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So was there a PLAN to DIVIDE and CONQUER
the Worldwide Church of God?

If you were to quiz a member during the 1970s or 1980s about his reasons for remaining in the WCG, you would have probably been told it was because it was God's one true church and that Christ was coming "in your lifetime." This theme surrounded mountainous amounts of prophecy predictions, which provided the spiritual drug necessary to keep the obedient membership motivated and close to the vine. This wasn't just any prophecy-it was PROPHECY! Many forget its importance associated with each decision a given member would make. It was PROPHECY that determined everyone's future, be it the Kingdom or Lake of Fire. The common teaching was that one third of the Bible consisted of PROPHECY and the only person who had the code was Herbert W. Armstrong. The Armstrong spin with PROPHECY inspired members to adhere to the strict obedient demands termed as God's Laws.

Why was PROPHECY such a successful tool for the WCG system? Here lies another topic respectful of much space; however, for now, let's look at how PROPHECY (future telling) works on the spiritual minded. Taking the example from 1972, WCG old timers will recall how HWA prophesied that the end of the age was going to occur. The years building toward this event inspired thousands to give every available penny to HWA and to God's earthly headquarters. Thousands had their luggage packed and ready to run at the ministers' call. The ESN has files of letters and personal stories from those who were caught in the web of deception. Heart wrenching words depict stories of times when one would do anything to be counted worthy of the great escape to safety. The many PROPHECIES were delivered by scripted words and flagrant pictures describing torturous events. The WCG publications consisted of riveting pictures and stories about weather calamities, nuclear wars, crime, disease, death and mass destruction. All this "fear tactic" advertising coincided with society's fears surrounding the "cold war" era. The WCG message clearly capitalized on despicable, traumatic "soon coming" events. The big question for members, or those lured into the WCG's teachings, was, "Will you be worthy to escape the pending fiery Tribulation?" The answer is found throughout the WCG archive of propaganda books, reprints, tapes and articles.


[NOTE: This part equally applies to the fear methods that are being used in all authoritarian, exploitive offshoots and splinter groups of WCG.]

The psychological base that placed WCG adherents into traumatized states was fear. Once a member was successfully entrenched into the fear indoctrination, that member became the property of the controllers. The syndrome became a "Catch 22" situation. All other teachings were anchored on the great escape from the dreadful, fiery, Great Tribulation that was to occur "in your lifetime."

Professionals call this manipulation "fear phobia induction." Once one is fear phobic, one becomes submissive to authority or events. For some, the trauma is so paralyzing it causes dissociative disorders. As mentioned above, dissociative disorders cause one to "trance out" once the trauma becomes too frightening or unbearable. This same syndrome is often observed with victims of physical or sexual abuse. The victim is under constant infliction, but lives in a state of denial. The overwhelming fears become compartmentalized as one functions in a state of cognitive dissonance. [UPDATE: Also read: What do I do about phobias? (Q&A)]

It is difficult for many to comprehend that their leaders actually intentionally initiated these techniques and were very skilled in psychology and behaviorism. How, many wonder, could a man not be deathly fearful of using such deception under the name of Jesus Christ and God? This naïveté comes from the repression of education or critical thinking fostered within the system. The very things the members were prohibited from learning or doing, were exactly what the "leaders" engaged in. While Joe Tkach, Jr., and the rest of the Tkachians were preaching against evil, satanic psychology, they were actively obtaining higher degrees in the very art they labeled satanic. While the member focused on obedience, God's great ministers were increasing their intellect on psychological theories and studies of human behavior. Only the educated are in tune with the Skinner box experiments, hypnotism techniques and latest developments with human brain conditioning. [Refer to the book, Snapping: America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change] Ministers received free (paid by tithe and offerings) university education to hone their skills in all these areas.

This scenario is indicative of how the entire system has been managed. The little members have been constantly kept off balance with phobic induction, distractions, propaganda, abuse and multi-faceted techniques of mind-control. Meanwhile, the controllers of the conglomerate are busy little beavers orchestrating their carefully contrived agenda and goals.

