying approximately 25 booklets, including Mystery of the Ages and eight months of P.T.'s and telecasts, we were unaware of an area church. We soon learned it was "top secret" information, the public was not invited, and we had to qualify to enter the doors guarded by ushers. We also were not informed of the many, many doctrines, laws, and church rules before our entrance. We were specifically told that God would open our minds through conversion, and after we were baptized, His Spirit would help us to understand and accept GOD'S WAY. God, of course, would not hold us accountable for what we didn't know, but we had better obey THE TRUTH when we learned it because the LAKE OF FIRE was in the wings. At any rate, all this dictation paled in comparison to the PRIVILEGE of being invited into GOD'S ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHURCH.

With abundant enthusiasm ("first love," it was called) we changed ("converted") our entire life style. Via Mr. Wooldridge's advice, we boldly rejected the conflict our families were posing. Knowing they would have the opportunity to be called and learn the truth in the future was all the confidence we needed to adamantly forge ahead. After all, we were converting for them and we certainly didn't want to be a disappointment to them when they were resurrected in the second resurrection. REJECTION AND PERSECUTION ("SATAN trying to lead us away from the arms of God") was much easier to tolerate due to the thorough WCG teachings.

We were very confident that God called us into HIS FAMILY to become SONS OF GOD, TO LIVE LIKE KINGS AND PRIESTS IN THE WORLD TOMORROW. With the knowledge that we were GODLY appointed servants to help all people with HIS GLORIOUS TRUTH, we were strengthened, like you were, to give up our entire lives, goals, dreams, financial goals, thoughts, beliefs, and entire identities. "WIPE AWAY THE OLD AND PUT ON THE NEW," as it is said. At that time, we were taught that personal goals were vanity. Joseph Tkach instituted GOAL TALK within the past few years in relationship to GOD'S WORK. Relinquishing ourselves from our past life and experiences to learn that we were just GARBAGE ("HUNK OF JUNK" as HWA said) or "ROTTEN STINKING FLESH," as Mr. Peterson frequently expresses in his sermons, was our goal as servants of GOD'S CHURCH.

As you may recall, in order to be counted worthy of GOD'S calling one must conform to all the rules and regulations WCG demands (actually, it is a choice given), one must do as God says through His Headquarter Church on planet earth and obey His leaders whom He is working through directly (HWA/JWT), or risk the chance of being disfellowshipped and burning in the LAKE OF FIRE. It is a known fact, and we were strongly reminded, that GOD gave us HIS GLORIOUS CALLING—NOW!!!! If we turned our backs on HIM, He would be a merciful GOD and place us in the THIRD RESURRECTION to pop up after all was said and done, to gaze at the awesome developments of GOD, to acknowledge that we rejected HIS GREAT CALLING and picked the LAKE of FIRE instead. After we saw the AWESOME WORKS OF GOD, he would catapult us into the LAKE OF FIRE to obliterate us as if we never existed. (Oh, what a waste for us, but a merciful GOD is HE, says HWA.)

After personally evaluating the pros and cons of the above situation, it wasn't difficult to conform (obey without question) the WCG rules, knowing that truth and consequence removes all the stumbling blocks.

Our family adhered to Sabbaths, changed our eating habits, dropped all the holidays, birthdays, and worldly activities, ended community work and ceased voting, along with severing our outside (SATANIC) relationships, etc., etc. This is just a sampling of what was required of us to be a part of GOD'S CHURCH as instructed by Larry Wooldridge and other residing ministers. Our life centered around the TRUE CHURCH along with PRAYER, FASTING, BIBLE STUDY, AND MEDITATION. Our years passed as we followed the HOLY DAY schedule in honor of GOD'S PLAN OF SALVATION.

