As Gerald Flurry has stated countless times through pulpit, print and video, those ex PCG members “who have once been enlightened” (Hebrews 6:4 1) with the “truths” of Armstrongism and the additional special revelation given through “that Prophet” and then who reject these “revealed truths” are under God’s condign wrath and divine disapprobation. If you have in the past been exposed to HWA’s teachings and now Flurry’s new “truths” and refuse to act on what you have heard (called “dangerous knowledge”) then you are marked out for absolutely certain Eternal Death. GF has stated repeatedly in sermons and specifically in his booklet on Jude that Laodiceans who refuse to repent and support him and God’s Work are “twice dead, plucked up by the roots” (Jude 1:12 2). You would be better off going on a long drive next to a lake with Ted Kennedy.

In GF’s “uplifting” booklet on the prophet Ezekiel he gleefully describes in Ezekiel 9 how we rebellious Laodiceans will be special targets for God’s death angels to mercilessly seek out and destroy. We Laodicean men will be violently cut down in midstride along with our children and wives around us. Piles of the slain bodies of Laodicean men, women and children will fill the streets. Are you ready to send in your check to Edmond now? If you refuse to follow Gerald Flurry as “God’s Man” you will pay the ultimate price. As Mr. T told Rocky before the big fight–you’re Dead Meat.

We Were Told God Would Kill Those Who Were Disobedient

Stories were told to us while we were in the PCG how God would strike down and kill individuals in the church [PCG] who acted disobediently. The most famous one was how Joseph Tkach Sr. was “cursed” with a mortal sickness for telling church members during a Pasadena HQ sermon that it was OK to play golf on the Sabbath. People in the PCG had a lurid mathematical calculation about how Tkach Sr. was slated for destruction the moment he gave that message where he vouchsafed WCG members to tee off on a Saturday. I was told, “It was exactly 42 weeks after Joe Sr. gave that sermon when he was stricken with cancer.” What exactly the significance of the 42 week time period meant I never found out. Very graphic details were given of how Tkach Sr. was eaten up with cancerous sores and lesions from head to toe. Earnest descriptions of Tkach’s final hours, languishing in his hospital bed and under the thralls of unparalleled but well deserved suffering were told. Apparently people who went in to see him came out of his room weeping because of his state. The “rottenness of the bones” in Proverbs 14:40 was cited as absolute scriptural validation of Tkach’s just punishment. The lesson was this: if you rebelled against “God’s Truth” you were in the fast lane to destruction.

Another example of the deadly consequences of not toeing the PCG line was announced to us one Sabbath morning during PCG services. Apparently, a group of some young PCG twenty somethings went on a holiday to Las Vegas for some sensual enjoyment. A room near the top of a high rise hotel was procured and alcohol was then imbibed in inordinate quantities. According to the story that was given, one party-hardy young man tragically fell to his death from the hotel balcony. Apparently he was so inebriated that he was doing some kind of careless stunt next to the balcony railing. We were told that God must have been highly displeased with this drunken display because He then in divine judgment precipitated the young man headlong to the parking lot below. There his bloodied mangled corpse lay–a point in lesson to preach to the entire PCG congregation. What was the lesson? It appears that this rebellious group of PCG youth did not “check in” with their local minister to ask permission to leave town. The ministry must be informed and give approval before any out of town excursions are embarked on. The PCG ministry was not informed of this ill-fated holiday–i.e., death was the result. No word of sympathy or support for the parents and family of the young man. No call for prayers, no grace, no mercy, no forgiveness–just JUDGMENT.

