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Volume TWO. A newsletter of understanding ... Winter `95

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The WCG is a very complicated and sad story. When looking objectively at the whole situation and not getting caught up emotionally in the massive doctrinal distraction, we can clearly see how the Protestant Christian beliefs could be abused to push the old blind sheep to slaughter in efforts to clean out the cage for a different animal. What could have proven to be more clever than to manipulate the people in such a way that they could never fight back. There they are, thousands of them, drifting aimlessly with denial and confusion, many psychologically ill, all financially impaired and most in spiritual paralysis. While Joseph Tkach poses as the beleaguered leader fighting for Christ, he and his handlers build their platform for heroism. The damaged used goods (members) are thrown to the garbage pile to join the thousands of others who preceded them. All under the name of religion and Jesus Christ. What a scam!!!

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." ~Proverbs 29:2

While this newsletter alludes to the massive corruption under the umbrella of religion, no disrespect is intended toward any personal spiritual beliefs of the reader. "Divide and Conquer" has been the WCG/HWA/JWT theme for decades. The truth behind the WCG has never been about "God and Doctrine." Many readers hold respect for HWA and believe that he repented of his doings before his death. The OIU is not about criticizing personal spiritual beliefs. It is our attempt to combine the vast documented facts and apply the extensive WCG history to the current reasons behind the events. While not intending to offend anyone, the facts of the past must be told.

[UPDATE 2005: Since this OIU was written, much more has been uncovered about HWA. See our section: Questioning Herbert W. Armstrong. (Questioning if he told the truth; questioning his fruits, his background, his methods, and his dogma.)]

Resources used for miscellaneous reports include:

Worldwide Newses
Pastor General's Reports
Quest Magazines
Successful Living Magazine
Plain Truths
Current members
Material from Global Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, Church of God International
Several books and articles about cults and psychological trauma
Exited members
Systematic Theology Project
Dear Brethren Letters
Documents from the 1970 era
Testimony letters
Various Sermon tapes
The Bible
Books written about the WCG and HWA

The ESN extends a hardy thank you to all who communicate with the ESN and have sent information, tapes and other misc. materials. Works of darkness and evil must be exposed. The ESN is working, because many are making it work!

"All that's necessary for BAD people to triumph
is for GOOD people to do nothing." ~Norman Schwartzkopf



  1. Ambassador International Cultural Foundation (AICF) canceled.
  2. Ambassador Auditorium canceled the Arts program starting May.
  3. 40 ministers were given retirement packages in the U.S.
  4. 30 ministers scheduled for next few months and 150 by December of `95.
  5. All International subsidies are canceled.
  6. Plain Truth and Youth Magazine canceled to all International areas.
  7. All advertising is discontinued.
  8. Over 50% of editorial staff has been laid off.
  9. The Festival Office has made substantial cutbacks.
  10. Imperial School to be closed by July.
  11. The WCG jet is for sale.
  12. Twenty Faculty in Big Sandy to be laid off at end of school year.
  13. The entire board in Big Sandy is resigning or being asked to resign.
  14. The 1995 feast is questionable; 1996 feast may be canceled
  15. National SEP is canceled. Will now have regional only.
  16. The board of Regents (trustees) exerted their independent authority (as required by the recent accreditation of the A/U) and refused to fire Don Ward, the University President, as Joseph Tkach had instructed them to do.
  17. We understand that the following Evangelists have left the WCG and more are about to be ousted:

Dibar Apartian [NOTE: Dibar Apartian, one of more than 160 WCG ministers disfellowshipped in 1996. He was with Living Church of God when he died on 12-8-10.]
Dr. K. J. Stavrinides (Kyriacos Stavrinides)
Herman Hoeh [UPDATE: Herman Hoeh was with WCG when he died on 11-21-04.]
Dean Wilson [UPDATE: Dean Wilson was with UCG-AIA when he died on 1-11-05.]
Leroy Neff [UPDATE: Leroy Neff was with COGWA when he died on 1-28-14.]
Gene Hogsberg
Gerald Waterhouse [UPDATE: Waterhouse was with UCG-AIA when he died on 9-4-02.]
David Hulme 
Leon Walker
Ralph Helge, Head of Legal Dept.
Colin Adair [UPDATE: Adair was with GCG when he died on 11-15-98.]


