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Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, or Armstrongism


The following letter, written by Herbert W. Armstrong, November 24, 1967 to the PLAIN TRUTH subscribers, offers an extraordinary view into the dialectical manipulation that lured thousands into Armstrongism and to this day prevents thousands from escaping the continued slavery in the name of GOD and FAITH. This too is the same tenacious mindset that deceives millions into pseudo church organizations that are actually fronts for the WORLD TOMORROW agenda.


I always want to give our listeners and our reader the frank, straight forward explanation.

I want to tell WHY there's nothing else on earth like this Work.

So let me tell you what inspired this letter. A few weeks ago I was reviewing an article that appeared in the November PLAIN TRUTH, "The Unfinished Revolution," by our managing Editor, Dr. Herman L. Hoeh. He returned recently from Russia. He spent a large part of the summer traveling through much of the USSR. Things in his article inspired this letter. You will see, differently than ever before, the answer to the question: Just WHAT is our motive in this Work--and WHO is back of it and WHY! It will also make clear some things you probably never knew about Communism, traveling in the exact OPPOSITE direction from this Work.

Right now a supreme CRISIS exists--a crisis OF THE WHOLE WORLD and it threatens YOUR life at every point--just as it threatens mine, and the lives of everybody else.

Communism is the RESULT. That is, one result!

Forty years ago I began to study and research into Communism. I wanted to understand what it is. At about that time United States Communists were offering a "home study course" about Communism. I read it. In the early years of the WORLD TOMORROW broadcast, beginning 1934, 1 had an arrangement with a secret investigator, working in connection with a major city police department, to receive regular weekly bulletins, containing inside information in regard to Communist activities in this country. I always suspected --though he did not say so-- that this secret agent was in reality connected with the FBI.

I knew the Communist purpose and goal. I knew the Communist methods and tactics. I knew their philosophies and teachings. I knew how actual Party members are yielded completely to Communist Party discipline, obedient at any cost-willing to make any sacrifice for it.

But what I never could understand was WHY American college professors, and educated Americans, could ever become inner-core Communists, actually working for the overthrow (by violence, finally, if necessary) of the government of the United States.

WHY? And yet I knew many did!

Knowing that Communists are taught to use every deception, to lie, to pretend they are what they are not, to resort to the most unethical, dishonorable tactics, it simply didn't make sense that professional men--some in high position, like, for example, Alger Hiss--high in the State Department--would join such a movement. Incidentally, I met Alger Hiss--never dreaming he was a Communist. He signed my special State Department Press Card, at the United Nations Conference in 1945, at San Francisco. [Note: Read: Herbert Armstrong and His Communist Friends (March 6, 2006 letter to ESN which tells about this.)]

I could never understand WHY such brilliant, intelligent and able men turned Communist--and I wondered--until I read Whittaker Chamber's book, Witness, published in 1952.

I want YOU to understand why such men turn against our country, and become loyal to Communism. For it EXPLAINS the real REASON for The WORLD TOMORROW and the PLAIN TRUTH.

The world crisis had already started prior to World War I. Only most of the people of the world were not yet aware of it. But men like Karl Marx and Nikolai Lenin knew. This world crisis resulted from the impact of science and technology--and injection of godless "German rationalism" into education. World Wars are the military expression of that crisis. Worldwide depressions are the economic expression. The so-called "New Morality" is the moral expression-"plummeting morals into the cesspool." Universal desperation is the spiritual expression. This has spawned the beatniks and hippies-the riots-the marches-the "civil disobedience"--the breakdown of law and order.

Teen-agers (sic)--many from affluent homes-turn beatniks and hippies because they see NO HOPE for the future. There is no longer PURPOSE. It is now possible to erase all life forms from this earth. They see NO FUTURE, but more wars, and, perhaps, human extinction.

THAT IS THE SOIL THAT SPAWNED COMMUNISM. Communism is the VULTURE of decadent, dying politics, religion, and society.

