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“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.” ~Psalms 23:2

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Extra Interest: The HighWire Live shows covering many cultural issues such as vax shots; vax injuries; vax deaths, cultural issues, etc. Exposing the lies and cover-up by the mainstream media. Shows are evidence-based, peer-reviewed, science with actual scientific data and critical investigative research. Excellent editorials by Jefferey Jaxen, Investigative Journalist. Note: If you have buffering problems, watch The Highwire on Rumble.


“He saved us, not because of any works of righteousness that we had done, but because of His own pity and mercy, by [the] cleansing [bath] of the new birth (regeneration) and renewing of the Holy Spirit, Which He poured out [so] richly upon us through Jesus Christ our Savior.
~Titus 3:5-6 (AMPC)


NOTICE: Our section Articles and Writings on the Holy Days is helpful for those who are questioning whether or not to keep the O. T. feast days:  (includes Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread, etc.)

April 2024:

Lavrov Warns of Growing U.S. Conflict New article from John Curtis of OnlineColumnist. “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the U.S. funding would only serve to destabilize Europe and possibly lead to WW III or a nuclear exchange, depending on how far NATO encroaches on the Russian Federation. Lavrov said that involvement of the U.S., U.K. and France presents a direct and provocative threat to the post-WW II order in Europe, potentially leading to WW III, where the Kremlin is forced to defend itself from NATO military action in Eastern Europe.” (4-23-24) [offsite article]

New More about Greg and how we’ll get him up and running soon; see the description for link and info David Benjamin tells more about how Gregg Jackson and his children had received malicious attacks, and how grace teachers are being attacked today. David says he will get Gregg’s videos back up with a new name in about a week. (4-23-24) [offsite link]

New Gregg Jackson gave an important 7 minute announcement on 4-21 that he is stepping down from making videos which he has been doing for 5 yrs. UPDATE 4-22: Gregg said on his community page that David Benjamin is downloading all his videos on his channel so they will be available! Go to: Gregg Jackson’s Channel – Update and Workaround to see his vids (coming) (4-22-24) [offsite link]

2024: Mystery of the Rapture, revealed by Yeshua. Are you ready to meet the Lord? New Excellent video by C. J. Lovik with clear explanations through drawings as he goes through the story of the mystery of the Blessed Hope by Jesus. (4-15-24) [offsite link]

Living on the Edge of Eternity New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “Imminency. … The Rapture might happen at any moment. However, as the moments become days and then weeks, months, and years, we struggle to maintain our eager anticipation of Jesus’s appearing. Many of us wonder how much closer we will get to the start of the Tribulation before He comes for us.” (4-9-24) [offsite article]

Israel’s Fall Feasts and Date-Setting of the Rapture New by Thomas D. Ice. While this is an older article, it is very interesting. “Nowhere does the New Testament speak of the church fulfilling any of Israel’s feasts.” … “Christ’s rapture of His church is a signless event that could happen at any-moment.” (4-7-24) [offsite PDF article]

March 2024:

I Grew Up in WCG With Much Confusion Reposted Child survivor testimony. “Growing up in ‘the church’ was never easy.” Mother and then later father left WCG, causing much confusion. Will mention birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. (3-29-24)

Call-in Radio Broadcast by Bob George aired on 3-28-24. New Bob replies to a question about about I John 1:9 and Hebrews 10:26-29; then to a question about baptism; also covers praying in tongues and forgiveness. Below the broadcast is a written recap of the message. Very encouraging. (3-29-24) [offsite link]

Didn’t Realize How Much WCG Molded My Personality New Testimony by child survivor of WCG. (3-23-24)

Philadelphia Church of God and the Place of Safety Updated under where it says, “Flurry Changes Place of Safety to Adullam?” (3-19-24)

What Lies Behind Today’s Siege of Bible Prophecy? New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “Over the past few years, I have noticed an underlying current in teachings that deny what the Bible says about the Rapture, the seven-year Tribulation, and Jesus’ thousand-year reign. They greatly diminish the magnificence of Jesus’ role in end time events.” (3-19-24) [offsite link]

2024: Mystery of the 4th Day on the LORD’S 1000 Years for a Day Calendar New Very interesting video by C. J. Lovik, for those interested in end-time prophecies. Lovik “shares insights on key end-times prophetic perspectives as the day of our LORD draws near!”  (He does a recap at end and answers questions.) (3-18-24) [offsite link]

On what day of the week was Jesus crucified, what year was it, and how long was He in the grave? New Covers the day of the crucifixion and the 3 days and 3 nights. This replaces our previous Q&A on this. Updated in April. (3-7-24)

The Titanic and Today’s Church: A Tale of Two Shipwrecks New by Warren B. Smith. Excellent and very captivating book. “It has been well-documented how pride, false confidence, complacency, disregarded warnings, and general unpreparedness all played a part in the Titanic shipwreck. Those in charge had underestimated the physical danger in their midst. Sadly, today’s professing church shares many of these same characteristics…” Covers the New Age, false Christs, and false prophets now entering the church. (3-1-24)

