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The ESN receives many letters and testimonies. Here are just a sample of some of the Email ESN receives. The OIU has many postal letters to share. Names are withheld unless specified otherwise. If you wish your letter not to be used, just note that when you write. Join us at the cracker-barrel and share your thoughts.  


The Worldwide Church of God is an incompetent ministry. The ministers of the Worldwide Church of God are new to the game of orthodox Christianity. Ministers in other churches do it better. Many WCG ministers don't understand the New Covenant. Since they don't know the new theology, and they can't preach the old, they preach dull, middle of the road sermons that don't teach very much. About the only people helped by their sermons are insomniacs.

The WCG leadership will not own up to the sins of the past. True, Joe Tkach, Jr. has apologized, but he has apologized to the evangelical Christian world. His apology was more for external consumption, not for the membership of the church he leads. In his book Transformed by Truth, he stated he cannot prove some of the stories circulating about Armstrong and his minions, and he will not bother to investigate. This answer is not good enough, especially for those who have suffered under abuses of the Armstrong ministry. Most of us will not be satisfied until the WCG leadership comes clean about the past. Even Nikita Khrushchev revealed the sins of Stalin in his Secret Speech after the Soviet Union's Twentieth Party Congress. No such confession has come from Herbert Armstrong's successors. In Transformed by Truth, Joe Tkach, Jr. paints a picture of Herbert as a well-meaning heretic whose heart was in the right place. Armstrong haters will view this as a whitewash. Armstrong lovers will be offended by this portrayal. In his attempt to appease everybody, Joe Tkach pleases nobody.

The WCG's half-assed approach to Christianity will appeal to very few. The WCG still observes the Old Testament holy days, and pays very little attention to traditional Christian celebrations like Christmas and Easter. Why would a Christian join a church that rejects Christian customs and traditions? The WCG is trying to sell a product that is half Christian and half Armstrongism. It's true that half a loaf is better than none. But why settle for half a loaf when you can easily have a whole one? Even worse, why settle for a loaf that is half rotten? The WCG's hybrid version of Christianity will have very little appeal to a Christian, and it will have no appeal to an Armstrongite. A church that is half Christian and half cult is still a cult.

Denial among the WCG ministry. I sat in dumbfounded amazement when a WCG minister told me that the WCG was never a cult, Herbert W. Armstrong was not a heretic, and the WCG never practiced mind control. This was in 1997, not 1987 or 1977. He was willing to admit there were abuses, but he believes the system was fundamentally sound. In one recent sermon, he said that the Worldwide Church of God has a history the members can be proud of. Perhaps I should not be so surprised. He is a minister, after all. He is a member of the abuser class. The ministers had it pretty good, so it is no wonder that they failed to notice that anything was wrong.


Herbert Dumpty sat above us all
Herbert Dumpty had a great fall
Herbert Dumpty is now dead and gone
But before he died he passed the baton Whose got it now? We haven't a clue
Could it be Joe, Dave, Rod or you?
Every Tom, Dick and Harry climbs out of the tree
Saying, "I'm God's minister, tithe to me"
They give many quotes by HWA
"Follow me if you want to obey"
All the dumb sheep have gone astray
If you're not a team player get out of the way
Some claim to be apostles, God sent
While Dave sits on top as president
They tell you they're the ministers of right
Until they're finally brought into the light
Rod says, "Submit to government, don't do the thinking"
Dave counts his money while UCG is sinking
Joe's turned Protestant, but he's paying the price
Ted's losing members because of his vice
They waited too long to leave WCG
The paycheck's important, you see
All of Herbert's horses and all of Herbert's men
Can't put Herbert back together again (by Steve K.)

Thought you'd like to hear about WCG Feast 1997. Sad news from the South. WCG disfellowshipped most of the Meridian congregation this last spring. Of course, WCG doesn't call it being disfellowshipped. The WCG word used was "disbanded" and members were told that they are not allowed to attend any WCG services -- if they show up they will be tossed out. The break came when WCG told members that in order to remain in WCG they would have to sign a document attesting belief that Tkach, Jr. and their pastor are being led by the Holy Spirit. The people could not sign it (why should they have to?) and WCG booted 'em out.

