The overriding theme at the PCG FOT in 2021 was becoming a part of the “God family,” when members will be “God as God is God,” which is their “Incredible Human Potential.”1 The teachings expounded at this Feast are covered in Mystery of the Ages2  and can be examined by reading ESN’s critical reviews of MOA from our PDF page.

The following notes were sent to ESN from “anonymous” who listened to the Feast messages available worldwide online. A few sermons are not covered. Gerald Flurry spoke on Day one, Day Three, and the Last Great Day.

Comments by ESN.

GF=Gerald Flurry
SF=Stephen Flurry
FOT=Feast of Tabernacles
MOA=Mystery of the Ages


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“We can’t afford to waste a minute at this Feast on idleness or selfishness or on petty little things. Time is short. Christ’s return is so close.”

“…the time is coming soon when God is about to gather in all mankind. … and fill the Universe with more life. That Universe is ready for a re-creation.” [COMMENT by ESN: This is Mormon, aka Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, teaching.3]

“This is going to be the greatest Feast we’ve ever had.”

“God is going to continue expanding His family forever.”4

“… the Universe is waiting for you.”

[A video clip of Mars was shown with melodramatic music that got progressively louder. [COMMENT by ESN: This would psyche members up to believe they are going to “help God repopulate the Universe and to rule in God’s family.”]

“God’s ultimate plan is to fill those planets with life.”

“So let’s utilize the little time that we have left…”

“Nothing is so exciting as having God reproducing Himself in us. And that’s why we’re here. … We want to help God plant the Heavens.”

“Let’s get ready to impart life to trillions and trillions of dead planets, so God can expand his family in preparation for us to teach the house of Jacob all about the God family vision forever and ever and ever.”

OPENING NIGHT MESSAGE – ANDREW LOCHER (“Musterion”) (Musterion= hidden thing, secret, mystery)

“God is sharing secret things with us. We can’t afford to be ignorant of those secret things.”

Colossians 1:26. “…the mystery which hath been hid from ages…” [the “mystery” spoken here] is where HWA got his title for Mystery of the Ages.”5 [COMMENT by ESN: To see how this interpretation is blatantly false, read Footnote #5.]

“We know the bottom line–God is recreating Himself in each of us6 and that’s a miracle that’s almost too wonderful to believe.” [COMMENT by ESN: God cannot change.  Read Footnote #6.]

“He [God] might even reveal new mysteries in the form of new revelation. …consider how rare it is in the history of mankind to be inundated with as much new revelation7 as we have been blessed to have.” [COMMENT by ESN: HWA also proclaimed to have received new revelation; i.e., “new truth” from God. See Footnote #7.]

“Your attitude toward MOA reveals a great deal about your conversion. … Now we will lose our eternal lives if we don’t fight for it. … God will let the enemy take it from you if you don’t love it. You will die spiritually if you don’t love this truth.”8 [COMMENT by ESN: You cannot lose your salvation. See Footnote #8.]

“Praise God for His truth that He shares with us. He’s been keeping these mysteries all bottled up for millennia and He’s uncorked the bottle. He’s just pouring it out on us.”


[COMMENT by ESN: This sermon rattled on about many things that we have covered about GF in the past.]

“We are going to see some pretty big problems out there on our way to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. We are going to see some serious problems.”

“Today we have many people who are going to lose their eternal lives.”8

“That throne [New Throne of David] is about the salvation of all mankind.”9

“God speaks to us primarily through new revelation10 to move us on down the road and forward.” [COMMENT by ESN: See Footnote #10 which shows that God speaks to us through His Son in these last days.]

“We came to the Feast to learn to fear God. Even extreme fear.”11 [COMMENT by ESN: God does not give us “extreme fear” nor does He want us to have it. See Footnote #11 for verses and also about the peace that He gives.]

“Let’s keep our minds focused on this New Throne of David. We have a tremendous amount of truth to give you at this FOT.”


“You are not cut off from God like the rest of the world is.” [TRANSLATION BY ESN: “We in the PCG are the only ones not cut off from God.]

“Give generously at this Feast so we can finish12 this Work.” [COMMENT by ESN: HWA said the same thing time and time again. See Footnote #12 for his words.]

SERMONETTE – DAY TWO – MARK HYDE (“Knit to the Throne”)

“God will have this true church do some amazing things in the future. That should really excite us. … We are going to do things that will astound even us. We only have a short time” 13 to do this Work, and there is nobody else who will do it.” [COMMENT by ESN: Same words as HWA used for decades.]

“We have to help turn all of mankind to the throne. That is pretty exciting.”14 [COMMENT by ESN: The word “exciting” is used often by PCG and was also used by HWA to keep people revved up. Refer to Footnote #14 about HWA also using the words “exciting.”]

