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The Ecumenical Web Woven by the Deceivers

The February 1996 issue of The Plain Truth does what the WCG writers do best-write against what they are guilty of doing. The phenomenal articles emanating from Pasadena these days never cease to amaze many. Monte Wolverton's article entitled: "How to Avoid Being a Spiritual Weirdo" superbly exemplifies the two-faced personality of the WCG "transformation" architects. Gregory R. Albrecht sets the stage with his introduction comments:

"For more than 15 years, Proctor & Gamble has been the target of malicious rumors. Among other things, the rumors maintain that the company endorses Satanism, and that its logo promotes a satanic agenda. Some believe the allegations originated with a small group of zealous but misguided Christians who were sincerely trying to thwart the work of the devil. Rumors and gossip about mysterious agenda and conspiracy theories form a backdrop for Monte Wolverton's "How to Avoid Being a Spiritual Weirdo."
Monte not only offers a lighthearted look at some of the extremes that can befall well-meaning Christians, but he creatively depicts his thoughts with his own unique graphic style."

Who Are The Spiritual Weirdoes?????

Remember the Bible Stories, Bible Studies and all the horrid booklets filled with abominable pictures? [Note: These were drawn by WCG member Basic Wolverton.]

Let's review a few quotes from important sources before we tie all this to current ecumenical events with the Albrecht and Tkach front men.

The Wonderful World Tomorrow, What It Will Be Like

The New World Government -pg. 41:

"It will not be so-called Democracy. It will not be Socialism. It will not be Communism or Nazism. It will not be human Monarchy, Oligarchy or Plutocracy. It will not be man's government over man. Man has proven his utter incapability of ruling himself!

"It will be DIVINE Government-the Government of God. It will not be government from the bottom UP. The people will have NO VOTES. It will not be government of or by the people-but it will be government for the people! It will be government from the TOP (God Almighty) down!"

The Perfect Government-pg. 47:

"Yes, Jesus Christ very soon is going to return to this earth! He is coming in POWER and GLORY! He is coming to RULE ALL NATIONS!

"But He is not going to do this ruling, supervising, all alone by Himself! He is coming to set up WORLD GOVERNMENT! It will be a highly organized government. There will be many positions of authority."

Church and State -pg. 52:

"Church and State will be UNITED under Christ. There will be ONE GOVERNMENT, over all nations. There will be ONE CHURCH-ONE GOD-ONE RELIGION. And, as in God's original pattern in ancient Israel, they will be united."

The International Level-pg. 57:

"It seems evident that the resurrected NOAH will head a vast project of the RELOCATION OF THE RACES AND NATIONS, with the boundaries GOD has set, for their own best good, happiness, and richest blessings. This will be a tremendous operation. It will require a great and vast organization, reinforced with POWER TO MOVE whole nations and races. This time, peoples and nations will MOVE where God has planned for them, and no defiance will be tolerated."

A Headquarters' Church-pg. 64:

"With only ONE CHURCH-ONE RELIGION-ONE FAITH-there will be many church congregations in every city, other scattered through rural areas. There will be district superintendents over areas and Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and Deaconesses in every local church.

"This, then, gives an insight into HOW THE WORLD WILL BE ORGANIZED.

"This shows HOW a super WORLD GOVERNMENT can, and will be established on earth."

WHY Supernatural FORCE-pg. 66:

"Sir Winston Churchill, speaking in Copenhagen, said, 'The creation of an authoritative all-powerful world order is the ultimate aim toward which we must strive. Unless some effective world SUPER GOVERNMENT can be brought quickly into action, the proposals for peace and human progress are dark and doubtful!' "

[all emphasis Herbert W. Armstrong]

Pope's U.S. Visit Focuses On World Unity, Sept. 1987
WORLDWATCH, by Gene H. Hogberg, Worldwide News

"The Pope's longest, and perhaps most significant, stopover (with 12 separate events) was in Los Angeles. I obtained press accreditation for the coverage Sept. 16 and 17.

"The theme of this papal visit was, 'Unity on the Work of Service.' All events in Los Angeles focused on this theme. On display in the papal press center at the Hilton Hotel, for example, were drawings made by Roman Catholic schoolchildren. In picture after picture the pope was depicted as the central figure in the quest for peace and brotherhood among the nations, races and nationalities of the world.

"The highlight was when John Paul II landed by helicopter, entered the stadium and toured it in the popemobile. The thunderous applause was almost frightening.

"There is little doubt that John Paul II, while not budging on doctrine, has changed the perception of the papacy to Catholics and non-Catholics. Having been trained as an actor before entering the priesthood, the Pope knows how to use the media, specifically television.

"Television, particularly, moves to focus on a single face. When it wants a picture of the Catholic Church, it can capture the face of one man--as it cannot do with respect to Protestantism. It is as if God gave the Catholic Church the papacy with the 20th Century in mind. Never has the papal office been so magnified in power.