Whittaker Chambers explained WHY educated, intelligent people become Communists: "It is" he says, "a simple statement of Karl Marx, further simplified for handy use: Philosophers have explained the world; it is necessary to change the world."

And there--when I read it--was the answer!

These men are intelligent enough to know SOMETHING IS FATALLY WRONG with the world! They were not perceptive enough to recognize that Communism could never SAVE the world--but ONLY ENSLAVE IT!

One of America's most lucid, clever writers is Philip Wylie. He is fluent in picturing a world's eye view of WHAT'S WRONG in the world. But he doesn't offer the solution. Like the philosophers, he explains the world--but offers no way to change the world.

Communism does offer a program to CHANGE the world. But not the kind of change Americans and Europeans--as a whole--want. But Communism appears to those who "fall" for it as the ONLY straw they can grasp. It offers THEM a chance to help CHANGE THE WORLD. They know it needs changing. Communism is the WRONG way to change it--but they don't see that. It's the ONLY way they know--the only one offered them. THAT EXPLAINS WHY COMMUNISTS ARE SO DEDICATED-willing even to sacrifice career, fortune--even their lives--TO HAVE A PART IN CHANGING THE WORLD!

They become dedicated. They submit to military-like discipline.

As Dr. Hoeh points out, "Communism appeals to faith--faith in the power of MAN to change the world! He continues: "What does the United States send the world to counter this revolutionary faith? Not a more powerful or righteous faith, but GUNS and MONEY!"

"The Soviet Union knows that the United States cannot supply the world's desperate millions with enough food…. But the only power that the United States could provide the world to defeat Communism -- the strength of a more powerful FAITH than Communism--that faith America does not have!"

"Though Communism," Dr. Hoeh continues, is thriving on human faith and human works, it nevertheless lives. It lives, as cancer cells live and spread."

"Under the lead of the USSR, all Asia and Africa are becoming alive, even as a cancerous growth in the world system. Their peoples have found an active faith in the doctrines of Communism. Amid their poverty, they have something to live for." (So they are led to believe--though deceived!) "They are out to change their environment by human sweat and toil apart from God."

Then Dr. Hoeh continues: "For two centuries the Western World dominated the Orient and Africa. But the West failed to deliver these peoples from squalor and misery. The West failed to give them the right kind of education--failed to show them the PURPOSE of life--failed to give them a real goal or a right knowledge of God. Why? Because the West does not itself know the purpose of life or why man was put on earth! Hence, the deception of Communism looks alluring to ignorant and even to educated minds who have no knowledge of the Plan or Purpose God is working out here below."

"The dead faith of missionaries from America and England has not dented Oriental thought. But the active belief of Communists is moving millions.... The U.S. might as well face the facts. THERE IS NO HUMAN WAY FOR THE WESTERN WORLD TO RESCUE ASIA FROM THE CLUTCHES OF COMMUNISM, unless the nation can somehow acquire a more POWERFUL faith!

"But national leaders have turned their backs on the Good News of the Kingdom of God. They have cast the Bible aside ... It is time we opened our eyes to the real cause of Western weakness."

And THAT, dear subscriber to the PLAIN TRUTH, explains what THIS GREAT WORLDWIDE WORK IS ALL ABOUT.

Biblical prophecies have been fulfilled--precisely ON TIME--in every case so far! Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled TODAY! This world and all its present-day sickening conditions are described in the prophecies. The only possible SOLUTION is in these prophecies. And the OUTCOME is written plainly!


Man doesn't have it! Man has FAILED! Man has demonstrated. by 6,000 years of human experience, that he is incapable of rightly governing himself--so as to produce universal abundant well-being!

We are in the prophesied CRISES AT THE CLOSE--the close of the AGE--and the Beginning of the happy and peaceful WORLD TOMORROW!

YOUR BIBLE SAYS that God is now ready--in VERY FEW years-to send Jesus Christ again to earth--this time in all the Supreme divine POWER and GLORY of the AWESOME, ALL-MIGHTY GOD--to restore PEACE to this earth and universal right education, universal prosperity, and good health, and HAPPINESS to all peoples and nation!

