Is Restored Church of God the “true church,” or is it another deceptive, exploitive organization that you need to beware of? Does David Pack preach the true gospel or is it another gospel? Who is David C. Pack?

David Pack claims to have “all the truth.” He teaches the doctrines of Herbert W. Armstrong as “the restored truth” (i. e., “God’s truth”) and claims to be “the Elijah.” (He previously stated that HWA fulfilled the role of “the Elijah to come.”) Who was Herbert Armstrong? Was he God’s Apostle, the Elijah, or a false prophet and deceiver?

The following articles will hopefully answer any questions you may have. If you have not yet become a member of RCG we recommend that you start out by reading the first one on this list:

NOTICE: If you have a mate who has recently gone into this group, be sure and read: If You Have a Loved One in a Deceptive, Exploitive Group. If you have a mate in RCG or who is becoming involved, it is very important to make sure you have separate bank accounts.

Also see: Understanding Mind Control & Exploitation

To All Who Are Considering Joining Restored Church of God
Includes at end: “What if I am Becoming Hooked on Restored Church of God Literature (and videos)?

Testimonies by Former Members of Restored Church of God (Includes “I Almost Became A Restored Church of God Member!”)

David C. Pack Declares Himself an Apostle
From Pack’s February 26, 2005 sermon, “21st Century Apostle.” This article starts out by giving a little background info on David Pack. (link to the audio sermon at end)

Exposé of “Clarion Call—The Time is Now!”
Includes excerpts from Pt. 1:”The 1335 Days—What Most Will Never Hear.” This exposé of David Pack’s sermon will show the horrific spiritual abuse and financial exploitation going on in Restored Church of God. (link to the audio sermon at end)

David Pack Rewrites His Special Announcements After Prophecy Fails

Dave Pack’s All or Nothing Statement


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