"The Pope's policies are firmly tied to larger themes of world peace and justice, [quoting Newsweek] 'But the jewel in the pope's international design is a utopian vision of a unified-and re-Christianized-Europe stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural Mountains.

"Phase one would be an end to the division between Eastern and Western Europe. Phase two: reconciliation between Roman Catholics and the Orthodox Christians of the Soviet East. Only a Pope from Poland could dream of such a thing."

The Good News

Herbert W. Armstrong, along with his wife Loma, were very active in international governmental affairs following the United Nations (UN) first meeting held in San Francisco in 1945. Not only was Armstrong involved with the League of Nations, he, too, had a vested interest in the Security Council of the UN. Armstrong's penchant for hobnobbing with the elite and power-hungry may have stemmed from his earlier rebelling Fascist days with the Ku Klux Klan, but his proclivity to center himself amidst the world's most controversial Communist dictators proved to be his greatest asset during his later years. Armstrong's intimate association with Communist leaders from countries such as Japan, Arab nations, Israel, Philippines, South Africa and Chile, among others, largely surrounded covert "one world government aspirations." We now discern Armstrong's activities with the "ecumenical agenda" of "one world religion." He often boasted about his many speaking engagements with the Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus and other Catholic organizations. Few, however, realized Armstrong was actively and secretly supporting what he so overtly preached against to the small flock that financially supported his nefarious adventure-few, that is, with the exception of the ministers and evangelists who are currently engaged in the Worldwide Church of God cover-up. Armstrong states in his autobiography, Vol. 2, pg. 113, that he attended Catholic mass at the first United Nations meeting in 1945. Why didn't thousands of followers see through the duality of agenda and conflicts of interests throughout the six decades? Didn't the hierarchy of the multimillion-dollar corporate empire see through the hypocrisy? Or were the bulk of "God's ministers" actually part of the big "Aryan" lie?

The Ecumenical Movement apparently was on Herbert W. Armstrong's agenda from the start of his international Communist propaganda printing business. The WCG archive chronicles the duplicitous activities escalating throughout the 1960s into the 1970s. The ESN has received several cogent testimonies indicating very strong ties between Stanley R. Rader and Vatican interests. Certainly this seems contradictory to Stanley R. Rader's Jewish background, but as the data continues to surface, the strong Catholic and papal WCG ties will be clarified. The WCG literature is brimming with telling articles related to what we now know to be the NEW AGE, or Ecumenical Movement. It would have been difficult for insiders to discern any pro-ecumenical stand with WCG, as the inside teaching propagated the Catholic Church as the whore and beast power of Revelation. We find on pg. 15 and 16 of the 1974 Good News magazine, an array of pictures with Herbert Armstrong; Stanley Rader, Legal Counsel, and Osamo Gotoh (the overseas campaign director, and head of Ambassador College Asian studies). The article chronicles Armstrong's visit with President Marcos in Manila. A caption describes the pictures:

"On arrival at Manila Airport, Mr. Armstrong is presented with a lei. A government highway patrol car and motorcycle escorts Mr. Armstrong's party from airport to hotel. Mr. Armstrong, guest of honor at Kiwanis Club luncheon, is presented bronze plaque. Mayor of Manila presents Mr. Armstrong with the key to the city. Mr. Armstrong speaks at the Knights of Columbus."

The article goes on to say:

"Mr. Armstrong spoke before over 200 members of the Knights of Columbus and the Daughters of Isabella at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. In the evening he was honored dinner guest, along with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and an Associate Justice, at the home of former Philippine vice-president Lopez.
"Mr. Armstrong traveled north to Angeles City to visit Angeles University, where an honorary doctor's degree in humanities was conferred upon him. Mr. Armstrong spoke to the assembled crowd concerning the missing dimension in education."

Why would Herbert Armstrong receive an honorary Ph.D. from a Catholic University? Why would he engage with the Knights of Columbus Catholic organization? Why would he and his ministers preach one belief and act on another? What was going on here? Do the evangelical allies supporting Tkach myths know the answer?

Angeles University was opened in 1962 by Dr. Barbara Angeles in the Philippines.

Herbert W. Armstrong befriended many international "dignitaries" that were later exposed for horrific crimes. We strongly question if it was just coincidental that Armstrong and Rader consumed over 300 days a year during the 1960s and 1970s, intermingling with corrupt leaders involved with intelligence agencies, the Mafiosi, drugs, money laundering, pornography, arms weapons, and associated criminal activities. As we continue to delve further into Armstrong/Rader/Gotah history and compare it to international events, facts should continue to clarify events and associations.