62 Ministers
$10 million in income

  1. Pastors in Canada that are near retirement age have been offered a retirement package. To be accepted by Feb. 24, 1995.
  2. Ministers are being offered a severance package, consisting of two weeks salary per every year of employment, which can be given in lump sum, along with reallocation assistance.
  3. Ministerial positions will be reduced to 30-45.
  4. Plain Truth and Youth Magazine is canceled.
  5. Income has dropped by 40%
  6. All remaining ministers must take an immediate 15% cut in salaries and benefits have been removed.
  7. Of the 35 employees in the Vancouver office, 1/3 has been laid off thus far.

Stay tuned with the ESN!

Following, are excerpts from a current letter sent by Evangelist Colin Adair, Coordinator of the Caribbean Region, to recent ex-members.

Following the first two paragraphs of scolding and reprimand for reading literature about the WCG, Colin accuses and assumes the ex-members have "turned their back on God." As he strives to defend the LAWS, it is apparent that he's recruiting for Global.

But let me ask you a question. Is, or was your faith based on Mr. Armstrong or any other human leader? Do you throw out everything you once proved to be right in God's word simply because you may lose respect for a man? My faith is not in any person and doesn't depend on whether or not that person does right or wrong. I have proved the truth from the scriptures and know that God is who He is and that He requires obedience from us as a condition to granting us the gift of eternal life. He has clearly laid out that his commandments are to be kept (including the Sabbath and holy days). That cannot be denied by anyone who studies the scriptures and the teachings and practices of the early church.

So why have you turned on God? You have allowed problems in the church to cause you to deny the faith, or so it seems. I have been in the church 32 years; I have known of problems with people, I have seen things done wrong and people do wrong, but that does not negate the truth of God. As the scripture says, "Let God be true and every man a liar."

I know you did not keep the FOT this year and that you even queried Unleavened Bread earlier in the year. Please think what you are doing. Even if you feel "turned off" from the Church, should this cause you to be turned off from God? You cannot turn your back on God after making your commitment. I urge you to reconsider what path you have been treading these past few months and plead with you not to cast aside the faith you once proved and accepted. You know that my wife and I love both you and the children. We hate to see you turn away from God and embrace this world's ways again. While there may be problems in the Church right now, this shouldn't change our faith in God and what He expects of us. Remember, Satan is the winner here if you allow him to derail your beliefs. He is the author of lies, and anyone who, years after a person's death (Mr. Armstrong), continues to publish a regular journal on him or the present leadership, can only be of Satan.

I hope you will receive this letter as its intended to be--a hand reaching out to someone, from someone who cares.

With Christian Love,

Colin & Margaret Adair

Comment: Colin Adair has functioned as the Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean Islands for several years following his duty as top man in Canada. Has anyone told Colin that guilt-threats--and abuse tactics--are out of vogue these days with the WCG, supposedly? Maybe he should send a copy to his boss. One of Colin's main duties as coordinator is to take frequent flight-island hopping for the soul purpose of collecting cold cash tithes and offerings. Several island ex-members have told us they have never received receipts. One family tried confirming their totals with Pasadena, to no avail. We must question what Colin did with all that money!!!!

Now that the WCG has cut off from all International work, we might see Colin bring all the naïve Island tithers to Global.

What does Achieving World Order have to do with the WCG? 


