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December 2019:

Worldwide Church of God Expose` Updated section (12-11-19)

Grace Communion International and Their Heretical Beliefs (letter to ESN in 2019) (New: includes 12-11-2019 update from ESN about GCI still promoting a “second chance” after death) (12-11-19)

Identifying Marks of an Abusive Group Reposted & Rearranged (12-11-19)

Concerns From Trinidad (Letter sent to Alex Harrison, PCG HQs) Reposted (12-7-19)

November 2019:

PDF Downloads New page (11-18, 2019)

Endured Weekly Mental and Emotional Abuse in PCG New PCG Child Survivor Testimony (10-30-19)

Worldwide Church of God Whitewashes Herbert Armstrong After New Changes New as words added (11-26, 2019)
Includes quotes from GCI’s 2019 booklet: “GCI: Transformed by Christ: A Brief History of Grace Communion International.”

September 2019:

David Pack Rewrites His Special Announcements After Prophecy Fails UPDATE 9-18-19 at bottom to where Pack said in 2007 that the latest Christ could return was Trumpets 2021 and the Tribulation would begin in 2018.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus New added to the section: “Comfort in Words of Hymns” (9-15-19)