In a future OIU issue, the history, aspects and the WCG's involvement with post World War II Mind Control Operations will be addressed. We recommend preparation study by reading: Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. by Alex Constantine. This 1995 exposé reveals the sordid details of the CIA and its use of religious cults. Read more about Ferdinand Marcos and his tight relationship with CIA operatives, Savings and Loan scams, and money laundering. A true, but sad, story unravels, depicting the CIA's relationship with the most devious cults in operation. Constantine states:

"The Agency uses the cults to further the techniques and technology of mind control. In exchange, the CIA provides behind-the-scenes legal assistance and public relations.
"Despite public pronouncements to the contrary, the CIA is still very engaged in mind control research. Communities around the world have been converted into laboratories. Cults in their midst are led by operatives practiced in the techniques and technology of behavior manipulation. And medical disinformation conceals the work of this mid control fraternity." [pg. 90]
"That cults are dangerous has been proven time and again. That they are often fronts for intelligence activity is indisputable (as anyone who has dug into researching CIA mind control experimentation knows full well).
"Pathetic. I have watched in horror time and again as otherwise intelligent people have fallen for the whining of cult leaders and the CIA's hired guns in academia and the media, and it is a painful thing to observe.
"But it is infinitely more painful for the true victims, particularly children, who are traumatized for life by the sadistic intrusions of mind control, and forced by public denial to swallow their rage at the transparent deceptions of cult apologists..." [pg. 148]

[UPDATE: Was WCG Conducting Psychological Research Without Informed Consent?]

The ESN offers extensive reading resources for those interested in understanding personal WCG mind control abuses. Power, control and money propel the subversive systems that operated under the mantle of church or religious organizations. The WCG "transformation" plan is nothing more than another mind control operation heaped upon an already victimized public. The Christians are hoodwinked and scarred by spin manipulations while society is burned by another capitalist corporate empire operating absolutely TAX FREE!!!

Thank God for the Constitution!!!!?

Tkach and Albrecht become partners with Ecumenical Collaborators

If you have read OIU FIVE, Part One and Two, you should have background information that will relate to WCG's current new deal with transformation. We will now bullet events that depict double-dealing behavior. Azusa Pacific University plays one of the most significant roles with the "transformation" agenda as its faculty was corroborating with the WCG leaders years prior to anyone hearing about "changes."

  • Current WCG ministers were trained by Azusa.
  • Azusa faculty was commissioned by WCG to instruct at regional ministerial conferences.
  • An Azusa Professor was obtained as head of the theology department at Ambassador University in Big Sandy.
  • Azusa and WCG have instituted a partnership following the closing of AU in Big Sandy in May of 1997.
  • 1977: Albrecht received an M.A., from Azusa Pacific University.

Less there be any confusion about Azusa's philosophy and requirements, note these excerpts from Azusa's literature while considering Gregory R. Albrecht's association when teaching theology under Donald Ward, and functioning as Dean of Students for the whole organization. Quoted from Azusa literature:

Mission Statement-Azusa Pacific University is an evangelical Christian community of disciples and scholars who seek to advance the work of God in the world through academic excellence in liberal arts and professional programs of higher education that encourage students to develop a Christian perspective of truth and life.

Statement of Faith -We believe the Bible to be the only inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God. We believe that there is one God, eternally existent in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return to power and glory. We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The following are fundamentals held to be essential and the university expects students and staff not only to believe in them, but to practice them in daily living:

Caring, effective love both of God and man (1)A Christ-like unity and acceptance between believers (2)A lifestyle dedicated to God's will in society (3)A growing, victorious state of mind because of the indwelling Christ (4)A daily affirmation of Christ as Lord (5)A willingness to serve the Lord, even if it means sacrifice (6)A desire to be more sensitive to the personal work of the Holy Spirit (7)A working faith in God's promises for all needs and daily life situations (8)A witness for Christ without hypocrisy (9)A firm, committed desire to be God's person.

Essence Statement, the essence statement of Azusa Pacific University is a philosophical description of the institution and its people students, staff, faculty, trustees, administration, alumni who we are and who we are becoming. We are an institution of higher education with a tradition of Wesleyan evangelical Christianity. While acknowledging that as individuals we are at different points along the way, we are all nevertheless journeying toward the ideals described in the four perspectives that follow: Christian, Academic, Developmental, and Service."

We are Christians who:
show love toward God (holiness of heart) and a love toward each other (holiness of life) which express themselves in worship, self-denial, and a special concern for the oppressed and which encourages us to abandon those distinctions that divide us; and practice community among ourselves as members of the one body of Christ and maintain a nonsectarian openness toward all Christians.

We are scholars who:

recognize that a knowledge of history is a key to understanding ourselves, our world, and our future; have a thorough command of the primary sources, methodology and research skills, major issues, vocabulary, and facts in at least one academic field of study and understand how the skills acquired in this way may be adapted to other fields of endeavor; and encourage and make provision for any person to learn at any period of life.