Church members from the early 1980s will recall the revival of strict obedience enhanced by The Incredible Human Potential and Mystery of the Ages publications. By 1990, the WCG members were heavily drugged with the large dose of PROPHECY in every form. The Good News and support publications, along with weekly injections of "sermon," instilled the twisted PROPHECY repeatedly into the already fearful minds. It certainly was "a people made ready," as Tkach, Sr. often quoted. The 1980 WCG membership was brutally traumatized with carefully administered psychological techniques of mind control that prepared the docile, submissive people for the Tkachian THOUGHT-REFORM program.20 By the time 1995 arrived, the Worldwide people were so traumatized they didn't know what hit them, which is the precisely why one often hears a WCGer say, "Nothing's really changed."

The Tkachian controllers may not have planned to take their "new doctrinal stance" to the current level of speaking in tongues, hand waving and high-level emotionalism. They did, however, fully plan on doing away with the Worldwide Church of God as it was reputed for all its history. The famous Five-Year Plan consisted of making whatever changes were necessary to carry on the "hidden agenda" under the guise of a church. Armstrongism was no longer a product that recruited members. There may have been 30,000 supporters prior to 1995, but those supporters were more of a financial drain for the WCG than a financial investment, due to the cost of carrying the local churches. While the duality of WCG agenda during 1970s-1980s supported the costs of carrying local churches, things changed by the 1990s. Considering the lavish expenses relating to salaried ministers (including housing and perks to boot) all the tithes and offerings of a given local area could not support the expense. Local churches operated in the red-always. Headquarters kept most all offertory/tithe money distributing the wealth into the physical empire and silk-lined pockets of worldly men with titles, not the local churches. So, even though each local area had faithful tithing members, compared with the millions needed to support the WCG machine and agenda, the members' offerings were nominal and unable to support the hidden empire. If there were hope of turning the physical "organization" into a profitable business, gain acceptance by the Christian community, expand the newly formed WCG or Plain Truth Ministries (PTM) for profit producing marketing of tapes, videos, music and publications, the controllers had to Stalinize Armstrongism (revise history without HWA in the picture) and manipulate a complete revision of its history in the eye of the public. That is exactly what the WCG has done.

The manipulative association with the Billy Graham evangelistic organization literally aligned the perpetrators with credibility distracting the public from learning the real history behind the waste, fraud, abuse and corruption of every degree.

It is vital to note here that 1993 marked the twenty-year anniversary regarding corrupt doctrinal exposure. To a minuscule member, it's almost impossible to conceive that Joe Tkach, Sr. and Jr., Greg Albrecht, Tom Lapacka, Mike Feazell, David Hulme, Herman Hoeh, Ron Kelly, Dean Blackwell, Rod Meredith, Victor Kubic and the other men who worked under them (too numerous to mention here), deceitfully stole money under layers of lies and pretenses starting around the late 1960s. Why can we call these men liars? Unlike the controlled members, these men knew the massive WCG doctrinal challenge brought forth in the early 1970s. They knew they were stealing tithes and offerings without merit! They knew about the rotten corruption on every level. And, with all their knowledge they continued to repress and abuse the members as they intentionally filled their fraudulent, greedy pockets with self-gratification. They are perpetrators of religious fraud skilled with ability to exploit the (religious) loopholes of the Constitution. Remember--all of these men knew what occurred in the 1970s. Every current publication issued from the main COGs distort the truths of the past while the writers and thieves continue to disguise themselves in sheep's clothing, as they intentionally deceive, use and abuse God's children!

The Tkachians often use the excuse that they had nothing to do with the wrongs of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is they who grew up in this organization, attended the Imperial school system, attended Bricket Wood and Pasadena and became witnesses to the pivotal events of the 1970 era. These mavericks, now in their forties and fifties, were well into their twenties when their mentors and parents wore the crowns as they sat on the thrones of the Armstrong kingdom.21

Secrets and Lies… will forever be used as the red carpet approach to change; the cult's perpetrators use this format as they manipulate their way through their next power and wealth agendum. Why? For the most part, they go unchallenged. They have successfully embedded trauma programming so deeply into the minds of their victims, few survivors are left with any strength to research and investigate this great hypocrisy. Once someone escapes the clutches of the perpetrators, they must draw on their remaining reserve of spiritual and psychological strength to just survive.  