The Almighty God has raised up THIS WORK--HIS WORK--using us as His instruments, to pave the way--to WARN this world--to proclaim the GOOD NEWS of the soon-coming KINGDOM OF GOD to bring abundant well-being for all this earth!

This work, for 34 years, has grown in power and scope and impact on the world, at the rate of 30% per year continuously! There is nothing like it because it is GOD'S WORK!

It has a tremendous MISSION. It is actively, dynamically, performing that Mission! It grows mightily because the POWER OF GOD, AND HIS SPIRIT, empowers it--the living JESUS CHRIST heads, directs, and blesses it!

And WHO sponsors it? ONLY GOD!

(Armstrong includes several paragraphs about how…)

God opened the door of MASS COMMUNICATION--radio and printing press to proclaim Christ's' Gospel to the small few, who had living faith, and could HAVE A PART in not only CHANGING THE WORLD, but SAVING THE WORLD in total world peace, prosperity and happiness--that little few voluntarily contributed their tithes and offerings.


God does conduct HIS work through human instruments--through those whose hearts are willing, whose minds are yielded to Him. I didn't have to ask or solicit people for support. The living Christ whom I serve was able to move those yielded to Him to recognize His Message, and voluntarily to want to have a part in His Work. Jesus said "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."

THEY--and we who now devote full-time to God's Work--are gratefully having a part, not only in CHANGING, but also in SAVING the WORLD--yes, soon THE WHOLE WORLD, after Christ's second coming. And we have a part, now in preparing THE WAY for the world-shaking blessed event!

Millions have been deceived into dedicating their lives to godless Communism, in the misguided faith they are having a part in CHANGING THE WORLD. Actually they are only enslaving it--all but the FREE world. In all candor, how REASSURING it is that, in the Free World, there are a few thousand who want to have a part with the living CHRIST in the glorious WORK OF GOD, leading not only to changing, but SAVING the world--with Peace, and universal prosperity, happiness, abundant well-being, and ETERNAL LIFE!

There is, indeed, an astonishing parallel in the progress of atheistic Communism and THE WORK OF GOD--a contrasting parallel in OPPOSITES! They are doomed to ultimate failure--but we by the grace and power of the living GOD are destined to glorious SUCCESS bringing eternal life to the MILLIONS!....

THAT is my explanation. That tells you, in frank and straight forward manner, WHO we are, WHAT are our purposes and goals, and WHO is in back of this great WORK OF GOD!"

THANK YOU, sincerely from the heart, for your interest - for granting us the GREAT PRIVILEGE of serving you. We know it's indeed true, as Jesus said, that "it is more blessed to give than to receive." This explanation is NOT intended to solicit your money. We do want to GIVE--to SERVE--to HELP--as God has graciously enabled us to do.

Sincerely, with love, in Jesus' name,
Herbert W. Armstrong

[All emphasis is HWA's]

[NOTE: "...you can't even begin to understand Communism without understanding deception..." -- Joseph D. Douglass, Jr.]

Herbert W. Armstrong certainly did find the secret to the "ACTIVE FAITH that people dedicate and sacrifice their lives for at ANY COST." But what makes Armstrong brilliant is how he then proceeded to successfully place an image of GOD at the head of the helm of the same concept that recruited Whittiker Chambers and makes Communism work. HWA so pointedly indicates how intelligent professionals were deceived into A WAY of thinking. Read the book Witness and you too will understand how you were deceived and may very well still live beneath the deception perpetrated by ministers of "faith" indoctrinated by the massive ideological history of the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD. No matter what organization claims to be the Church of God, the leaders of today were the students of yesterday. Their education was certainly the foundation of their knowledge!