On faith (fear of robbing God), we started tithing 10% of our gross income to God. Our second 10% for His Holy days, budgeted offerings and third tithes were also faithfully given to WCG as commanded. Our diligence to this command was due to the understanding that we would REAP WHAT WE SOWED, as Mr. Neff so aptly shouted at our first feast. "Open your envelopes and add more! God loves a cheerful giver!" The same words rang out at Lowell '93 by Mr. Kaplan and Mr. Register. Unfortunately, we never questioned the application of our money. Our job as servants was to mail our money on time with a kiss on the envelope, as Mr. Peterson stated, and trust God's Apostle to apply it where necessary. As special called out ones, we were to support THE CHURCH so the message of the SOON COMING KINGDOM could inspire all those whom He is calling, providing. He is opening their minds.

We could discuss at length about sacrifices we made personally and as a family. We pursued the theme that GOD WILL PROVIDE if we do our part. We were called to "give up" ourselves, we were told. With that in mind, nothing else was priority, not even a retirement fund or savings plan for the children's college. The excessive tithes extracted that savings possibility. Why, you may ask, are we telling you about our personal experience anyway? Simply put, our story is not so different from yours. "Same church, different pew," as they say.

Attached, you will find a copy of our Baptism letter. It is clear that we baptized into the GOD FAMILY, to a lively hope as a child of GOD—to self-denial, to (page 4.) A REAL BEGOTTEN CHILD OF GOD, NOW ONE OF THE FAMILY OF GOD WHICH IS HIS TRUE CHURCH—YOU (I) ARE (WAS) ONE OF HIS HEIRS," not as Mr. Kaplan from Pasadena stated at ‘93 F.O.T., "You who are baptized know fully well that you baptized in the name of the FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT." (Sorry…no one told us that! Besides, had we known that, we would have thought we attended a CATHOLIC BAPTISM. Actually, we could have remained in the Catholic Church for a fraction of the cost and continued to sing the hymns that WCG has now put into their hymnal!) [Note 9/15/15: The words said at our baptism were not "baptized in" but were actually, "I now baptize you not into any denomination or organization but into the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."]

The initial years in WCG are very important to all of us. We were all influenced with that initial knowledge to convert (change) our entire life.

Our hope was in Jesus Christ's return, "IN OUR LIFETIME." All church literature reminded us to look forward to the end of THIS ROTTEN WORLD and to the coming of Christ. Even the children's Bible Study clearly stated that message. Up until these past few years the main and favored dialog between members was PLACE OF SAFETY, Petra possibilities, resurrection, Revelations, etc… How exciting it was to think that we would all be changed in a twinkling of an eye to meet Christ Jesus in the clouds and Mount of Olives; providing, of course, that we endured to the end and "qualified." Just think--many would not see physical death. (Some people could think that sounds very vain or elite, don't you think?)

Despite the attitude and flair you sense in this letter, our attitude was healthy, innocent, and in check throughout our baptized years in attendance.

(Husband) was helpful and obliging when assistance was requested. He served as President of the Spokesman Club, usher, fundraiser captain and telephone assistant. He was dedicated with any responsibility asked of him. (Wife) put forth much effort in instituting the Children's Choir remained in existence for as long as it did. She also served in special music capacities locally and during the F.O.T., as well as solo at Pasadena Services. Most would probably agree she did not lack enthusiasm for "GOD'S WORK."

We as a family share no regrets for the many times we hosted parties for other peoples' accomplishments and opened our doors for "fellowshipping" with the supposed Kings and Priests of the World Tomorrow. All involvement with the Church from specific jobs to talent shows was done in a serving capacity with much caring. Had we needed to exercise our talents for self-fulfillment we would have gladly joined local organizations, depending on church rules, of course.

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About two years ago we started wondering why God's people had so much difficulty. Why was there such bickering and fighting among members? Why were members appearing so unhappy, with emotional and psychological problems? Why were people feeling so angry and persecuted within the Church? Why was there so much FEAR in God's Holy and righteous Church? Why were people so flat or trance-like, as if they had nothing to be thrilled about? So many questions appeared in our minds. Why did so many people leave GODS CHURCH ANYWAY? While we prayed for the Mrs. Woolridges and Kellys of the world, we also prayed for understanding.