The Godfather Buys A New Bride

David Hulme is one character that could write volumes on the dual agenda. It was he who made the initial contacts with the "outside Christian cult watchers" as early as 1988. Some mistakenly equate Tkach, Sr. as a the main initiator of secret meetings with the "Christian counter cult organizations." That is not the fact! David Hulme was in the forefront with the PR campaign and was assisted by Michael Snyder. [Note by ESN: Radio interview with Michael Snyder, December 13, 1990, WMUZ, Detroit (tape with ESN), shows proof that David Hulme did not reveal all the truth in his resignation letter and was a principal architect with WCG's "transformation" behind members' backs.] The planning committee was tightly organized by Joe Jr.; Mike Feazell; Greg Albrecht and Tom Lapacka. There were others with significant roles such as Victor Kubik, Dean Blackwell, Joe Locke and Herman Hoeh, but these fellows remained in the background. David Hulme's cunning personality won the "heart" of Ruth Tucker by the late 1980s. Hulme and Tucker became close friends as they worked together on the WCG doctrinal committee. Ruth Tucker must have felt quite wooed by the impressive TV evangelist pleading for her assistance to discern the Bible. Readers should review David Hulme's role in the WCG double agenda in past OIUs.22 It wasn't long after Hulme's cozy relationship with Ruth Tucker was initiated that her face was featured in The Plain Truth with an interview article dealing with women and abuse. Coinciding with the Five-Year Plan strategy, Hulme, Joe Jr., Feazell and the rest of the task force repeatedly initiated propaganda meetings with the publishing anti-cult evangelical arena.23 The task force stretched out to anyone of significance that would eventually affect the "big picture." Seventh Day Church of God, Seventh-day Adventists and Pentecostal groups were among the long list targeted with the propaganda, "we're not a cult anymore" campaign. The astounding aspect to the real secret Five-Year Plan was that the entire membership was told nothing about the maneuvers taking place with the men in charge of the multi-millions. The subtle modifications to HWA's eighteen truths were positioned carefully and tucked under the increased pressure of obedience to the WCG Law. Few members were affected by Gerald Flurry's departure and fewer were concerned over those who suddenly fell away from the truth. By 1993, Ron Kelly, Joe Jr., Feazell, Blackwell and Hoeh introduced new ideas that were billed as new truths straight from God to Tkach. A total babble of spin is how one terms the delivery of the so-called new truths. Contradictions and duplicity monopolized every "headquarters" sermon. The best of the bunch award for spin control is awarded to Keriokus Savrenites for his famous rendition of "The Nature (Spin) Of God." Joe Jr. receives honorable mention for his series of sermons surrounding sinful self-esteem, wrongful use of emotions and the evils of psychology. [NOTE: Tkach, Jr. is known to have a degree in psychology and was formerly a social worker.]

By 1994, the counter cult coalition who befriended the WCG cult leaders began fluffing their own peacock feathers with confidence as they began jockeying for notoriety among themselves as to who was going to get the publicity and credit for bringing the Armstrong cult to "Christ." Individuals or ministries such as Lorri MacGregor, Ruth Tucker, Mark Kellner, Watchmen Fellowship and Christianity Today joined the race to publish their own personal renditions of the Armstrong cult in transition. The reader may recall HWA often alluding to duality. What most failed to recognize is that the duality of the entire organization mimicked the split personality-the insiders and the outsiders. The secrecy measures kept the right hand from knowing what the left hand was doing at all times. While the Tkachians increased programming techniques through cognitive dissonance and reaffirmed the Armstrongism (all laced with lots of fear and guilt) with the members, the very same ringleaders were claiming the opposite strategy to their new publishing friends in the Evangelical arena!

One cannot jump in at the end of the Worldwide Church of God movie and get the theme of the picture. Nor can one discern the whole book from reading the first sentence of each paragraph. The controllers have a great advantage because few are in the know, thanks to the mind-control, manipulation and slick psychological methods inflicted on the unsuspecting. The awareness of the incredible chronology is essential to understanding the reasons behind the plethora of events that have occurred these past eight years. Those indoctrinated into the WCG system are at a grave disadvantage as their critical thinking skills have been repressed and replaced with embedded commands such as: "God's in Charge-don't question." Or: "Anger is of Satan and it is bitterness." No loyal insider escaped the embedded indoctrination that continues to mentally inhibit or paralyze those once targeted. No matter what one's personal religious belief is, if one is affiliated with the WCG indoctrination regime, or remains affiliated with the extension groups that still practice the deceptive mind manipulating techniques, he/she is part of another undefined group--the walking wounded.24

"The Little Rascals" featuring "Hanky and Spanky")

Some may be wondering why Hank Hanegraaff and Christian Research Institute have not been mentioned yet. Hanegraaff's part in the WCG spiritual fraud warrants special attention and is deserving of its own section and title. The ESN offers considerable reports on the Hank Hanegraaff story that unfolded over the past three years. The ESN, through its investigative research, exposed the inner workings of Hank and his affiliation with the Tkachians. The ESN research was documented as early as January 1994 and was in the forefront of exposing the deceitful shenanigans going on behind the scenes. As in other areas of our investigative research, a few propagandist opportunists used our work to write their reports and claimed it as their own investigative work. They, too, will be exposed in due time for what they are.