Ah, where would the world be without propaganda? Have you ever wondered why the school system does not cover nineteenth and twentieth century history? How astute are you in understanding the Communist/Fascist Revolutions? How many history books do you have on your shelf that covers such vital topics? Prior to the introduction of radio and television as information sources, the American people assumed more responsibility in understanding current historical events. That's until the boob tube provided the perfect media device for public manipulation. In just a few short decades, millions of thinking brains retired to the easy chair to suck in Rosanne, Seinfeld and Friends, sandwiched between Dan Rather, Larry King and Ted Kopel. Is there any wonder why most Americans know nothing about the Ku Klux Klan, World Wars, Fascism or Communism? And without historical background knowledge, how can current events be understood? The reasons behind the events become categorized by simplistic explanations. The blissful 1980s were pivotal years that changed the course of history as it redirected individual focus onto self-indulgence. The selfish distractions produced a blind public and while few are observing the incredible global events unfolding, even less are aware of the erosion of American democracy. This erosion commenced decades earlier and continues to destroy whatever is left of a free nation. Propagandists conditioned the public into thinking that the threat of Communism ended when the Cold War ceased. How naïve and ignorant are we to surrender to such a big lie?

As you read through the next few pages about Communism in America, think about the development and growth of Bible-based, totalitarian cults post World War Two. Consider what is happening with the well-orchestrated Protestant/Catholic Ecumenical Movement. Reflect on the degradation of American society along with the insidious erosion of Constitutional rights, privacy issues, education and religion.

Communism - An American Threat!

Committee On Un-American Activities
House of Representatives
Eighty-seventh Congress
First Session
December 30, 1961

Three References on Communism:

1) On December 30, 1961, the Committee of Un-American Activities issued: The New Role of National Legislative Bodies In The Communism Conspiracy, along with a reprint of, "How Parliament can Play a Revolutionary Part In the Transition To Socialism" and, "The Role of The Popular Masses," by Jan Kozak, Historian of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.

These government publications document and predict the extraordinary events that were to penetrate America in the coming years.

Introduction: From behind the Iron Curtain, has come one of the most amazing Communist documents of our time. Brazen, boastful and alarmingly frank, it is a detailed account of treachery and intrigue employed by the Reds during the three years preceding their 1948 conquest of Czechoslovakia. The document offers the case history of Czechoslovakia as a Communist blueprint for subversion and coercion in all free world nations. It places special emphasis on the use of parliaments in bringing about Communist revolutions."

"The authorship of the document is of great significance. It was not written by a Kremlin theoretician, but by Jan Kozak, a communist member of the Czechoslovak National Assembly. Kozak, now the official historian of the Czech Communist Party, is a chest-beating, battle-wise conspirator who knows from first-hand experience that bold and deceitful Communist tactics can overcome strategic and numerical disadvantages when the UN-communist opposition fails to comprehend a threat to its existence until it is too late. Kozak was a participant in the new communist parliamentary tactics which proved so successful in achieving and maintaining victory "from within" in Czechoslovakia and other countries that the Kremlin departed completely from long-standing strategy and adopted a new post-revolution role for legislative bodies in Red-conquered nations. Whereas destruction was formerly the Communists' plan for a national legislative institution, it is now their policy to convert it into "an active revolutionary assembly."

"Our experience," says Kozak, "provides notable and practice proof that it is possible to transform parliament from an instrument of the bourgeoisie into an organ of power for the democracy of the working people [i.e. a Communist dictatorship], into a direct instrument of power for the peaceful development of the socialist revolution."

OIU readers may obtain a the full copy of this extraordinary Kozak document through the ESN Resource Listing as the following paragraphs offer only a general synopsis of what is taking place this very day in America. [NOTE: This document is no longer available from the ESN. Check other resources online.]

"Quite obviously, the Communists consider the Kozak document a work of great significance and did not want it disseminated on the free world side of the Iron Curtain. For three years, they resisted all attempts by the West to procure copies of it through normal channels.

The Kozak document provides a unique insight into the techniques employed by the Communists in their takeover of Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European nations which were formerly governed by democratic, parliamentary institutions. By the same token, the committee believes that it serves as a clear warning of how Communists in this country will attempt to subvert the Congress, as well as state and local legislatures, if unwary voters present them with the opportunity to do so. The history of the fall of Czechoslovakia should strongly impress upon the American people why a thorough understanding of the strategy, tactics, and objectives of the communist conspiracy is vital-if we are to make true the expression, "It can't happen here."

