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When Prophecy Fails

The OIU Volume THREE detailed the chronology of events that occurred starting from December 1995 with the departing of the United Church of God, an International Association (UCG) from its mother, the Worldwide Church of God. The OIU carefully documented the events and highlighted key characters involved in the setting up of the UCG. A 300-page Document Package supporting the OIU was made available for those who requested it. A future COP-AID investigative and research report will offer a biography of the men controlling the main extension groups and will expose many of the sinister or dual workings that have occurred behind the scenes. There is no question in the minds of those who have investigated the total unfolding of events, that the United Church of God was uniquely orchestrated and contrived. The plan that manipulated and captured WCG members was targeted to those prone to adhering to the Armstrong doctrines--without question. You may recall, shortly following the traumatic Tkach video series there was a barrage of rumors, disinformation, propaganda, and blatant lie--following lie--following contradictions--about everything from tithing woes to ministerial defections. All this sudden confusion was swiftly targeted toward the same members suffering traumatic affects following Pastor General Joseph W. Tkach's New Covenant sermon.

With the passing of time, more individuals are realizing that the United Church of God, spearheaded by David Hulme, was not an innocent defection from the naughty mother-church, but rather an intentional deceptive development to manipulate the 50% membership that would continue to adhere to Armstrongism. With approximately 35,000 members on the WCG roster pre-1995, it took about eight weeks to usher 17,000 of them over to the "United Way." David Hulme, one of the main architects if the WCG divide (and Ruth Tucker's chummy friend), was awarded the title of leader (Pharaoh) of the United COG pyramid shortly after sudden doctrinal panic

By July, the WCG "operation Divide and Conquer was accomplished. Any local WCG church that could carry at least 50% of their membership into the UCG was carefully and timely shuffled into the new WCG clone (UCG) with the aid of the local minister. The Tkachians continued inflicting the psychological trauma on church membership with the continued doctrinal contradiction and dis-conformation. As the dedicated members (victims) were dissociating through cognitive dissonance caused by the deceptive scrambling programming,28 the Tkachians continued traumatizing the flock with the careful division and fragmentation plans for dismantling the sixty-year old organization.

The slick leaders knew full well they would succeed with their plans years before carrying out the event. The facts cannot be distorted through careful scrutiny of the events despite the revision attempts by those involved in the deception. As one person stated it well, "The fact that they lied and lied and lied is proof enough for me that the leaders from the WCG and UCG have clandestine motives and have proven themselves heartless hypocrites, as they continue to manage with deception and abuse!" 

As the book When Prophecy Fails demonstrates, "when dis-conformation is suddenly inflicted on a given membership, the adherents will regroup and continue to espouse the leaders' original teachings and messages, often leaving [them] traumatized, more fanatical and militant than previously practiced." Be it Jonestown, Omen Reike, Branch Davidians, Heaven's Gate, or Herbert W. Armstrong, the bulk of surviving members will continue proselytizing the message once delivered without questioning the messenger or the origin of the message.

The OIU has dedicated much space in explaining the business maneuvers behind the WCG restructuring, but has not to this point discussed the political agenda that permeates the WCG system. Because all view the event through their own eyes and experiences, consideration toward the WCG's political history is often overlooked. Added to that complication is the lack of available resource material or historical publications that outlines the real history of the WCG and its leaders. The OIU Volume FIVE `97 series 1-8 will explore the depth of the NEW AGE Christianity and its relationship to the WCG conglomerate. While many have been closely focused on every whim of doctrine, the NEW AGEers are following their plans very nicely. The doctrinal distraction and confusion plays a big role in keeping the "little flocks" entertained, while the controllers are concerned with other, more global priorities.

There are "reasons behind the events" and as each month passes, the actual monarch butterfly spreads its wings and shows it colors. Those not watching and discerning the unfolding events will doubtfully catch up, or be able to extract themselves from participating in the thickly woven deception-spiritually, psychologically, or otherwise.

The Flock Scatters!!! Does It Really???