SERMON – DAY TWO – DAVID WEEKS (“Building Royal Godly Compassion Today”)

[COMMENT by ESN: This sermon would create extreme fear and dread.]

He talked about what Josephus wrote and went into graphic detail about what the Jews experienced during the siege of Jerusalem in 70AD.

“GF said that is only a small type of what is coming on our nation today and the Israelite nations.”


[Note: GF said this was a continuation of where he left off on Pt. 1, which was Chronicles.]

“The Key of David booklet has a lot of powerful truth in it. It needs to be updated. That’s one reason I’m giving a series of messages on the Key of David.”

“It will take 2 l/2 years of a nuclear attack and captivity to help these people repent, unless they do it now. … ”

“When you think about this Key of David vision, it just rattles your brain, what God is offering us. It can’t be believed with the carnal mind.” [COMMENT by ESN: What GF is saying can’t be believed with the spiritual mind.]

SERMONETTE – DAY FOUR – SAM BAXTER (“Emotional Maturity & the World Tomorrow”)

“If teaching (in the world tomorrow) by example fails, we might have to use a little loving persuasion (i.e., an attitude adjustment). … Isn’t that what we have to do with our children from time to time?”

SERMON – DAY FOUR – FRED DATTOLO (“The Ultimate Change”)

Quoted from GF’s Jeremiah booklet and “how sick the human mind is.”

“We cannot trust our own thinking, our own minds, apart from God. We must see ourselves as God sees us in desperate need of spiritual healing.” [COMMENT by ESN: We should not let the PCG ministers do our own thinking for us. Read: My Position in Christ. to see how God sees us in Christ.]

“Imagine a world where religious deception is abolished.” [COMMENT by ESN: Yes, imagine a world with no more deceptive “churches” like PCG.]


[Note: Many of PCG’s employees are members of the elite. Volunteers at HQs are recruited as “free labor” to save PCG money.]

1993 was the first King of David program and was entitled “The Elijah.”

SF: “God is getting us ready for the final push.”15 [COMMENT BY ESN: The words about a “final push” have been repeated for years by GF, and were repeated for even more years by HWA. See Footnote #15 for an example.]

SF: “The years ahead of us will be the most exciting14 time for God’s Work.”

SERMON – DAY FIVE – WAYNE TURGEON (“Godly Goals for One and All”)

“We have to be thinking about others and not just self (eating and drinking).” [COMMENT by ESN: Didn’t God say we were to go to the Feast and eat and drink what we desired? Deuteronomy 14:26: “And thou shalt bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul desireth: and thou shalt eat there before the LORD thy God, and thou shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household,”]

“God’s goal for us is to become wholly composed of spirit like he is, God as God is God.

“All those that we are going to be working with in the wonderful world tomorrow IF they overcome, IF they obey, are going to also become God.”


“This Feast is about the Father’s coming Kingdom. [COMMENT by ESN: Isaiah 9:7 contradicts this; also Matthew 16:28; Luke 1:33; II TImothy 4:1 and Colossians. 1:13.]

“HWA said, Government is everything.” [COMMENT by ESN: Government=The authority, or leader, at Headquarters.)

“Those who remain truly Philadelphian will have the privilege of sitting with Christ on His throne in Jerusalem.” [COMMENT by ESN: No where does it say” Philadelphian” in the Bible. “Philadelphian” is a buzzword referring to PCG members.”]

“As a direct result of God’s mind joining with our mind, we, too, develop the same desire to do God’s work.” [COMMENT by ESN: “God’s Work” is a buzzword, referring to the needs and wants of the leader; i.e., GF.]


“We can never ever repay the great Almighty Heavenly Father God, our elder Brother and Husband Jesus Christ, our Savior, for all that they’ve give to us. …” [COMMENT by ESN: It is mainly the Mormons (Latter Day Saints) and other WCG offshoots that call Jesus Christ our “elder brother.”]

“It’s never my pleasure to try ask brethren who are already sacrificing all they can to reach into their deep pockets with their short arms to pull out some more money.”

“…pictures when Jesus Christ returns to set up His Father’s Kingdom on this Earth.” [COMMENT by ESN: The words “Father’s Kingdom” are not found in the Bible. Many verses in the Bible say it is Christ’s Kingdom that will be set up.]

“…we’re not waiting for rich people to die [and donate estates], but that helps the Work…”

“We have a lot of hoary heads, on fixed incomes, barely getting by on social security. … we always remind you that if you have any left over 2nd tithe, now’s the time to chip it in, so maybe we can set a record for the offering on this day.”