According to “That Prophet’s” twisted theology, when God in the End of Days destroys the luckless inhabitants of the Earth (all who are not PCG members) we rebellious Laodiceans will be finally and deservedly destined to be mere ashes under the soles of the feet of GF and his most loyal devotees (Malachi 4:3). Yes, an Eternal death sentence to those who would dare to not contribute to the fund to fuel Flurry’s luxury private jet. Just imagine the world tomorrow. An endless eternal bliss of Riverdancing, Bible Studies, Spokesman’s Club, and everlasting fundraisers to perpetuate the Flurry dynasty throughout the entire Earth and beyond into the universe. The only TV shows allowed in the Millennium will be the Key of David and Ryan Malone’s Operatic masterpieces.

The Tornadic System Steamrolls  Through Kentucky

My wife and I and our two small children are part of that accursed class of reprobates described above–Laodiceans. We have rejected Gerald Flurry as a false teacher and false prophet and have totally disassociated ourselves from the PCG. I myself have written numerous letters and responses into ESN trying to help others hurt by the PCG and exposing what Flurry and his henchmen are doing. I am guilty of attacking God’s Prophet!! So according to Flurry’s benign doctrines, my wife and I and our two young daughters should not have had God’s protection when the massive tornadic system steamrolled through Kentucky on December 10th.

We live in a modest mobile home that in no way could have withstood the types of wind power that destroyed so many other better built structures that tragic night. It was around 3:30 a.m. when the worst of this storm system hit us. As my wife and I lay in our bed, we heard the howling wind buffet and shake our house. The siding on our home started to violently bang and slap back and forth as it was caught in the wind. I had a real mortal dread that the very sides of our home would be sheared away–exposing us to the elements. Then the large hail storm came and it felt as if it would come through the ceiling. We offered up earnest prayers to God in His Son’s name for protection. Here was the moment. Would God protect us throught this storm safely or would Flurry’s dark prognostications against us prevail?

According to PCG doctrine, my family that night should have stood out glaringly to both God’s avenging angels and Satan’s destroying demons alike as prime targets for annihilation. There was not another Laodicean family around for 50-70 miles and for all practical purposes we have bull’s-eye targets painted on our backs!! Worse than that we had a Christmas tree in our living room lit up with all the ornaments on it!! HWA is spinning in his grave! We had a small miniature Christmas village set up on our coffee table just begging for us to be hopelessly wiped out! All the righteous indignation and fury in that storm should have been directly sent in our immediate vicinity as just punishment for our rebellion. Now the butcher’s bill is to be paid. Now we will experience the deadly consequences for rejecting Gerald Flurry as God’s man–the very man who will sit triumphantly in the Eschaton on Armstrongs’ prayer rock and be crowned king of Israel. Woe unto US!!!!

Our Prayers Were Answered!

My family and I did not die that early morning of December 10th. Our home was not damaged nor any of our neighbors’ homes. Our prayers were answered by an Almighty, merciful and faithful God. We put our faith in Jesus and He did not fail us. About fifteen minutes drive away from our home stands a medium sized airport. Huge strongly built, metal and concrete airplane hangars were turned into mere scrap metal by the winds of that storm. At least 19 planes are totaled and left as absolute wrecks. It looks as if a bomb went off at that airport. Surely as Flurry-defying Laodiceans we deserved to be destroyed that night and not those innocent planes?

Friends, Flurry’s curses against those of us who have left the PCG are useless because Christ has become a curse for us (Galatians 3:13). The PCG teaches that all of us who do not keep God’s Mosaic Law as a means to salvation are under a curse. However in that same verse of Galatians is it written that Jesus has “redeemed us from the curse of the law”. Please don’t follow a man. Jeremiah 17:5 tells us that the real curse upon an individual is not a refusal to support Gerald Flurry– but in trusting a mere mortal man for spiritual deliverance and making “flesh his arm.”

God Bless to you all.

By Brett Streutker [real name used with permission]
December 15, 2021

Footnotes by ESN:

1 To understand what Hebrew 6:4-6 really means go to “Can we ever lose our salvation?” (on our Q&A) and scroll down to where it says “Q&A about Hebrews 6:4-6.”

2 Taken in context this verse is describing modern and apostate teachers.

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