Azusa History:
In 1965, Azusa Pacific College emerged as a new name among institutions of higher learning in Southern California. The college possessed a rich and historic tradition. Two independent schools, Azusa College (founded in 1899 as the Training School for Christian Workers) and Los Angeles Pacific College merged to form the new college. For 60 years, they had administered academic programs as private church-related colleges. Their goals, curricula and missions were similar. Azusa Pacific College inherited this legacy. The merger made it the official college for the Free Methodist Church in the Southwestern United States.

In 1968, Arlington College of Long Beach, California, merged with Azusa Pacific College. Arlington was founded in 1954 by the Church of God in Southern California (headquarters in Anderson, Indiana).

In 1981, Azusa Pacific's breadth of academic and co-curricular programs qualified the college for university status.

Azusa Pacific University is an independent church-related university. Five religious organizations: Brethren in Christ, Church of God, the Free Methodist Church, the Missionary Church, and the Salvation Army-are affiliated with the university and represented on the Board of Trustees. Many individual churches representing various segments of the conservative biblical tradition actively support Azusa Pacific. The student body is represented by students from more than 38 denominations.

Were the architects of the WCG transformation being truthful about Albrecht's association and history? Albrecht attended a Trinitarian evangelical, ecumenical institution years prior to the secret marketing campaign, which was largely spearheaded by David Hulme. Why didn't hundreds of United, Global and Philadelphia Church of God ministers question Albrecht's grave conflict of interest when he attended Azusa? Why would Herbert Armstrong support Albrecht's attendance at Azusa when thousands of church members were drilled about Satan's institutions? All these whys lead one to ask the big why? Why would anyone who calls himself Christian support such hypocrisy and deception? Why would "they" be so blinded not to question the WCG leaders' intentional craftiness?

Past OIUs have well documented the double activities of the leaders following the death of Herbert W. Armstrong. Grave attempts to revise history and cover up "historic" events were brought about by all the Church of God leaders including David Hulme and Rod Meredith. Their endeavor to propagandize falsehoods might dupe the vulnerable, but that won't change the real story behind the events, nor will the documented manipulations and mass deception totally mask the lie. The pockets of the perpetrators may be stuffed with gold, Swiss bank accounts, real estate and Wall Street investments, but for many who discerned the bigger picture, the deceivers will forever be known as the scam artists who orchestrated the WCG shakedown. Not that they care, but God forbid they slip up!

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together The Worldwide Church of God RE-Invents Itself

Good salesmen understand the key to success is to give the people what they want---in due season. Merchandising Christianity follows the same advertising and marketing rules that capture the attention and appeal of mass audiences. The Christian market must target:

  • spiritual seekers
  • distraught or depressed individuals
  • idealists
  • those looking for answers to universal questions such as: Why Are We Here? Why Were You Born? Does God Exist? etc.

There are, of course, many reasons why one is lured to a special calling or recruited into commitment-control groups. There is something for everyone and they need not search far. As we approach the end of this millennium, we continue to see a rapid buildup of religious "unity." True, much of this is carefully orchestrated by the Ecumenical Agenda, but others manifest a more maverick "anything goes" Christianity, strongly laced with occult teachings. As often said, the New Age is nothing but the Old Age re-enhancement. During the past four years the ESN has witnessed the unification of many evangelical organizations. While the lower level adherents are victims of deception, those orchestrating the agenda and holding the bank accounts shamelessly display a phony Christian façade. Those affiliated with the WCG conglomerate delude themselves into thinking the WCG's re-invention is spiritually driven rather than a con scam for personal gain or political hyperbole. WCG capitalized on the 1990s millennial Christian/cult evolution. The WCG architects were privy to the Christian craze and religious unification trends aiming for 2000 A.D.. As Albrecht and Tkach frequently feign "ignorance" to WCG history, manifesting innocence and a "true spirit-filled" transformation, they remain inconsistent in promoting their "new image and associations." The death of Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. launched the open propaganda Public Relations.

September 1995-Hank Hanegraaff makes his first public WCG appearance. He and Joe Tkach, Jr. hug over Joseph Tkach Sr. grave. [photograph printed in Worldwide News]

Oct. 6, 1995-Hanegraaff writes [in his co-worker letter]: "It is, quite simply, one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of the Christian Research Institute."

"It was an overcast southern California morning. Fall leaves drifted haphazardly from the tress to rest quietly on the green grass below.

"It was a mournful time. A time of loss. But it was also a glorious homecoming for a Christian leader who had been called home by his Lord.

"A man who risked losing his reputation, his livelihood, his career, and world respect in his all-out devotion to finding and proclaiming the truth.

"As I sat there, I couldn't help but think back to preaching the funeral of another man who exemplified that character and courage. A man who had been a champion of orthodoxy in the midst of proliferating cults and false doctrines. "I could not help but think of how much these two men had in common… One was Dr. Walter Martin, founder of the Christian Research Institute and the father of the modern-day countercult revolution. The other was Joseph Tkach, Sr., head of the Worldwide Church of God-the man who led a multi-million dollar worldwide Sabbatarian religious movement from the status of a cult to a firm standing in the church of Jesus Christ.