As individuals stumble out of the limping Worldwide Church of God, they find it takes time to clear their thinking from the anger and confusion to critical and controlled thinking. The search for will and identity is part of the healing process. Most, unknowingly, continue to abide by the "programs" set up in their thinking by the ministers' dogma. Education and recognition of these set programs is the only way of releasing them. For example, some live in a state of panic and become overwhelmed with anxiety attacks that something dreadful will happen to them for leaving "God's Church." Phobias develop. One 24 year old exiter who contacted the ESN explained that he hardly ever left his home because he had a compulsion to watch unfolding events in the news. He had several televisions running simultaneously to enable him to catch all the news stations. He was obsessed with watching the "end time" events unfold, just the way he was programmed to do by the WAT leaders his entire life. Sadly to say, this type of post-WCG behavior is not uncommon. The leaders expect it. Throughout the decades exiters were labeled mentally deranged with satanic spirits in their hearts when they manifested these types of symptoms. The rest of the members were threatened with expulsion from the church and annihilation in the Lake of Fire dare they make contact with the upset or ailing victim.

Because of this type of trauma to the human mind, most exiters are disabled and prevented from piecing together the puzzle of their WCG involvement. Some just repress the whole experience and act as if it never happened (this doesn't work in the long run). Whatever the case, the WCG and its leaders come out ahead.

Prior to the new strategy change, the membership was told to mail all their old reading material into HQ. Shortly after that, they were instructed to discard it in the garbage. Most did what they were told, of course. Those who exit, clear their closets and head to the dumpsites. One exiter told us he had a "burning party." By the time an exiter is strong enough to so some research, he has no literature left. This is one of the reasons why victims do not learn the real WCG story.

Now, what does all this have to do with Achieving World Order? Future OIUs will cover this topic very thoroughly. It is a delicate topic and subject to much criticism and controversy. Some are very quick to label those who dare to verbalize comments on this subject as being paranoid and conspiracy oriented. We'll take our chances with those who are quick to judge and label, we've done our homework!

First, let's take a look at some vital points.

What was the multi-million dollar WCG Gospel that destroyed the lives of many supporters?

"The very thing that is the one and only TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, is to reveal God's Government--the fact that God Rules--the truth of the KINGDOM OF GOD, and secondly, to reveal--preserved in writing for us TODAY--what is to happen "in the latter days"--actually within the next two decades--THIS LAST HALF OF THE 20th CENTURY." (Just what do you mean...KINGDOM of GOD? HWA, 1962) [emp. HWA]

"Jesus Christ's message--His Gospel--was the Kingdom of God--the Government of the living God!" He is coming to set up the GOVERNMENT of GOD and rule all nations with the help of those who have qualified in this life." (What is the TRUE GOSPEL? by Herbert W. Armstrong, 1972)

"But what is a KINGDOM? Primarily, it is a Government--a NATION and the GOVERNMENT which rules it. And especially in this biblical sense, there is the DUEL sense of the NATION including all its subjects or citizens, and the Government by which it is ruled."

"Four things are necessary to constitute a KINGDOM: 1) The territory, with its specific location and definite boundary line, with 2) a KING or Supreme Ruler or governing agent, ruling over 3) SUBJECTS or citizens within that territorial jurisdiction, with 4) LAWS and form of GOVERNMENT. If we leave out any one of these vital requisites, we do not have, and cannot believe, the true Gospel for this time." (What is the TRUE GOSPEL? Re-edited under Joseph Tkach 1988)

The 1991 version of the above listed title modifies the same wording as in the past booklets, except the final paragraph includes the words "salvation for everyone who believes."

1994 Feast Of Tabernacles (FOT) Sermon by Joseph Tkach opens with this paragraph:

"Well, what comes from the 1994 FOT? Another exciting family reunion. A dawning of a NEW AGE, and WONDERFUL WORLD TOMORROW, when the FOT anticipates a worldwide harvest of redemption, a time when the earth is filled with knowledge of the Lord. A time when nature, government, economy, culture will work in harmony in bringing His children to glory and fulfilling our INCREDIBLE HUMAN POTENTIAL." [emp. editor]

