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Extra Interest:

The HighWire. Based on real science, not pseudoscience; excellent live shows; critical investigative research; editorials by Jefferey Jaxen. These shows are not political. (View all the platforms that the HW is on.) Latest:

WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU’RE INJURED BY THE COVID SHOT? (Reports of serious injuries from Covid19 vaccines are flooding social media. Immune Dysfunction Expert, Dr. James Neuenschwander, describes to Del what might be happening with reactions from this experimental vaccine.) (24 min video) (1-17-21)

CENSORSHIP STRIKES AGAIN (America’s First Amendment rights were under siege this week as social media kingpins like Twitter and Facebook suspended more than 70,000 accounts in an attempt to control information while tech giants like Apple and Amazon deplatformed social networking services for not censoring content) (6 min video clip) (1-16-21)

THE TOLL OF ‘HERD STUPIDITY’ (actual film footage) As the UK continues to tighten Covid19 lockdown restrictions once again; Member of Parliament (MP) Sir Desmond Swayne has been the outspoken voice against the tyrannical government mandates. Hear his views on social control, mass hysteria, police state, and the government’s inability to question science. (Note: This 16 min video clip is taken from Approaching ‘Herd Stupidity’) (1-15-21)

Just Believe: Vaccine Science Pivots to Faith (Editorial by Jefferey Jaxen) “Nearly zero caution was observed as Big Pharma rolled out a product with so many unknowns upon the entire public worldwide.” (1-7-21)

More Extra Interest: FIVE IN TEN DAILY UPDATES (Five news topics in about 10 minutes. These interesting daily news analysis programs [videos] from a biblical worldview are recommended right now.) (There is an ad for books in the middle which you can skip if you want.) (Derek Gilbert is connected with SkyWatch TV and SciFriday.) (1-16-21)

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“Casting all your care upon him; for he cares for you.” ~I Peter 5:7 (NKJV)


(Note: Inclusion of any offsite links on this page does not necessarily mean an endorsement of all views on that site. We encourage readers to always pray for discernment and continue with their own research.)

January 2021

Trump’s been deleted from internet, and any one of us could be next (1-17-21) [offsite article]

After Increasing Demands, I’m Glad We Left (WCG Testimony) (1-17-21)

MSM calls for “new definition of free speech” (New buzzwords in the mainstream media bubble spell trouble for those outside it.) (1-17-21) [offsite article]

FBI Panics Over Chatter on Inauguration Day (by Jon Curtis of Online Columnist) (Nonpartisan Commentary Analyzing Spin in the News) Note: This commentary is updated daily. We may keep posting some of these for awhile. (1-17-21) [offsite article]

Gerald Flurry’s False Prophecy About Trump and Jeroboam Updated (Now includes links to recommended letters at end) (1-7-21)

Reset vs. Restrainer (“The Great Reset is thrusting ahead into 2021, seemingly unstoppable while it threatens to pierce the fabric of culture and society the founding fathers wove together so carefully back in 1776.”) (1-6-21) [offsite article]

I Was Wounded More Deeply Than I Thought New (PCG Testimony) (This also includes a story about a Karate instructor, and more.) (1-1-21)

December 2020

Emotional and Spiritual Healing New (12-30-20)

W.H.O (secretly) changed their definition of “Herd Immunity” New (Global health body dishonestly alters meaning, claims you need a vaccine to achieve it) (12-29-20) [offsite article]

The Covid-19 Data is a ‘Travesty’ New (How the UK and US Covid Death Data is Inflated) (scroll past video to read article)  (12-29-20) [offsite article]

Christmas Reminds us of the Integrity of Scripture by Jonathan Brentner (Good article compared to PCG’s, UCG’s, RCG’s, et al. negative and depressing articles on Christmas) Jonathan says: “Christmas reminds me that God keeps all His promises. Just as the Lord fulfilled many prophecies beginning with Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, so also, He certainly will fulfill all His promises and prophecies that have to do with the end times including His return to take us back to His Father’s home and the Second Coming.” New (12-27-20) [offsite article]

W.H.O. (finally) admits PCR tests create false positives New (12-27-20) [offsite article]