Replacement Theology: The Backdoor Assault on the Integrity of Scripture New  Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “…the claim that God has rejected Israel and replaced the nation with the church represents a blindside attack on the integrity of Scripture.” (3-1-24) [offsite link]

February 2024:

Finding Peace in a Fear-Mongering World New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “A realistic look at our world is enough to generate much anxiety. The widespread wickedness, violence, government corruption, and continual rumors of WWIII and/or terrorist attacks often set off alarms concerning our future well-being.” (2-19-24) [offsite article]

In Defense of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture by David R. Reagan New Excellent article by David R. Reagan. Rebuttal to the video album titled, “Left Behind or Led Astray?” Article will be the first 9 pages of the magazine Lamplighter. (Includes pictures) (2-18-24) [offsite article]

Suffered Because of Growing Up in Philadelphia Church of God New Child survivor of PCG testimony. (2-8-24)

January 2024:

Flurry’s Two Speaking Manners Excellent letter from the past. (shows how two-faced GF can be) Now linked at the end of Mike’s article “I Questioned Who Gerald Flurry Was.” (1-14-24)

Atheism and Mass Murder New link added within the article “Why Do So Many Exiters of Armstrongism Turn to Atheism?” under the heading “Are Atheists Happier Than Others?” where it says: “The facts are clear that atheism has caused more unhappiness and insanity in this century than all the religious conflicts of the preceding centuries.” (Includes many links at end to other helpful articles.) [Note: Please give this page time to open](1-11-24) [offsite link]

God Helped Get Me and My Relatives Out of PCG New Link. This excellent letter has now been linked from “If You Have a Loved One In a Deceptive, Exploitive Group.” (1-8-24)

6 Signs That’s Something Amiss at Your Church New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. Covers a list of 6 signs that show whether your church has arrived at the point of “progressive Christianity” and if it’s either already a “woke” church or well on its way to it. (1-4-24) [offsite article]

December 2023:

As The World Knocks On Death’s Door, We Await A Savior New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner “The globalists seek to bring about a one-world government over which they will rule. In order to assume the role as lords of the earth, they need an impending crisis that will unite the nations. They regard the climate emergency as the vehicle that will enable them to fulfill their quest.”(12-18-23) [offsite link]

Living Church of God (Gerald E. Weston) Updated (12-13-23)

God Opened the Door and Said to Get Out! New update at end by ESN. You can read the entire testimony or go straight to the Update at the bottom. (While this testimony was by a former member of WCG, it is helpful even for those in PCG to understand what happened during the time of the changes and how they ended up in PCG or another offshoot.) (12-9-23)

Dating Rules for Singles According to Ryan Malone (article) New (12-5-23)

November 2023:

Can We Ever Lose Our Salvation? (Q&A) Updated in last paragraph. (11-26-23; updated 12-7-23)

He Sees, He is Not Silent, and He Is Coming Soon New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “As we wait for the Lord’s appearing we can be sure He sees what’s happening in this world and His response is already on the way. Perhaps it’s closer than most people can imagine.” (11-22-23) [offsite article]

October 2023:

Birthing of the False Church Through Ecumenism New Excellent; very interesting. From Cornerstone Research Ministry. This movement is nothing new. Much info with lots of photos, names and connections. Now on our Links. (10-9-23) [offsite article]

The Mistaken Diagnoses of the Scoffers New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “The Rapture has become the object of scorn in many churches, even where it was once taught as a core belief. And of course, those outside of Christ give us much grief regarding our hope in Jesus’ imminent appearing, but that’s to be expected.” (10-5-23) [offsite article]

Feast Not About Gathering but Collection New Article by former member of PCG about collection of members’ money. (10-1-23)

September 2023:

Dancing with the Scoffers New Excellent but older article by Jonathan Brentner. “Scripture tells us the last days will be marked by those who mock our hope in Jesus’ imminent return. … How can we recognize these modern day scoffers?” (9-24-23) [offsite article]

Good News For Weary Saints New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “We endure because the words on the pages of our Bibles ring out with the good news that Jesus will take us home to glory before the start of the Tribulation.” (9-22-23) [offsite article]

The CRISIS New Excellent and interesting article by Terry James. Comments follow. “The experts who believe world economic collapse is on the brink have been predicting it for decades. Some think the globalists are deliberately doing things to collapse America and the world so they can be at the center of rebuilding society and culture in their own image. As witness, consider the term ‘Great Reset,’ which is encapsulated in Agenda 30, the outline of the many changes proposed by the New World Order builders for the year 2030.” (9-20-23) [offsite article]

Seven-Year Plan New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “The United Nations recently announced that they need ‘7 Years of Accelerated, Transformative Action to Achieve SDGs.’ The SDGs are the 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ that the U.N. put in place eight years ago through which they intend to establish a one-world government.” (9-19-23) [offsite article]