Some might say, "So, what's wrong with that?" I guess the answer depends on what you know and how you are looking at the total picture instead of focusing on what may be comfortable. Maybe the following excerpts, taken from the well-publicized WCG 1970 era magazine Quest, will help the skeptics discern. The first issue of the Quest Magazine was called HUMAN POTENTIAL. It was to serve as a "rehearsal issue," published by the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, March/April 1976, Executive Editor, Stan Rader. While all the articles in Quest issues are most revealing to "hidden agendas," we find the article on page 96 of this first issue quite notable. This article called, "Achieving World Order" was written in 1975 by Dr. Nagenda Singh, "Judge of the International Court of Justice at the Hague and widely recognized as a learned and leading exponent of achieving world peace through international law."

This very exposing article elaborates on the necessity of one public order combining every nation.

"Thus a possible method of achieving world order would be to establish the supremacy of one single rule whether theocratic, or political or "ism'ic, [sic] whose writ would run round the world unopposed.

"Another method which has suggested itself to the practical politician is the elimination of war by disarmament."

"Another method suggested by jurists on the elimination of war, the arch enemy of public order, has been to ban war by law."

"Again, the political thinker more than the practical politician has suggested the establishment of a super-state or a supra-national organization for establishing world peace."

"For establishing public order, accepting the municipal analogy of the national state, two basic pillars are necessary: namely, first the existence of a proper law and second the machinery for enforcing it which includes the sanction behind the law. The same prescription applies with equal force to the evolution of international public order."

"The only democratic method which can bring about evolution of public order by installing a proper authority is the agency of an international organization of the universal type. In this direction, the United Nations furnished the true path which can yield results."

"Any concept of authority that does not emanate from an international organization, such as the U.N., would tend to be oppressive and tyrannical. Let us therefore, as citizens of the world, build a better world based on the edifice of an inter-governments international organization like the United Nations, which works on a democratic basis and which merits to be strengthened on all counts in the interests of mankind."


This rehearsal issue of the Quest publication is filled with enlightening articles about brain control issues. Advertised is the WCG booklet entitled "COMING: A NEW AGE."

Is all this coincidental? Did it all happen without a plan? Herbert W. Armstrong attended the first meeting of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945 when the U.N. Charter was signed. In the HWA letter to members November 24, 1967 he boasts how Alger Hiss signed his entry pass into that meeting. [Read it in OIU 5, Pt. 3.]

The story about the real WCG cannot be assumed by a few quotes. However, as we peer closely into this area in the future it will be apparent to those who have ears to hear, that the Gospel of HWA and his empire served many purposes, the least of which was the Bible!


It is dawning, as JWT informs his congregation, but how many really understand its significance? The bookstores hold thousands of NEW AGE books, which deal with all kinds of topics. Many are unaware that the NEW AGE theme is divided into several parts: Government--Religion--and Money. The Globalists are hopeful that these parts will function as ONE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. A few years ago, we never saw the word "Global" written anywhere. Today, it is the most common household word. As America becomes conditioned to the "uniting government" agenda, they become complacent to what is actually unfolding under their eyes in this country. With all the distraction, diversion and propaganda, the public becomes fragmented and superficial, lacking depth in discernment. HWA, and his chief aid Stan Rader (or perhaps we should say, Stan Rader and his chief aid, HWA), understood these matters very well, as we shall see in the future.

The Universal Religion Is Here

Many significant leaders in the Protestant/Evangelical religion are gravely upset over the signing of documents uniting the Catholics and Evangelicals. The Christian Media is rumbling loudly about the repercussions of any unifying attempt. The goal to bring about one Universal Christian Religion becomes more apparent as we observe the Vatican of Rome preparing their statement on unification of Christianity.

All this prepares the way for increased NEW AGE teachings and acceptability. The Christian institutions, cults or sects that don't participate will be shunned and ridiculed.

The facts are extensive about this unifying attempt. The NEW AGE religion concept in incorporated into this whole process. No Christian denomination will be considered without following the guidelines set forth for the unification. The Trinity doctrine is one such guideline.

