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The HighWire. (Live) One of the fastest-growing and most trusted health news and talk shows in digital media (vax mandates; vax injuries, the rise of vax hesitancy, food wars & more.). Evidence-based, peer-reviewed, science with actual scientific data and critical investigative research. News that the mainstream refuses to cover. Editorials by Jefferey Jaxen, Investigative Journalist. Note: If you have buffering problems, watch The Highwire on Rumble.


The Lord is good to those who wait hopefully and expectantly for Him, to those who seek Him [inquire of and for Him and require Him by right of necessity and on the authority of God’s word]. ~Lamentations 3:25 (AMPC)


May 2022

How is the Day of Pentecost Figured? Updated with link to 2022 calendar now. By William Hohmann. (Furnishes the correct calendation.) (5-27-22)

Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “As deception, government corruption, violence, and lawlessness increase in our world, it becomes difficult at times to hang on to our hope in Jesus’ imminent appearing.” Jonathan shares about his personal trials and afflictions and how it all comes down to trusting Jesus, His timing, and His promises to us. (5-24-22) [offsite article]

Will I Ever Trust or Have a Real Relationship Again? New (WCG child survivor testimony; reposted from our first site) (5-21-22)

The Sin Issue New/Updated (Formerly entitled “The Sin Question”) by William Hohmann. Link to his Facebook page at end for the full article. (5-21-22)

Rousing a Snoozing Church New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “I… sense an urgency to warn the church concerning the dark storm clouds looming on the horizon. My concern is especially for those saints that lack the biblical understanding of our day, which would enable them to understand our world from a prophetic perspective and thereby prepare their hearts for what might lie ahead.” [mentions Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) in order to speed up the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030.] (5-14-22)

Rod Meredith’s “Seven Laws of Radiant Health”  New This humorous article is posted from our first site and is a spoof of Rod Meredith’s “Seven Laws of Radiant Health.” (5-13-22)

New Crazy Statement by WCG Minister #43 New (5-13-22)

Gerald Flurry Was My Pastor in WCG New testimony (5-8-22)

Transhumanism: The Evil Force Behind the New World Order New This is an excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “The world government proposed by the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are open, public declarations of their united effort to usher in a NWO that is ‘totalitarian’ and Marxist. In March of this year, President Biden talked about the need to commit America to the NWO. It’s not secret nor is it a ‘conspiracy theory!’” (5-3-22) [offsite article]

Christian Biblical Church of God (Fred R. Coulter) Updated The next to last paragraph has been updated. (5-1-22)

April 2022

Daniel’s Prophecy Validates Our Hope in Jesus’ Imminent Appearing New Very good article by Jonathan Brentner. “If the last period of Daniel’s ‘seventy weeks’ is now nearing its start, this verifies that we live in the last days of human history.” (4-20-22) [offsite article]

What is the Spiritual Status of People in the WCG Offshoots? (Were They Ever Converted?) Updated with a quote underneath the first answer. Replied to by 3 people in ESN. (4-29-22)

Ten Steps to Victory Audio Book by Bill Bean New (“Faith is the single most important thing that we have in our walk with God.” Bill will share some about his life and the horrific things he went through. Very encouraging audio book.) Note: Bill’s ministry to help those who are oppressed is listed on our Links under Spiritual Healing and in our section Prayers for Freedom From Spiritual Strongholds. [offsite link] (4-28-22)

Danger by Dave Breese (Is salvation by faith alone or by faith plus some other things? This shows eleven deficiencies involved in the Lordship Salvation view and how it contrasts with being saved by faith alone.) (PDF) (New in our Grace & Law section) (4-27-22)

John Macarthur’s Ecumenical Roots (in-depth article; also covers freemasonry) New on our Links under “Discernment & Research.” (4-24-22)

Basic Reformed Theology Explained and Exposed (PDF) by Brenda Nickel New on our Links under “Bible”; (4-24-22)

My Journey into Calvinism (PDF) By Brenda Nickel New on our Booklist. Excellent story and very interesting. “Brenda’s Testimony: Her 14 years in Calvinism.” (4-24-22)

Is GCI Still Holding to Some of Herbert Armstrong’s Doctrines? by John Miller, Jr. Reposted from our first site but some of it has been updated. (4-20-22)