One of the big propaganda distortions (lies) the Tkachians often repeat is that the WCG:

  1. Had 80,000 to 200,000 members before "the cult leaders turned to Christ."
  2. At least 30,000 (recently quoted 40,000) are part of the "unchurched," meaning they abandoned the wonderful "Christ centered" changes and are now floating in "limbo" out in the prairies.
  3. Several thousand have joined the splinter groups to continue "legalism."
  4. At least 35,000 remain dedicated members of the Worldwide Church of God

All of the above claims are grossly false, but necessary statements on behalf of those masterminding the multiplicity agenda. Firstly, the Tkachians must convince the "public" that the membership was far greater than it actually was. As stated in past OIUs, if the truth about the actual membership was revealed, many questions regarding the annual multi-million dollar income would be asked by anyone caring about waste, fraud and abuse or other mishandling of non-profit 501(c)3 organization money. It seems doubtful the Tachyons forethought that the many false representations of actual church membership count would, in fact, be noted by others, or they would have been more careful-at least consistent with their statements. "Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" says Shakespeare. It is often stated that one trips over his own lies mainly because he forgets them, or covers them up with new lies. When we view the enormity of the duplicity and contradictions put forth by the Tkachians since the day they "took charge," we are reminded how simple honesty really is, as it often makes sense and leaves little doubt for skeptical review. We might be entertained or distracted by propaganda, but eventually questions and doubt arise inspiring exploration of the questions.

Recently, the ESN noticed an increase of inquisitive minds that are now realizing that their WCG role to, "be like children" was just rotten manipulation that inhibited them from questioning "God's Government." Years of fear/threat phobia management inflicted on the members served the WCG mind control program, which kept faithful eyes-ears-and mouths shut!

If you watched the Tkachian PR campaign at work in early 1995 you saw how the Tkachians were manipulating the "public" to believe that the heroic act of bringing the cult into the church fold caused 30,000 (phantom) members to be "unchurched." Tkach, Jr. often describes this unchurched flock as being in a state of cognitive dissonance. The Tkachians are often publicly commenting on the lost and stray members, leaving less attention focused on where the bulk of WCG members really ended up. This is a very important point here. The Tkachians did not publicly discuss the details of the United Church of God on radio or newsprint through all of 1995 and 1996. It was amazing to watch the Tkach propaganda cover up and distract the audience from knowing any of the real important maneuvers that were occurring with the WCG breakdown. The Tkachian focus on the 30,000 (recently increased to 40,000) unchurched ex-WCGers gave Tkach the ammunition to cover the real incriminating fact that there were not more than 35,000 members (including men, women, and children) in the entire organization from the start of the 1995 UCG division from WCG. Now if the all-seeing-eye public were to discover that 19,000 of the 35,000 members were shuffled over to a WCG extension group along with 450 ministers, fingers would start pointing to the cult leaders of WCG. Questions would arise about how the WCG managed to accumulate such extraordinary wealth with such a small impoverished membership all those years. Simple math with numbers and average yearly incomes demonstrate that the WCG could NEVER accumulate the swaggering power and wealth it actualized. The necessity to inflate the numbers was imperative to the welfare of those manipulating the purse strings of the multi-million $$$ empire. It is possible that through all the years of WCG's existence from 1930s to 1990s there could have been many thousands who exited the webby clutches of the whole COG organization. Considering all whom may have left from 1930s to current, it is doubtful that the number reaches the pseudo inflated number Tkach continues to propagate in effort to trick his public into thinking there really was a church of that enormity. If he, and the rest of the deceivers and exploiters, are ever called by IRS to give an answer, they better have their stories straight. Maybe there is someone in the IRS that can't be paid off with millions to keep his mouth shut! Maybe there is someone in the IRS and Justice Department that is a little smarter than the typical criminal religiocrat! [More info is in OIU#6: Myth 1 and 2 - the greatest of them all]

Despite the Tkachian frequent commercials29 drawing attention to Rod Meredith's Global Church of God, Rod picked up at most, a measly 6,000 members from the Worldwide Church of God. [UPDATE: Roderick C. Meredith later founded Living Church of God in 1998.] Fanatical [Gerald] Flurry possibly recruited 50 members following the fragmentation. But, the real story sits under the UCG with little over 18,000 ex-WCG followers along with the bulk of ex-WCG ministers. The UCG boasts over 450 in the ministry and has assumed many of the old WCG offices internationally. Little, however, is discussed how the incredible UCG extension group is organized or funded. A separate OIU will cover in detail the UCG story from development in 1995 to what is currently happening. We will detail events with its organizers and project what is in store for the UCG adherents.

