I left the Restored Church of God about one month ago. I moved out to, lived, and worked in Wadsworth, Ohio at the RCG Headquarters for two months. Many of the things I went through and witnessed caused me to leave. Now with David C. Pack’s “remnant prophecy” a complete flop, it is another good reason I left.

While at Headquarters, I saw a lot of scared and unhappy individuals. There was a superficial look of happiness, but I sensed a lot of uneasiness in many of the members. There was a lot of pressure from those on the top of the “church government” to get certain projects done, whether it was putting up chandeliers, getting a room ready for a certain date, getting the landscaping in place, or constructing a waterfall. What came down from the top was immediate priority and had to get done when they wanted. Everyone felt the pressure, no matter what department you worked in. Some lacked sleep.

As a worker who was going to be a future student at Restored Church of God’s Ambassador Center (AC), I, and many other students, were being shuffled around the student housing that they provided. I had to move three times during my stay at Wadsworth. Wherever they told you you were going to stay was where you were going to stay. I met one member there who had moved four times–every month since he moved out there. Much of one’s behavior is controlled and influenced by what “the church” wants, from dress to dancing to dating etc.

I remember at one RCG service I had noticed a member who was not at services the week before, so I asked them if they were okay. They said that they had gotten sick last week because of all the pressure and the increased work load that was laid on them since the move into the new Administrative Hall.

While ministers, ministers’ wives, and others in the upper echelon at HQ ogled over expensive chandeliers, fancy wooden trim, waterfalls, and a well-striped and manicured grounds, there were many members who were hurting physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Ministers live in expensive housing, drive in fairly expensive new vehicles. Many of the lay members were always required and admonished to give more. It was never enough. The RCG would pursue projects they didn’t immediately have the funds for, so they would pressure the congregations through weekly announcements and sermons to raise more funds. Now the RCG has recently purchased over 50 more acres of land!

From my experience, any counseling I received because of my “bad attitude” was only given so I could go back to work and pay tithes and offerings. That is not to say that those ministers were not sincere in trying to help me, but I know they were only doing what they thought was right.

After witnessing these things, I decided to leave, and I left abruptly. After a few weeks back at home, I finally decided to do some research. One of the sites I ran into was the Exit and Support Network™. I appreciate the material this website provides on cults and their characteristics. Very helpful!

David Pack’s remnant prophecy was another big reason I left. I had a bad feeling about it the closer the month of August came. He claimed that part of the books of Haggai and Zechariah indicated that three splinter group leaders would die by fire on the same day and that many of those members of the splinters would flock to Restored Church of God by the Sabbath of August 31st. Clearly, none of that has happened, and unfortunately many of the members have poured out immense amounts of funds, resources, and endless fundraising to get ready to absorb this supposed remnant. Many sold houses and properties and have given up most or almost all of what they had. I miss a lot of the friends I made in RCG. I feel bad for them, because I know that a lot of them have invested a lot of time, money, and assets to “the church.”

It was hard coming out of something you realized was totally false. But, this has been a huge learning experience in my life and I’m happy I woke up. I hope that some of the other members wake up after this whole debacle and come to websites like ESN and learn about mind control and cults.

My future is in my hands and it feels great not having to live in fear for my salvation every single day. Thank you ESN for the information you provide. Knowledge is power!

For anyone who is thinking or looking to joining Restored Church of God, you now have a false prophet / apostle / high priest / Joshua / whatever you want to call it to look up to and follow. He set a date for something to happen. He felt that God revealed it to him through Scripture. The event never happened. The RCG just purchased over 50 more acres of land which was expected to be paid for by the “remnant” who never came. Break it down and keep it simple.

I hope this testimony can serve to help others who may be considering joining RCG. I also hope that it can help those stuck inside an Armstrongism cult, whichever one, so they may think for themselves and walk away.

By Eric


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