When the many changes started to be put forth, we were very receptive to them. (Wife) even wrote Mr. Tkach a letter of support regarding the changes. It was unclear to us why so many members would forfeit GOD'S TRUTH to enter an offshoot church or start their own following. Why such rebellion? Why so much disfellowshipping? Why would 80% of our youth and 50% of the membership leave WCG and the protection of GOD'S CHURCH?

Our family was very fortunate in a way. We were recruited into the church just one year after HWA'S death. Joseph Tkach held Pastor General position for one year. All the literature we received was still HWA'S exclusives. JWT did not start changing doctrines and literature until 1988, actually. Having participated in WAT'S [WATTS] enabled us to accumulate many additional publications from the WCG library of TRUTHS. Having been indoctrinated on the cusp of both governments aided us in being astute to the doctrinal changes and plans of WCG.

Many situations occurred that raised "flags," causing us to feel very unsettled about all the changes. As time continued, we dismissed these situations, accepted what was being told to all, and adhered to the WCG direction in order to obey and make our election sure.

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With the passing of months, it became apparent that "God told Mr. Armstrong one thing and Mr. Tkach something totally different." WHY?

Peter Kamen asked that question in his sermonette, September 1993. Although Peter didn't specifically answer that question, he did say that doctrinal changes were needed "on paper" for the rest of the world that didn't have God's Spirit or truth. It was necessary, as Peter said, to try to help the "others" of the world to understand GOD'S CHURCH. Peter also stated that no theologian has God's Spirit unless he is a minister in GOD'S CHURCH, which is, of course, known by its LOVE (Sept. 1993). Peter continued to specify that we, as God's people, must have faith in what God says to HIS ministers and leaders. Our personal job is to go forth and accept whatever new truth God is handling down to us through His government. We must rely on the HOLY SPIRIT to carry us through these times. [Note 9/15/15: Also referred to as, "GOD'S SPIRIT" in you."] We were instructed not to get angry or cause dissension or question the multitude of changes in doctrines. After all, nothing has really changed…just words on paper for the rest of the world to view in comfort. What we think or question doesn't really matter. What matters is that God's Government is in charge!

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In spring of 1993, the devastating occurrence in WACO had a very significant impact on our family. Week after week, we all watched the destruction of a cult and how the government handled this ordeal. We glared shockingly at the compound inferno, visualizing the men, women and children burning within its walls.

Many of you didn't know, as we did, that the Davidians1 were a branch break-off of the Seventh-day Adventists, just like WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD! WCG's true origins are astonishing, although WCG likes to attribute its beginnings to Steven Mumford and Newport, R.I. Baptists. A thorough study will show you that this data pales in comparison to the documented truth about its origins.

The Davidians held many beliefs in common with WCG. Actually, their entire belief doctrines were NOT very different from WCG's doctrines prior to the NEW TRUTHS campaign. We understand WCG affiliates were even called to WACO to help counsel the Davidians. Another note of interest is the fact that we were diligently taught that the Seventh Day Sabbath keeping is a "sign" of the true people of God and that to be one of the "true" churches of God a church must have that "sign." Isn't it interesting that David Koresh and his members all kept the Seventh Day Sabbath?! In fact, the Branch Davidians are the very first group listed in the "1986 Directory of Sabbath Observing Groups" published by The BIBLE SABBATH ASSOCIATION (Fairview, OK 73737).

When we asked Mr. Wooldridge how we could prove that WCG was GOD'S TRUE CHURCH, he said it was the ONLY church which was Christian and honored the Saturday Sabbath. (Ignorantly on faith, we trusted his answer and did not pursue the fact that he might have been telling us something totally untrue.)