A Critique of Which Day is the Christian Sabbath Updated with some edits [Opens as PDF] (12-22-20)

Warning Signs of Extremism New (Abusive, totalistic groups often use these methods; check and see if you ever experienced such control) (12-19-20)

America’s Frontline Doctors (Empowering patients and physicians with independent, evidence-based medicine. HCQ availability; includes featured video.) New on Links (12-18-20)

Christian paranormal experiences might not be demonic Scroll down to COMMENTS on this page and read many short posts that are amazing testimonies of how God or an angel intervened in the person’s life) (12-12-20) [offsite article on Don Koenig’s blog]

The Censorship and Tyranny Is Not Going AwayNew (For Christians who are discouraged due to what’s going on in the world, this is a good article on Nearing Midnight. “There has been a massive amount of suppression against liberty on the part of academia, the liberal media, and leftist politicians.”) (12-12-20) [offsite article]

PCG Ministers Were Abusive Towards Me (PCG Testimony) (12-12-20)

Disfellowshipped For Not Tithing  (PCG Testimony) (12-7-20)

Trump won but leftist traitors frauds and liars corrupt everything New blog post by Don Koenig (scroll down a little to read article); insightful comments follow with Don replying to several of them. (12-7-20)

The Biblical Necessity of the Pretribulation Rapture by Jonathan Brentner (Very good article for those who are worrying whether they are in the Tribulation now or will go through the Tribulation. There are many good articles on his Blog.) New (12-5-20)

November 2020

Huge changes coming no matter who wins 2020 presidential election New (When page opens, scroll down a little to the title..) (11-24-20) [offsite article]

Was Herbert Armstrong Right About Britain Exiting the European Union? Updated This article has been completely reworked. (11-22-20)

Gerald Flurry’s Tirades (Very good letter that reveals the wild anger GF can have toward someone) This has been linked from “Gerald Flurry’s Sermon Tirade…” (11-21-20)

The Great Setup by Jonathan Brentner New (For those who want more info on the Great Reset, yet you believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. (11-20-20) [offsite article]

Gerald Flurry and the Amos 7 Prophecy Updated with more info in Footnote #4 where it explains why GF cannot be an apostle. (11-18-20)

“Well, This Looks Bad” New (For those who are discouraged because of the election, yet you believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, this is a good article on Nearing Midnight) (11-16-20) [offsite article]

Gerald Flurry and the Amos 7 Prophecy New (Gerald Flurry believes we are living in the Amos 7 time frame.) (11-14-20)

Gerald Flurry’s False Prophecy About Trump and Jeroboam New (from former member of PCG) (11-8-20)

Links Updated (11-7-20)

Gerald Flurry Remarries–Hypocrisy at the Top New (from former member of PCG) (11-3-20)

October 2020

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? Updated under: “Doctrines.” (10-31-20)

GCI and Their Ecumenical Mishmash Doctrines (Title change; this letter was updated w/more info) (10-28-20)

Where do we go when we die? New Q&A (10-24-20)

Took Me Many Years to Heal (experienced David Pack as minister in WCG) (10-23-20)

The World of Fairyland: The World Tomorrow (Transcript of a sermon given in the 1960’s by J. Vernon McGee; covers the origin of HWA’s doctrines; his audacious statements; tells of Richard Armstrong’s tragic car accident and his death due to neglect of medical treatment to prevent shock; also covered is The Throne of David, and more.) (10-21-20)

Can Little Children Understand the Gospel? New (10-20-20)

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? (Updated under: “Ambivalent About Heaven or Hell” and “Guilt Concerning Tithing and Giving.” (10-19-20)

We Weren’t Allowed to Grieve Normally (posted on Personal Writings by exiters) (10-9-20)

Restored Church of God (David C. Pack Exposed) (name change and link change; content the same) (10-7-20)

September 2020

Cognitive Rethinking for Christians Who Have Exited an Armstrong Group (This part was originally on our first website and has now been added at the end of “Cognitive Behavioral Focusing for Exiters – An Approach to Handling Depression, Anxiety, Fear & Guilt”) (10-2-20)

