moutains and lakeI have a question. What is the spiritual status of those in the HWA groups? Ones like PCG, RCG, UCG, etc. I realize they will be judged by the Law, but do they believe in Christ the way other Christians do?

Following are answers from three people in ESN:

From William Hohmann of ESN:

The ones who receive the Holy Spirit are those who believe the gospel ( i.e., the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus). Having the Holy Spirit, which is very God, is the seal of salvation. So the question that arises from this is, does God give His Spirit to those who believe a false gospel? I have to conclude He does not.

A false gospel sets up other things as being necessary for salvation “besides” God. In the UCG, PCG, etc., the Law is taught as required in order to “maintain” one’s salvation, which is the same as saying one must keep the Law in order to be saved. This sets up the Law as a savior. It sets the Law up as a “god.” Scripture states that God is a jealous God, and He will not tolerate us having other gods “besides” Him.

So, for the time being, I would conclude members of the PCG, RCG, UCG, as well as anyone else who has bought into a false gospel where anything else besides faith in Christ alone are not at this time in the saved category. I also lean to the understanding that this does not mean that this condition will not change. I see all this as an important lesson for all people to learn; that it is very easy for us to be deceived and misled, even as a third of the angels were deceived and misled, who were in a condition where they knew intimately who the true God was and is.

Those who live by the Law are judged by the Law, and the judgment of the Law is always condemnation. Perhaps once they realize living by the Law is to be condemned by the Law, they will begin to have their eyes opened. It may well be this will only happen once God rubs their noses in it. In the meantime, we do what we can to tell them the truth.

From AJW of ESN:

These people are under mind control and have had a veil placed over their hearts. This still doesn’t take away the fact that they cannot receive eternal salvation unless they have the Holy Spirit residing within them. HWA taught a false gospel, a false God, a false Jesus, and he didn’t believe in the personage of the Holy Spirit. I believe there is a false spirit working inside these groups.

There have been those who were Christians before they joined, and you can usually identify them by their fruits. But since the Holy Spirit is taught as only a “force” in these HWA groups, the Holy Spirit would have been hindered in their lives. I believe that those who were Christians beforehand and had the Holy Spirit eventually leave. Only God knows for sure who His real sheep are.

From L. S. of ESN:

There is a line between whether someone is saved or not saved.

The people in the HWA groups such as PCG, RCG, UCG, etc. are never sure if they will receive eternal life as they are always kept in a state of anxiety and fear of God’s judgment or the  Great Tribulation if they don’t do enough. They don’t believe that faith alone in Christ is sufficient for salvation. They always add works from the Law (mixing grace with works which the Bible says can’t be done). This is a “different gospel” as Paul warns about in Galatians. The Bible is consistently clear that when we accept Christ Jesus by grace, through faith, we receive the Holy Spirit, and therefore, have eternal life. The Holy Spirit is God and not merely a force.


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April 27, 2021
Updated September 28, 2021


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