With the events unfolding in Waco, there was considerable publicity regarding their teachings. We watched as Davidian members clutched to THEIR TRUTHS. We recalled our own fervency regarding the PLACE OF SAFETY. Shamefully we admitted we too would have responded to a transfer to safety as we are certain you would have done too as a representative of the only people on the face of this earth who have God's Spirit. It does take humble understanding to admit this to yourself.

We were always taught emphatically that this was GOD'S TRUE CHURCH. Mr. Tkach reminded us of that fact in spring of `93 in a taped sermon. You may recall him saying, "Some people think that I don't believe this is GOD'S TRUE CHURCH anymore. Well, I assure you I do." [The exact quote was: "Now, I hear the rumor going around that I don't believe this is the only true Church of God. You are my witnesses. I believe with all of my heart that this is the only one and true Church of God." --April 3, 1993] Being part of the TRUE CHURCH meant we were part of the lost ten tribes (British-Israelism), Tribulation, Armageddon, Place of Safety, only God can open the minds of people, only God can do the calling, God Family, begotten son, Destiny to become GOD, seven churches, Revelations all the way, Laws of Leviticus and Deuteronomy (hand picked to serve God, of course), etc. Don't hesitate to look back at your old literature if you don't remember what your own beliefs were, based on the doctrines of the church.

The Davidians belief system was not so farfetched in comparison to ours. David, however, did pursue to the end, and his end did justify the means.

Did these well meaning, educated, some professional, God-oriented individuals burn to death in FAITH???? Not a chance, as we have learned. More on that later.

Despite the devastating impact on society and the United States Government, the WCG organization didn't even mention it. The Davidians, in a sense, were related to us. The WCG administration acted as if they didn't even exist. Have you dared to wonder why???? Mr. George Zycheck, in a sermonette, mentioned the words "wacko-Waco" and Mr. Peterson gave a pre-feast warning of the possible WACO fallout behavior we may witness at the F.O.T. '93. To our knowledge, that is it. What did WCG have to FEAR anyway???? MANY THINGS!!!!

The very sad situation of WACO brought to mind, for the world, a memory of Jonestown. It also promoted heightened media information on…cults. Experts from around the country monopolized the airways discussing the criteria of cults. All of us had the opportunity to learn with compassion the devastating effects of MIND CONTROL…THOUGHT REFORM ("brainwashing") and cults. We cannot imagine how anyone could possibly ignore such incredible, horrific occurrences. We listened to the multitudes of people relaying the personal experiences they encountered in their BIBLE-BASED CULTS. We learned for the first time how MIND-CONTROL and THOUGHT REFORM is implemented under indoctrination techniques and hypnosis and topped-off with propaganda tactics. It was startling to hear others discuss how they were lured into a Bible-based church (cult), which dogmatically insisted that THEY were the TRUE CHURCH… "GOD IS CALLING YOU…NOW! WE HAVE THE ANSWERS TO THIS ROTTEN WORLD," ETC., ETC.

Our initial instant feelings were based on denial. "This is SATAN'S work," we said. "This is deception to GOD'S people," we repeated. Nevertheless, we started at our local library in pursuit of cult education--objectively, we might add. Book after book listed WCG along with the Moonies, Children of God [Family International], Jehovah's Witnesses, Boston Church of Christ [International Church of Christ], etc. "NO!" we said. "Lies and persecution!"

There are over 3,000 cults in the United States. Many of which are Bible-based. Why did the authors elect to use WCG as a cult reference anyway? What verification did they have that it was a cult? Denial on our part existed deeply.

However, it wasn't long after our ample reading that we called the Cult Awareness Network2 in N.Y. and Chicago. "YES, we have information on WCG," they said. They also told us many WCG people call "CAN" for help after learning they were involved in a cult. "CAN" was also instrumental in referencing addresses that offered more information regarding the inside agenda of the organization.

"CAN" issued to us a packet that had ample articles, mostly on past church issues with Herbert W. Armstrong's history, which demonstrated stories of his involvement with INCEST with his daughter for ten years, and CHURCH FRAUD, DECEPTION ABOUT CHURCHES' AGENDA REGARDING TRIPS, LAWSUITS, OPULENCE and much more.