In other news, some liberals in WCG woke up during the last 5 months. Quoting one of them, "We got a fast forward look at where this is headed. . . . It was really hard to have to admit that our minister was being led by Satan. I kept trying to defend him, but then . . ." The "but then" occurred one morning after a bizarre incident in a small group wherein the minister held another church member hostage until this person would allow the minister to lay hands on him. Two days later, the individual physically (and spiritually) woke up. They took their spouse and held a big family meeting. That minister since resigned and left, but their current pastor is headed (albeit slowly) in the same direction. They are hanging in there.

At the Feast itself, services were heavy on emotionalism, not much basis in Scripture at all and even blatantly contradictory with Scripture. The people are not encouraged to read the Bible. All Scriptures used are put up on a big screen and citations are not always given or accurate, so the people (unless motivated to verify the statements) are more inclined to rely on what the minister says. The emotional tactics used grew more and more during the course of the Feast. Regarding music, no hymnals were used. All song lyrics were projected onto the screen and many of the songs were used over and over again. The musical accompaniment was reminiscent of a 60's band -- tambourines, electric guitar, with nauseatingly sanctimonious "worship leaders." A group of church youth (teens) was less than moved by the spectacle (finding it ridiculous). Some adults seemed nonplused; and others even commented that they felt the church had "gone too far." Someone was carried out of the services on a stretcher and another individual had a heart attack in the parking lot -- no announcements were made in either case.

At the bottom of the ditch is a fluffy layer of millions of dollars from the sale of assets to ease the crash for the leaders and their paid. Do you get the point? They will prove themselves righteous.

With cognitively dissonant members falling away like fall leaves, what choice will the leaders and ministers have but to award themselves comforting pensions with the spoils?

After all, the sheep refused to hear their voice and fled to other folds. It is not the leaders fault. Who would be so cold to deny them their due? Who would want to throw these loyal employees out and force them to work for their keep? So, the demise of WCG approaches as day follows night. But, the leaders will escape the pain. They have a plan. They will use the tithes of Christians made over many decades of self-sacrifice to soothe their feeling of failure and avoid sacrifice themselves.

These same blind members thought they were called to help fund the preaching of a powerful Gospel message and provide a Bible-centered college for young people and disciples to learn God's way of life.

I screamed when AC sought the accreditation of the world. It all went downhill as soon as the blind took control.

As a realist, especially regarding the manner of incorporated organizations, history teaches that some things are more likely than others. Incorporated organizations have legal immunity from bad judgment. They all operate on the world's law of "Show me the money!" When the roof caves in; when there are no sheep left in the flock and the money is gone (the last often used for pensions and golden parachutes), they file, reorganize and combine with another organization.

This preserves their personal reputation of the blind leaders and gives them security. The entity and body of members, once filled with life, dies a miserable, agonizing death with nothing to show from their sacrifices except perhaps some memories and lessons learned.

Problem is that the blind, who remain loyal to the blind to the end, often remain blind and can't see what the Lord was trying to get them to see--to seek Him, not tax exemptions. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to the heart and mind of man. The sign of Christians is their love, not their sales or membership or circulation list. Only the Holy Spirit can change the heart and mind of men. Without the H. S., we all fall off the narrow road into the ditch.

Heaven help us! God grant us mercy. Christ said to forgive them that killed him, those leaders who knew not what they did. Pray for the leaders of WCG that their eyes may be opened and the ditch of antinomianism is avoided. Just the other day I listened to a sermon on cassette tape. The sermon was given by a WCG minister in Europe about two months ago. He said that the current ecumenical movement underway in Europe, with its goal of presenting a unified church to Jesus on his supposed birthday in the year 2000, is a movement to be dominated by the anti-Christ. He also said that the identity of WCG could be preserved by not being a part of this or other similar movements, since the WCG really believes Jesus (the un-stated conclusion being that the others don't).

