There was an abusive WCG minister in Ontario Canada who supported wife and child abuse and blamed me for not being an obedient submissive wife. He told me that I would “inherit the wind” for destroying my own family because I was complaining about my physically and sexually abusive alcoholic husband. I was threatened that if I spoke to anybody else in the “church” about what was going on that I would be reported to headquarters and disfellowshipped.

This minister who called himself a “man of God” was Ken Webster. (I believe he had previously been in Sarnia Ontario.) I’ll never forget the first time I met him. He showed up in a white suit and gave a very impressive sermon. I remember being in the line-up to welcome him as our new minister. I shook his hand and I commented on what a good sermon it was and he just grinned at me and said something to the effect of “yes, I know.” (I don’t think I understood what narcissism was at the time but he fit the bill). He was manipulated and lied to by my sociopathic husband who had fooled a lot of people but that does not excuse Webster’s abusive behavior.

I had followed every rule to the letter of the law but because of the lies of this evil minister supporting my abusive husband, people I knew my whole life at services were ostracizing me, literally walking to the other side of the room when they saw me. They had never witnessed me doing anything bad or wrong, but obviously they were believing the lies.

When I finally escaped with my 2 children in 1993, I ran into the open arms of the new age (Luciferian) deception. Most of the people in it were also deceived. I thank God I finally came back to Christianity but I was tormented in terrifying spiritual attacks for a full year after I left.

I’ve been reading a lot about HWA. Much of it I know for a fact is true because I lived it, I was part of it, and I witnessed it. I recently found a bunch of literature when my dad died and I’m going through that to prove things for myself to prove that HWA actually said some of these things.

As a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed the first critique of Mystery of the Ages and I’m halfway through the second critique. They are extremely eye-opening.

Thank you so much for everything.

By Cheri (Child Survivor of WCG)
January 1, 2023


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