The Six Days of Creation by John Miller, Jr. Reposted from our first site. (4-20-22)

We Were Promised We Would Be Blessed by Tithing (Is it true that you can’t outgive God?) New Excellent article/testimony (4-15-22)

What is the Spiritual Status of People in the WCG Offshoots? (Were they ever converted?) Updated especially under the reply from AJW (4-14-22)

Amillennial Theology Is in Error Excellent article by Don Koenig “The real problem I have with the amillennial position is that it changes the true meaning of hundreds of unfulfilled prophetic passages. Much of the plan of God for the immediate future is done away with and is not taught or is distorted.” (4-12-22) [offsite article]

Why the tribulation did not happen in 70 AD! New Excellent article by Let Us Reason Ministries “Oftentimes it is not the weight of lengthy explanations that justifies ones position as valid. We should consider what is missing just as important to the equation.” (4-12-22) [offsite article]

Now is the Time!!! New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner (“I have read Paul’s description of ‘perilous times’ in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 numerous times. … But my past examination of this text did not adequately prepare me for the wickedness and deception that’s rampant in our world today.”) (4-12-22) [offsite article]

First the Rapture or the demise of America? by Don Koenig. This is an older article from Don but is very good to read as it is apropos to what is going in our society today. Comments follow with Don replying to some. (4-12-22) [offsite article]

Myths in Transformed by Truth – Is the book truth or propaganda? Reposted from our first website (critique of Joseph Tkach Jr.’s book. Shows the manifold untruths, omissions and distortions.) (4-8-22)

A Different Jesus  Reposted (written during the time of the WCG changes but can apply to any WCG offshoot) (4-7-22)

Ukraine: It’s What People Don’t See that Matters New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner (This article will cover the NWO and the Great Reset.) (4-6-22) [offsite article]

Fatal Flaws in the Modern Pre-Wrath Rapture Position New Excellent and clearly detailed article by Cooper Abrams. This is a good study for those who desire to look into this view.  (4-5-22) [offsite article]

3 Reasons Why Satan Hates Jesus’ Millennial Reign New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner “The opposition to Jesus’ future thousand-year reign on the earth remains intense. Although premillennialism grew dramatically during the twentieth century, many teachers and pastors today deny the biblical teaching regarding the millennium …” (4-1-22) [offsite article]

A Response to Steve Gregg’s Defense of Hank Hanegraaff’s Partial Preterism By Norman L. Geisler New “A brilliant defense against Steve Gregg’s Preterism.” Posted in the past on Don Koenig’s site. (scroll down a little as page opens) “In this article Dr. Geisler is brilliant and often demolishes the arguments of Steve Gregg’s Partial Preterism Theology, often with many of the inconsistent silly arguments of Gregg and other preterists.” (April 1, 2022) [offsite article]

March 2022

Worldwide Church of God’s Faulty Orthodoxy Reposted from our first website. Dr. Robert Sumner gives strong reasons to be skeptical in accepting the new WCG as now Orthodox. This was from Robert L. Sumner’s booklet and is important that it be posted. Comments by ESN. (3-31-22) UPDATE 4-2-22: Robert L. Sumner’s date of death has now been added at the end of this article.

Some Golden Daybreak New Hymn added to “Poems/Free Verse.” Encouraging words. (3-29-22)

Will the Russian invasion of Ukraine end with the war of Ezekiel 38 & 39?  New Excellent article by Don Koenig. Note: Don has been very ill, but he managed to write this article due to questions he has received on the subject. (3-27-22) [offsite article]

What is Behind Christian Educational Ministries? (Ronald L. Dart) New on our Offshoots. (3-26-2022)

Elderly Member in PCG Gaslighted New PCG testimony. (3-25-2022)

What is the Spiritual Status of People in the WCG Offshoots? (Were They Ever Converted?) Replied to by 3 people in ESN. New – Updated at end: Answering Those Who Question the Conversion of Those Who Were in WCG. (3-20-22)

Neil Earle Whitewashes Herbert Armstrong Reposted Neil Earle attempted to psychoanalyze Herbert Armstrong along with whitewashing him as an orthodox Christian. Since Earle’s articles still appear on the website of Grace Communion International (which continues this whitewashing), we have exposed the outrageous fabrications he and WCG (GCI) have told. Note: This article also mentions Gerald Flurry and how he is promulgating some of the same myths. (3-19-22)

