QUOTE: In an August 18, 1995 member/Co-Worker letter, Gerald Flurry wrote:

“Something…very dramatic started to happen about that time…God began revealing MALACHI’S MESSAGE–the prophesied “little book”–to ME… It was all prophesied in detail!” After about 7 months of receiving revelation… So much was being revealed to me in 1989, that it became obvious that I must write these revelations in a book.” “A rough draft was completed in the fall of 1989.” “…we felt more time was needed to refine the rough draft of MALACHI’S MESSAGE.”

The opening paragraph of The Little Book, MALACHI’S MESSAGE, states: “The little book is delivered by a mighty angel.1 It is a time when there is ‘no more delay’.” This statement implies that, like John, the author received this book in a vision from an angel. Either it happened to Flurry or not! Either he had an encounter with an angel, or a vision like other prophets, or he didn’t. Either there was one vision that lasted 7 months, or many. Flurry never clarified any visions during those seven months. He claims, “Malachi’s Message is God’s centerpiece of God’s work…a new but very vision of God. A NEW REVELATION” to which “we must give the majesty it deserves.”

If Flurry had been given a vision, don’t you think he would have been amazed at this event, or series of Godly events, and they would’ve been unforgettable? It seems that he would have mentioned them endlessly. If the angel delivered the message at “a time of no more delay,” why did it take another seven months to write? If it was a perfect and divine revelation from God, why were five revisions of the original drafts necessary in the first four years of publication??? Who are we to revise God’s revelations? (Revisions are listed in the front of the original Malachi’s Message). If you were given a revelation or vision from God, would you have it edited, or changed before revealing it? I hope not!


This Little Book of Flurry’s pretends to be an extension of the Book of Revelation, but Christ said that anyone who adds to the Book of Revelation will suffer the plagues mentioned in that volume (Revelation 22:18-19). He ADDED to the Book of Revelations with Malachi’s Message. “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophesy of this book. If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.” (Revelation 22:18) Maybe his police report indicates his start of plagues. No additional visions are allowed to be added to the book of Revelation; therefore, Flurry’s book is of another gospel and god. Christ says so!


“All of the doctrines of God were restored by Mr. Armstrong,” Flurry dogmatically states in Malachi’s Message–“ALL OF THEM!” He contradicts himself in the same booklet by writing: “…we must proclaim many of the prophecies that God did not reveal to Mr. Armstrong.” This calls into question Flurry’s claims that Herbert W. Armstrong was the Elijah to come, to “restore ALL THINGS.” (Malachi 4:5-6) Herbert Armstrong didn’t restore what Flurry is teaching, so how did Herbert Armstrong restore ALL? And the Jews, who have waited for millenniums for Elijah to come, are still waiting.

Since it is also true that “it cannot be that a prophet should perish outside Jerusalem” (Luke 13:33), and HWA died in America–was he a prophet?


In the Philadelphia Church of God sermon tapes I possess, Flurry mentions that a huge amount of God’s “only true church” (PCG) is devoted to “‘measuring the outer court (Laodiceans) with the little book.” The Apostle John was instructed by the angel of God: “LEAVE OUT THE OUTER COURT, WHICH IS OUTSIDE THE TEMPLE, AND DO NOT MEASURE IT.” (Revelation 11:2) Malachi’s Message and the sermon tapes promote precisely the opposite to the Apostle John’s and, therefore, couldn’t be the little book! Is preaching the opposite of the Scripture Godly? Why does Flurry contradict what the angel said to the Apostle John?

By Mike
Exit & Support Network™

Note: Malachi’s Message is one of the books that is listed to renounce on “Confession and Freedom From Specific Cult/Occult Strongholds.”

Footnote by ESN:

1 The Little Book by Gerald Flurry, 1995, p. 1. Flurry also stated, “Malachi’s Message was delivered to me and the PCG in 1989. A mighty angel directly from God revealed it! …Malachi’s Message is a new vision from a mighty angel. It’s a NEW REVELATION–not something somebody already knew!” (Philadelphia Trumpet, Sept/Oct. 1992, The Little Book by Gerald Flurry, p. 8) bolding ours]


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