Many have watched several bible-based cults attempt to mainstream these past several years while modifying their sect's beliefs to coincide with the unifying of Christianity. The WCG is not the only powerful and wealthy organization that has attempted to reform to the guidelines of the Council of Churches.

Bible-based cults have much in common:

  • The cults devise their own religious ideology.
  • They all set up a government and legitimize it by naming it, "God's Government."
  • They institute laws and behavior guidelines, as they twist the Bible Scriptures to verify their commands.
  • They all claim to be the exclusively chosen ones to usher in the soon coming kingdom.
  • The leader locks his victim inside the cult by instilling guilt and fear.
  • He threatens his people with annihilation and obliteration.
  • The leader convinces his weakened prey that it is God speaking through him.
  • They are skilled in using religion as their weapon to enslave a society.

This sounds a bit like the Hitler era, doesn't it? Hitler got millions to love him and follow him. He was the chosen one to head a pure Aryan race to one Kingdom under God.

Cults work toward the goal of:

A Global Society--
One World Order

(The Capitol's motto)
Novus Ordo Seclorum "The New World Order"
(Written on the dollar bill and carved
into the walls of many Washington buildings)

The Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Moonies and others have more in common with the WCG than to have rushed to the WCG's aid during the receivership crises. These mini totalitarian governments create a submissive, passive, docile, obedient, non-thinking or questioning, society under the heading of religion. Is there any wonder why the government allows them to operate under those pretenses?

"The Hitler dictatorship demanded the public's unconditional obedience
and tolerated no criticism or dissent." ~Holocaust Museum

The WCG is making whatever modifications necessary to be in line with the order of things. Once upon a time, Prophecy and prediction was the methodology. As the globalist leaders of the WCG monitored the inner worldly workings with their close associations with specific orders, they forecast the events and neatly tied it to prophecy. Yes, Herbert W. Armstrong's affiliations, behavior, and writings left a legacy to truth, but it wasn't about the Bible.

Herman Hoeh, Gene Hogsberg and Rod Meredith, how well you wrote!

the wheat symbolThe wheat symbol represents the government of the proposed "New World Order." You will find it on many government seals, and money. You will also find it on the WCG seal and emblem. The wheat is part of the lion's tail; it protrudes from the lion's backside and is under the semi circle shaped like a "V."

Suggested introductory research:

Global Unification:
EN ROUTE TO GLOBAL OCCUPATION, by Gary Kah, published by Huntington House.

Proceed with caution

Considerable research material is available in this topic. We caution those who pursue education in this area that much propaganda and disinformation surrounds it. We also stress that some ex-WCGers have embraced their studies to the point of addiction. While the information is valuable and answers many questions to the WCG story, we caution researchers to keep it in perspective

One last comment regarding this topic. Ex-WCGers were part of an organization that fostered secrecy, conspiracies addictions, fear and paranoia. Ex-members can easily carry that learned behavior into any pursuit.


The story isn't over when we finally exit a cult. It is just the beginning. True freedom comes with knowledge and discernment of the REASONS BEHIND THE EVENTS.

"So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; Yea if thou criest after knowledge, and lifteth up thy voice for understanding; If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord giveth wisdom… " ~Proverbs 2 vs. 2-6

Another Sad Suicide

A while back the Ambassador Report printed an ESN request for personal information about WCG suicides. Although we were pleased with the response and caring attitude from those who responded, we were greatly saddened by the many experiences WCG members witnessed.

Many are not aware of how prevalent suicide is among WCG members. Throughout the years the ministry snuffed off any occurrence and made up excuses for the victim. Time and again a minister would stand on the pulpit, many times emotionless, relaying a death of a member, deacon, or a fellow minister. Without details about the death it was usually labeled as cause unknown at this time. Often, the members would excuse the incident by a simple statement such as, "Well, he'll be raised first in the Kingdom." Or, "It's OK, he's now sound asleep." Statements such as these can tend to induce emptiness within the heart, such as a coldness. Many will recall the WCG training on how to make decisions with the brain, as "the heart is deceitful in all its ways." That constant training hinders the lives of the people who practice it. As emotions become repressed, feelings subside; they become buried beneath cold, hard exteriors. After a while, one can no longer feel love, let alone receive it. Nothing matters anymore. The thinking pattern starts a downward spiral fall. One's entire life becomes infected with a depressed mental state. It doesn't take long for hope and enthusiasm to die in the heart. When one takes on the personality of the environment, it becomes an infectious disease.