"As the funeral continued, I thought about how God's hand had worked over the years to lay the foundation for this unparalleled event: a contemporary cult willing to lay it all on the line for truth as revealed in God's Word.

"I pondered how CRI's commitment to essential Christian doctrine, rather than denominational divisiveness, had earned the confidence and respect of leaders within the Worldwide Church of God.

"Yet as they listened to the Bible Answer Man and read the Christian Research Journal, they realized that our goal was redemption, not ridicule; to reach, not repel. They met privately with me, behind closed doors, and discovered that CRI did not have a personal agenda, but a biblical agenda. And they came to trust CRI, not because of human eloquence of persuasiveness, but because we had found common ground around the truth of God's Word.

"But I also wanted to let you know that this extraordinary breakthrough set the stage for a critical phase of ministry: To help the leadership of the Worldwide Church of God fulfill their vision for evangelism! Those words are so incredible, so mind-boggling, that someone familiar with the Worldwide Church of God might think that I had absolutely taken leave of my senses. But evangelism and sound teaching are exactly what's needed. Consider for just a moment the magnitude and delicateness of the task now facing leaders of the Worldwide Church of God:

  • How do we tell people who have served faithfully in the church that they have been misled for decades?
  • How do we teach our people to read the Bible for what it says rather than through the lens of years of false teachings?

"Well, these are only a couple of the critical questions that leaders of the Worldwide Church of God are now wrestling with. And with the support of partners like you, CRI is committed to helping them through this tactical jungle. Helping to guide them past the pitfalls that endanger the work of complete redemption and restoration in this far-reaching movement. More than merely witnessing this dramatic transformation, however, you and I have been privileged to have a part in bringing it to pass. Yet much like the collapse of the Berlin Wall, while we should rejoice, we must understand that our work is far from over."

[Hanegraaff throws several paragraphs pitching the need for strategic generous gifts to be mailed quickly as the needs are great and the opportunities staggering.]

"P.S. As I extended my arms and embraced Joseph Tkach, Jr. at his fathers' funeral, comforting him in his great loss and encouraging him in the hope of the resurrection for all those who belong to Christ, I couldn't help but feel that Walter Martin, in another place, was extending the same embrace to Joseph Tkach, Sr.

P.S.S. While the support of friends like you is making possible an unprecedented harvest today, I am absolutely convinced that 'we ain't seen nothin' yet!"

[all Emphasis, Hanegraaff's]

By the end of 1995, Hanegraaff was quoted in WCG literature several times and paid as a consultant to WCG.

[UPDATE: The following is excerpted from a 1996 letter from author Janis Hutchinson to former members of the Worldwide Church of God. She was reporting on a WCG Ministerial Conference she had just attended in Portland, Oregon, and the questions she asked of Greg Albrecht: [emp. ours]

Question: Was Hank Hanegraaff given a bribe for his support?
Answer: No, he was given a fee for his appearance.]

The WCG insiders were sheltered from the previous years of secret meetings and planning events with ecumenical associations. They were not privy to the duplicitous agenda. While strong indication does point to fire drill management by WCG architects, protection of the financial corporate empire proved to be top priority. Prior to this date, all meetings with ecumenical evangelicals were held secretly behind closed doors. The leaders played a double game for many years. And why not? They carried duplicitous, covert and secretive missions for decades. The 1987 IRS crackdown on the scam evangelists spotlighted fraudulent church organizations, as did the exposure of cults in society. The WCG shell needed a new image, it needed a cover-up and it needed to get rid of the failed Armstrongism and bring in something attractive, addictive or popular. It needed to protect its millions. Most of all, it needed to align with the "united global mission." If it were to continue reaping from a non-taxed business under the benefits of "church status," it had to embrace a market that was not only acceptable in society, but also profitable. The ecumenical, New Age interfaith mission provided the greatest shelter. As the Protestants and Catholics unify through "reconciliation" and "bridge-building" a wide market base for WCG "Christian" business exploiters is provided. The architects and designers of the last ten-year WCG strategy planned their "transition" into the New Age ecumenical global brotherhood. Such bold deception focuses our attention to the resourceful, Hollywood celebrity, Stanley R. Rader. Who else would have engineered such a clever deception?

The following WCG Ecumenical Timeline helps the researcher understand the conditioning process of the insiders toward the New Age ecumenical agenda. The timeline is offered, by request, as a research report highlighting chronological events. Excerpts were taken from church literature. Please note the conditioning process toward the ecumenical, one world, interfaith, New Age, Pentecostal/Charismatic renewal. Pay special attention to the agenda and associations that prove strong conflicts of interest. Future OIUs and reports will continue to expound key ecumenical figures and the unification agenda.

