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(Surrounding the Coalition of Worldwide Church of God Propagandists)


NOTICE: WCG is now known as Grace Communion International.


Christian Research Institute1 has endorsed the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) cult1 as a true Trinitarian Orthodox Church. "A church that has repented and turned from its ways of the doctrines. A true Trinitarian."

Keith Tolbert, Evangelical Covenant Church; Jesus People USA, and director of the American Religions Center regards the WCG as "totally orthodox."

Eric Pement, Editor of Cornerstone Magazine; Evangelical Covenant Church; Jesus People USA; is delighted with the "changes." "Doctrine does effect behavior," states Eric.

Alan Gomes, Talbot School of Theology, presently writing a book on the WCG, sees the church's progress as "unprecedented." He also states that "as true Trinitarians, it will not be able to function like a cult."

Ruth Tucker, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, member of the doctrine committee for WCG, admires the WCG so strongly, she allowed herself to be featured in The Plain Truth magazine.

Christianity Today does major reports, exposing the financial frauds of Larson Ministries and others, but doesn't acknowledge the financial exploitation and reported corruption of Christian Research Institute and the Worldwide Church of God. [UPDATE: Christianity Today has turned to promoting mysticism, contemplative prayer and other New Age, anti-Christian practices.]

Mark Kellner, writer for Christianity Today claims in writing that the WCG is no longer a cult. Kellner bases his findings on the leaders' ...word!


Christian Research Journal; Cornerstone Press; Christianity Today; Hank Hanegraaff, Alan Gomes Eric Pement; the Passatanos; Keith Tolbert, Ruth Tucker and Mark Kellner, all support each other's claims. All support each other's publication. All network together in a way that many would call a coalition. [See: Smoke, Mirrors and Disinformation…The New Age Ties of the Apologetics Ministries]

All have reported negative views toward Mind Control. All are working behind the scenes with the WCG in some capacity.

All are taking the position that the WCG is no longer a cult.

Paul Carden of CRI; Alan Gomes of Talbot School of Theology; Eric Pement of Cornerstone, Ruth Tucker of Trinity Evangelical School or Keith Tolbert have not studied The Worldwide News3 reports, Pastor General's letters, monitored sermons, attended services on an on going bases, done a thorough in-depth study on the leaders or organization, nor interviewed members or ex-members to substantiate that the WCG is no longer a cult. All evangelicals claiming the WCG's innocence, refuse to investigate the leader's claims. All have ignored the warnings, letters and cries from exiters desperately reaching out for help and discernment.

The evidences have been ignored. The entire history of this organization has been ignored. The massive damage done to thousands has been ignored.

While the WCG receives free uplifting press from those mentioned above, the WCG enjoys its new Trinitarian association as it propagandizes itself into new recruiting markets. The WCG's rendition of Orthodox Christianity (known on the inside as new truths from God, given directly to God's leader Joseph Tkach) provides a ticket to acceptability for recruiting efforts globally, accreditation for the college, a doctrinal package that is credible for evangelism and for the purposes of mainstreaming.4

This "coalition" supporting the WCG claims to be experts and specialists on cults. The journalists claim they "print with proof."


Does the written word "Trinity" excuse financial abuse (under a three tier tithing system), spiritual abuse and emotional abuse?

Does it remove the Saturday Sabbath commands and Holy Day mandates and 30% of gross income, Tithing commands, and THE LAW?

Does it end the hierarchy government? "God works from the top down through Mr. Tkach."

Does it end the manipulations; deceptions; controls, exploitation and secrecy--and yes, Mind Control?

Does it denounce the false prophet and gross discrepancies of the Herbert W. Armstrong empire?

Does it openly communicate without confusion, manipulation, double messages and disinformation?

Is the "coalition" monitoring the true inner workings of the WCG?

Have the WCG leaders reached out to the experts in the secular cult watching arena and consulted with professionals on how to undue to destructive patterns that have prevailed for decades?

Has the WCG offered medical and emotional help for the members who were damaged by the doctrine/beliefs and regime?

Has the damaging belief system of the past that is filled with guilt and fear been removed, or is it still part of the package?

Has Joseph Tkach clearly denounced the destructive management of the WCG?

Has the Joseph Tkach stopped commanding exorbitant tithes and offering through fear and manipulation of Scriptures?

What makes a cult not a cult? Is it the word Trinity written on paper?

Why aren't the Evangelicals asking the right questions? Why are certain Evangelical counter-cult spokespersons allowing the WCG leaders to propagandize the big deception?

Are the counter-cult ministries part of the solution? -- Or part of the problem?


There are reasons behind the events of the multi-million dollar empire's strategy of change!





By L. A. Stuhlman, Founder Exit & Support Network™
Written August 6, 1998

UPDATE: Worldwide Church of God changed their name in April 2009 in the United States to Grace Communion International. (Some local church areas and countries may still carry the former name or a different one.) Today they have gone on to embrace New Age Teachers and philosophies. Read: Grace Communion International - New Age and Ecumenical Connections and Letter to Worldwide Church of God, Philippines (On Apostasy--A Radical Proposal).

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1 Christian Research Institute is also known as Christian Research International. They re-located to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2005, with an affiliate (CRI Canada) in Calgary, Alberta.

2 Counter-cult organizations viewed the WCG as a "cult" on the basis of doctrine. ESN uses the word "cult" in the context of a deceitful, abusive, mind-manipulating organization. While WCG is not labeled a "religious cult" today, we have shown reasons in this article and in the links why we expose them on our site. For thoughts on why WCG would find it advantageous to mainstream, see this part in OIU Newsletter #2.

3 See: "Unavailable! The Worldwide News – Prior to September 1995" for quotes. The Worldwide News was first published in 1973. In Feb. 2005, the WN in the United States changed its name to WCG Today. In May 2006 it was changed to Together. A few years later Together was no longer available Their magazine is now Christian Odyssey.

4 "From Cult to Church: The Quest for Acceptance," audio by Dr. Ron Enroth, 1994.  

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