We can think back to the past and remember how in the church, good people often seemed non-caring or "loveless" as many term it. The behavior we practice affects the heart and the mind. Negative behavior will produce negative results.

There are many solid reasons why the WCG suicide rate seems so high. One commits suicide because he has no hope left. Many who were able to escape from the WCG clutches know the depths of depression, the feelings of failure and anger so intense it drains all life out of the body. It takes some strength and willingness to get started on the road to recovery. The victims who have lost their will to the WCG pick the only alternative they see, and that is death.

Pages could be written about this phenomenon and its relationship to the Worldwide Church of God. In the future we will take a closer look at this tragic problem. Meanwhile, we must take this issue to our hearts and care about those who have lost the fight for continuance in life. We, who remain behind, must represent those who have succumbed to the victimization.

Mr. Ronald Howe committed suicide in early Feb. by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. He leaves behind his wife, Joy, and children. Mr. Howe was well known in Canada as he served in many areas. He also served as Pastor in Alabama, San Antonio, TX and associate Pastor in Pasadena. More recently, he pastored the Oakland Church. Many members and ministers knew Mr. Howe well for many years.

The suicide victims become the forgotten chosen ones, very quickly in the minds of their fellow church members. Prior to my personal exit from the WCG, a 30-year-old woman in the local area took her life from an overdose of pills. She was a true believer and dedicated her life to the laws of the leaders. Because of the church teachings, she had lost her family and had no friends on the outside. She died a lonely death. After investigating the true cause of her death on my own, I was shocked to find she was buried with no gravestone. There she lay as if she never existed. A friend and I collected $350.00 from the local members by personally approaching them and letting them know the circumstances. Today she has a stone which celebrates her having once lived in this life, if for no other reason than to die. The occasion commemorated our final good-by to the WCG.

"To Save One Life Is To Save the World Entire"
This quote is taken from the Torah, and was etched into the ring given to Conrad Schindler of the true story, "Schindler's List," by the ones he saved from the inferno ignited by Hitler.

A Personal Note To Our Readers

As this OIU is a Special Report, it does not include the regular features, such as Therapeutically Speaking, News To Use and Cult-Cuts. Another issue is planned for mailing by early spring and will include the regular features plus the following topics that were cut from this issue due to length restraints. Articles include:

  • Why do members "hang on" to the WCG?
  • The Earl Williams Story
  • Helping others exit--sorting out spiritual matters
  • Crime and deception in Ministries--Christian Research Institute update
  • The real tithing and Sabbath issue
  • The history of Herman Hoeh and the WCG

Much time and research is applied to the entire ESN endeavor. Our expenses for postage, printing, telephone and office supplies is extensive and we need your help, please. We must rely on donations to help defray the costs. Please help the ESN to continue to expose the evil works while it offers guidance and support to exiters and their families. We cannot grow in strength without your help. It has taken great personal sacrifice to see this through, and I hope you will consider participating with the best of your ability.

Thank you,
The ESN gang

From Our Mailbag:

We thank you for your correspondence and look forward to hearing from you often. Our apologies for not being able to respond to all your letters.