For those who wish a hint, let it be said that the real Worldwide Church of God is alive and well, its new name is the United Church of God. The Divide and Conquer strategy, which separated WCG, positioned the bulk of members under the umbrella of UCG and allowed the same sinister-covert operation to maintain business as usual. All it needed to do was go underground with a new name. Thanks to the Tkachians, the UCGers were well protected and few of the counter-cult researchers knew what was going on. And who was going to tell them? Don't count on Larry Stammer from the LA Times. He is going to write what the cult leaders tell him too. That's the routine. The few super-duped, well intended, counter-cult researchers, such as ex-Mormon, Janis Hutchinson, took whatever the cult leaders said at face value when they were charmed by the priestly Tkachians. Hutchinson, like others, figured the WCGers rebelled against the new teachings by storming off in a bitter and angry manner about the changes, leaving themselves "unchurched." Like many other evangelicals unqualified to work with cults, Janis Hutchinson, when seduced by the cult leaders, parroted every word the Tkachians said--perks included of course!

And Another Thing…

One would think the Tkachians would be very concerned over the 18,000 Armstrongites "turning from Christ" to join a deceived group like the UCG. Just think what Mr. reborn again Tkach could have done to elicit help from their Evangelical cult-watching friends like Hank Hanegraaff or Ruth Tucker. With the vast printing press ability of the WCG, wouldn't it have made sense to have published a truth and honesty publication in hopes to save all those poor and deceived UCG brethren from following Armstrong apostasy? But nothing. Nothing was done in thought, word and deed to reach out to the poor and deceived UCGers. All was quiet. Just as quiet were the financial deals going on behind the scenes with termination payments, computer give-aways and extra cash allotments for UCG ministers bringing at least 50% of the WCG congregation with them. Oh, there was something for everybody at the time of the great divide. Some have wondered why at least ten or twenty ministers didn't stand for justice to reclaim their church. Few could bring themselves to believe that the same ministers who moved into UCG did so by deceiving their members and by withholding the overall plan from them, as the ministers continued to fill their pockets with money, money, money! The Machiavellian ministers, at the expense of the spiritually vulnerable and ignorant, pulled off one of greatest robberies in history. That is what is meant by: Without Conscience!

The Cream of the Crop

Throughout 1995 and 1996, Ruth Tucker and Hank Hanegraaff were publicizing their deceptive propagandist publications and writings supporting the Worldwide Church of God. They should be hailed as the chief architects of the New Age WCG transformation of "God's great plan" for transforming the cult to a Christian Church. Without Hanegraaff and Tucker, the WCG conglomerate would not have been a bride made ready for Billy Graham and team. It would not have been possible to join hand in hand with Promise Keepers, work with Chuck Colson's Prison Ministries, sell and market Pat Boone videos, or to occupy various seats on National Association for Evangelical (NAE). Tucker and Hanegraaff took the lead in publishing WCG history revision and absolute propaganda into the mainstream community.

[UPDATE: Chuck Colson died April 21, 2012 at age 80]

[UPDATE: Billy Graham died February 21, 2018 at age 99.]

By emphasizing a phantom "unchurched" ex-WCG population, the Tkachians were able to set up smokescreens and also protect the real WCG, now called, United Church of God (International association). The UCG extension group maintained concealment from scrutiny, as mother WCG protected her development. Despite a few hitches relating to doctrine and government control issues, the UCG is moving along on a holding pattern while the rest of the COG game plays out with time. While the UCG and Global Church of God (GCG) carry on the work of Herbert W. Armstrong, the WCG has less than 6000 actual members in the entire international organization and they are losing more members every day. But please don't be excited about the WCG demise--it is part of the well-oiled plan. The Tkachians couldn't kick the hanger on-ers out fast enough. The problem is, those remaining in the WCG, or those refusing to budge from the comfort of WCG dependency, are now in serious emotional health, putting a whole new meaning on the term "codependent." The ESN receives reports weekly about WCGers deteriorating physically and psychologically. In a future OIU we will expound on this phenomenon and will detail the continued abuse that contributes to WCGers' diminishing health. There is a group of approximately 3,000 ex-WCGers who are considered to be independent. Some of these are ex-CGI members. A few small groups are led by ex-WCG Independent ministers who are diligently attempting to regroup with increased understanding to doctrine clarity and with revision of management style away from totalitarianism. These smaller groups are striving to run healthy, non-abusive churches--independent of the HWA system. However, the bulk of the estimated 3,000 have attached themselves to sub-WCG organizations that have all been incorporated in 1995.