Year-by-Year Highlights

1986 TO 1987-Herbert Armstrong dies [1-16-86], Joseph Tkach, Sr. (Stanley Rader's assistant in the 1970s) assumes the Pastor General position. The church membership is reinforced with all Armstrong teachings and the theme, "We Are Family" is launched. [Note: "The Family Album of the Worldwide Church of God" was distributed to all members in 1988.]

1987-1988-Clapping is instituted for short duration and then recanted. Modifications with the teachings and "laws" of healing and use of medicine or medical assistance are announced in September of that year.

1988-1989-David Hulme, Head of Public Relations, starts Publicity Campaign targeting the counter-cult evangelicals with new teaching positions. Insiders are completely unaware that the WCG leaders are changing any doctrines and are, in fact, strongly reinforced with Armstrongism. Any long-standing changes are billed as "modifications Mr. Armstrong wanted to make." Gerald Flurry starts Philadelphia Church of God, brings few members with him. His departure goes unannounced but Flurry places large ads in the New York Times, promoting Herbert Armstrong and announcing the WCG's doctrinal changes.

1989-1990-Major Publicity regarding WCG doctrinal changes escalates within the evangelical arena. Insiders remain oblivious and remain under the death threatening teachings of Armstrongism. Leaders flatly deny any changes are taking place.

1990-1993-The publicity campaign spearheaded by David Hulme, Victor Kubik (and many others now with United Church of God) proceeds. Ruth Tucker, along with other members of the National Association of Evangelicals, is actively involved with David Hulme. Azusa Pacific and Fuller Theological Seminary are active participants in WCG's mind-transformation process. Questioning members are disfellowshipped and shunned "for spreading rumors of any changes. The Branch Davidians and Waco standoff brings much attention to cults in the United States espousing similar teachings as WCG. Tkach, Sr. claims that a Catholic priest approached Tkach, Sr. about the Trinity, which inspired an in-house research of "God Is… The concept of "hypostasis" is announced." Albrecht warns Feast attendees in Tucson that the train is on the move with change and those on the caboose will be cut away.

1993-1994-Ambassador College receives accreditation. Major cut backs occur in Pasadena. Booklets canceled, Bible studies re-edited without warning to members, The World Tomorrow is canceled, The Plain Truth changes its marketing approach, again. Church corporations undergo major transfer of business corporations. All college corporations and land deeds are moved under the Worldwide Church of God name. Many affiliated corporations are closed. Tkach, Jr., Albrecht and Feazell meet many counter-cult publishers and hold interviews regarding the miraculous changes going on in the church. Paul Carden, then host of the Bible Answer Man, meets with Tkach, Jr., Albrecht and Feazell. On May 5, 1994, Carden announces WCG has embraced the Trinity. Members know nothing about the double agenda with WCG and evangelical media. Members are instructed NOT to read Satan's literature (outside Christian literature). Insiders are kept in the dark, while WCG evangelists and ministers orchestrate the planned restructure and alignment with (New Age) evangelicals. Members are threatened with tithing issues. They are told they are robbing God if they hold back. Sermons from headquarters are filled with distortions, denials, guilt, contradictions, duplicity and manipulations. "Open Houses" for recruiting are tried, and met with failure. Several headquarters' sermons introduce new thoughts on prophecy, born again and Kingdom of God. Sermons are dialectically confusing and contradicting.

1995-Tkach, Sr. gives January "New Covenant" sermon announcing some "doctrinal changes." Majority of members are shocked and traumatized due to unexpected announcements. WCG planners immediately shut down the Ambassador Auditorium, claim big loss of income and send out press releases blaming members for rebellion and not tithing. Church programs are cut out; along with many ministerial perks such as car leases. By May 1995, David Hulme, Dennis Luker, Victor Kubik and other headquarters evangelists launch United Church of God under the statement that the United Church will follow in Herbert Armstrong's teachings but the hierarchy government will change. 400 ministers, along with 17,000 WCG members regroup under the guidance of David Hulme [see OIU Three and Four]. May 5th (one year to date of Christian Research Institute's endorsement of the WCG into the Christian fold), David Robinson's son, John Robinson, issues Vol. ONE of the In Transition publication. It is announced that Tkach, Sr. is ill. Conflicting stories about Tkach's state of health emanate from Pasadena. Tkach, Sr. dies suddenly in Sept of 1995. Hank Hanegraaff makes his first appearance at Tkach, Sr.'s funeral. Tkach, Jr. embraces Hanegraaff and announces friendship. Tkach, Jr. induces strife at Ambassador University over doctrinal beliefs. Tkach approach sabotages growth for Ambassador University. AU loses students and enrollments decreases.

