The power of the Blood of Jesus overcomes the power of Satan


(To be prayed out loud)

I renounce ever signing my name over to Satan or having my name signed over to Satan or his human organizations. I announce that my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I renounce any ceremony where I may have been wed to Satan or Satan’s group, and I announce that I belong to Christ. I renounce all satanic assignments, blood covenants, pacts and dedications that I made with Satan, his false church, or that were made for me. I announce that I am in Christ.

I reject and renounce all curses and assignments made for me or by me for the service of Satan.  (Stop here and renounce any specific pacts remembered.) I trust only in the shed Blood of my Lord, Jesus Christ and what He accomplished on the cross. I look to the Holy Spirit for guidance. I renounce all guardians and surrogate parents assigned to me by satanists. I renounce all baptisms, rituals or teachings by satanists or his human instruments. I announce that I have been baptized into Christ Jesus and my identity is now in Christ. I renounce and reject all demons and familiar spirits attached to any part of me, by satanists or his human instruments. I reject all spirit guides assigned to me.

I announce that God is my Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit is my guardian. By this, I am sealed until the day of my redemption. I accept only God’s assignment for me. In Jesus name. Amen


“But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” ~I Corinthians 15:17.


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