Did Herbert Armstrong foretell that Britain would pull out of the European Union? Some have been led to believe that he did.

Even though we may have left a high-control group, we don’t realize that they can still maintain control in areas that cause us the most fear. We were trained to have a “chain reaction thought process.” In this case, when we think we see prophecy being fulfilled, our mind subconsciously returns to the line of reasoning we were programmed to believe:

“HWA must have been correct concerning this prophecy, and that means he was chosen by God and these ‘truths’ were personally revealed to him. He has been proven to be a true prophet. Now I am in dire straights for not believing him (thus committing the unpardonable sin), and I will end up in the Lake of Fire for denouncing him. By rejecting HWA, I have directly rejected God.”

(Note: Before reading further, be sure and read the June 24, 2016 letter to ESN: Was Herbert Armstrong Right? and the reply to the June 27, 2016 letter: The Philadelphia Trumpet is Boasting.

Like it or not, our mind wanders into terrifying territory and makes us regret our decision to leave the group. Over the years, I have learned that there are several issues that need to be addressed for me to re-set my mind and be able to think critically again.

Several Issues in Order to Think Critically Again

1. First, I had to stop giving credit to the wrong source. Instead of giving God credit for the prophecies and fulfillments in Scripture, I was giving Herbert Armstrong the credit. These events didn’t happen because HWA said they would–they happened because God said they would. So I have to put my trust in God, and not in a man.

2. Herbert Armstrong gave over 200 false prophecies.1 Even if I think there has been one correct fulfillment, it does not erase all of the wrong ones and suddenly make him a true prophet. Do not esteem and elevate what has proven to be false.

3. HWA was not the originator of this idea (British Israelism). He plagiarized it from other sources and pretended that God revealed it to him. That’s called lying and deception. These are characteristics of a false prophet. God would not appoint a false prophet over his people.

I could never understand why it was so easy for me to dismiss Joseph Smith, Charles Taze Russell and others, but couldn’t do the same with Herbert Armstrong, when it came to false prophecies. I am aware that exiters from these groups have the same problem (they can easily dismiss Armstrong, and Russell, but not Smith if they were Mormons, or Ellen G. White if they were SDA’s). So, realizing that there was something implanted in my mind and soul–something that still wanted to believe even though I knew better–made me more mindful of my vulnerability to want to believe in HWA’s dogma, in spite of his evil character. Deeply ingrained loyalty was part of our programming; we did NOT give consent, and it was vile that they did this to us! I had to come to terms with it and realize that no matter how long I’ve been out, the misplaced loyalty could return, and I would have to fight this battle over again.

4. The incest HWA committed with his younger daughter for nearly a decade [download Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web] automatically disqualifies him. God would not use a pedophile to deliver His truths. Period.

5. HWA didn’t give these prophecies because he genuinely cared for me, my family or anybody else’s well-being and wanted to save us from impending destruction. He did this for his own glory (“I’m an Apostle! I’m the End-Time Elijah!”) and for financial gain. He ensnared us with his clever arguments and was a pathological liar who cared nothing for his sheep.

On June 23, 2016, Britain voted to depart from the European Union (Brexit). (It will take 2-5 years for Britain to actually leave the European Union.)

What HWA Proclaimed

HWA proclaimed that there would be a 10-nation resurrected Roman Empire arise in Europe, which he called a United States of Europe, and which would not include Britain2 (because they are part of the ten lost tribes of ancient Israel). We all came to believe that the European Union would eventually become this United States of Europe with ten nations. Many who listened to HWA’s prophecies are now believing that he was right and that he foretold how Britain would pull out of the EU. The fact is, there is no mention anywhere by HWA about Britain entering or leaving the EEC or EU. It was the revived Roman Empire–this United States of Europe–that Britain would have no part in. To say otherwise is to take things out of context and twist it.

Am I now going to live my life in fear about what might happen next, afraid of every little move Britain (or the EU) may or may not make? HWA had been saying for decades that these things were near at hand, and I wasted my life waiting for it to happen.

Am I now going to live my life in fear about what might happen next, afraid of every little move Britain (or the EU) may or may not make? HWA had been saying for decades that these things were near at hand, and I wasted my life waiting for it to happen.

There is No Fear in Love

God wants us to live our lives fully, while showing love and mercy to others. He doesn’t want us cowering in a corner, afraid to live. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love” (1 John 4:18). We should spend our days walking by faith and living and sharing the love of God and all He’s done for us.

I finally stopped watching fear-driven prophecies and started trusting that the Holy Spirit would “guide me and lead me into all truth” when the time came. This “perfect love” of God cast out all of the fears in my mind, and I finally have peace in Christ Jesus. It helped me to develop trust in God, and not in a man who constantly cried, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

Fear is a powerful motivator, and Herbert Armstrong knew that, and used it against us. He used his position to commit the worst kind of spiritual abuse and made it look like it was for “our own benefit.” When Bible prophecy begins to fulfill itself, we need to look directly to God, and not to the “I-told-you-so!” egotistical maniacs who want to take credit for God’s providence. The truth is, many other false prophets have uttered the same prophecies. I just happened to run into HWA first. If I had read literature from another false prophet, I would be giving him credit instead of HWA. I would be wondering why God revealed this prophecy to him even though he was “evil and deceptive.” So it’s all a matter of perspective.

I hope this article is helpful in sorting out the thought processes and freeing you from the fear and errors of the programming we were exposed to.

By Kelly Marshall and D. M. Williams
Exit & Support Network™

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1 HWA made over 200 false prophecies and these can be found on the Internet. Also see: Did Herbert Armstrong Set Dates?

2 See p. 4 and 5 of HWA’s 1956 booklet, 1975 in Prophecy. HWA says: “But Britain will be no part of it!”


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