My life at the Worldwide Church of God ended in the late `70s when my parents said “enough.” However, there were moments of fear and many of the things that go along with leaving such a horrible place. I still harbor ill will toward many of the leaders of the WWCG, and am shocked that people will hang on to Armstrongism in the manifestation of Gerald Flurry. After leaving the WWCG my family tried GTA’s church and that lasted a very short time, thank God.

I have found Jesus Christ, the True One, and after all these years I can remember the terrible things that I heard and saw as a child and young adult in the WWCG. I want to thank you for your web page. It has made me remember how blessed I am, and that I am free of that “satanic” mess. My heart goes out to those who were less fortunate then me, and for those families that have lost so much. Personally I want to have a 2 by 4 and slap all those “gentlemen” across the face, but I know that there is a much bigger 2 by 4 carried by our Father. Your web page made me remember things that I had forgotten–especially friends that are no longer alive, and others that have been destroyed.

To be honest I am still not over the WWCG, and that is something that I deal with better than I have before. I do know that I am in His hands and I will be taken care of. I have not had any contact with Philadelphia Church of God (PCG), but have seen the Key of David telecast. I am amazed how HWA has been recycled. I never saw him as a renewable resource!!

Thank you for your web page, and I hope that your efforts will help liberate those who have not come out.

By Mark – Child survivor of WCG


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