“I should mention that we have had a notable decrease in the building fund, in the Aircraft fund, and in the Jerusalem fund. … I’m asking you again to please pray for the plane, and then add the building, and then add the Jerusalem funds. … (Then) our hearts will be even more in God’s Work.” [TRANSLATION BY ESN: And don’t forget to donate to these aforementioned funds.”]

“Last year we averaged over $450,000 per holy day in total offerings. So far in 2021, the average is over $460,000. … Wouldn’t it be great if it was $470,000 next year?” (Mentioned about wouldn’t it be great if it was a million dollars next year?)

“The shows decreases in the number of users, fewer article downloads, and the number reading literature online has dropped.”

“But we’ve had increases in literature orders and the number of full issue Trumpet downloads. … We have also noted a drop in our YouTube Key of David viewership with views down 18%.”


He said “God the Father’s throne and the Son’s throne that we will share.” [COMMENT by ESN: This makes it sound like there are two thrones.]

“Then we turn our eyes to the Universe, to that bigger work.”

“There is a great warning in us receiving all of this expanded vision here in this last hour. It’s because we need that vision more than ever to face the challenges that are coming when you go home … You can see those challenges as a beginning of new growth … maybe a new position in God’s family as you develop more of God’s character.”


[COMMENT by ESN: It should be noted that the words “Last Great Day” are not even in the Bible. It was coined by HWA as referring to a so-called 2nd resurrection which is not even biblical. It is mentioned in ESN’s critical reviews of MOA]

“Do we really care about this dying world as much as God does and as much as He wants us to?” [COMMENT by ESN: While Turgeon talks about “compassion” for people in the world, he and other top leaders in PCG know nothing about compassion for others. They have revealed that by going along with GF’s no contact ruling which has absolutely no compassion in it for those cut off from their loved ones in PCG with a slim chance of ever seeing them again. Those who are sick or dying in PCG are not even allowed to receive a visit from their loved ones, who are considered “Laodicean”? Read 2017 letter which talks about this: Making Money is More Important to Flurry Than Keeping Families Together.

“We are going to help rule the Universe forever. ”

“We will beautify the endless and ever expanding Universe together … we will, with our Husband, teach zillions. … Prepare to teach all of humanity this grand, this glorious, God family vision.” [COMMENT by ESN: This is Mormon (LDS) teaching. See Footnote #3]


“I’m the only one that prophesied Trump would be back … this [AZ audit] may be the way God will use to bring Trump back.

“Chronicles is a Key of David message. … it is talking about the lessons that Adam never did learn.”

“We are not going to be able to throw the booklets out there and that’s it. … there’s going to be a lot of opposition, and there’s going to be a lot of criticism about the ministry and certainly the leadership in this church.”

“But there’s an Antiocus coming on the scene, another one.”

“Satan talks about giving people freedom as he enslaves them. All of them parroting the same thing. It’s just sick. … Nothing makes them happy because they are just trampling all over the Law of God. That’s the problem.”

“God is going to cause this Work to flourish and a lot of wonderful things are going to happen in this church because we trust God, because we believe God.”

“We’re never going to be on Christ’s level, I’m not saying that at all. … I don’t want anyone to think we’re on Christ’s level.” [COMMENT by ESN: Then why did Turgeon say members will become God as God is God?]

“We’re seeing all these prophecies being fulfilled around us by the week.”

“You are going to have a lot of teaching to do. If we don’t apply these things, we won’t be able to do that.”

“We have to be really attuned to the Spirit and that means looking to Government.”

“Revelation 3:8 says you have kept my government [COMMENT by ESN: It does not say that. It says you have kept my Word.], you have not forgotten my name, or, my authority –and if you get in that kind of attitude [i.e., forgetting authority] well, nobody can help you, except God and you repenting. … But you know what God’s government is going to do if somebody tries to obstruct something like that. They’re not going to be a part of God Church anymore or God’s way of life.”

“And it’s all about Father, Son–more sons, more and more sons, and it looks like they’re going to be continuing forever and ever.”

“So this is all about the good news of the coming family of God.” [COMMENT by ESN: I thought HWA said it was about the good news of the coming Kingdom of God.]

“We have to love family. [i.e., PCG members] We’re God’s family …  we’re going to teach the world how to be unified around the Throne of David.”

“That’s what the Key of David Vision is all about. … how blessed and how really, really happy we ought to be just to be here.

We are going to have some tough times and some tough prophecies that are going to be fulfilled. But there is nothing that is going to stop us if we apply what we’re learning here and get this vision more deeply in our minds … That’s something to really fight for and work for and hang on to that crown.