The WCG minister also quoted extensively from the book of Revelation. Am I missing something in the official literature of the WCG that is being passed on "low profile" to WCG ministers for sermon material? Is anyone else aware of similar sermons having been given recently? ~Germany


Email to ESN

I am a survivor of the WCG system and endured 34 of my 37 years in the cult and believe my experiences could greatly add to your survey.

Writing about your WWCG-get-away-site on the Internet. Some impressive file material, to be sure. ...

I remember the interview between the Jewish Mike Wallace and Stanley Rader on 60 MINUTES of 25 years ago. A great deal of evident venom and vile nature was much evident in the interview on the behalf of Rader--he could clearly see that the game was up. 

I also am pleased with your analysis of Dr. Walter Martin and his phony successor at the Christian Research Institute. On the Internet with DejaNews there are a lot of "fronts" [for different organizations and cults]--you name it. Nothing is quite as transparent as it may seem.

Getting back to so-called "cult experts" such as the deceased Dr. Walter Martin, another expert is the acclaimed author J. Gordon Melton, "Professor, Santa Barbara." You will notice that, in fact, Melton is NOT a professor at UC Santa Barbara at all. The User Group messaging shows the good professor to be fronting for Scientology. Though I am not a member, I have no opinion on that religion either.

[UPDATE: J. Gordon Melton is alleged to be a prominent New Ager. (Go to: "Constance Cumbey on EMNR Disinformation Conferences" in this offsite article.)  Other sites have reported that he has received money from groups considered cults. In addition he is also listed as a professional referral on the new Cult Awareness Network site which was bankrupted by Scientology. More information on CAN can be found in this offsite report.]

I would like to request a copy of Vol. FOUR of the Outsider's Inside Update. Is it possible to get copies of volumes 1, 2 & 3? You are one of the few that seem to be getting the truth out about Armstrong and his cronies. I just wish that I had heard this 20+ years ago.

I was happy to see Church of God Accountability Coalition (COGAC) info on the Internet. My husband and I left the WCG in Feb 97 after 30+ years each in this destructive organization. I am glad to see there is a lot of help for wrecked lives -- emotionally, spiritually and physically. I had a lot of support from ex members, going to a therapist for several months, reading numerous books on cults and just getting educated on truths that were hidden from us. Now I am having to deal with the shockwaves that are beginning to surface. I can't even begin to tell you what it has done to my life and others I have known over the years. So many needless suicides, child abuse, broken marriages and broken lives...

I came across your website the other day and have been reading it for hours until there was nothing left unread!

I grew up in the WCG, attended AC in Pasadena (working for Ambassador International Cultural Foundation [AICF] in the Auditorium) and was a senior the year of the closing of Pasadena and consolidation to Texas. Growing up I respected the church more than anything...including my parents. However, once I got to Pasadena and was involved with Headquarters, Ambassador and the Auditorium, my respect for "God's" Church began to lessen each year I was there. I watched as hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent in auditorium/AICF events that had absolutely nothing to do with religion or spreading of a gospel. From the looks of it, the church may not have known how to manage themselves, But they could really throw one hell of a party!!!

Once I got to Big Sandy I was very bitter about many things I witnessed at headquarters. And the general thinking among many was that the Pasadena campus closed to get the "curious, question-asking" student away from the corruption before something was exposed. (i. e., many purchase orders having descriptions left blank which would be filled in later and copies never to be seen...to name just one of many).

Upon graduation I was over the whole thing. It was amazing to me that I grew up in total support of the WCG and was prepared to give my life (literally) for what I believed, only to graduate and have such animosity toward the church.

As Tkach, Sr. marched forward, making the church (and himself) look absolutely silly with double-talk, I decided to get out while I could. I was confused, hurt and exhausted. I literally came to a point where I could just not find the energy to continue with the continual banter I heard from the lectern each Sabbath.

