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March 2020

A Live Presentation From Gerald Flurry (will members be protected from the coronavirus?) NEW (This takes the place of the other article on the Live Presentation. It is shorter with excerpts that focus more on GF hinting that members will be protected; also covers his emphasis on HWA. There are comments are ESN. (3-30-20)

More letters added to 2008 that were not copied over. These are found under: PCG News Story (FOX 25 Special Report on Philadelphia Church of God). (These are very informative.) Reposted 3-29-20

A Live Presentation From Gerald Flurry (Given March 28, 2020) New (Transcription of his sermon) (3-28-20)

Gerald Flurry Finds Herbert Armstrong’s Prayer Rock! Reposted (The above article talks about this) (3-28-20)

What You Should Know About United Church of God-AIA Updated with a section on Prophecy Teachings which covers UCG’s “Teachings on the Mark of the Beast” and “Fearful Articles About the Coronavirus (Covid-19).” (3-26-20)

Articles and Writings on the Holy Days Reposted (Helpful for those who are questioning whether or not to keep the O. T. feast days) (3-25-20)

Can’t Grasp That God Loves Me Unconditionally Reposted (WCG child survivor testimony) (3-16-20)

I Almost Got Sucked Into the Swirl of PCG New (Excellent testimony) (3-8-20)

A Cult in Transition Reposted due to its historical significance; the reason behind the events. (3-7-20)

Transformed by Truth or Transformed by Lies?? Reposted (A close scrutiny of what Joseph Tkach, Jr. classified as his personal story) (A critique of the gross distortions in Chapter two of the book)  (3-5-20)

Information on Philadelphia Church of God Updated under “Magazine” and “TV Broadcast” (scroll down under “History of Philadelphia Church of God” to find it.) There is also a link towards top where one can skip down to “Teachings and Beliefs of Philadelphia Church of God” followed by “Destructive Methods of Mind Control.” (3-4-20)

The Hope of Survivors New on our links under “Pastoral Sexual Abuse” (3-1-20)
Support, hope and healing for those who have been sexual abused by their pastor.

Under God’s Wings Updated with verses under all pictures (3-1-20)

February 2020

Where Does PCG’s Third Tithe Fund Go? Added to Q&A and Grace & Law for those who never read this. (2-26-20)

Under God’s Wings Updated with 3rd picture added towards end (2-26-20)

Comfort for Those Who are Sorrowing New (More words added to introduction and pictures added) (2-25-20)
Written long ago but a source of comfort for those who are experiencing grief or sorrow. (4 brief articles)

Intercontinental Church of God (Garner Ted Armstrong) Updated (2-18-20)

Links to letters about RCG have been added under “Testimonies by Former Members of Restored Church of God” Updated (2-15-20)

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? Updated under “Worship on Saturday or Sunday” (this part also covers Grace Communion International today) (2-15-20)

Christian Churches of God (Wade Cox) New (This also has links to several letters about CCG) (2-13-20)

More Info on Abuses in Christian Churches of God New (This revealing letter has never been posted before) (October 6, 2010)

Personal Writings Updated with two new ones. New (2-13-20)

Letter Exposing Outright Lies, Abuses and Sociopathic Behavior  with a 2nd letter from author added (2-8-20)
These letters may be dated, but they show what was going on at the time of the changes.

Transformed by Christ (a critical review of GCI’s booklet) Reposted with minor updates (2-8-20)
Covers the massive distortions in the book and shows history revision and whitewashing of their founder.

Church of God, a Worldwide Association Re-worked (offshoot of UCG-AIA) (2-8-20)

I Questioned Things Early On (After Becoming a Member of Living Church of God) Reposted (2-7-20)

Emotional and Psychological Trauma New on our Links (2-5-20)

Christian Biblical Church of God (Fred R. Coulter) Updated (2-4-20)

Church of God International Teachings Did Not Add Up Reposted (2-3-20)

A Critique of “You Are Saved by Grace!” Reposted Critique of Stephen Flurry’s booklet. (2-1-20)

Note: More PCG testimonies were copied over that you may not seen yet so be sure and check that page. One is: The Pieces of the Puzzle Wouldn’t Fit. (2-1-20)

I am Leaving Living Church of God Reposted (2-1-20) (short testimony from former member of LCG)

January 2020:

Philadelphia Church of God is Poison Reposted (1-30-20)

More letters added to 2004 that were not copied over; i.e., GF’s end time prophecies not coming to pass, Dennis Leap once being chastised by GF, etc. Reposted (1-29-20)

My Mom Finally Saw the Truth About Philadelphia Church of God Reposted (1-28-20)

Did Herbert Armstrong Have God’s Truth?  Updated (1-23-20)

Did Herbert W. Armstrong Abuse His Flock? Reposted (1-22-20)

My Mother Was a Victim of Philadelphia Church of God Reposted (1-22-20)

Why do the leaders of all the major offshoots use a middle initial? New from Q&A (1-17-20)

Healing From Spiritual Abuse Updated (1-16-29)
Now includes: Exiters Tell What Has Helped Them to Heal From Armstrongism and Exiters Tell What Has Helped Them on Exit Support Network’s Site.

Herbert W. Armstrong Updated section (1-16-20)

Site Map Updated (1-15-20)

Common Emotional Difficulties After Leaving a High Demand Group Reposted (1-13-20)

What in the World is Worldwide Church of God Doing Now? Updated (1-13-20)
Includes “What Else Are They Doing Today?” and “Need For Discernment.”

The Earl Williams Factor Reposted due to its historical significance (1-12-20)
Excellent article. Reveals how Williams was preaching grace way before Tkach, Sr. supposedly received his “truth about the New Covenant from God.” Letters at end about how Atlanta was a “test area.”

What Were We Really Believing in the WCG Era Updated & title change (1-12-20)
Includes: What are Doctrines of Devils?

Healing From Spiritual Abuse Updated section (1-11-29)

Letter Exposing Outright Lies, Abuses and Sociopathic Behavior Reposted (1-10-20)
Outstanding letter that reveals the truth about what was really going on at the time of the changes; talks about the great harm done to members by those that endorsed WCG. (Update 1-20-20: Headings have been given)

Malachi’s Message: How True is it? Updated (1-7-20)

Amazing Words That Have Been Said to Exiters – or- What Never to Say to Someone Who Has Been Deceived by an Abusive Group Updated (1-4-20)

December 2019:

Was Herbert Armstrong Right About Britain Exiting the European Union?  Reposted (12-29-19)

Special News Report on Philadelphia Church of God Reposted due to its historical significance (12-19-19)

“Flurry’s Fury Unleashed! Reposted due to its historical significance (12-19-19)

Offshoots  Updated & more testimonies (12-16-19)

Worldwide Church of God Expose` Updated section (12-11-19)

Grace Communion International and Their Heretical Beliefs  New & includes update (12-11-19)

Identifying Marks of an Abusive Group Rearranged (12-11-19)

November 2019:

PDF Downloads New (11-18, 2019)

Endured Weekly Mental and Emotional Abuse in PCG New PCG Child Survivor testimony (10-30-19)

Worldwide Church of God Whitewashes Herbert Armstrong After New Changes New & reworded (11-26- 2019) Includes quotes from GCI’s 2019 booklet: “GCI: Transformed by Christ: A Brief History of GCI.”

September 2019:

David Pack Rewrites His Special Announcements After Prophecy Fails UPDATE at bottom to where Pack said in 2007 the latest Christ could return was Trumpets 2021 and the Tribulation would begin in 2018. (9-18-19)

What a Friend We Have in Jesus New added to “Comfort from Words of Hymns” (9-15-19)