What Did Herbert Armstrong Teach About it?


HWA prophesied that the United States of Europe (which is to arise out of the European Union) would be made up of a group of 10 nations (the toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue in Daniel’s vision; see Daniel 2). Because the toes were composed of two vastly different materials (iron mixed with miry clay), these substances wouldn’t fully blend together. These nations would be united as the “Resurrected Roman Empire,” but they wouldn’t have true stability or ideological unity. HWA declared that Germany would head this third world power with unprecedented military power. (He called it a “United Nazi Fascist Europe” in his booklet, “1975 in Prophecy!) They (Germany/Ancient Assyria — read ESN article: The Origins of Assyria and Germany which covers HWA’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy) would lead an invasion that would destroy the United States and Britain and the remaining survivors of this attack would be taken into captivity.

HWA falsely taught that the United States and Britain are “modern-day Israel,” part of the “lost ten tribes of Israel” (Manasseh and Ephraim), “God’s chosen people,” who lost their identity and their identifying sign (Sabbath keeping, which, by the way, was part of the Old Covenant). As a result, according to Armstrong, with dire warnings and urgency, he prophesied that America and Britain will be severely punished by this coming United States of Europe. He went to great lengths to attempt to prove this in his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy1, which we have thoroughly refuted on our site (see the article, British Israelism–True or False?) This is the main reason why HWA said Great Britain could not be a part of this coming United States of Europe. They couldn’t be part of a plot to invade and destroy themselves.

Herbert Armstrong for many years taught that the Work had only two 19-year time cycles.2

Prophecy reveals that after this one more 19-year cycle—if God does not shorten the time and bring it earlier—the resurrected ROMAN ARMIES once again will stop all organized preaching of the Gospel to the world. (Co-Worker letter, October 6, 1953)

When the 2nd 19-year time cycle ended on January 1972, it was understood to be the time for the church to flee to the place of safety. However, no such thing ever happened, and various reasonings and further distractions were given.

In his book 1975 in Prophecy! HWA said (and I will bold some of the words),

“And so now God is about to punish! First, He will punish our nations–professing Christians–His own chosen people, chosen for a service they have refused to perform!”

He goes on to declare,

“Our peoples will continue only a few more years in comparative economic prosperity.”

He prophesied that this “catastrophe was soon to strike” and he had to “warn us.” Although the book was printed in 1975, in it he said, “All this is now only a few years off.” Also, that it was immediate, saying “Your immediate future is of your own choosing.” (The book may be read online. However: Monte Wolverton (son of Basil) says that HWA asked Basil Wolverton to draw horrifying pictures for his 1975 in Prophecy! booklet. This site shows most all of the drawings in that booklet which you will not find in most of the booklets online as they have been removed. The 1956 booklet was in black and white. Read: Basil Wolverton and “The Bible Story” (letter to ESN).

All of these prophecies were supposed to take place before 1975. None of the events HWA prophesied (in print, no less) came true! The prophecy’s timeline–the very one declared by HWA—has long since expired. He disqualified himself by his very own words. It only takes one false prophecy to make a false prophet. (See Deuteronomy 18:22 and I John 4:1) Also read: Did Herbert Armstrong Set Dates? (shows a number of his false prophecies, beginning in 1934)

Gerald Flurry and others have been grasping at straws, trying to re-direct the attention of their members to think that HWA made accurate prophecies, when in fact, he didn’t. [Also see: Haven’t HWA’s prophecies just not come to pass yet?] They have been patting themselves on the back that HWA was right all along, when HWA never had it right in the first place. Bending scenarios to fit predictions is definitely the work of a false prophet.

While the Bible speaks of a restored Roman Empire (Daniel 2:40-43), it says nothing about America and Britain being modern-day Israel. It says nothing about “dual prophecies.”

The Bible predicts the rise and fall of nations and what will happen in the future. But we should give glory to God, and not to any man. Jesus doesn’t want us to worry and live in fear, but to put our trust in God. Prophecies will be fulfilled, not because the false prophets “predicted it,” but because God’s Word plainly states it. Trust in the Lord Jesus and receive His peace.

By D. M. Williams and Kelly Marshall
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1 The United States and Britain in Prophecy was originally entitled The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy, 1967. Much of the material in this book was copied nearly verbatim from John H. Allen’s book, Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright (written in 1902, copyrighted 1917).
2 Joseph Hopkins, author of The Armstrong Empire, 1974, states that Herbert Armstrong “fixed the date of Christ’s crucifixion at A.D. 31, two years later than the generally accepted date” in order to come up with his two 19-year time cycles. (p. 56) Note 4-2-23: Read the following on our Q&A for more information on the date for the crucifixion: On what day of the week was Jesus crucified, what year was it, and how long was He in the grave?


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