After research and recommendations from many resources we started to investigate the true history about WCG. We ordered publications with the fear that it was probably SATAN attacking GOD'S CHURCH. At any rate we needed to prove all things and test that which is right, just like HWA and JWT told us so often.

Even though we had some guilt about questioning GOD'S ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHURCH, we pursued, after praying for his guidance and help with discernment, knowing that a loving, real GOD would not chastise us for investigating the allegations. After all, what did GOD have to hide?

We all have been diligently taught by many WCG representatives not to question GOD'S TRUE MINISTERS or authority. Trusting their word was a sign of our faith. Also, we have been strongly taught that if we dare to leave HIS CHURCH or question HIS teachings, we will suffer strong consequences—EVEN DEATH, as David Albert suggests and portrays HWA'S LAKE OF FIRE Doctrine in his taped `93 sermon. Joseph W. Tkach clearly explained at the F.O.T. that our job is to be privileged for our calling … obey … slave … submission … listen righteously.

The corruptness of WCG is beyond words, we sadly report, knowing full well that you will take great offense and anger regarding that statement. We have all been fearfully taught to close our eyes and ears to opposing SATANIC statements that in truth are accurate information.

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Countless ministers and members have left the WCG organization after learning about what a cult is. Learning the specifics of mind control ("brainwashing") is a tedious task offering much confrontation. It is a humbling experience. The emotional anger from feeling totally ripped off, exploited, and used—along with being personally violated in regards to our HUMAN RIGHTS—is a shocking experience. It is so often described as a SPIRITUAL RAPE. We, like so many others throughout the years became aware of the deception, deceit, and outright lies that we supported with our entire lives. We, like you, made terrific sacrifices based on the conviction that OUR LORD called us to HIS TRUTH as WCG pounded into us constantly through strong vehement literature, sermons, and subtle Mind Control techniques.

WCG wants very much for the membership to think others leave because they just don't have the spiritual understanding, or not enough of GOD'S SPIRIT, to open their minds to the NEW TRUTH (or THOUGHT REFORM should we say). WCG will focus on the many individuals who fled to dissident churches called offshoots. Members are to believe that those individuals who stray from THE CHURCH (BODY OF CHRIST) have waxed cold and have neglected their Bible Study and Prayer. If the ministry can convince those who are attending and abiding in what the CHURCH is perpetrating currently, that they have lots of GOD'S SPIRIT for understanding, that, of course, will make members feel special or ELITE. After all, who really needs to understand everything when you HAVE FAITH IN GOD?

It is very unfortunate that many WCG ex-members do jump into an offshoot organization such as Flurry's group, Garner Ted's group, and one of the latest developments, Rod Meredith's Global Church of God. [Update: Roderick C. Meredith later founded Living Church of God] The WCG doctrine is indoctrinated so intensely it is almost impossible to shed the belief system without cult/Mind Control understanding and education. The entire process is so emotionally debilitating many ex-members find they cannot function without the DOCTRINE leading them and making decisions for their lives. This is one of the reasons why Meredith's Global group is flourishing. Ex-members also find themselves overwhelmed with emotions of anger, frustration, denial, and severe depressions sometimes causing suicide. We have learned that we were victimized. Many never shed the feeling of being at fault for their emotional distraught state. Mr. Albert stated in his sermon '93 that all those who leave the CHURCH have severe personality problems. In other words, anyone who leaves is sick…

Many members who have safely exited (evangelists/ministers/little people) have been instrumental in helping others with support. Hundreds have documented their experiences and exposed the true agenda of WCG. NO! It is not persecution! There are hundreds of publications available outlining THE TRUE HARD FACTS. WCG has tried diligently to stop these books and articles with its twenty-four member legal team, but have lost countless times. The truth will prevail!