I Was Hanging By a Thread After Leaving WCG (WCG Testimony) 9-30-20

Worldwide Church of God Changes Name (We felt this should be posted again; covers how they used confusion and distortion, including their reasons given for the name change) 9-25-20

The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What it WON’T Be Like (9-24-20)

Why We Thought We Had Such a Wonderful Time at the Feast (Title change, but link and contents are same) (9-19-20)

International Coalition for Drug Awareness New on Links under “Drug Awareness” (Educating about the dangers of RX Medications) Much info; includes breaking news stories; link on their menu to SSRI Stories–Antidepressant Nightmares. (9-19-20)

From Victim to Survivor (Take Back the Power) Excellent testimony by L. A. Stuhlman, founder of ESN, given at a conference on abusive groups (Includes “Steps to Recovery and Success.” ) (9-16-20)

Why Did God Allow Me to Go in an Abusive Group? (Title change; link has changed, but content is same) (9-13-20)

How can I love God again or know He loves me? New on Q&A (9-13-20)

Getting Kicked Out of PCG Caused Me to Start Investigating (Child survivor Testimony) (9-10-20)

Spanking Babies and Harsh Discipline of Children in PCG (At bottom is section on “Screaming Sessions at Children in PCG.”) (9-10-20)

August 2020

Stories About Philadelphia Youth Camp (We have finished posting these stories; latest ones are Safety Not Given a High Priority at P.Y.C. and Gerald Flurry’s Sermon Tirade at P.Y.C.  (posted (8-28-20)

Stories About S. E. P. Experiences  (We have finished posting these stories; latest ones are: S.E.P. Canoe Trip Opened My Eyes and I Was Able to Compare S.E.P. Camp to a True Christian Camp) (8-31-20)

Last Wake-Up Call to Joseph Tkach, Jr. (This letter sent to WCG / GCI warned of the grave danger they were headed; the warning was not heeded and today they have continued headlong into involvement with the ecumenical movement and endorsing certain New Age authors. This is still relevant with GCI today.  Includes at end sarcastic and mean letters the author received from the ministers) (8-20-20)

Links/Discernment Updated Has with link to: “A New Age View of the Trinity Enters the Church” (8-20-20)

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? Updated under “Tongues Speaking” with a letter sent to ESN about WCG allowing tongues speaking. (page updated 8-16-20; 8-21-20; 8-22-20; 8-28-20 includes into on their targeting the youth. Also links to letters written to HQs on universalism and evolution)

Garner Ted Armstrong and the Masseuse (The report regarding the sexual assault.) (8-15-20)

Comforting Words About the True God of Love Updated (This is helpful for those who have had a fear of God) (8-25-20)

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? New “Tongues Speaking” allowed. (8-14-20)

Why I Didn’t Like the New Music in WCG (mentions tongues and their charismatic directions) (8-14-20)

Booklist Updated under Special Interest (8-13-20)

Information on Garner Ted Armstrong (Intercontinental Church of God) Updated and title changed Includes links to several letters and testimonies. The horrible story of GTA. (8-13-20 & 8-15-20)

Myths About Loma Armstrong (Myths and far-fetched tales about the woman who motivated HWA to begin the Radio Church of God, later known as WCG). (8-10-20)

Finally Free From the Burden of Lies (Child survivor Testimony) (8-8-20)

Herbert Armstrong: The Rich Apostle Updated; also footnote #1 (8-6-20)

Living Church of God (founded by Roderick Meredith) Updated with note at end that talks about how Roderick Meredith confessed to being initiated into the DeMolays, a Masonic club for boys, when he was a teenager. (8-6-20)

Censoring The HighWire: “We Saw it Coming” New report from The HighWire. “History was made this week when the “Frontline Doctors Summit,” with over 17M views, was pulled down across all social media platforms, but here at The HighWire, our sneak peek into the orchestrated cyber attack… Here’s the timeline.” (8-3-20)

July 2020

The Cyber Attack on Truth New The HighWire on their HighWire Talk channel. Excellent. (Note: This show can also be found on HCQ is covered about half way through.) (7-31-20)

Is America Facing a Covid Collapse? Very good show from The HighWire (Toby Rogers, Political Economist, PhD, MPP, speaks. Lockdowns have health impacts beyond caronavirus (i.e., deaths of despair). (7-29-20)