While the title Hanky and Spanky may spur a chuckle for some, it is not meant to remove the seriousness of what prevailed between these two "religiocrats" throughout 1995-96. When one observes and reviews the deception and manipulation that occurred at the expense of those spiritually and financially victimized, more unchristian terms of expressive quality come to mind. But, for sake of respect for the reader, Hanky and Spanky should depict the image in the likeness of their behavior. Spanky, as you recall, was the Little Rascal always conjuring up plots and often looking a little dumb by the end of the flick because his plotting failed or backfired. The duality of the Hank and Tkach story, although serious, lends itself to the Little Rascal theme. Spanky is Joe, and Hanky… Well, he's a new (age) character.

CRI Story

Those who have followed the CRI story for the past several years have been most entertained by its main character, Hank Hanegraaff. Christian Research Institute (CRI) gained a solid reputation under the direction of its founder, Walter Martin. Following Martin's sudden death on June 26, 1989, Hank assumed the role as president of CRI. Hank's takeover of CRI is shrouded in deception, prompting grave questions about Hank's history and motive. As a newcomer to CRI shortly before Martin's death, Hank suddenly moved his way to the top bypassing other commendable CRI employees who would have been more appropriate for the job. This sudden climb to the "big boss" position might deem appropriate had Hank had credentials for the position. Hank's background includes experience as Sears (washing machine?) salesmen in Florida. Despite what some may think, Hank had no ministerial credentials, no proper theology education and a questionable education history. Whatever qualified Hank for the position of the Bible Answer Man is anyone's guess, and how in the world Hank wiggled his way into the Presidential position of CRI is beyond comprehension. Guess you have to live in Southern California to understand! [UPDATE: Christian Research Institute, is also known as Christian Research International. They re-located to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2005, with an affiliate (CRI Canada) in Calgary, Alberta.]

Within a few years, Hank's real personality and behavior permeated the staff at CRI, causing a major uproar with the employees and leading to a lawsuit confronting the massive corruption surrounding Hank. Hank was charged with a gamut of allegations relating to stealing, plagiarizing, abuse of almost every degree, added to the lawsuit were violations of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

[UPDATE: It has been alleged that The Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA) purports to work on behalf of the donor but in reality exists for the spenders. Read: To Whom Is ECFA Accountable?]

There seems to be no end to the deception and manipulations with Hanegraaff. The ESN has ample documentation on Hank Hanegraaff's alleged abuses and corruption. Past OIUs and special reports have gone into greater detail about this CRI impostor. How uncanny that the highly publicized counter cult publishing organization was being run by a character whose style adulates the best of the cult leaders. One person described Hank's style as a Billy Sunday and Herbert W. Armstrong combination. After meeting him in person, we totally agree, but Hank's mentors had a far better command of the English language.

Hank's pseudo identity became exposed in 1993-94. His aberrant managing style left more than twenty-four employees screaming about his severe abuse. Testimonies point to his shouting authority, unchristian manipulations and blatant deceptions against his followers and employees.

The ESN started an investigative research project on Hank in April on 1994. We were lucky to have been "in the know" about Hanky's inner workings early on before he and Joe went pubic with the propaganda and deception campaign following the death of Tkach, Sr. The latest we've heard about the CRI is that original employees, with the exception of about three, have left CRI through being fired or through forced resignation. Sound familiar? Hank's corruption exposure forced many in the Christian community to lose respect for him.25 By 1995 CRI's reputation was worthless in the eyes of many. Anyone of merit or knowledge of his corruption involvement dissociated themselves from the organization. Among those who have departed is Paul Carden. Paul was previously in charge of the international work for CRI and was often heard on the Bible Answer Man radio broadcast.