The Key players in the WCG conglomerate are as follows:

Worldwide Church of God   6000
United Church of God, An International Association  19000
Global Church of God   6000
Church of God International    1000
Independents:   4000 
            Living Room COGS  
           Christian Educational Ministries (Ronald Dart)    
           Friends of the Sabbath (Samuele Bacchiocchi)    
Philadelphia Church of God (Gerald Flurry)   5000 

Other Adventist groups that are considered part of the ecumenical agenda of the COG conglomerate are:

  • Church of God, Seventh Day
  • Seventh-day Adventist
  • Messianic Jews (Jews for Jesus)
  • Sacred Names

There are over eighty small breakaway groups. The ones listed above is what the ESN considers part of the COG conglomerate and overall COG ecumenical plan.

[UPDATE 2005: Today there are hundreds of offshoots and splinter groups from the WCG.]

In Transition??? How appropriate a name!

Have you stopped to think how the great divide would have turned out without the help of the publication, In Transition? Suddenly appearing in May 1995, just as UCG was forming, is a well-planned newspaper stating a goal of helping all the scattered brethren who have been hurt and scattered around the land by the big bad WCG. Hot off the press was a lengthy professional newspaper reporting all current news of COG developments. This pro-UCG publication spent its first several issues highlighting Garner Ted Armstrong with his Church of God International. [UPDATE: GTA later founded Intercontinental Church of God. He died of pneumonia at age 73 on 9-15-03.] Month after month this well staffed, well-funded, ecumenical COG publication was published by John R. Robinson, son of the late David Robinson. Many exiters have read Herbert Armstrong's Tangled Web, written by David Robinson, and published in 1980. Well, John R. Robinson just happens to be David's son. Strange it may seem to some people, John Robinson made little, if any, mention of his father's death in the Fall of 1995. Even stranger was the fact that since David Robinson was so thorough in exposing the works of Herbert W. Armstrong, why, one would think, did his son John spearhead a revisionist publication to further deceive the flock?

In Transition ranks with the best of propaganda publications. Why? Every issue has been filled with distortions of events, half-truths and history revision. Some questioned where John Robinson received the funding to produce a monthly magazine devoted to the WCG conglomerate. We asked John Robinson about this, but never received a reply. Knowing how costly it is to run the ESN on the few donations it receives, we were amazed to see the expedient, flashy and timely publication hit the presses just in time to keep the flock together, or from drifting from the "truth once delivered." The ESN was flabbergasted to see the In Transition getting off to a smooth start in May 1995; this startup coincided perfectly with the WCG/UCG Divide and Conquer operation. Within months, the In Transition newsprint inspired a closer monitoring not only for the discrepancies it was reporting, but also for what is was not reporting. It was obvious to many readers that In Transition was very pro UCG, but its overall appeal was to capture the attention of the "Sabbath Keepers" with timely information needed for all those leaving the WCG and looking for a new Armstrong home. In Transition had an important role in managing the fragmentation. If an ex-member did not automatically run into the comfortable "Arms" of the UCG, the master-minds could be assured that the stragglers could be herded into the Armstrong fold through In Transition propaganda newsprint. When Prophecy Fails, the bulk of the members of a given group will stick together and support one another on the faith once delivered. In Transition provided the necessary link to do just that!30 Had it not been for the works of John Robinson, his old time cronies would not be filling their pockets today with the sheep's' desperate attempts to stay as close to the vine as possible.

Issue after issue methodically propagated history revision at its best. Those without critical information to compare what was written were at a great loss and subject to re-victimization. Had there been an ounce of truth in John Robinson, or his investors and staff, just think about what could have been done to stop the great divide and hypocrisy that was permeating the whole WCG conglomerate. Few faithful readers knew who John Robinson was and his long history with the WCG. The OIU will feature his biography along with his significant accomplishments attributing to the divide and conquer.

[UPDATE: John Robinson died  on January 5, 2006 at age 60 from complications of prostate cancer  in an Austin, Texas hospital. (Also read: February 19, 2006 letter to ESN which exposes John Robinson, United Church of God / WCG connections with Dynamic Resource Group.)]