In the October 29, 1961, issue of "Thus Week" magazine, Petr Zenkl, vice premier of Czechoslovakia and a member of its Parliament at the time of the Red takeover, confirms that the Communists used his country as a "dress rehearsal" for new "techniques to undermine free governments without the use of military force." He compares Kozak's document in importance to Lenin's "State and Revolution" and Hitler's "Mien Kampf." He describes it as "a frightening blueprint of the things the Communists hope to accomplish." Zenkl also points out that the Reds are now repeating in the United Nations the same parliamentary trickery which succeeded for them in Czechoslovakia. (Ironically, the Soviets used the "parliament" of the United Nations to veto a 1948 move to study the circumstances surrounding the fall of Czechoslovakia.) In reflecting on how the Reds were able to overthrow the non-Communist majority in the Parliament of his native land, Zenkl says:

"While democratic Czechoslovakia's defeat was composed of many factors, one important element facilitating the Communist march to power was our wishful thinking. We believed that Communists could be transformed into partners in the parliamentary sense. The contrary happened. While taking part in Czechoslovakia's Parliament, they successfully followed Kozak's commandment: 'not to lose sight for a single moment of the aim of a complete socialist overthrow.'
"But now the secret is out-in Kozak's book of revelation. Read it and heed it, gentlemen of the Free World, while you are free. For those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Facts On Communism - Volume One,
The Communist Ideology
Committee On Un-American Activities
December 1959
House of Representatives-eighty-sixth Congress

2) This 135-page document meticulously articulates the fundamentals of Communism ideology. While many books have been published on this topic, we find the Committee for un-American Activities to be one of the most thorough. The study certainly inspires connections and discernment surrounding the development of modern day Christianity and its relationship to Communist/Socialist ideology. The Washington Archives hold many files relating to churches, and individuals who were tools for the Communist Party and endeavors. The topic is so pertinent to the history and current events of the WCG. The OIU will be addressing these relationships in many upcoming reports.

"Communism is called, by it own followers, a 'philosophy in action.' As a philosophy, it is characterized by a basic attitude of uncompromising hostility to all non-communist societies and the ideas held in them. Beyond this, however, it is a philosophy armed with means of power."
"First, it is armed with the strength and resources of a big country and the more than 200 million people living there. Using this country's might, it has added to itself the further strength of an empire of over 700 million more people. Second, this philosophy is the guiding motive for a network of organized adherents in all countries whose loyalties are basically alienated from their respective nations and fellow citizens and committed to the overthrow of the existing social order in favor of the Communist alternative."
"At present, communism has concentrated its hostility on the United States as the most powerful among the nations not yet under its sway. The United States thus finds itself under attack by an enemy whose motive for hostility is not any practical grievance of limited aspiration but rather the basic will to destroy the order of life in the United States in order to make room for a Communist rule."
"The enemy has engaged us on many fronts at once. In the field of international power relations, he has pursued an aggressive policy seeking to isolate the United States in order to destroy our power, an objective toward which he has pressed with or without war, by means of diplomacy, propaganda, trade and subversion. In the framework of internal political and social order, the enemy has sought to influence, paralyze or disintegrate the processes of our common life, operating under the facade of ostensibly responsible citizenship. In the realm of ideas, finally, the enemy has attempted to use many kinds of intellectual and cultural activities (education, science, literature, art [religion, churches, missionaries]) in order to destroy all loyalties other than those to Communist leadership."
"This multifarious attack, unprecedented in history, differs so much from the normal pattern of relations between nations or political groups within nations that many people fail to grasp the full extent of the threat. Some tend to mistake communism, for a mere part of what it is and does. Others are not informed about the concealed aspects of communism. Still others find the Communist philosophy strange and incomprehensible."
"Ignorance of communism in all its aspects is a dangerous weakness in this struggle. The committee has therefore considered it one of its most urgent tasks to assemble all the salient fact about communism for a full, undistorted, and revealing picture of communism's true nature."

