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Articles on Mind Control & Exploitation:

Recovery Articles:


Mike’s Enlightenment Page (Philadelphia Church of God Exposed):

Child Survivors (Raised in Worldwide Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God & Offshoots):

Worldwide Church of God Expose` (now known as Grace Communion International):

Grace & Law:

  • Grace & Law
    Many articles on the following subjects: tithing, Sabbath, sin, baptism, holy days, etc. Includes ESN’s two critical reviews of Mystery of the Ages.

Herbert W. Armstrong:

(Note: This section contains many exposé articles)

Questions & Answers:



  • PDF books & downloads
    Free PDF downloads for books written about Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong; ESN’s two critical book reviews of Mystery of the Ages; HWA’s Sabbath booklet critique.
  • OIU Newsletters (available as PDF download)
    Looking behind the scenes at the real activities and associations pertaining to the “transformation” of the WCG (GCI) and their New Age agenda.
  • Referrals (Cult Education Institution, Rick Ross)


  • Booklist
    List of books on thought reform/recovering from abuse and trauma; Herbert Armstrong/Worldwide Church of God; spiritual comfort; biblical studies; the occult; New Age Movement/Freemasonry; special interest.


  • Links
    Links to info on trauma & PTSD; spiritual healing; discernment & research; Bible; prophecy/Rapture; drug awareness/vax info; music.


  • Satire
    Includes Buzzwords (or Loading the Language); Crazy Statements Made by WCG & PCG Ministers, Gerald Flurry, New King of England? and more.


  • About ESN
    How ESN started; info about our website; mission statement.

What Do We Believe?

Eternal Life:

What’s New:

  • What’s New
    New or updated articles and testimonies; includes links to deceptions; end time prophecy; encouraging videos & articles; trusted health news, etc.