The real US-Russian connection looks like this New Excellent offsite article from Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. Note: This article mentions Armand Hammer who was the man that HWA had affiliations with. (Read these letters that  show this: “Herbert Armstrong and His Communist Friends” and HWA Used Mein Kampf as a Guide in Controlling People (3-18-22)

PCG Told Me I Was Useless to God Reposted from our first website. (3-17-22)

What is the Spiritual Status of People in the WCG Offshoots? (Were They Ever Converted?) Updated The reply by AJW has been updated. Replied to by 3 people in ESN. (3-15-22)

The Great Reset is The Great Con New Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (3-11-22) [offsite link]

Globalism will come but not the way “Great Reset” elitists believe [scroll down when page opens] Reposted Excellent article by Don Koenig. Note: This article was written by Don in the past, but is recommended to be read again in light of the above article. (3-11-22) [offsite link]

The Rapture: Needed Encouragement for Perilous Times New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the Rapture is how it encourages believers during difficult and dangerous times. And we need its comforting salve now, perhaps more than ever before.” (3-5-22) [offsite link]

February 2022

Another article too hot to handle; even vaccine critics won’t run with it New “A few days ago — in my article The Test for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, I republished my proof that the medical cartel has been routinely killing millions of people, with its treatments, for at least the past 20 years. … So today, I’m posting another one of my ‘too hot to handle’ pieces. I’ve published this article at least four times. Even doctors who oppose the COVID vaccines won’t pick up on it. … It’s too REAL, because it proves the RNA injections were DESIGNED to fail, to be useless, from the get-go.” Excellent article from Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. (2-23-2022) [offsite article]

The Test for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum New “Justin Trudeau is not serving the interests of Canadians; he is loyal to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the brand of Globalism it represents.” Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (2-21-22) [offsite article]

How Much Worse Will It Get? by Pete Garcia. New (2-20-22) [offsite article]

Called to Be Free (Is It Truth or Only More Worldwide Church of God Propaganda?) New Shows the myths and propaganda WCG fed members during the changes. Full transcript of the video/DVD. (reposted from our first site) (2-19-22)

Latest information on the health of Don Koenig New Important post from Don “A number of people have been emailing asking about my health, so I will give a brief update for those that are wondering.” Also: “The way I see things, is that the world will soon be heading into end time and Revelation events.” (2-17-22) [offsite article

Storm Warning New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. “The prophetic signs of our day resemble a storm warning. The dark threatening clouds on our horizon point to nearness of the time when the four horses of Revelation 6:1-8 will burst out of their stalls and gallop across the earth.” (2-8-22) [offsite article]

Examples of a Tightly Controlled System (Philadelphia Church of God) Reposted Copies of three documents faxed from PCG HQs. Covers rules for: Bible Studies; PCG picnics and socials and valid baptismal counseling. (Has Marvin Campbell’s signature on them.) (2-5-22)

Loving What’s Right Means Hating What’s Wrong (includes “Is It Wrong to Judge?) New This links to the article below. (2-3-22)

What is “Agape” and How Did It Work? (Does love mean never saying a harsh word or stepping on the toes of others?) New This links to the article above. (2-3-22)

Why We Don’t Have a Forum New On our Q&A. (2-2-2022)

Three more mental midgets: Fauci, Trump, and Biden New Short but excellent article from Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. (2-1-22) [offsite article]

January 2022

God Opened the Door and Said to Get Out! Reposted WCG Testimony (happened at the time of the changes) (1-29-22)

Crazy Things WCG Members Have Said (1-28-22) Reposted These have been shortened to only the funniest or craziest.  (Satire section) Note: This list was shortened even more on 4-5-22.