Church of God, a Worldwide Association Updated under “Fundamental Beliefs” (7-28-20)

Are You Being Abused by Your Husband? (Many women that were or are in PCG have admitted that they had to endure some or all of the following abusive and demeaning behaviors.) (can also apply to other offshoots) (7-21-20)

United Church of God-AIA (Victor Kubic) Updated with more info from our first site. (7-25-20)

Recovery After Exiting a Spiritually Abusive Group (Covers thought reform, manipulation, coercion, deception, peer pressure, guilt, fear, phobias and threat tactics used by the group leader.) (7-20-20)

Gerald Flurry’s Insanity With the New Throne of David New (covers the Celtic Throne performance and the hidden meaning in it) (7-16-20)

Herbert Armstrong: The Rich Apostle (7-15-20)

Covid Crimes Against Humanity? New (Dr. Zelenko’s HCQ Protocol Saving Lives; Kids & Masks: Are They Safe? From The HighWire) (7-12-20)

Modelers Were ‘Astronomically Wrong’ in COVID-19 Predictions, Says Leading Epidemiologist—and the World Is Paying the Price  New (There is also a short 7 minute video on this page from the epidemiologist.) (7-5-20)

Booklist Updated (7-1-20)

How to Find a Good Church Home New (linked from various places on the site (good article; offsite article) (7-1-20)

June 2020

Feeling Hopeless and Discouraged Regarding Life and Love (This links towards the end of “My Dad Controlled Every Aspect of Our Lives”) (6-30-20)

My Dad Controlled Every Aspect of Our Lives (Child survivor Testimony) (6-29-20)

Excerpts From Gerald Flurry’s Sermons – Or Flurry’s Vegetable Patch (Excellent article; GF calls members “vegetables”; there is now a link in footnote #4 to the PCG letter about being told to destroy the CD sermon tapes (6-27-20)

Booklist New book under “The Occult” (The 7th Book by Bill Bean. The author has overcome many trials in his life, including demonic oppression as a child. He wrote this book for those who need rejuvenation and to find their way back to God. It is filled with hope, faith and blessed assurance that God is with us. (6-27-20)
To request a free PDF of this book, go to Bean’s website and scroll down to where it says “I’m offering my brand new book…”

Stephen Flurry Article on Fear Winds Down the Wrong Road New (6-26-20)

Latest from The HighWire is: “When Science Cries Wolf & Face Masks Don’t Work” Other shows are: Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Have Corona-Phobia; “Prof. Lockdown” Caught Massaging the Staats (about Neil Ferguson). (6-26-20)

I Was Constantly Bombarded With Stress (Child survivor Testimony) (6-26-20

The Way We Were Told to Pray (title change) (Includes at end “If you are finding it very hard to pray”) (Personal Writings) (6-25-20)

What is the Sacred Name Movement that some exiters have gotten caught up in? Updated; also has link to a video.  (6-17-20)

What is the Sacred Name Movement that some exiters have gotten caught up in? New on Q&A. (6-15-20)

Recent show from The HighWire: Interview with Top Expert USC Senior Fellow, Joel Hay PhD; Covid Nurse Exposes NY Hospital; “Prof. Lockdown” Caught Massaging the Stats (about Neil Ferguson) (6-14-20)

Radio Programs Ad NauseamNew (an insanely long list of radio programs PCG has out there; includes descriptions for some of them) (6-8-20)

Fear is PCG’s Best Controlling Maneuver (PCG Testimony) (6-1-20)

May 2020

Links Updated (5-31-20

Abused in Every Way in Worldwide Church of God (Child survivor Testimony) (5-25-20)

An Open Letter to Our Acquaintances in Worldwide Church of God (This courageous letter enabled many to question deception and exit Worldwide Church of God and any of its authoritarian splinter groups. It was written by founder of ESN after exiting. Includes WACO.) (5-23-20)

Living Church of God Updated (5-20-20)

What You Should Know About United Church of God-AIA Updated (5-18-20)