1996-Tkach/Albrecht/Feazell/Schnippert openly launch new strategy. Ambassador University announces shutdown. Plain Truth Ministries incorporates and assumes business and financial role of WCG. Ecumenical associations become apparent. Plain Truth costs $12.95 and includes advertising and marketing of Christian products. WCG emphases on unity, evangelism, small groups, prayer meetings, discipleship management, spiritual gifts, personal ministries, Gospel of the Kingdom of God, transdenominationalism, women ministries and building bridges. New Age verbiage replaces Armstrong's loaded language. Tkach claims African Christians want to be part of WCG; claims 14,000 new members in Africa. Lay ministers (non-paid pastors) replace paid pastors. Public Relations continue with radio appearances, interviews, magazine articles and news releases, all centered around the "wonderful changes in WCG." Spotlight is on Tkach, Jr.

1997-January starts with a bang announcing the partnerships with major [ecumenical] associations: the National Association of Evangelicals, Mission America, Bible Radio Broadcasting, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Four Square Gospel Church, and Promise Keepers. The WWN highlights Chuck Colson, Richard J. Foster, [UPDATE: Read more about New Ager Richard J. Foster], Promise Keepers (in every issue), Azusa Pacific University, Fuller Theological Seminary, Focus On the Family, Evangelist Luis Palau, Ralph Woodrow (has a new pro-Catholic stand), Pat Boone, Ron Taggert, Jack Hayford from The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California. (a Pentecostal, tongues-speaking and Promise Keeper board member), among many other strong ecumenical associations. The membership is guided into ecumenical activities such as: March for Jesus, National Day of Prayer, mass fasting, Billy Graham Crusades, reconciliation (race unity) seminars, recruiting training for members, Teen ministries, Women ministries, Minister training by Azusa and Fuller Theological Seminary, etc. 1997 ushers in many restructured changes with ministers, small groups, publishing, and product sales. There are many claims about growth in third world countries. As WCG continues to promote itself as a cult transformed into "truth," it is pushing corporate registrations in many (banking) countries that refused WCG presence in the past. The Pasadena hierarchy announces regional reorganization. The Worldwide News will be printed regionally, which in turn will increase information control.

Transformed By Truth was released.

Plain Truth Magazine covers for 1997

Jan-Feb--- Reggie White, All-Pro Pastor
Mar-Apr--- Billy Graham, Just As I Am
May-June---Star Parker, A Star is Born Again
July-Aug.--- Johnny Hart, At the Hart of B.C.
Sept-Oct--- No magazine received
Nov-Dec--- Mother Teresa, In His Service


"Habitat for Humanity International called Plain Truth offices to report that their telephone lines were overwhelmed by calls responding to John Halford's article, 'Little Houses on the Prairie,' published in the January issue. The article includes an interview Mr. Halford conducted with former President Jimmy Carter…" [WWN March] [UPDATE: John Halford died of cancer on October 23, 2014]

National day of prayer collectively turn to God
"Joseph Tkach, Jr., director of Church Administration, said: 'Those who believe in the value of prayer know that focusing public attention on the need for prayer is always beneficial, especially in times like these when anything righteous and holy seems to be under massive secular assaults.' "

"In Pasadena, ministers will attend a mayor's prayer breakfast along with community leaders." "An article by Clayton Steep in the May-June Plain Truth will explain how in Gallup polls published less than a year ago nearly two-thirds of American surveyed said they were dissatisfied with the way things were going in the United States. Likewise, two thirds felt that religion as a whole was losing its influence on how people live. Still, nearly two-thirds of those polled thought that religion 'could answer all or most of today's problems.' "

" 'The basic idea behind a day of nationwide prayer is that we would collectively turn to God and seek his guidance,' Mr. Steep wrote. 'History proves earnest, believing prayer works.' " [WWN March 21]

"Congregations report on community projects: some listed are: Meals on Wheels; Food for Families; Adopt-a-Highway; Educational tutoring; Volunteerism; Drug Education; Feeding the hungry; Children's telethon; Visiting the sick." [WWN March 21]

"AU logo wins award: The 1995 Addy Awards competition conducted by the East Texas Advertising Federation awarded the silver award to AU for outstanding achievement in advertising, marketing and design. The logo, features a lamp of learning within a triangle depicting the letters AU, and the entire graphic element is circled by the words Ambassador University." [WWN March 21]

"Church contacts strengthened at conference:
Wheaton, Illinois-Historians, scientists, theologians and educators from the US, Canada and Great Britain gathered at Wheaton College March 30 to April 1, to attend the Evangelical Engagement with Science Conference. Present were Ralph Orr, from Editorial Services and Richard Burdy, from Church Administration."

"The Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals sponsored the conference. The Pew Charitable Trusts provided funding."

"Participants included representatives from American and Canadian evangelical universities and seminaries, as well as Harvard, Notre Dame, Indian University, the University of Chicago, the University of Georgia, Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the Oxford and Cambridge universities in England."