The Ambassador Report3 and ample books available provide first-hand accounts of the corruption through the actual experiences, documented evidences and court proof evidence.

We have all been taught repeatedly that any so-called negative information toward WCG is SATAN's attack. "Turn your back!" "COME OUT OF THIS WORLD!" etc. We have learned that these phrases called "loaded language" are all commonly used in other Bible-based cults. It is a fact that once a member starts to question and investigate, the mind starts opening to critical thinking and proper comparisons can be made. The cults want their recruits to be closed off from the world. They work hard in instilling Mind Control techniques to prevent members from researching or acknowledging any opposing data. Once the ministry becomes aware that a member is researching, or even just reading opposing literature of any kind, they usually take action. MANY have been disfellowshipped without warning just because they exercised their HUMAN RIGHT and GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO THINK AND PROVE ALL THINGS.

We did not take this new information at face value. After all, we made that mistake seven years ago when we learned "THE TRUTH" and tested the literature by researching the Scriptures provided next to every ARMSTRONG statement.

This time, instead of asking the shop owner if his product is worth the cost, we investigated our findings through references and cross-references. When we have made purchases in the past, we have investigated through the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Magazine the viability of the product. When we purchased with our life the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD, we trusted the literature and the FEAR of GOD. We actually were sold that GOD was authorizing everything we were being indoctrinated into. After all, the ministers and literature said so!

Had we not had some understanding of CULTS and MIND CONTROL ("brainwashing") through our studies, we probably would have dismissed all reality and evidence. Talking directly to prominent DR.'S and MIND CONTROL EXPERTS who work with cult victims throughout the country helped us to discern the facts we learned. It, however, did not diminish the overwhelming feelings of having been so violated and robbed.

Every expert we talked to was well acquainted with the TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR WCG OPERATION which is labeled as a DESTRUCTIVE CULT throughout the country. It is also well known by the professionals WCG is undergoing a NEW THOUGHT REFORM PROGRAM by changing most of its hard-core cult-like doctrines. Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and even the Moonies are doing likewise in efforts to shed the WACO appearance and in efforts to display to the public a more mainstream Christian non-cult cover.

WCG is considered a sophisticated cult in America, which is presently pursuing a NEW THOUGHT REFORM program for several possible reasons, in addition to what was just listed—lack of church growth loss of Income…Plain Truth, is down by the millions. World Tomorrow program viewing is way down and people are more conscious of joining cult-like groups. The usual recruiting methods are not working--personal evangelism must be instituted. People will mainly respond to Christian mainstream Bible interpretation. (We wonder ourselves why anyone would want to invest in all these new doctrines when they can join any Catholic, Protestant, or Lutheran Church for a similar package without the extreme THREE TIER TITHING system and ANTI-PAGAN HOLIDAY addendum. Then again, maybe the tithing system will be removed and replaced by fundraising mandates. We've already learned that many a high level WCG worker is enjoying the Christmas seasons with all the trimmings.)

WCG appears to go through great lengths to show the anti-cult cover. No cost is too great. A special company has even been hired at the cost of many tithing dollars to issue publicity counter-acting cult P.R. The Cult Awareness Network2 receives newspaper articles, courtesy of WCG, regarding other cults, to be placed on file for those who call for help. WCG knows full well that the Cult Awareness Network2 has a healthy file on WCG itself. We find it very interesting to see how WCG uses such reverse psychology tactics when we have been told so often that psychology is SATAN'S WORLD. "All help should come from GOD through FAITH and PRAYER. Leave it all in GOD'S hands." Isn't that how it goes? Mr. Kelly in his "GOD IS" sermon '93 says he doesn't want to be labeled a cult, so changes must be made. But Mr. Kelly doesn't explain what a cult is, or what the criterion for a cult is. He doesn't even tell us WHY so many people call us a cult. We wonder what Mr. Kelly has to hide! If you can look beyond The Worldwide News, Plain Truth and JWT letters, you will see a major duplicity. WHAT YOU DON'T SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

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