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"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,
but rather reprove them." ~Ephesians 5:11


Within two years the Worldwide Church of God (founded by Herbert W. Armstrong) divided its multi-million dollar corporate empire, leaving a myriad of splinter groups and walking wounded in its wake. What caused this highly publicized, destructive group to divide and conquer certain counter-cult apologists? Why have they joined with the ecumenical movement? There are reasons behind the events.

Doctrine has been exploited as a massive propaganda tool by the WCG (GCI), which in turn provides gross distraction to what is actually occurring within the organization and has been used as a way to elicit control and obtain specific behavior from spiritually minded individuals that have paid extreme amounts of money into the organization.

The OIUs look behind the scenes at the real activities and associations pertaining to the "transformation" of the WCG and their New Age agenda.

OIU Newsletters™ FIVE and SIX are detailed reports surrounding the Ecumenical Movement (EC) and the current EC strategy involving the Worldwide Church of God conglomerate. Those interested in researching the "reasons behind the events" and activities of the Worldwide Church of God and its extension groups; i. e., United Church of God, Global Church of God (today the Living Church of God), Philadelphia Church of God, Restored Church of God and other splinters, will find these two Volumes helpful, thought-inspiring and possibly shocking.

These OIUs were written by ESN founder, L. A. Stuhlman and originally snail-mailed to those who requested them. They consist of 184+ pages. A partial linked table of contents is now listed on each volume's first page to make it easier to find info and to know much of what the newsletter contains. A few updates and notes have been inserted in brackets since 2000, plus removal and/or updating of some of the external links.

The OIUs also contain letters received from former members at that time.

NOTE: Please realize that the word "cult" (which was common when these newsletters were written) is used in the context of a totalitarian, deceitful, abusive, and mind-manipulating organization which has caused spiritual, emotional, and psychological harm to those involved.

UPDATE: In April 2009 WCG changed their name to Grace Communion International in the United States. (Some local church areas and countries may still carry the former name or a different one.) Church Multiplication Ministries is a ministry of GCI.

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VOLUME ONE  (Strategies that were implemented; Why a different story was told to outsiders than was taking place inside; Issues regarding psychological and emotional effects; Letters; and much more)

VOLUME TWO (Education as the key to recovery; The great diversion and distraction; The hidden agenda; Myths about cults; The plot was planned; Global Church of God; Power and money; Letters; and much more)

VOLUME THREE (A list of ministers disfellowshipped and ministerial exits; Was there a choice? United Church of God; David Hulme; Divide and conquer; Where did all this change come from? Stories submitted; and much more)

VOLUME FOUR (Info on propaganda and dialectical materialism; Cognitive dissonance; The "historic" Tkachian thought reform program; The pseudo numbers game; The selling of assets and loss of members; Fear; Divide and conquer; The flock scatters; In Transition; Ronald L. Dart; Friends of the Sabbath; and much more)

VOLUME FIVE (Transformed by lies or transformed by truth? Ecumenical movement; The goal of one world religion; Communism is the result [HWA studied Communism; his own words]; The private letters of HWA and Loma Armstrong;; Dignitaries, Leaders share loss of pastor general; Listing of books, ministries; and much more)

VOLUME SIX (The New Age evangelicals hop the bandwagon and "profitize"; Greg Albrecht attends Azusa Pacific University in 1977; The ecumenical web woven by the deceivers; Tkach and Albrecht become partners with ecumenical collaborators; WCG goes public with new agenda; Pasadena's occult history; letters; and much more)

OIU Mission:

  • State the facts
  • Report the true history of the WCG and counter the refashioned lie
  • Provide information that propels questions and critical thinking
  • Report the reasons behind the events
  • Foster accountability of behalf of those posturing as religious ministers or church organizations

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