"Topics at the conference included Charles Darwin's 'conversion,' environmentalism, women evangelicals in science, attempts to reconcile Scripture with geology, and Canadian evangelical support for the social sciences." [WWN June]

Festival (Feast Of Tabernacle) Messages for 1995
"The One Hope of Church and World-Christ's Return: At the resurrection, the saints will take their place in a new world order under Jesus Christ. The coming of that wonderful world tomorrow is the only sure hope, not just for Christians, but for all humanity." [WWN June 20, -- Emp. added for clarity]

Music unites churches of common faith
"The congregations in western Washington are building bridges with others of common faith. More than 400 members of various Seventh Day COG fellowships met for an evening of inspirational and entertaining gospel music. Performers were from the WCG, the General conference COG (Seventh Day) and the Port Orchard COG (Seventh Day). [WWN June 20]

International PT editor Interviews UN pioneer
"San Francisco, CA-Neil Earle, Plain Truth International Editor, met with retired consul Herbert Spivack of the United States Foreign Service, June 15, in connection with celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the United Nations."

"Mr. Spivack spoke on: 'The U.N. Failed Dream or Hope for the Future.' "

" 'A club of victors (in 1945) has emerged as a universalist organizations,' Mr. Spivack said: 'the General Assembly is still the closest thing we have to a world town meeting.' " [WWN July 4]

September 1995

H. B. London gives address: Live above reproach
"H. B. London Jr., vice president of Ministry Outreach and Pastoral Ministries for Focus on the Family, spoke to headquarters personnel and area ministers." [Oct. 27]

"Focus on the Family is a ministry based in Colorado Springs, Colorado that spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ by promoting traditional values and the institution of the family."

"Pastor General Joseph Tkach (Jr.) introduced Mr. London. Mr. Tkach met Mr. London last summer [1994] when Mr. London addressed a Church of God Seventh Day conference in Colorado Springs. For several years Mr. London lived across the street from church headquarters in Pasadena."

"Pastoral Ministries under Mr. London is a catalyst for the spiritual renewal and restoration of ministers and their families and assists them in better management of time, finances and family. The ministry serves nearly 130,000 pastors in 75 denominations."

"Mr. London serves as a pastor to pastors. He communicates with hundreds of pastors and church leaders each week through 'the Pastors Weekly Briefing,' a fax network, and produces a bimonthly 'Pastor to Pastor cassette and newsletter."

"Mr. London is a first cousin of James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, and the two grew up together." [WWN Nov. 14]

[UPDATE: H. B. London is on the steering committee of Renovaré, known to be a mystical movement. Also see: Focus on the Family Ties to The Theosophical Society.]

Thai temple conducts memorial service for Mr. Tkach (Sr.)
"Los Angeles-A memorial service for Joseph W. Tkach was conducted at Wat Thai of Los Angeles in North Hollywood, CA, Sept.30. Phra Wichian Thammakunathan, Abbot of Wat Thai, conducted the service along with three other resident monks…"

"Gifts prepared by Herman and Isabel Hoeh were presented to the monks by church members Raymond Epperson, Daniel Reedy, Ronald Reedy and Mitchell Vasseur."

"Wat Thai of Los Angeles and the Worldwide Church of God have enjoyed a warm relationship for many years, including joint participation in teaching English and Western culture to Laotian refugees in Thailand from 1980 - 1985." [WWN Nov.]

Charles Albrecht and John Halford attend European conference: interacting within a uniting EC.
"La Roche Sur Foron, France-Ministers from 10 European countries met at the foot of the French Alps for a three day European conference, Oct. 24 to 26."

"The group met to answer administrative questions and develop an organization structure and European vision for 1996. Attending for the first time were Carlos Tavares and Leo Kaagjarv, representatives from Portugal and Estonia."

"Participants agreed that four aspects must be included as part of a European vision. These aspects are: The kingdom of God is on the offensive; the European work should be on the offensive; we are called to harvest; everything must be geared to change lives; everything revolves around a relationship with God and one other."

"Mr. Tavares and Belgian pastor Jack Brunet gave reports from the Feasts in Angola and Zaire."

"In addition, evangelist Carn Catherwood discussed the need for European unity, and John Halford addressed general European administrative issues." [WWN Nov. 4]

Church to offer Christian video by Pat Boone
"Christian entertainer Pat Boone had a luncheon meeting with Pastor General Joseph Tkach and other officials Nov. 27 to discuss and agreement of the church to offer Boone's video Israel, O Blessed Israel, a gospel music journey in the Holy Land."

[UPDATE: Pat Boone is listed as CNP (Council for National Policy) Board of Governors 1982, member 1988.) Boone is also an elder in Jack Hayford's (Foursquare Gospel) The Church on the Way, Van Nuys, California, where Paul and Jan Crouch (Trinity Broadcasting Network) are members.]

Church to offer books, videos, audio tapes and other religious works
"The benefit of offering such products is that they will generate revenue for the church. A tax deductible donation is included in the set price."

"Pat Boone is one of the best known and best loved Christian entertainers in the United States and in international areas." [WWN Dec. 19]

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