I have been out of WCG (and not attended anywhere) for nearly four years now. This past year I have been dedicating much of my free time to researching the WCG and its history (biased, distorted, and sometimes created as it is). I appreciate sources such as yourself, and others that provide other sides of the story. For some reason I must prove to myself that I made the right choice. You know, it is interesting how I could have become so bitter over the WCG and have left over four years ago and still have such horrible fears entrenched within my mind about leaving the "one true church." All those "Lake of Fire" sermons . . . what "fond" memories . . . memories that just won't go away.

I am interested in your organization. I am trying to piece together exactly who you are and what you do. If you have any information that you could pass on to me, I would greatly appreciate it. There are so few places to turn!

Thank you for your site. I am hoping to read more posts soon!

I'm a former member of the WCG in the Hamburg congregation. My reasons for leaving the "church" were lies, hypocrisy, abuse of authority, manipulations etc. of the pastor of the congregation of Hamburg and the leadership of the German-speaking area. I had to recognize that the leaders were not willing to follow Jesus Christ and practice what they themselves teach the members. I saw this couldn't be a church having the spirit of God. In this "church" the spirit of God is getting depressed. Yes, it's a cult filling new wine in old skins.

Therefore, I'm glad to learn about your organization through friends. I think many members and former members of the WCG in the German-speaking area are in need of information about the "church." It's very important. I know that you have in the Internet a Web Homepage. It would be very helpful for many people to get more information about the WCG cult.

I just wonder if it (the ESN Website) will open any more eyes of those still in WCG. I know that down here in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico, those still in WCG have no idea as to what is going on in Pasadena and Joe Jr.'s connections with the NAE, among many other things. Some people act like nothing has changed. Keep up the good work. Make sure your webpage is safe from the WCG Gestapo.

Just read the information you posted on Billy Graham!! Yes, Ecumenicism is gaining ground. It's the gospel of WORKS!! Have you read anything about Catholics and Evangelicals together? Things are definitely moving to the "World Tomorrow."

I want to thank you for all your hard work and for the great Opus Magnum, which is the Outsiders Inside Update Newsletter. I have already started to "wield it as a sword" to open someone's eyes. Best Wishes from South Africa.

Thank you for this labor of love you have provided. Tomorrow 9/13/97 will be my second week not attending WCG. I had been a member since 1986. I am interested in any correspondence pertaining to the WCG deception.

Attended WCG for 20+ years. "Grew up" in WCG--parents started attending in early '70's. Left in 1994. Please send me info you have on [contacting] ex members. I would like to be able to discuss what happened to me and my family with others who understand. Thank you.

Hi guys. I'm just anxious to see the next newsletter. Don't mean to be pushy, I know you've got to live, but I'm curious as to what's happening with UCG now. Thanks for all you've put out so far and .......hurry? with the next.

I would very much like to connect to ex-members who are trying to put their lives back together. Perhaps sharing experiences would help the healing process. Nobody could possibly understand who has not come out of a cult what one goes through. Most people I know who left WWCG float in and out of the same old cult. It's just a rehash and they can't even see it. The therapist I counseled with said they just do not want to face the pain. Anyway, keep up the good work. Hope to hear from you soon.

I am a graduate student at Kansas State University in industrial psychology and an ex-WCG (teenager) and ex-CGI (adult). I am interested in helping to protect the people in the various branches from abuse by the leadership.

If you have anything on financial corruption in United [UCG], please send it to me when you get a chance (I know you have a lot going on so whenever you get a chance). Thanks for your love and concern for the people in the churches!!

Thanks again for your efforts. Two weeks ago I received a call at my place of business from CRI. I listened to Hank's pitch for money. I told the caller to tell Hank to get a real job. Do these people have a clue how offensive they are?

