Christian Churches of God (CCG) founded by Wade Cox is an apocalyptic group headquartered in Australia. CCG denies ever being an an offshoot of Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God in spite of following many of HWA’s teachings and in spite of being on the list for Organizational splits of WCG. They have churches in Australia, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Their Claims

CCG makes several all or nothing claims such as: “we teach the Original faith as taught by the Messiah and the apostles;” “CCG follows the original doctrines of the Church founded by Christ and the apostles”; ” [CCG]holds the doctrines common to the faith over the two thousand years since Messiah and the apostles”; “Our aim is to raise the level for biblical education and to restore the original doctrines instituted by the Messiah and the apostles.” They say they are “dedicated to providing well-researched, scholarly Bible study papers which outline the original faith of the Christian Church as taught by Messiah and the apostles.” [bolding mine]

These words are not much different than many other totalistic offshoots of WCG.

While CCG doesn’t hold to certain Herbert Armstrong’s teachings, such as the Place of Safety, they believe the 7th day Sabbath is a “test command” (the same as HWA proclaimed), they keep the O.T. Feast days, the New Moons, and they believe in tithing. Since the Tribulation is always around the corner, it is not uncommon for there to be talk about death and dying.

They say that Jesus was not God.

“Christ is not the One True God and he derives eternal life from the One True God, who is the Father” (excerpt from: “Formation of the Christian Churches of God“)

“Jesus is the first begotten (prototokos) of the creation (Col. 1:15) hence the beginning (arche) of the creation of God (Rev. 3:14).” (excerpt from CCG’s Statement of Beliefs) (Note: Doesn’t this sounds like Jehovah’s Witnesses theology?)

Must Agree and Comply

“[Members] are required to agree with and comply with a series of rules and beliefs.” “CCG membership is by invitation after a qualifying period.”(From CCG FAQs)

CCG has a massive amount of lengthy articles on their site that one must plow through.

Several years ago, “As Bereans Did” posted an article on their blog about Wade Cox and how Wade was threatening and demeaning certain people that didn’t agree with him. The article can still be read and is entitled “Wade Cox of the Christian Churches of God.” This article will also link to the comments by Wade which were taken from Facebook (before he removed them).

Christian Churches of God has been shown to be full of fear and abuse. If you are considering becoming a member, then beware!

By D. M. Williams
Exit &  Support Network™
February 2020

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