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These articles, letters, and transcriptions cover a time span from about 1960 to 2009 and show a progression of events within the organization in regard to deceit, mind manipulation, exploitation, doctrinal distractions and history revision (excluding history charts). The OIU Newsletters and Research Letters are especially important to read, covering propaganda and Dialectical Materialism.

Worldwide Church of God changed their name to Grace Communion International in April 2009. (Some local church areas and countries may still carry the former name or a different one.) 

NOTE: The word "cult" is used in the context of a deceitful, mind-manipulating organization which has caused spiritual, emotional and psychological harm to those involved. While WCG (GCI) is not labeled a "religious cult" by the Christian establishment today, we have given reasons in the OIU newsletters and in our other articles why we do not endorse them, but rather expose them.


An Open Letter to Our Acquaintances in Worldwide Church of God
Very important letter by ESN founder which enabled many to question deception; shows the reason why the decision was made to exit WCG. One interesting part shows how WCG used thought reform in order to instigate their new changes.
Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong (Revealing the History of Grace Communion International.) Covers background information on HWA, his Empire, and the maneuvers of their mainstreaming, etc.
Research Letters Concerning Worldwide Church of God Changes
Very good expose` on what was really going on at the time of the changes; includes Herbert Armstrong's questionable background activities.
Worldwide Church of God History
Double standards of the Armstrongs; suffering of the members leads to mass exit. Reveals how some of the same "new" doctrinal changes introduced in the 90s had been brought up to HQ in the 70s, yet were ignored.
Outsider's Inside Update (Newsletters of Understanding)
Looks behind the scenes at the real activities and associations pertaining to the "transformation" of the WCG (CGI) and their New Age agenda. (OIU FIVE and SIX are detailed reports surrounding the Ecumenical Movement and their current strategy involving the WCG (GCI) conglomerate.)
The Conspiracy Was Strong - The Discernment Ministries
HWA is mentioned in Parts 1-3 of this in-depth report (search for the words "Worldwide Church of God"; mentions the FBI files on Herbert Armstrong and Stanley Rader; mentions Anthony Buzzard; covers the BI movement. [offsite link] .
Letter Exposing Outright Lies, Abuses and Sociopathic Behavior
Reveals the truth about what was really going on at the time of the changes.

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now?
Includes WCG selling the copyrights to HWA's literature to Philadelphia Church of God in 2003 for $3 million

Transformed by Truth or Transformed by Lies?
A critique of the gross distortions in Chapter two of the book.
Roots of the Worldwide Church of God (Grace Communion International)
Video Sermon by Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. to the Worldwide Church of God - January 1995 Transcript shows the manner in which the new changes were first delivered to the members: with confusion, double messages, shouting and blaming.

Was WCG Conducting Psychological Research Without Informed Consent?
An Open Letter to Joseph Tkach, Jr.
Forthright letter which boldly confronts Tkach about the way the changes were made; covers double messages, half-truths and guilt placed on members during the changes; mentions Earl Williams.

Letter to Worldwide Church of God, Philippines (On Apostasy--A Radical Proposal)
Reveals the disturbing direction WCG (GCI) is headed doctrinally; includes New Age authors WCG has endorsed. This 2006 letter reached close to 350 ministers, including those at HQs
Was God Behind the Worldwide Church of God Changes? (Questions to Ask about Grace Communion International)

A Rebuttal to Michael Morrison
This is the rebuttal to Morrison's reply regarding "On Apostasy--A Radical Proposal." It was later sent to more than a hundred WCG ministers and members.
GCI - New Age and Ecumenical Connections
Shows their ecumenical, New Age, liberal and Charismatic connections.
Last Wake-Up Call to Joseph Tkach, Jr. Goes Unheeded
Last letter (2007) sent to WCG and ministers, warning them of the grave direction they are headed in.
Worldwide Church of God History Revision
Why has WCG (GCI) had to revise their history?
The Gerringer Letter (1975 Letter to Charles Hunting)
Reveals how Herbert W. Armstrong was confronted time and again with doctrinal issues and failed to change. Covers double standards, false prophecies, bad fruit, the lack of intellectual freedom of the members to think for themselves, etc. Shows what really happened in the 70s when many left.
Facts, Points and Questions (Surrounding the Coalition of Worldwide Church of God Propagandists) The Kessler Letter (1981 Letter to WCG Board of Directors)
Reveals the evil of the continuing, persistent financial abuses and shocking moral depravity which was taking place in the WCG; plus revealing info on HWA's lifestyle.
A Cult in Transition
While many Christians see this "historic" change (as Hank Hanegraaff has described it) as real, it is a fact that the critical information regarding the entire story behind Worldwide Church of God (GCI) has not been disseminated or considered.