Congratulations ESN. Welcome to the elite group of the strong, the few, the Gladiators. You are recognized by your faith, your strong heart and your good deeds. May truth continue to light your path in the darkness, and your faith act as your shield against evil, and your strong heart continue to carry you through the perilous journey of exposing those abusive tyrants over God's people. You will at times come face to face with the wrath of Satan, but the greater wrath of God will be on your side. This Gladiator stands with you in your noble deeds. God bless you.

Thank you

How I Found the Truth of the New Covenant

by Rachael

Having been born and brought up in a typical Christian "Bible believing" denomination with the usual legalism, I was nicely set up to go into a more legalistic church that is actually a full blown cult--the Worldwide Church of God. As a sincere and devout "born-again" Christian I naturally wanted to please God in every way possible. The WCG mandated that if one does not obey all the moral law (i. e., the Ten Commandments), he is guilty of all. By living under the law, I was commanded to be obedient to the law or face the Lake of Fire. Obedience to Sabbath and Holy Day keeping was essential to be counted as one of God's children. I went deeply into bondage even to the point of going off of life saving medicine. The WCG preached against relying on doctors and medicine. I personally knew people who died because they stopped using insulin or other medicine under the mandates of ministers who were, at the time, obtaining medical help for their personal well being. I, like others, have suffered greatly because of these hypocrites. I'm thankful God allowed me to survive.

I remained a devout follower thinking I was in "God's True Church" for about eighteen years. Then in 1978, I learned of some of the awful corruption and wrong doctrine. At one of the last Holy Day services I attended I heard Garner Ted Armstrong say that the New Covenant will not be in effect until Christ returns. I knew immediately that was a false statement because it went into effect the minute Christ died. I left the WCG and attended several other churches and groups for fifteen years. Then in the wonderful providence of God I learned of a book, Classic Christianity, by Bob George. I read the sequel, Growing In Grace, and started listening to the "People to People" broadcast with Bob George. Through him, I understood the New Covenant. I now realize that the WCG and SDA's are not the only ones that do not understand the New Covenant, but the greater part of Christianity doesn't discern it. I highly recommend these two books to all who are involved in controlling, obedience commanding, legalistic churches. For those seeking love, reverence and trust in God, reading these two books will be an eye-opener. I have counseled with several from law-keeping groups who have been greatly helped by Bob George, even ex-WCG ministers. Once we see how the Bible is often twisted to make false doctrine sound like truth we begin to understand the Gospel of the New Covenant. [UPDATE: Bob George passed away on June 1, 2018. His books, Bible study guides, and teachings on MP3s and CDs, are available from Bob George Ministries]

Transformed by what?????

I have just finished reading Transformed by Truth and I'm currently documenting the distortions with the real facts. Practically every sentence in the book is twisted and there are manifold lies and omissions on every page. The worst thing beyond the lies is his obvious lack of feeling for the abuse, suffering and trauma the members and exiters have endured. Almost all of the important dates for significant happenings, i. e., when the WCG leaders met with evangelicals are cleverly omitted, and there is also no index in the book to enable one to quickly compare statements.

In chapter 7, "What We Believed," Tkach uses the word, "doctrine" in its various forms, twenty times, yet "heretical" is only used three times. In chapter 11, "How Could We Have Believed These Things?" he uses "heretical" once and "doctrine" in its various forms, four times. Instead of using the word, "heresies," for what HWA taught, he labels these beliefs with such terms as, "unique teachings," "doctrinal distinctions," "esoteric doctrines," "unbiblical interpretations," "error," "misunderstanding," and the best one of all--"cognitive dissonance," which was used twenty-four times in chapter 11 alone! He used the word "denomination" in its various forms, seventeen times throughout the book, the word "cult" in its various forms, sixteen times, and the word "we" was used so extensively as to be beyond counting.

Tkach is so cunning that he has studied thoroughly not only the doctrines, but also the terminology, of the evangelicals today. He uses words such as, "minister to," "a blessing to me," "came to know the Lord," "my personal testimony," "godly," "lordship," etc. The WCG members don't talk like this unless they have been around other Christians for a long time; therefore, this language will be completely foreign or uncomfortable to them for quite awhile. Yet Tkach starts right off using these words like he has no problem in the world doing so. In other words, he is now one of them-or so he wants others to believe. He's also an expert at using a lot of psychology words, which should be of no surprise, since he has a degree in psychology-no doubt to use to his own advantage.