This Introduction in "Facts On Communism," House Document N0. 336, speaks volumes toward what is currently engaging the United States, almost forty years later.

Communism is UN-American
The American magazine
Constitutional Educational League, Inc.

3) Frances Cardinal Spellman, along with J. Edgar Hoover, participated in the Patriotic Action Committee's attempt to educate Americans on the horrific infiltration of Communism, Socialism, Fascism and other totalitarian "isms." Many patriotic publications were distributed as warnings to Americans to educate themselves on the massive deception permeating post War America. Unlike today, many government officials were alerted and provoked by the devious forces attempting to strip America of its freedoms. Spellman writes:

"If Communism triumphs, Americanism will die."
"In America the seed of confusion and disunion are spawning and spreading, and Communism is growing. In their efforts to wean American from Americanism, Communists unanimously revile and defile everyone whose opinions and convictions differ politically, socially, or morally from their own. Their subtle, sinister scheming sway and mislead Americans who, in ignorance or weakness, yield to Communism their loyalty to God, to country, and to their fellow man."
"Today, communists, suppressing and distorting truth, are intimidating men and inflicting despotism on America, trying to convert Americans to Communism. In government, in industry, in labor unions, in our political and educational systems, even in the armed services of our country, Communists and Communist sympathizers hold responsible positions, while members of their party use the press, the radio and the films to influence and divide us against ourselves."
"America is no safer from mastery by Communism than was any European country. There we witnessed the killing and enslavement of whole peoples by Communists who, with the shedding of blood, have become as if drunken with it. "
"There is no middle course between Democracy and communism! Americans believe that all men are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights, while Communists deny the very existence of God and man's God-given rights. In our country's concepts the dignity of each man depends upon his spiritual independence, while Communism's concept is seeded in materialism and rooted in tyranny. It attempts to cure one abuse by substituting another. Wherever Communism appears, slavery reappears. America and Americans need only to look at the record and the wreckage of those bigoted governments and peoples who became gods and laws unto themselves, in order to be convinced of the nobility of our own free and democratic government and life."
"Wherever communism rules, the press conforms, or dies, and radio is an absolute state monopoly."
"If we want to protect America against the invasion of Communism, we must act wisely and promptly to check its poison propaganda through the anti-toxin of truth and patriotism"
"I feel that I would not be a true American if I enter into the conspiracy of silence and did not raise my voice above those who, privately and in whispers, talk about Communism, but neither act nor speak publicly against this insidious enemy of Americanism."

[UPDATE: Read "The Truth About the World Council of Churches" by the late Marion H. Reynolds, Jr. This article is very informative. The W.C.C. are a major voice behind ecumenism: "...ecumenical church leaders are seeking to replace capitalism with some form of socialism or communism under the false label of the Kingdom of God."]  

The Private Letters Of Herbert W. Armstrong and Loma D. Armstrong

Herbert and Loma Armstrong documented their first venture off the Northern American continent as they sailed their way into Europe on the R.R.S. Queen Elizabeth in February and March of 1947. This unique trip took place just two years following Armstrong's first United Nation's meeting in 1945. The personal letters recorded in a fifty-eight page book complete with pictures reveal many interesting historical facts surrounding this journey. Many questions arise about Armstrong's early connections with international Heads of State. Worth noting, is that Armstrong started connecting with dubious international associations from the time Armstrong worked out of a little Hollywood office in the early 1940s. Was it really a "strong hand from someplace" that inspired Armstrong's long and tangled career?

On February 27th, Armstrong writes:

"Just about noon the private Secretary to his Excellency the Saudi-Arabian Minister, Shiek Hafiz Wabba, called up to ask if Mrs. Armstrong and I would be able to attend a Reception this evening to meet E.R.H. the Crown Prince Emir Saud. Later a specially engraved invitation was sent by private messenger."

"They tell me that this affair will be the most colorful international social event held in London since the war. It's a Royal affair, you know."