“Important Duties” in the WCG (reposted) (Satire section) (1-28-22)

WCG Procedures  to Handle the Uninvited and Disorderly New This can also apply to PCG today. These were the “police” procedures used for years by Worldwide Church of God ministers and those assigned to security duty in the WCG. Many are still intact in the authoritarian and exploitive WCG offshoots today. (1-26-22)

The Vaccine Death Report  New Verifiable (PDF) (1-25-22) [offsite link]

COVID: Why did mega-corporations accept the lockdowns? The Three Men Who Own Corporate America New Thought provoking article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (1-25-22) [offsite article]

Life at Herbert W.Armstrong College (This has a New note and update by ESN at end and a new link to the letter “Our Life is So Good After Leaving PCG.” by former PCG member. (1-24-22)

COVID vaccines were designed to fail; that’s how they won authorization New This is an excellent article from Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News with much critical thinking. (1-21-22) [offsite article]

Revival or Rapture? New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner “I believe the world has passed the point of no return; the coming day of the Lord will soon sweep over the earth and forever change life on the planet.” (1-17-22) [offsite article]

Final decade before the seven year tribulation probably has already begun New Excellent article by Don Koenig (Scroll down when page opens) Comments from readers at end with Don replying to some. (1-14-22)

When Will Christ Return? (Revisited) New Excellent article by Randy Nettles. Talks about Don Koenig’s article and goes over the various dates for Christ’s expected return. (1-8-22) [offsite article]

Beautiful Relaxing Music for Sleep & Stress Relief by Peder B. Helland
New Highly recommended for those who are depressed, have anxiety, or can’t sleep. Another one is Beautiful Piano Music 24/7 livestream – Relaxing Music for Sleep & Studying We only list two but he has more. (Listen to this playlist on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and more.) (1-8-22) [offsite link]

COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying? New “Naturally, people who haven’t been reading the 450 or so articles I’ve written about the pandemic fraud then ask, ‘So why are all these people getting sick and dying?’ Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. (1-8-22) [offsite article]

COVID scam falls apart; it’s over New Very brief but very good article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. (1-3-22) [offsite article]

December 2021

What types of cults are there? (Q&A) New (12-21-21)

We Were Miraculously Protected During Kentucky Tornadoes New PCG has said over and over that “Laodiceans” and those who leave PCG are “cursed.” This excellent article/testimony proves them wrong and shows how their family was miraculously protected. (12-15-21)

If the Vaccine Is So Great, Why Are So Many People Dropping Dead? New Excellent article from Townhall. “The COVID-19 vaccines appear to be causing a global health disaster.” Note: To avoid all the ads on this page, use a Browser like Brave. (12-13-21) [offsite article]

Is Habakkuk About the WCG/PCG Court Case? (How Many Falsehoods Is Gerald Flurry Telling You?) New Critique by ESN of PCG Bible Study given by Brad Macdonald (12-12-21)

Smoking gun: Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw; confession from the “beloved” expert of experts (The COVID PCR test is a complete fraud) New Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. Insightful comments from readers at end. (12-8-21) [offsite article]

Wicked Deception and the Unveiling of the Antichrist New This is an excellent article from Jonathan Brentner. “What follows are some of the more prominent lies that continue to gain traction today and thereby signal the lateness of the day in which we live.” (12-6-21) [offsite article]

Test for new Omicron variant? We don’t need no stinkin’ test New Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (About halfway through, this will cover Neil Ferguson. instigator of lockdowns, and how NF has created panic more than once.” (12-3-21) [offsite article]

The Omicron Deception; how long can they string out the mutation-stories? New Excellent article by Jon Rappoport from No More Fake News (Insightful comments follow) (12-1-21) [offsite article]

November 2021

A Pandemic of the Vaccinated — And to keep the REAL pandemic going, we must have vaccine mandates and passports and crackdowns on the unvaccinated New Excellent article from No More Fake News (includes sources). (11-23-21) [offsite article)

Is the Trinity Pagan? New Very good article from Let Us Reason Ministries. (11-22-21) [offsite article]

The Nazi medical plan for control of the planet; World War Two never ended New Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (11-19-21) [offsite article]

The Other Shoe by Jonathan Brentner. New (For those who believe in the pre-Trib Rapture this is an excellent article. What are the prophetic signs that “the other shoe” is about to drop? Covers the severity of the time in which we live.) (11-15-21) [offsite article]

5 Perils of Denying Jesus’ Future Reign New (Amillennialism leads to a further erosion of faith and opens the door wide to heresy) Excellent article from the past by Jonathan Brentner. (11-10-21) [offsite article]

Should We Avoid Laodiceans? New Critique of sermonette by Carlos Heyer (PCG HQs minister) (11-6-21)