Killings Shed Light on Church. This is an article that was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on March 20, 2005 about the Living Church of God shooting spree. Although dated, we have copied it to our site due to its historical significance. It links to and from the LCG shooting spree letters which were the best of the letters that ESN received at the time. (5-17-20)

Footnotes #10-13 were never posted on Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong. They  have now been added. (5-15-20)

Relationship Down the Tubes Due to Restored Church of God New (RCG Testimony) (5-15-20)

PCG’s Last Ditch Effort to Gain Former Members New (5-14-20)

Links Updated under Discernment and Research (covers current events and spiritual deception (5-14-20)

Eight Dead in Living Church of God Shooting Spree! (Reposted due to its historical significance. Many excellent letters from 2005 that ESN received at the time from exiters of LCG, WCG, PCG, etc.) (5-11-20)

Dr Neil Ferguson, London Epidemiologist, Solely Responsible for the Lockdown, Resigns Amid False Data (5-9-20)

Leaving is Hard Because… New Personal Writing (5-8-20)

Is Restored Church of God All it Appears to Be? Updated (This has excerpts from the Akron Beacon. Includes link at end to excellent letter: “Concerns in Wadsworth About Restored Church of God.”) (5-5-20)

What is the Mark of the Beast and how do we keep from being afraid? Moved/Updated (This Q&A has been moved to a different place on the page, with extra words added and new links at end) (5-2-20)

April 2020

The Church of God-PKG (Ronald Weinland) New article (4-27-20)

Calloused Treatment of Elderly Charter Member Vyron Wilkins (PCG Testimony) (4-26-20)

Life at Herbert W. Armstrong College (PCG Testimony) (Includes new Note from ESN at bottom.) (4-25-20)

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? Updated under “Three Reasons to Give.” (The reply to the April 23, 2020 WCG letter was moved here.) (4-24-20)

PCG Recruitment Article Copied From GTA’s Booklet! New (4-22-20)

God’s Love in My Life Through Angels and Miracles (7 amazing true stories in members’ lives) New 4-16-20
Updated (A 7th miracle story was added on 4-17-20): “Angel Keeps My Motorcycle From Hitting Truck.” (Rider fell asleep on cycle!)

April 7, 2020 Member and Co-Worker Letter (From Gerald Flurry) New (This is linked from Articles on Gerald Flurry) (4-14-20)

I Was Able to Compare S.E.P. Camp to a True Christian Camp  (Child survivor Testimony) (This could also apply to PYC) 4-13-20

Pushed My Feelings Under the Carpet for Years (Child survivor Testimony) (4-9-20)

A Live Presentation From Gerald Flurry UPDATED in last paragraph (This takes the place of the other article on the Live Presentation. It is shorter with excerpts that focus more on GF hinting that members will be protected from disease pandemics; also covers his emphasis on HWA. There are comments by ESN. (4-1-20; 9-12-20)

March 2020:

More letters added to 2008 that were not copied over. These are found under: PCG News Story (FOX 25 Special Report on Philadelphia Church of God). (Very informative; some discuss GF’s mug shot.) 3-29-20

Gerald Flurry Finds Herbert Armstrong’s Prayer Rock! (The above article talks about this) (3-28-20)

What You Should Know About United Church of God-AIA Updated with a section on Prophecy Teachings which covers UCG’s “Teachings on the Mark of the Beast.” (3-26-20)

Articles and Writings on the Holy Days (Helpful for those who are questioning whether or not to keep the O. T. feast days) (3-25-20)

I Almost Got Sucked Into the Swirl of PCG New (Excellent Testimony) (3-8-20)

A Cult in Transition (Reposted due to its historical significance; the reason behind the events.) (3-7-20)

Transformed by Truth or Transformed by Lies?? (A close scrutiny of what Joseph Tkach, Jr. classified as his personal story) (A critique of the gross distortions in Chapter two of the book)  (3-5-20)

Philadelphia Church of God Info Updated under “Magazine” and “TV Broadcast” (scroll down under “History of Philadelphia Church of God” to find it.) There is also a link towards top where one can skip down to “Teachings and Beliefs of Philadelphia Church of God” followed by “Destructive Methods of Mind Control.” (3-4-20)

The Hope of Survivors (Pastoral Sexual Abuse) New on our links under “Spiritual Healing” (3-1-20)
Support, hope and healing for those who have been sexual abused by their pastor.