Excerpts from our files:

I was a member of the WCG for 6 years, and the damage done to my life was most destructive. What is even more disturbing is that many of the experts in the Christian community have endorsed the WCG as truly "orthodox". They seem to have bought into this "LIE". Also, it seems to be the theme these days to get on the "right side." Armstrongism was definitely not the wave of the future, but evangelism is. (Canada)

My grandmother is really struggling with depression at this point and dealing with the reality that for 30 years she has been "wasting her life" in a cult. She has many regrets and disillusionment. I'm trying to encourage her. It is sad when this happens at her stage in life (she's 78). (S. Carolina)

We heard there are two "pilot churches" out in California, which are meeting on Sunday. Have you heard anything about this? (N. Carolina)

Only rumblings, but not confirmed facts. It would certainly make sense and fit into the scheme of things.

What is going on? I can't believe all this madness in the WCG! Please send me everything you have, so I can sort this out. (Texas)

Asimismo, llevo diez anos dedicandome al tema de las Sectas Religiosas Destructivas en mi pais, a nivel de psicolgia clinica. Por tanto, el dirgirme a ustedes es debido a que estaria sumamente interesado en recibir informacion, documentacion, publicaciones, investigaciones, etc., ustedes tengan o editen sobre el tema las Sectas Destructivas o Sectas Religiosas Destructivas. (Canary Islands)

Translation: Help! Send me everything!

Any good that HWA ever preached had to come from someone else. The strange thing is how did someone so evil even recognize anything good? (Missouri)

The minister in our church area is requesting everyone to bring in all their pennies from the previous week. After services the members get together and make penny rolls. Isn't that something? (Alabama)

Finally, the ministers in our area are allowing the members to seek psychological help if it is absolutely necessary. This is a big improvement over the past when all outside church help was satanic. The only problem with this change is that the member must first go to the minister and counsel with him. Then, if the minister agrees that help is needed, they must agree to see who the minister recommends. The reason for this is because the minister has already interviewed several in the health field and is only allowing those professionals who promise not to steer members away from the church, to see the members as patients. (Canada)

Run for your life!

What has happened to all the artwork that HWA purchased? I'm told it is worth millions of dollars? Is the church going to sell it? Do the present members realize they have been robbed? (California)

Good sources have told us that the massive multi-million dollar art collection remains in a large guarded private room in Pasadena. This artwork was all purchased with tithes and offering money. The question should be, "Who owns it?" You'll have to ask the members if they think they've been robbed. It doesn't look like the leaders are attempting to unload the artwork any time soon as they are currently repairing the expensive de-humidifier. (That costs money too!) [UPDATE: Read about how WCG auctioned off HWA's treasures to Gerald Flurry of Philadelphia Church of God.]

Joe's consistent blame upon the people for such misunderstanding is so disturbing to me. According to his thinking, if I had lost a job, a loved one (because of misinterpretation of healing doctrine), or have gone financially bankrupt, then that would be considered honorable to God??? I cannot accept that twisted concept. It is simply stupid and most dishonorable to God. I don't know any historic mainstream denomination (as far as I know) that teaches the kind of New Covenant the way JWT is. If there is, I'd surely like to know. They may be closer to the Roman Catholic Church than to Protestants...plus their own exclusive extras like the Holy Days and the Sabbath. Very similar to what Herbert W. Armstrong did, somewhat of an "Eclectic" religion, all homogenized into a distorted perverted form of Christianity and totally false. (New Britain)

Now the WCG is going back to a "sort of" Protestant viewpoint?? What is the reason?? So the leaders see what is coming about in the country and the world? That is, global unification and one world religion? Are the WCG leaders trying to blend in? Be a part of the effort going on now to unite the churches? Are they joining up with Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and numbers of others working behind the scenes to unite the churches--perhaps under the Pope? (Missouri)

This church has been one of the worst experiences of my life and I think I can speak for my family as well. I truly understand what the meaning of a destructive cult is. (United States)

We have many letters to share and will strive to print more in the next OIU.


There would not be a ESN available to aid the victims of the WCG abuses if it were not for the many individuals that devote their time, energy and love toward helping the ones left behind. Special thanks for your letters, suggestions, input and prayers. We can make a difference if enough of people care.

Exit & Support Network™

Till next time, keep strong.
L. A. Stuhlman, Editor    

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