The following will list the main sections on ESN’s site. You will find many articles and information in each section.

Articles on Mind Control & Exploitation:

Recovery Articles:

Mike’s Page (Philadelphia Church of God Exposed):

Child Survivors (Raised in Worldwide Church of God, PCG & Offshoots):

Grace & Law:

  • Grace & Law
    Many articles on grace, law, sin, tithing, Sabbath; links to two critical reviews of Mystery of the Ages.


Worldwide Church of God Expose` (GCI):


Herbert W. Armstrong:

(Note: This section contains many exposé articles; HWA’s religious roots, false prophecies, place of safety, etc.)

PDF Downloads:

  • PDF Downloads
    Books written about Herbert Armstrong & Worldwide Church of God; Mystery of the Ages (two critical book reviews); HWA’s Sabbath booklet critique; Outsider’s Inside Update Newsletters (OIUs) by ESN founder.


Questions & Answers:

What’s New:


  • Includes: Crazy Statements Made by WCG Ministers; Crazy Statements Made by PCG Ministers; Buzzwords (or Loading the Language); Rumors (ridiculous sermon excerpts of Tkach Jr. denying changes), and more.



  • About
    How ESN started; our website; mission statement.