When Tkach tries to present his own--almost nostalgic view--of HWA, he fails to quote the "miracles" from HWA's autobiography. You know the ones--about HWA praying for and receiving ten cents for a vitally needed bottle of milk for his baby (p.401-402 Vol. 1), about the angel taking hold of his steering wheel and forcing him to go down the street where he talked to the "Pentecostal" crippled man (p. 336 Vol. I), and many others. This surely would show those evangelicals HWA was a "sincere Christian man," as Tkach describes HWA!!!

Lastly, Tkach tells the world that the WCG is "Trinitarian" now, but his mention of the Holy Spirit in the book approaches zero. Furthermore, when I talk with current WCG members about the Trinity, they have this blank stare on their face like they don't know what I am talking about. I'll send you the report when I complete it.

[Read the finished report: Myths in Transformed by Truth - Is the book truth or propaganda?]

An Internet opinion:

Several things about the WCG turn me off and have caused me to stop attending in exasperation. First, the ministers simply don't know what they are talking about. They did not learn Christian theology at Ambassador College; they learned Armstrongism. Since they can't preach Armstrongism any more, and they don't know anything about Christianity, they really don't preach anything at all. Attendance at my WCG congregation continues to drop, and most of those who have left tell me that they will come back only if the sermons become more interesting.

Secondly, the WCG administration is trying to play both sides of the fence. They will not address the abuses of the past because they don't want to alienate the Armstrongists. There are too many people in the WCG who still reverence his memory and have no idea what Armstrong wrongs he committed as pastor general (e.g., using the third tithe fund to purchase and operate his jet plane, permitting the use of make-up to convince his second wife to marry him, prohibiting make-up when he wanted to divorce her, taking advantage of the medical profession while at the same time forbidding the membership to see doctors, paying 106,000 British pounds for a meeting with Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher [Read: "Kinky Churchman Fools Charles and His Cheque Bought Meeting With Maggie," Special Inquiry by Andrew Drummond, News of the World, Aug. 1, 1982), paying half a million dollars to meet with the leaders of Communist China, paying $5 to passers-by in Manila to attend a lecture he gave in the Philippines so that pictures of a packed meeting hall could be printed in his magazines, his estrangement from his family, including allegations of an incestuous relationship with his youngest daughter, etc., etc., etc.).

All I would like to see is for the WCG leadership to be straightforward about the past. Instead, you can't get a straight answer from them. Joe Tkach can have all the friends he wants in the evangelical community, but they are not going to tithe to his organization. They have their own to worry about. Meanwhile, the neglected membership continues to shrink, and he worries how the WCG is going pay its bills. In almost every member letter he sends out, he implies that the true Christians in his organization send in lots of money while those who hold back really don't love God. Shades of Armstrong. ~M. M.

Stay tuned with the OIU for details on:

  • The latest attempts to unite the COGs--just as they planned
  • WCG 1997 ecumenical timeline
  • The architects behind the cover-up
  • The Church of the Foursquare Gospel and Pastor Helms
  • The ecumenical Charismatic Pentecostal men behind the WCG transition
  • George Mather, Pasadena based Freemason apologetic and author of the latest pro-WCG propaganda book, Discovering the Plain Truth: How the Worldwide Church of God Embraced the Gospel of Grace
  • The WCG's support and partnership with Promise Keepers
  • The Promise Keeper deception
  • The WCG's Masonic and political connections
  • Hank Hanegraaff's support of the Roman Catholic Church
  • The National Association of Churches and its push for the hyper-Charismatic Pentecostal mission
  • The mission of United Religions
  • WHO is behind the conspiracy?