Transhumanism and the Nearness of the Tribulation New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. Covers the WEF’s plans to set up a communistic world order and the Great Reset. (Includes how the phrase “Build Back Better” is a euphemism for Marxism.) This is part four. (11-4-21) [offsite link]

Murdering infants to obtain fetal tissue for vaccine research — An interview with AnnaMaria Cardinalli New “AnnaMaria agreed to do an interview on this and related subjects. The interview speaks for itself—and it should provide people a VERY fundamental reason for rejecting the COVID vaccine.” By Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. (11-4-21) [offsite link]

The Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation by H. Michael Sweeney New (Linked from our “Mind Control &  Exploitation” section. (11-1-21) [offsite article]

October 2021

What is the restraining and when is the revealing of the Antichrist? New Excellent article from Let Us Reason Ministries (10-31-21) [offsite article]

The Nazi medical plan for control of the planet New Excellent and informative article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (10-31-21) [offsite article]

If you were a pregnant mother and smiling doctors came to you with murder on their minds New Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (also talks about the vax) (10-26-21) [offsite article]

I Still Believe in Jesus’ Imminent Appearing by Jonathan Brentner New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner. (10-23-21) [offsite article]

Amos 37 Ministries New (Added to our links under “Prophecy/End Times”) Covering Apostasy in the Church, Bible Prophecy, Occult, New Age, Apologetics, Pre-Tribulation Rapture, & more. Many excellent articles. (10-21-21) [offsite link]

BREAKING: US Courts Website Publishes List of Vax Attorneys To Fight Dangerous Vaccines! New The following list of attorneys have agreed, upon request, to accept referrals in certain vaccine injury cases of the type(s) indicated. [not every state is listed] (10-18-21) [offsite article]

The real reason Japan avoided the pandemic New Very good article. (10-16-21) [offsite article]

The Sad Singles Scene Reposted under Q&A: “Do you have anything about what singles had/have to endure?” (10-3-21)

Exact sequence of events remains veiled as Rapture draws ever closer by Don Koenig New  Excellent article, written last  year. Comments follow with Don replying to several. (10-3-21) [offsite article]

How can I untangle my mind from HWA’s dogma? Updated on our Q&A  (can apply to the dogma of any of any of the authoritative WCG splinter groups) (10-3-21)

Boosters: how to kill more people with impunity And what is the secret ingredient in the Pfizer vax? New  Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (Note: Jon mentions ICAN which is a part of The HighWire) (10-2-21) [offsite article]

September 2021

Wuhan: back to the beginning, where the whole fraud started; buried revelations New Readers need to grasp a central point I’ve been making for the past year and a half: what is being called COVID is not one disease. For the most part, it is a relabeling of older traditional lung conditions—flu, COPD, pneumonia, etc. Very informative article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (9-21-21) [offsite article]

Proofs of the  Trinity New Very good article from Let Us Reason Ministries (9-17-21) [offsite article]

The vaccinated sheep are being taken for a ride; how long before they jump off the train? Never? New Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (9-17-21) [offsite article]

2 Thessalonians 2:3 – Pretribulation Rapture departure or apostasy from the faith? New By Don Koenig. This is a very good article written not too long ago and explains the meaning of this verse. Comments follow with Don replying to several. (9-16-21) [offsite article]

Metal particles in many vaccines; but don’t worry, line up and take your shots like happy little robots New Thoroughly researched article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. (9-15-21) [offsite article]

Mystery of the Ages Idolized in Philadelphia Church of God New (Brad Macdonald reveals in this sermon critique how much MOA is idolized in PCG.) (9-14-21)

Finding Peace in the Midst of Lawlessness and Deceit New Excellent article by Jonathan Brentner (“Have you ever experienced a feeling deep inside your soul that something was terribly wrong?”) (9-11-21) [offsite article]

The Pandemic Pattern—how the illusion is built New Very good article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (9-9-21) [offsite article]

How do we know we are not in the Tribulation?  New on our Q&A (9-7-21)

Is there a 100-year period? If not, what happens to people who never heard the Gospel? Are they thrown into the Lake of Fire? (9-3-21)

August 2021

Great Reset with persecution of Christians or first another world war? New Very good article by Don Koenig. (8-20-21) [offsite article]