CRI Asks ESN For Help

In April of 1994, Paul called the ESN out of a desperate attempt to gather information for a meeting he was having in Pasadena that morning. You can imagine how surprised we were to learn that CRI would agree to meeting with Joe, Mike and Greg, without any preparation. Paul confirmed that the CRI had no WCG materials on hand other than a few old booklets from the past. He was most grateful for our assistance as he jotted down at least fifteen questions to ask the cult leaders. Paul was anxious that day and very unprepared for a meeting with the skilled con artists. He promised he would call the ESN that afternoon with a follow-up from the meeting, but didn't. A week later the ESN spoke with his assistant and was told the meeting went well. Paul's avoidance of the ESN was a red flag that prompted us to scrutinize Hank Hanegraaff and CRI. Our thorough research has been praised by many and has assisted others who would have been manipulated by this charlatan. The ESN carries files of letters from many WCG exiters who reached out to CRI and requested assistance from Hank. Letter after letter went ignored by Hank, as he consummated his newly formed friendship with the cult's leaders. Why, you ask? Many wondered how Hank Hanegraaff could get sucked into the lies of the cult's leaders. Well readers, Hank didn't get sucked into anything; as we have said in the past, Hanky and Spanky are two peas in a big pod. Hank's widespread corruption exposure might have removed Hank from the WCG eye throughout 1994-95, but Tkach, Sr. wasn't cold in the ground before Hank reared his face to the WCGers for a grand appearance. The October 1995 WWN displays the first of many PR pictures with Hanky and Spanky doing their thing. Tkach, Sr. had little knowledge of Spanky's games with Hanky. It is unclear at this time who initiated the Hanky Spanky team, but we do know the marriage is self-serving on both parts. Hanky's failure in managing the CRI created a considerable loss of income and reputation for the evangelical counter-cult ministry. It was a downhill battle for CRI to hold together, following the damage from Hanky's managerial deception. Following the published picture in The Worldwide News of Hanky and Spanky hugging at Tkach, Sr.'s grave site, [WN, 10-3-95, pg. 8] Hanky started an all out Public Relations (war) campaign about the Worldwide Church of God no longer being a cult, but having embraced "true Christianity." Hanky became the official spokesman for the historic WCG cult turned church. Hank proudly picked up where David Hulme left off. What a commendable replacement for Public Relations man, David Hulme. And what a good job Hanky did. Week after week Hanky used the radio show to propagandize how the wonderful "historic" Worldwide Church of God had turned to God while he credited himself as the one responsible for such an historic accomplishment. Even more laughable, are the carefully crafted letters to his readers blowing his own horn and begging for handouts (donations) so he (the hypocrite) could continue to witness to the "cults and the occult"!

Spanky pays Hanky BIG $$$ for the PR propaganda

Hanky's new WCG PR job gave him the money-producing product he needed, following the mess he made of CRI the previous years. We've learned that Hanky is well paid by Spanky and the gang. Not only did Hanky financially capitalize on all the WCG propaganda, but also Hanky is paid as a Consultant for his appearances that help dupe the public into the big lie. The ongoing WCG financial perks filling the pockets of Hanky must be sizable, as Spanky could not have performed such propaganda hypocrisy without the aid of Hanky. It takes a pro and a big mouth to spread disinformation throughout the land. Hanky must be worth his weight in gold. It's doubtful that those who incorporated the Hanegraaff lies and manipulations knew that Hanegraaff was being paid deceitful bucks from the cult to propagate the good news. Hanky and Spanky needed each other and served each other well. As usual, the propagandists' deceivers and controllers are the winners, and the losers are those caught in the web of despicable, sociopathic, religiously cloned deceit! The CRI counter-cult--cult leader and the WCG cult leader say it best when they call themselves--brothers!

In the words of Hanky Hanegraaff in his monthly money-begging appeal letter to: Co- laborers in Christ:

"As I extended my arms and embraced Joseph Tkach, Jr. at his father's funeral, comforting him in his great loss and encouraging him in the hope of the resurrection for all those who belong to Christ, I couldn't help but feel that Walter Martin, in another place [that's heaven folks], was extending the same embrace to Joseph Tkach, Sr."

"While the support of friends like you is making possible an unprecedented harvest today, I am absolutely convinced that "we ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Ain't that the truth!!!