The United Church of God, an International Association is currently faltering. With membership now at 13,000 and declining, the leadership is falling apart. January 21, 1998, David Hulme suddenly steps down from President of the UCG. The following was recently posted:


From the Council of Elders, Monrovia, CA. January 21, 1998

The Council of Elders of the United Church of God, an International Association, announced on Tuesday, Jan. 20, that David Hulme will no longer serve as President. Robert Dick, Chairman of the General Conference of Elders and the Council, assumes that responsibility until a new President is appointed.

In a meeting with the Home Office employees, Mr. Dick announced Mr. Hulme's departure, and stated, "According to the governing documents of the United Church of God, an International Association, I will serve as President, until a new President is appointed by the Council of Elders."

The OIU will explore the reasons behind these events as we continue to piece together the real story. Of course, the ESN is not surprised at these developments as earlier OIUs indicated the UCG was keenly orchestrated for purposes complementary to WCG goals. It has been our position that the UCG was splintered and functioned as a holding pattern while the mother church transformed into its new ecumenical image and re-transformed its financial empire.

Garner Ted Armstrong; reluctantly resigned from the Church of God International and formed an independent ministry as the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association. This latest development comes on the heels of Criminal Charges filed against him by Sue Rae Robertson for sexual assault. Attorney for the Plaintiff is filing a writ before the Texas Supreme Court for another hearing, requesting that the Church of God International remain on the lawsuit. More allegations of another "affair" have induced another COG media frenzy. A plethora of sordid details are attached to this latest development that most likely have much to do with sparing the church assets from the Sue Rae Robertson lawsuit. Brace yourself for the continuing saga with Garner Ted Armstrong and the reasons behind the event. It was the ESN that broke the Garner Ted Armstrong and the Masseuse report!

[UPDATE: Garner Ted Armstrong died of pneumonia at age 73 on September 15, 2003. His son, Mark Armstrong, has taken his place in Intercontinental Church of God with the same HWA doctrines.]

Please bear with us

Yes, ESN is over-extended and our costs are so much higher than we ever anticipated. Producing the OIU while maintaining a support, research and investigative ministry requires help with associated expenses to keep the ESN in operation. We continue to succor those in need. We are committed because we care. We gratefully thank everyone who has been so patient with us as we continue to move through obstacles towards consistency with publications. We can only continue through donations. We do need your financial support and please, keep us on your prayer list. If you feel you can assist with computer work, editing, writing, research, etc., please email us or contact us post mail. Now, do your homework, your future depends on what you do for you.

[UPDATE: The above was written at the time the OIU Newsletters were being snail-mailed. Volume Six was the last one; visit our section Expose` on Worldwide Church of God (GCI) for newer articles]

References / Resources:

We recommend the following research pertaining to every topic discussed in this issue.

Jack Hayford--"Though I Speak in Tongues."

United Religions Initiative (Making Peace Between Religions) 

Promise Keepers research:

The Promise Keepers Movement (connections; Vineyard movement, etc.)

What's Wrong With the Promise Keepers? (espousing views that are antithetical to the Bible's teachings)

Organizations outwardly connected to WCG:

Church of the Foursquare

Gospel Mission America

National Religious Broadcasters

Fuller Theological Seminary [NOTE: Most of the "church growth movement" can be traced back to Fuller Seminary.]

National Association of Evangelicals board members (you will find "Dr." Joseph Tkach listed on here)

Azusa Pacific University (APU is a member of Willow Creek Association) [UPDATE: Read: Willow Creek Hegelian Dialectic & the New World Order for more info on WCA.]

Organizations indirectly related to WCG:

World Council of Churches (WCC) General Assembly [NOTE: In 1985 the WCC changed, or questioned, some of the basic Christian beliefs about Christ while promoting a one-world religion.]

The Lutheran World Federation (Department of Ecumenical Affairs)

National Council of Churches in the USA

WCG has no membership with:

Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability

Other important webpages to research:

Discernment Ministries (see their newsletters)  

Letter to NAE and other concerned Christians

To Whom Is ECFA Accountable? (The Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) (mentions several evangelists including Billy Graham and Franklin Graham)

Consumer Fraud (Protecting yourself against scam artists)

California Attorney General Report on Charitable Solicitation ("Where Does That Money Really Go?")