Massive fraud in reporting vaccine injuries; withheld data, pretense of “safe and effective” New Very good article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News. (8-17-21) [offsite article]

“If there is no virus, why are all these people dying?” New (Very brief and very good article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News; insightful comments follow.) (8-3-21) [offsite article]

Geoengineering Watch New on our Links. For those who are wondering what’s going on with the weather. Exposing the climate engineering cover-up; several very informative and interesting videos and articles. (8-1-21) [offsite link]

July 2021

Just a few more weary days and then I’ll fly away New By Don Koenig who recently wrote on his blog that he is dying and may not live much longer. We have posted links to articles by Don in the past and which are still on our site.  As you scroll down a little on his blog you will see the words: “I will leave readers with a few thoughts. Evil reprobate criminal minded people have obviously taken over the world in almost every nation and at almost all levels. …” He also mentions two men he recommends for general teaching and for in depth Bible prophecy teaching and world events. (7-19-21) [offsite article]

Is the Time at Hand? by Terry James New (Very good article from Rapture Forums) (7-10-21) [offsite article]

Only two hundred million will depart in the Rapture? by Don Koenig (Very good article for those who are interested in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. “Very few in what is called mainline Christianity will go in the Rapture.” Also covers phony Christians. Many insightful comments follow with Don replying to several.) (7-3-21) [offsite article]

June 2021

I’m Leaving United Church of God New (United Church of God testimony) (6-21-21)

Christians will be caught unaware because they gave up premillennialism by Don Koenig. (Scroll down to see title. This was written in the past but is excellent and very applicable for today. Many insightful comments follow with Don replying to several.) (6-19-21) [offsite article]

Fleeing to a Place of Safety New (PCG sermonette “Building the Faith to Flee, Today” by Roger Brandon is critiqued) (6-18-21)

Who needs a fake virus when we’ve got opioids? New Excellent article from no More Fake News. Includes insightful comments below article. (6-2-21) [offsite article]

Wuhan, the lab? No, the other Wuhan nobody is talking about: Opioid Trafficking Headquarters for Death and Destruction New Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News (6-1-21) [offsite article]

May 2021

Proofs for Pretribulation Rapture Theology by Don Koenig (Excellent article. Does the Bible teach that the Church will be supernaturally removed? Will the Church escape the tribulation?) (5-25-21) [offsite article]

We Won’t Be Here by Nathele Graham New (For those who believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture this is a very good article; also covers how Christians are not spiritual Israel.) (5-25-21) [offsite article]

The age of Laodicea has arrived, next comes the rapture and the tribulation by Don Koenig (Very good article) (5-22-21) [offsite article]

Jesus is the only way to God because Jesus is God by Don Koenig (Very good article. Includes Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament and their fulfillment by Jesus in the New Testament.) (5-18-21) [offsite article]

Satan intends to become like most High by evolving fallen creation by Don Koenig. New (For those interested in end-time prophecies and the coming great deception, this is an interesting article. Also includes: “The recent disclosures by government and media about unexplained sightings is prepping people for the great deception…” (Comments by readers follow with Don replying to several.) (5-18-21) [offsite article]

Bible prophecy teachers often teach presumption as truth by Don Koenig. “Much of the fine details of how the Day of the Lord will play out will probably escape believers but all the details of scripture will be fulfilled exactly as God intended for them to be fulfilled.” (Thought provoking article. Comments by readers follow with Don replying to several.) (5-11-21) [offsite article]

COVID vax deaths: the numbers point to a catastrophe New (“There has been a massive increase in deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) this year. That’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’, that’s an indisputable fact.” Excellent article by Jon Rappoport of No More Fake News.) (5-10-21 [offsite article]

Secret to Shutting Up Anti-Vaxxers Revealed (Archived on The HighWire; covers propaganda; censorship; autism; very good video) (5-8-21) Note: If this video stops in the middle, it comes back on; however, you may watch it here on

Believers can expect the Rapture before 2025 by Don Koenig (This encouraging article was written in 2018 but is still very good. (5-4-21) [offsite article] Update: Don said in his May 21 blog article (in reply to someone in the comments): “I regret using the word “before” in the title. I actually meant the Rapture seems most likely to me to occur by (the end) of 2025. I still think that is likely, for the same reasons mentioned in that article.”