The following lists some of the Hanky and Spanky propaganda that has taken place since the death of Tkach, Sr. (Dad):

  • Hanegraaff's attendance at Tkach, Sr. Funeral.
  • Hanegraaff's many letters to his followers about the WCG's historic transition.
  • Hanegraaff's many meetings and activities with Jr. and Albrecht.
  • Hanegraaff's frequent visits to Big Sandy campus for undisclosed reasons.
  • The Tkachians join Hanegraaff on the Bible Answer Man show in January (Dec. 1996 and Feb. 1997).
  • Glowing articles in the WWN about Hank Hanegraaff.
  • Glowing articles in the Christian Research Journal about the WCG and Joe Jr.
  • One of the most pathetic attempts with Hank's WCG money grabbing schemes was his telemarketing scam. We received reports from several currently on Hank's mailing list about calls they received from CRI.
  • Apparently, the recipients picked up their phone to a tape recorded one minute boast session by none other than Hank himself. After Hank's big pitch about how he brought the Worldwide Church of God to Christ, he begged the listeners for a $40.00 minimum donation.

As the Little Rascals continue to be exposed, the more sinister agenda continues to surface. Hank remains under fire by many in the Evangelical arena not only for his immoral behavior, but also because of his ecumenical associations and propensity toward "Catholicism." It turns out Hanky has much in common with the New Age. His plushy job purporting his "historic views" on anything and everything gives Hanky the MO to market a wide variety of slick sales tactics to the unsuspecting to inspire donations into his pocket. He'll even take your stocks and bonds and stack the "CRI" portfolio. Hold on to your hat and money and stay tuned--these Little Rascals have only just begun.26

If you want to use the Internet to learn more about Hanky and his schemes, just type CRIsis, or his name, in the search engines and tune into all the web pages exposing the real Hank!27

[UPDATE: CRI: "A bastion for orthodoxy" (exposé report on Christian Research Institute) [offsite article]

What is Armstrongism?

The word Armstrongism was coined during the initial counter-cult movement starting in the late 1960s. The intense scrutiny from cult-watchers-secular or evangelical-summed up the WCG behavior and theology with this one word. Armstrongism explained the teachings of Herbert Armstrong, Herman Hoeh, Rod Meredith and other old timers who devised the Armstrong package. Most actual teachings, commonly referred to as God's way, was largely derived from many other religious institutions such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Pentecostals, Seventh-day Adventists, Mormons, Quakers, Judaism and so forth. The WCG was confronted on many occasions for plagiarizing doctrines, writings and teachings, while claiming them exclusive. The British Israel (BI) teaching started penetrating the United States when the Ku Klux Klan adopted it as one of its prime "biblical" doctrines to verify that the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) was actually doing God's work. As BI gathered popularity in the Protestant arena starting in the 1930s, its understanding was refashioned several times over. Of late, it is popularly known as the Identity Movement.

The OIU often uses the term Armstrongism to describe the "teachings" and evolution of the teaching of the Armstrong organization. The error remains when Herbert W. Armstrong is hailed as being the originator of specific Biblical teachings he espoused. For instance, the doctrine of the God Family comes directly from the Mormon church, which he may have adopted from Freemasonry earlier on. Each and every specific teaching had a foundation prior to Herbert Armstrong marketing or packaging it as—his.

[UPDATE: For more on the origins of HWA's doctrines read: Herbert W. Armstrong's Religious Roots and ESN article: Mystery of the Ages (a critical review)]

The HWA teachings or "doctrine" was often used as an authoritarian device to control the membership. The system of new truths, which HWA claimed were given to him directly by God, was, in fact, a package that complemented the totalitarian regime and other agenda, which he headed. Here again lies a duality or duplicity.

Those questioning doctrine need to explore the origins and evolution of Seventh-day Adventism, Freemasonry, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Catholic dynasty.

It is often said, "Separate the message from the messenger." At times this is most helpful; however, with the incredible deception that has been bestowed upon all those who espouse the message once delivered, one should start looking deeper into what was taught then and what is being taught today by their respective minister. More often than not, it is old Armstrongism rehashed over and over and over again for the same (incredulous) purpose it was packaged in the first place. And that has nothing to do with truth.

The OIU respects personal beliefs, but will expound on specific teachings when appropriate to demonstrate the destruction and deception caused by the belief or behavior. I am thankful for the opportunity to have the acquaintances of many Independent ministers who, while continuing to teach many tenants taught from their Armstrong experience, have through research and study, explored the origins of these teachings and have moved away from the paradigm once delivered.

The ESN takes the position of strong exploration into the genealogy of religious groups and the difference between organizations and church. More on this in the future.  One famous ESN quote is, "The story is not about doctrine."

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