The first issue of In Transition was launched on May 5,1995 and included this statement:

"For many months members of the Worldwide Church of God have faced a situation unprecedented in the history of their church. Long-held beliefs members have dearly sacrificed for have been officially negated and replaced by doctrines that are diametrically opposed to teaching that led members into the church. The alterations have emanated from the top of the church hierarchy."

"With change of this magnitude, where do members go who believe the Sabbath is different from other days of the week and who believe that the Holy Days are to be observed? Where can a disenfranchised member look for positive developments in the realm of fellowship, worship and understanding? Several groups formed over the years trace their origins to the Worldwide Church of God, the most prominent of which have been the Church of God International and the Global Church of God. However, new groups based in Alabama, Texas and California have formed congregations."

"In an effort to furnish church members with information to help them make informed decisions, the publisher presents this newspaper. It is our belief that we have brothers and sisters in many of the groups formed in recent decades. Our goal will be to reach out to those who share so many beliefs."

So, with that said and right on the heels of the first United Church of God conference in Indianapolis, the COG ecumenical push was on. Once again, the sheep were being herded for the COG corral. God forbid that too many escape to freedom. There are still bucks to be snatched deep down in the pockets of the sheep and you can count on the WCG wolves to suck up every penny. While John Robinson and staff typed up the next moves and manipulations for the WCGers, David Hulme was transforming his personality again as he assumed his new role as chairman of the board for UCG. And what was David Hulme's main message to the Indianapolis crowd at the first UCG Regional meeting? UNITY! Lots and lots of UNITY! The first issue of In Transition gave Hulme lots of space for his unification message.

The first In Transition issue also gave priority space to Garner Ted Armstrong. The CGI Articles of Incorporation were listed with a positive emphasis on CGI doctrinal beliefs. It was obvious from the first issue onward, that Garner Ted was being hailed as a Church of God success. The first two issues of the In Transition laid the groundwork for the ecumenical move and history revision for the COGs. UCG developments and CGI's credibility was the focus right from onset of this "well funded" publication. It was the In Transition that introduced the timely arrival of Samuele Bacchiocchi. John Robinson writes:

"During our conversations, Dr. Bacchiocchi talked about his background and life's work. He said he is the first non-Catholic to graduate from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He received a gold medal from Pope Paul VI for earning the academic distinction of summa cum laude in his class work and dissertation on the change of the day worship from Sabbath to Sunday."

"Bacchiocchi said he believes 'that the Lord providentially opened the door' for him to study in Rome at the most prestigious Jesuit University."

[UPDATE: Read 2006 letter to ESN concerning the credentials of Samuele Bacchiocchi and how it shows he is presenting himself in a "less than accurate way."]

This Italian Seventh-day Adventist "Vatican Scholar" suddenly assumed the position of hero, or scholar of doctrine on the seventh-day Sabbath.31 The immediate and timely introduction of Samuele Bacchiocchi was strategic in countering any possible critical thinking by ex-WCGers. Bacchiocchi's Adventist spin provided the necessary distraction preventing WCGers from exploring the WCG origins of God's Way of living. WCG never considered itself "Adventist." The main WCG message was molded around The Missing Dimension of education. Armstrong theology had nothing to do with Adventism. Nonetheless, with the introduction of Bacchiocchi, came a pseudo doctrinal foundation for the past Worldwide Church of God teachings. In Transition served as the main propaganda vehicle that kept the traumatized WCGers distracted while it fostered continued co-dependency on the Armstrong system. In Transition was the vital tool that would anchor the exiting WCG members symbiotically together while the pre-planned, behind the scenes preparations were moving toward a Church of God unification.

Ronald L. Dart

"Birds of a feather flock together, and people settle down into predictable patterns. The bonding of the Spirit takes place as we fellowship together. People like you might help by establishing new connections between people otherwise not connected." Ron Dart--Internet