"It was very colorful. About 200 invited guests-Earls, Dukes, with their monocles and flashing decorations, Admirals, Commodores, dozens of Ambassadors-we saw those from Turkey, Chile, Albania, etc.-I suppose undoubtedly the United States Ambassador was there, but didn't happen to hear him introduced."

"The Arabs in their flowing robes stood in line. Mother advanced first, then I. First we shook hands with Sheik Hafiz Wabba (His Excellency). Then, next the tall and very handsome crown Prince, whom they addressed as "Your Royal Highness" - then the remaining five or six top Arabs."

"We had a nice brief private talk with the Sheik and got a statement for my article on Palestine for the next Plain Truth."

"The Labor Government here has decided to compete with Hollywood and try to run Hollywood picture out of England, by going into the movie producing business on a major Hollywood scale-government backed people here complain that the government is spending a large part of the American loan, they got from us, on building a British film Industry, instead of using it to start trade that would produce food."

And from Loma's letter:

"We just returned to our room from the Royal reception. I felt just like little Lord Fauntleroy. It was all so interesting. We were announced in a thundering voice to all. Presented to Sheik Hafiz Wabba (His Excellency) who in turn presented us to the Crown Prince and on down the line."

"We were among the Lords and Ladies, Sirs and Earls, etc., Admirals and Ambassadors of so many countries. They are all just folks."

What propelled HWA into international affairs? Who connected him to the international transatlantic Elite? This 1947 letter marks the beginning of the Herbert W. Armstrong "hidden agenda" with international politics. Is there any wonder why the WCG and current Armstrong leaders refrain from writing about HWA's twenty-five years of travel abroad? The dogmatic attempt to revise the WCG history on behalf of Rod Meredith, David Hulme, Tkach/Albrecht and Gerald Flurry is essential to cover-up the real story behind the event.

This brings us to the decade of the 1950s; much happens after World War Two. The riveting depression of the 1930s is well past. The prospering United States hails its political achievements as the Cold War psychology develops. The Baby Boomers are young and preparing to enter a new age of technological advancement. Ozzie and Harriet, along with Father Knows Best, model the American family on America's favorite pastime-television. The Civil Rights movement is barely out of the starting gate. And McCarthy? Well, he's itching to blow the lid off the American Communist Party infiltration within Washington. The mainstream Protestant and Catholic churches experience a fallout of members inspiring development within the Ecumenical Movement--first: the World Council of Churches, and then, with Vatican Two.

Thousands exit their birth religions in search for answers to questions triggered by the nuclear destruction of Japan and war devastation. As mainstream Christianity and Catholicism fails to fulfill the needs of post war religion, individualism paves way to the development of "cults in America."

The 1950s and 1960s were action packed decades emanating contradictions between freedom and fear of annihilation. The Civil Rights movement complemented the hippie movement. But all movements were negatively affected by constant Cold War fears, Cuban Missile Crises, along with the Kennedy and Martin Luther King deaths. Drugs became the rage, as did the CIA's connection with Timothy Leary's LSD experiments. Internationally, the Cold War image gave way to increased political unrest which few nations escaped.

As we stroll down memory lane in search of the "big picture," we parallel historical events and compare them to the chronological development of the Worldwide Church of God.

When released, the "Chronology of the Worldwide Church of God" will detail the real history behind the organization. History revision propaganda has distorted the incredible account on this multi-layer, multi- faceted operandi. Missing from the Tkachian testimonies purporting the "cult that turned to Christ," are the riveting details involving political agendas, associations with the Elite Establishment, the connection with "Rockefeller bankers," the double lives of its front leaders and many ministers, involvement with International assignments, programs involving human development research, Masonic fraternal relationships, multi-million dollar-non profit corporations and its riveting exposé surrounding the "alleged" fraud, sexual exploitation, ritual and sex abuse, prostitution, money laundering, drugs, murders, Mafioso and so much more… but you get the picture?