August 2023:

Personality Changes From Cult Involvement New This informative article has been added to various places on our site. (8-20-23) [offsite link]

HOW UNETHICAL WERE THE LOCKDOWNS? New Excellent video.Professor of Medicine, Alvin Moss, MD, discusses his recent article highlighting the ethical problems with the cv19 lockdowns, from deaths of despair to the impacts on education, and the underprivileged. He explains why we must never let the government lock us down again.” (8-29-23) [offsite link on The HighWire on Rumble]

Hypnotic Mind Manipulation a Result of Attending the Feast New by ESN “I began to notice something at each Feast I attended and didn’t understand until later.” (8-13-23)

July 2023:

Calvary Chapel Alert Updated New Excellent article & video by Chris Lawson of Spiritual Research Network (The Unfortunate Progression of Compromise and Ecumenical Relations​) Note: If you watch the video on YouTube, use a Browser such as Brave to avoid any ads. (7-31-23) [offsite link]

Silencing the Remnant Church New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner “As many of you can attest, those of us in this group have been disenfranchised, or ostracized, by churches that claim to believe in the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture. Its leaders often scoff at our beliefs and forbid any teaching that goes against their covenant theology…”  (7-25-23) [offsite link]

‘Nudge Unit’ Chief Says UK Will Obey Future Lockdowns: Citizens Have ‘Learnt the Behaviour’ New “A UK government adviser is confident any future pandemic lockdown and compulsory mask edicts will be met with compliance because people have learnt a new behaviour and, ‘in principle, you can switch it back on.’” (7-12-23) [offsite link]

PETA Uses ChatGPT to Rewrite Bible’s Book of Genesis to Make It Animal Rights ‘Friendly’ New “PETA is promoting its book as a ‘cruelty-free Story of Creation.'” (7-11-23)

June 2023:

Is the UN’s Proposed Seven-Year Plan Prophetically Significant? New (“The UN recently announced that they need ‘7 Years of Accelerated, Transformative Action to Achieve SDGs.’ The SDGs are the seventeen ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ that the UN put in place eight years ago through which they intend to establish a one-world government.”) Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner (6-29-23) [offsite article]

I Worked at PCG Headquarters New (PCG testimony) (6-28-23)

It’s Far Better to Heed God’s Warnings Now, Before They Become Reality New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner “The seeming delay in the beginning of the Tribulation has lulled many people, even believers, into a false sense of normalcy. … It will all happen quicker than we can imagine.” (6-25-23) [offsite article]

What You Should Know About United Church of God-AIA Updated under “Place of Safety” (also see 6-24-23 letter to ESN about this: “UCG Article Tells How to Talk to Your Children About Frightening World Events”) (6-24-23)

The Real Bill Gates New (video) (6-9-23) [offsite link on Rumble]

TV Show About Jesus Made By WOLVES In Sheep’s Clothing New “The corporate interests behind the scenes of ‘The Chosen’ are not what they claim. The Daily Wire’s Rome correspondent Bree Dail is here to detail the new scandals rocking the hit TV show ‘The Chosen’.” (10 min video) (6-8-23) [offsite link to The Stew Peters Show on Rumble]

What You Should Know About United Church of God-AIA Updated (6-5-23) Note: The part under “Sabbath” was updated, along with Footnote #11, on 6-10-23.

Five Year PCG UK Financial Review (Showing the Decline of Philadelphia Church of God) New (financial report shows PCG’s decline) by former member of PCG. (6-7-23)

How Can You Not See? New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “How can believers today miss the multitude of warnings that the seven-year Tribulation is coming at this world like [a] speeding diesel locomotive? … We are living on borrowed time.”  (6-1-23) [offsite article]

May 2023:

The Bubble of Normalcy New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “Many today live in a ‘bubble of normalcy’ where they feel secure because of exaggerated and unrealistic hopes of either a return to normalcy or of it continuing indefinitely into the future.”  (5-28-23) [offsite article]

Border Towns Become 3rd World Hellholes as Illegals Invade Nation New Very disturbing video. “The US is being invaded by drug runners and cartel members, leaving towns and communities on the border to defenselessly face the brunt of the madness! Vem Miller joins Stew to expose what disasters are occurring on our borders that the federally-funded media refuses to report.” (5-24-23) [offsite link to The Stew Peters Show on Rumble]

Tackling the Chemtrail Controversy New (Very interesting video on The HighWire) (5-15-23) [offsite link]

Pfizer, FDA & CDC Knew Dire Harm to Babies: Dr. Walensky Urged Vaccination for Pregnant Women Anyway New Very Disturbing info (video will be found at top of page). “These monsters looked at whether the babies would get sick and die … And they saw that they did, and they kept going.” (5-7-23) [offsite link]

Wokeism Begins with Devaluing the Words of Scripture New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. Mentions Andy Stanley.  (5-3-23) [offsite article]