And connect they did just as history predicts. One of the contributing editors of In Transition was Ronald L. Dart, a very familiar name to anyone who is a WCG old timer. Starting out as a Baptist minister, he found his way to the WCG gold mine in the 1960s and his road has been paved with gold ever since. Dart held many significant corporate positions throughout his WCG history and continued to carry weighty titles following his departure from WCG in 1978 and into the Church of God International (CGI) [founded by Garner Ted Armstrong]. Following Garner Ted Armstrong's (GTA) ousting from the WCG in 1978, Dart assigned his loyalty to his good friend GTA and assumed the Vice President position of the newly formed GTA church. Further on, the OIU will summarize the events of the GTA sexual scandal of 1995. For now, just note that Dart darted in a timely fashion from the CGI under the pretense of "sudden heart ailments" just prior to the ESN exposing the entire GTA scandal. As a matter of fact, it was Dart's deceptive excuse for departure from the CGI that inspired the ESN to release information it had two months prior to Dart's great escape attempt. The ESN then released its investigative reports and exposé of the real GTA event through a series of in-depth articles. The reports were so thorough that John Trechak and William Dankenbring plagiarized and distorted the ESN investigative reports to further exploit another sad and disgusting GTA sex scandal to benefit their own pockets.32 The fascinating unfolding events with Ron Dart are better understood by obtaining the entire series of GTA REPORTS from the COP-AID R&I Catalog. Significant to the "scattered flocks" is Ron Dart's conscientious endeavors toward his ecumenical "Sabbath Keepers" round up. Prior to Dart's sudden exit from CGI, he could be found dominating the Internet religion forums. Many Internet users found Dart to be most cordial and willing to devote many daily hours exchanging messages surrounding the WCG collapse. For those who were not aware of Dart's extensive WCG history, they certainly found him to be a friend indeed to those in need. While great "ecumenical" plans for "Sabbath Keepers" were being devised in private, Dart's cordial personality was gaining a following through the latest media tool, the Internet. Little did all know that Dart was paving the way for another Garner Ted Armstrong appearance. This time GTA was hoping for the title King of the Sabbath Keepers. The unfortunate and most untimely GTA sex scandal modified the original Sabbath-Keeper ecumenical plan, as it involved GTA very significantly33--now with GTA caught with his pants down. …Again the conspirators for the COG ecumenical campaign were back at square one. Dart's unplanned attempt to hightail his tail out of CGI forced the conspirators back to the drawing board to revise their plans.

Although Dart attempted to manipulate reasons behind his sudden CGI departure, many did see through his deception and discounted his excuses. While attempting to dissociate himself from GTA in November 1995 to save whatever credibility he thought he earned, Dart neglected to consider the littered paper trail he accumulated, linking him as a partner to covering up GTA's disgraceful behavior-- in the name of God!

Within weeks, Ronald Dart and his new partner Larry Watkin (GTA's accountant) started an outreach ministry called Christian Educational Ministries (CEM). Dart claimed his goal was to serve all the walking wounded who had been left without churches and provide printed materials for ministerial leaders to guide their way. With the supportive help of In Transition, Dart was soon entrenched with his new marketing scheme providing sermons, Biblical reading, hymnals, music tapes, newsletters and Bible studies to anyone in need. The ESN had a chuckle when one Dart acquaintance stated that Dart had said he "had a friend who was making millions with this kind of business." There are millions to be made and lots of Ron Darts to make them! Within the next few months, Dart started buying time on radio stations across the country to market his new, BORN TO WIN message. Dart managed to recruit independent COG Armstrong supporters to finance his operation. He hustled to pick up the CGI defections and smooth-talked his way into the lives of those who never knew him during the years gone by. His catalog is filled with recycled sermons and other paraphernalia, which he now charges healthy prices. Dart also made it very clear that he intended not to start his own church, but as you will see in a soon coming ESN report on the life of Ronald L. Dart and Christian Education Ministries, Dart did just the opposite of what he said he would do. And as for GTA? Well, he's as cocky as ever and a busy little beaver. We'll give the full report on him in a separate issue.34

[NOTE: Ronald Dart founded Christian Educational Ministries in 1995 after he left the Church of God International during the scandal involving Garner Ted Armstrong and a masseuse). CEM produces his "Born to Win" program (Whitehouse, Texas), airing on Christian radio. He also founded Independent Church of God. He continues to teach a false gospel of works based on the dogma of Herbert Armstrong, a known false prophet. At Garner Ted Armstrong's funeral, Dart stated that he thought Garner Ted "knew the Bible as well as any man he has ever known and was gifted of God." (Tape 9/20/03, "The Indispensable Man") Ronald Dart is mentioned in ESN's exposé article on GTA and in the December 16, 2004 letter to ESN: Ron Dart Says He Has All the Money He Will Ever Need. UPDATE: Ronald L. Dart died January 24, 2016 at the age of 82 of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.]

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