This lengthy OIU highlights important issues connected to the WCG big picture. The reader's job is to broaden his education to more fully understand how the WCG is webbed together. The propagandists and spin artists have done a commendable job setting up a defense of confusion. The strategists behind the Tkach regime should be noted as experts in the art of distraction and decoy operations. Through fraud, the WCG architects have acquired millions of dollars to hire the best manipulators the market offers. And thus far it appears their investments are paying off. What a shameful testimony to the thousands who have collaborated with such corruption and deception. Silence from the hundreds of "ministers" fully explains their own involvement with works of evil. They have much to hide.

Introducing the Ambassador of Peace

Where was your head in the 1960s? If you were in grammar school during these years, you may recall "bomb scare drills." At the tone of the bell, all the children squatted, covered their heads and huddled under their desks. With the threat of Russian nuclear attacks invading Americans' thoughts, ever-increasing fear phobia permeated the national mindset. America was brainwashed into thinking the big one was just about to land.

Armstrong's most alluring message targeted listeners' "fears" or "fight or flight" emotions. His repetitive theme of annihilation and destruction complemented the public Cold War hysteria. The Plain Truth magazine heightened and capitalized on the Cold War psyche. Millions of pieces of "free literature" were distributed around the world masking as answers to the world's problems. The WCG experienced its major growth during the 1960s. Timing was perfect for the Armstrong message. The package was complete with all the answers to wars, society breakdown, religions of man and to every question from: Why Were You Born? Why Man Suffers? and What Will Happen After Death? Hooking on to Armstrong ideology offered one a sense of being privileged to hidden, secret knowledge. The formula for eternal life was summed up in Armstrong's, "God's Plan of Salvation." When we assess what was occurring simultaneously in society, there is little wonder why thousands gravitated toward a dogma that today might seem scripted from pages of science fiction or Scientology. Much of the massive literature described a "way of life" that would result in "true happiness, peace and prosperity." What readers didn't know is that the same ideology and mission described in thousands of pieces of Armstrong literature was exactly the same ideology and Quest of Communism's utopianism. They both had a World Tomorrow -- message.

Stanley R. Rader's initial contact with the Worldwide Church of God came in 1956 (age 25) when he was working as an accountant for Hollywood advertising mogul Milton Scott, who bought radio and advertising for the church. When Armstrong's accountant died in 1956, Scott sent Rader to Pasadena to help straighten out the church's books. Scott says that young Rader came back to the office enthusiastic about "the gold mine out there. " The American Lawyer, August 1979 article, offers an exposé of Stanley R. Rader called, "The Devil And Stanley Rader." Its eye-opening account about "How a Jewish lawyer from White Plains, New York found Jesus, big bucks, and lots of trouble doing 'the Work' in California." This article offers a closer look at the individual who was lauded by Armstrong and his chief evangelists as being Armstrong's chief assistant. What the article lacks is Rader's scrupulous history involving international transactions under the auspices of Ambassador College, followed by the extravagant multi-million dollar Ambassador International Cultural Foundation (AICF). For over twenty years Herbert Armstrong accompanied Rader (including David Antion, Osamo Gotoh and others) on jet hopping excursions 200 to 300 days a year, to far away lands. Propagandized to lowly church members as "Ambassador of Peace" and "humanitarian efforts," the "unofficial Kissinger-type" team spear-headed by Stanley R. Rader established intimate relationships with totalitarians, dictators and Communists. One of the finest reports documenting the "Ambassador For Peace" agenda is retrieved from Rader's personal account from, Against the Gates of Hell, 1980.

As you read through these astounding excerpts taken from Chapter Nine of Against the Gates of Hell, question the agenda relayed in Rader's own words. Why would the State Department clear such extensive jet travel? How did the globetrotting occur during a time of political unrest and the Cold War? What did Rader and Armstrong have in common with national "Masonic" leaders? Was Rader recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency following his remarkable law school accomplishment, graduating top of his class? Who really funded and organized such an "Intelligence" adventure that cost millions and millions of dollars?

What in the world was the Worldwide Church of God?

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