Dropouts See Hucksterism Where They Once Saw God
Newspaper testimony from those who were exploited by WCG. Those who read this news article will notice carry-overs with certain totalistic WCG offshoots.

Worldwide Church of God Amasses Wealth Amid Rising Criticism
Article in same newspaper as above.
Transformed by Christ (a critical review)
Covers the distortions in the book by Worldwide Church of God (now Grace Communion International) and shows history revision and whitewashing of their founder.
Hanky-Panky and Revolt in the Worldwide Church of God
Covers the 1972 prophecy date; misuse of funds by the Armstrongs, and exploitation and suffering of members.

Myths in Transformed by Truth - Is the book truth or propaganda?
This critique goes through each chapter of Tkach, Jr.'s book and spots the untruths, omissions and distortions.

Beware "Ambassadors" Bearing Gifts!
A tragic story of what happened to one member when he responded to Herbert Armstrong's pleas for more money.
David Covington's Resignation Letter to Joseph W. Tkach, Sr.
Covers the exploitation members endured in the WCG, the deceitful and abusive way the changes were made, and problems still remaining inside.
How Worldwide COG Changed the Original Words of Sacred Hymns!
(Do men of good Christian character that have gone "from cult to mainstream" tamper with the words of copyrighted hymns?)
David Covington's Letter to Greg R. Albrecht Confronts Albrecht's twisting, untrue statements concerning Covington's true motives and the fact that WCG was functioning as an abusive system. Unavailable! The Worldwide News – Prior to September 1995
WCG says their WN's are "not available before September 1995." What is it they don't want others to read?
Open Response to Worldwide Church of God Regarding David Covington
Shows how WCG used Covington to further the goals of the leaders. Also covers Regional Director Britten and his ludicrous statements about HWA. Written by ESN.
The World of Fairyland: The World Tomorrow
Transcript from the 1960s by J. Vernon McGee. An interesting segment is the part about Richard Armstrong's car accident and his death due to neglect of medical treatment to prevent shock.
The Earl Williams Factor
Very interesting; reveals how Williams was preaching grace way before Tkach, Sr. supposedly received his "truth about the New Covenant from God." Includes how the author was shown by God that WCG was not "God's true church." Letters at end about how Atlanta was a "test area," etc.
WCG Procedures to Handle the Uninvited and Disorderly
Shows the "police" procedures that were used for years by WCG ministers and those assigned to security duty.
Earl Williams and the Worldwide Church of God More on the Earl Williams story and what happened; includes criticism Earl has received. How Did Worldwide Church of God Instruct Ministers to Deal With "Health and Medical Problems"?
These policies were taught to the ministers to "avoid prosecution."

GCI Puts Transformed by Truth on their Website!

Resignation Letter of Al Carrozzo to the Ministry
Shows that he left WCG because he could not compromise.
Honey I Shrunk the Church
Exposé article on Worldwide Church of God and their new changes; New Times Los Angeles, 1997. Includes expose` info on Herbert Armstrong; his lavish lifestyle, double standards, alleged incest, etc.
Is Grace Communion International Still Holding to Some of Herbert Armstrong's Doctrines?
Called to Be Free (Is it Truth or Only More Worldwide Church of God Propaganda?) Transcript of the 2004 Video with comments by ESN.
Grace Communion International and Their Evolutionary Views
Letters sent to WCG headquarters in 2002, confronting them; includes links to 2011 letters proving they are endorsing evolution.

Letters to Cultivate Ministries (Jim Zilonka)
Two letters sent by ESN regarding WCG's "Called to Be Free" Video/CD and how Zilonka said WCG was the "death of a cult"; includes the deceptive explanation Ralph Orr gave for how British Israelism got into the WCG. Very logically presented.

Grace Communion International and Their Universalism Views
2001 Letter sent to WCG HQ & Steve Brown Of Key Life Ministries.
Sermon Excerpts by Joseph Tkach, Jr. Denying Changes. (Lafayette, Indiana, April 3, 1993)
Any Good Doctrine in the Worldwide Church of God Era?
Has Worldwide Church of God (GCI) always been a good "Christian church" or did they teach doctrines of devils?

Fun With Prophecy
Transcription from 1990s sermon which shows how Ron Kelly used humor to disarm the members, while making them believe that somehow they were at fault for believing in the prophecies of Herbert Armstrong.
Worldwide Church of God: Completion of Conspiracy
Neil Earle Whitewashes Herbert Armstrong

Does Neil Earle Use Disinformation Tactics?

Myths About Loma Armstrong
Worldwide Church of God's Faulty Orthodoxy
Dr. Robert Sumner gives strong reasons to be skeptical in accepting the new WCG as now Orthodox.