Discernment & Research sites (on our Links)

Seek God (covers the Global Ecumenical Movement) [site is down]

ADDITIONAL Reading and Resources:

The following references carry research and investigative materials on freemasonry, occult, Promise Keepers, ecumenical issues, Roman Catholicism, Billy Graham, deceptive/false groups and much more. 

Christian Truth and Victory Publishing
9088 Co. Rd. 11 N.W.
Alexandria, Minnesota 56308 USA
(320) 846-0835
(Extensive catalog carrying books on Christianity, history, economics, politics and secret societies, freemasonry, Billy Graham, ecumenical one world globalists, and so much more. Send $4.00 with catalog request, which will be deducted from your first order.)

Ohio Bible Fellowship Visitor
Dept. V 3865 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43214-3797
(614) 262-2006
(OBF left the Independent Fundamental Churches of America because of the IFCA's drift into New Evangelicalism. Their magazine exposes Ecumenicalism)

BOOKS: (For documentation and reference purposes)

Promise Keepers: Another Trojan Horse by Phil Arms, 1997
(Order from: Shiloh Publishers, P.O. Box 770, Alief, TX 77411; 800 829-9673)

The Occult Roots of Nazism by Nicholos Goodrick-Clark
(The racist and nationalist fantasies of Guido Von List and Jorg LanzVon Liebenfels and their influence on Nazi Ideology)
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The Magic of Obelisks by Peter Tompkins
(Learn the meaning behind the crystal obelisks that Herbert Armstrong gave to dignitaries on his international trips with Stanley R. Rader)
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Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, by Dr. Robert D. Hare (Order through Amazon)

The Secret History of Alcoholism: The Story of Famous Alcoholics and Their Destructive Behavior by James Graham
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PROPAGANDA: Its Psychology and Technique by Leonard W. Doob
(1935, out of print, check the libraries or used book stores)

In God's Name: An Investigation Into The Murder of Pope John Paul I by David A. Yallop
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If you are just learning about spiritual abuse, mind control, cults, post-traumatic stress, and related issues to the WCG experience, check out ESN's Booklist.

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The editor of the OIUs, was guest speaker on the World of Prophecy radio program in November for two airings with Texe Marrs. The topic was "The Worldwide Church of God Cover-up." (Part One and Two) [Update 2014: This is not an endorsement of everything espoused by this ministry.]

The mission of the Outsiders' Inside Update is to provide the chronology of historic events and current activities, involving the Worldwide Church of God conglomeration. The OIU strives to provide vital and factual information pertaining to the reasons behind the events. The Exit & Support Network™, along with the OIU, is a Christian service ministry reaching out to victims and survivors of religious hypocrisy, violation and exploitation. We strongly believe all religious leaders must be held accountable for their negative behavior and undo influence on the unsuspecting. Destructive behavior must be impugned. The OIU: 1) is sympathetic toward Christians who have endured much spiritual abuse and therefore will not, at anytime, degrade personal beliefs; 2) opinions expressed in this research report are not intended to substitute for readers own personal research and investigation pertaining to matters stated. It is with hope, that those who have succumbed to WCG (splinters groups included) spiritual corruption will be freed from spiritual manipulation and psychological slavery through their own education, research and investigation. Recovery is only possible when we understand the cause of the affliction.

Romans 1 vs. 28-32:

"And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient: (29) Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, (30) Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, (31) Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: (32) Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." To be continued…

With heartfelt thanks to all ESN supporters and affiliates that made this OIU possible.

L. A. Stuhlman, Editor

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Letter from L. A. Stuhlman, ESN Founder & Editor of OIU Newsletters, to author Janis Hutchinson (contains much exposé regarding the reasons behind the WCG changes and history on Herbert W. Armstrong)

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