February 2020

Where Does PCG’s Third Tithe Fund Go? Added to Q&A and Grace & Law for those who never read this. (2-26-20)

Under God’s Wings Updated with 3rd picture added towards end (2-26-20)

Comfort for Those Who are Sorrowing New (More words added to introduction and pictures added) (2-25-20)
Written long ago but a source of comfort for those who are experiencing grief or sorrow. (4 brief articles)

Intercontinental Church of God (Garner Ted Armstrong) Updated (2-18-20)

Links to letters about RCG have been added under “Testimonies by Former Members of Restored Church of God” Updated (2-15-20)

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? Updated under “Worship on Saturday or Sunday” (this part also covers Grace Communion International today) (2-15-20)

Christian Churches of God (Wade Cox) New (This also has links to several letters about CCG) (2-13-20)

More Info on Abuses in Christian Churches of God New (This revealing letter has never been posted before) (October 6, 2010)

Personal Writings Updated with two new ones. New (2-13-20)

Letter Exposing Outright Lies, Abuses and Sociopathic Behavior  with a 2nd letter from author added (2-8-20)
These letters may be dated, but they show what was going on at the time of the changes.

Transformed by Christ (a critical review of GCI’s booklet) Updated (2-8-20)
Covers the massive distortions in the book and shows history revision and whitewashing of their founder.

Church of God, a Worldwide Association Re-worked (offshoot of UCG-AIA) (2-8-20)

I Questioned Things Early On (After Becoming a Member of Living Church of God) (2-7-20)

Christian Biblical Church of God (Fred R. Coulter) Updated (2-4-20)

Church of God International Teachings Did Not Add Up (2-3-20)

A Critique of “You Are Saved by Grace!” (Critique of Stephen Flurry’s booklet.) (2-1-20)

Note: More PCG testimonies were copied over that you may not seen yet so be sure and check that page. One is: The Pieces of the Puzzle Wouldn’t Fit. (2-1-20)

I am Leaving Living Church of God  (Testimony from former LCG member) (2-1-20)

January 2020:

Philadelphia Church of God is Poison (1-30-20)

More letters added to 2004 that were not copied over; i.e., GF’s end time prophecies not coming to pass, Dennis Leap once being chastised by GF, etc. (1-29-20)

My Mom Finally Saw the Truth About Philadelphia Church of God (1-28-20)

Did Herbert Armstrong Have God’s Truth?  (1-23-20)

Did Herbert W. Armstrong Abuse His Flock? (1-22-20)

My Mother Was a Victim of Philadelphia Church of God (1-22-20)

Why do the leaders of all the major offshoots use a middle initial? New from Q&A (1-17-20)

Healing From Spiritual Abuse Updated (1-16-29)
Includes: Exiters Tell What Has Helped Them to Heal From Armstrongism and Exiters Tell What Has Helped Them on Exit Support Network’s Site.

Herbert W. Armstrong Updated section (1-16-20)

Site Map Updated (1-15-20)

Common Emotional Difficulties After Leaving a High Demand Group (1-13-20)

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? Updated (1-13-20)
Includes “What Else Are They Doing Today?” and “Need For Discernment.”

The Earl Williams Factor (Reposted due to its historical significance) (1-12-20)
Excellent article. Reveals how Williams was preaching grace way before Tkach, Sr. supposedly received his “truth about the New Covenant from God.” Letters at end about how Atlanta was a “test area.”

What Were We Really Believing in the WCG Era Updated & title change (1-12-20)
Includes: What are Doctrines of Devils?

Healing From Spiritual Abuse Updated section (1-11-29)

Letter Exposing Outright Lies, Abuses and Sociopathic Behavior (1-10-20)
Outstanding letter that reveals the truth about what was really going on at the time of the changes; talks about the great harm done to members by those that endorsed WCG. (Updated 1-20-20: Headings have been given)

Malachi’s Message: How True is it? Updated (1-7-20)

Amazing Words That Have Been Said to Exiters -or- What Never to Say to Someone Who Has Been Deceived Updated (1-4-20)