There was no feeling of lasting peace in these FOT messages, or of the love of God, or even mentioning Christ Jesus as Savior and His teachings. Yet Herbert W. Armstrong was referred to time and again. (Read letter: “Herbert Armstrong’s Name Heard More in PCG Than the Name of Christ“)

The messages focused on power, reigning, ruling, authority, sacrificing; becoming God. All centered on self and what they were going to get out of it. There were fear and threats which seemed strange coming from a group that professes to have so much love and compassion.

The real God of Scripture was presented as harsh, abusive, ready to smite–while He holds out the carrot of crowns, positions, eternal life, and becoming God–if they obey the rules and keep the Law of God.

Many have become weary and are tired of GF’s failed prophecies and promises that never materialize. Many are tired of sacrificing more and more with seemingly no real blessings. Many are tired of the fear and the threats. Many can see something is desperately wrong.

Sermons critiqued by D. M. Williams
Exit & Support Network™
October 3, 2021


“For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” ~John 1:17


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Footnotes by ESN:

1 The Incredible Human Potential by Herbert W. Armstrong (copyright 1976, 1978, 2004, 2010, 2016). HWA says of this book, “This is the eye-opening story of the real gospel message of Jesus Christ.”

2 Mystery of the Ages by Herbert W. Armstrong, (copyright 1985-2007, 2009, 2015, 2020) Note: MOA can easily be examined and critiqued by reading ESN’s critical reviews of MOA) Note: Note: Mystery of the Ages is one of the books that is listed to renounce on “Confession and Freedom From Specific Cult/Occult Strongholds.”

3 The Mormon (LDS) scriptures declare that the ultimate goal of a Mormon is to become a god and procreate for all eternity. See: Mormons Hope to Become Gods of Their Own Worlds Procreating Endless Numbers of Children (Quotes from leaders of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)” Also read: “Why I Left The Mormon Church And Why It’s A Cult” (this is a very good article with photos) [offsite links]

4 Excerpt from “The Ultimate Plan of God” by Gerald Flurry, 2021

5 This verse has nothing to do with how HWA described the mystery or mysteries as “becoming God in the family of God and repopulating the Universe.” [Quoting from J. Vernon McGee on Colossians 1:26: “A mystery is something that had not been revealed in the O.T. but is now revealed. We learn in Ephesians that the mystery was not the fact that Gentiles would be saved–that was known in the O.T. The mystery, the new thing, was that God would now put Israel on the same basis as the Gentiles. Now God is taking both Jews and Gentiles, men out of all races, and He is putting them into a new body which is called the church. That was never revealed in the O.T., but it is now being revealed.”]

Ephesians 3:3-5: “How that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words, Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ)  Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit; That the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel:”

6 We are children of God, but we do not become Gods. God is immutable and cannot change. For proof of both see Footnote #2 in Mike’s Final Exit Letter to Craig Winters.

7 “Most important of all, God has continued to REVEAL NEW TRUTH to his Church. (Herbert W. Armstrong, Co-worker letter, August 24, 1982, et al.)

8 Read: “Can we ever lose our salvation?” (Q&A)

9. Read: “Gerald Flurry’s Insanity With the New Throne of David.”

10 Hebrews 1:1-2: “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken to us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;”

11 Hebrews 13:5-6: “…for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me” John 14:27: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Philippians 4:7: “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

12 “Yet there is still time—and just barely enough time—to finish the work of God for this present age. THERE IS NO TIME TO LOSE.” Herbert W. Armstrong, Co-worker letter, December 8, 1947; “…time is running out on us — there isn’t much more time to FINISH this great WORK OF GOD!” Herbert W. Armstrong, March 26, 1968; “We now have little time left to finish God’s Work.” Herbert W. Armstrong, Co-worker letter, January 2, 1975. (et al.)

13 “Time is short, time is fast running out on us.” Herbert W. Armstrong, Co-worker letter, February 27, 1962.

14 “Exciting things have happened — and even more exciting events in this great Work loom now immediately ahead.” (Herbert W. Armstrong, Co-worker letter, January 27, 1974); “I want to bring you up-to-date on the almost unbelievable, exciting, and momentous things now happening in this great Work.” Herbert W. Armstrong, Co-worker letter, April 12, 1971. (et al.)

15    “Now is the time when we are entering the FINAL PUSH of this entire Work. (Herbert W. Armstrong, Co-worker letter, September 1, 1968); “…launch this final mighty PUSH that is going to MAKE THIS WORLD CONSCIOUS of the LIVING GOD-of His coming KINGDOM” Herbert W. Armstrong, Co-worker letter, March 2, 1967.


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