orange and black butterfulThere are times when God makes His love known to us in such special, unexpected ways that it amazes us and fills us with gratitude. I think He is reminding us that since we are His children, He is working in our lives and will always help us with every difficulty that we go through.



Angel on the Road When Locked Out of Car (an amazing story)

Angels Help Us on Way to Feast

Miracle When Car Breaks Down

Son Saved From Careening Off Cliff

Angel Keeps My Motorcycle From Hitting Truck

Drowned Boy Comes Back to Life (by Mike)

Giant Rainbow in Sky


Angel on the Road When Locked Out of Car

I was driving home from a big city (one hour away from where I live) and was approaching a little town out in the middle of nowhere. I had been thinking about stopping along side the road and getting a sandwich out of the cooler in the backseat and thought this was a good place. The small town (probably less than 100 people) sat to the left of the highway. Well, I turned right at the highway crossing and pulled over on the shoulder. I figured it was a good place for me to make a U turn when I needed to get back on the highway again. I opened the door and thinking I was unlocking all doors so I could get into the back seat, I was actually locking all doors!! I didn’t realize it until I shut the door and couldn’t open the back door. No keys in my pocket, purse in the front seat, keys in the ignition and car running!! All I could say was, “Dear God, help me! I’m in really big trouble!”

Across the highway stood the little grocery market. I started crossing over to it, continuing to pray, wondering if they were even open for business. It was almost 5:00 p.m., but getting dark already. I went inside and the cashier was watching TV. I anxiously told her exactly what happened and if she could make a phone call for me to see if my husband was home. She said a man was using their phone right now, but we could wait until he got done.

Spotted a Stranger

I glanced and saw a man who looked in his early thirties, pacing around with a portable phone. My mind was kept thinking what else I could do and who else I could call in case my husband wasn’t there. Without my little pocket address/phone book I couldn’t remember any phone numbers except my house one. (Besides, my son-in-law and son were working a night shift and it would take hours for them to reach me and then take me home.) I wondered when the stranger would finish his phone call. The lady and I talked a little bit and she was very nice with me. Then she said, “Maybe he (the stranger I saw) can help you get in your car; he looks like the type that might be able to get in.” It was at that moment that I felt this man was perhaps there in that store at that particular time for a reason and was going to help me.

When the stranger finished with his phone call and the lady told him what happened with me, right away he said, “I can get it” and seemed concerned enough to help. He said, “Was that your car across the highway? I saw it parked there.” We walked outside and he fished around in his car trunk for some things that might help him to get through my car window. He was very calm and seemed sure of himself. It vaguely crossed my mind that perhaps he was an expert at breaking into cars. He told me about some kind of difficulty he was having that night with moving a U-haul of things and missing someone, or something like that, and probably being in trouble with them because of it. That was why he had to stop and make the phone call.

We crossed the highway and he said it would work better if he had a wire. He carried some type of clipper with him and he went back across the road and tried to get some wire, but couldn’t get any. Then he crossed the other side of the road where my car was and went up and down by a barbed wire fence until he was able to clip a fairly long piece of wire to use. After working for some time with it, it was clear it wasn’t working too good. He said he needed a clothes hanger and was going to see if the market had one and that he also needed to bring his car over so he could shine the headlights on my car, as it was getting darker and harder to see. He asked me if I wanted to go sit in his car, but I said no, I’d wait. For some reason I didn’t feel afraid of him like you would with other strangers.

He Kept Working to Get Through the Window

He was gone for more than a little while, but finally I saw him come out of the market and drive his car over (a beat up old thing with the one window patched up) so that his headlights could shine on where he was working. He hadn’t been able to find a clothes hanger, but the lady gave him a fly swatter that he bent out straight and long. He kept working and working, trying to get through the window, being very patient. He even tried the passenger window, but it was tighter than the driver’s side. In the meantime, it kept getting darker and colder. He told me I could sit in his car to keep warm if I wanted, but I decided to just stand out there watching, and being quiet and patient. I was praying and praying. I knew that our wonderful Heavenly Father promised to hear us when we were in trouble and I kept remembering all kinds of Scriptures. I was afraid, yes, but I also felt an assurance that I would be helped.

While the stranger was working he stopped once and said, “Let me see if I have a key that will work.” He had a ton of keys on a ring and I wondered again if he was some kind of car thief. He said he always kept every key he’s ever had. He tried one key that he thought would fit, but it didn’t. Then was when he told me that his father worked 30 years as a mechanic at the Chevy garage and he had gotten into a “million cars” before. I was somewhat relieved to hear that. Time kept passing, and he said the car window was sure tight, but he kept working away. He never cussed, but when he got close to reaching the button that opened the doors and couldn’t get it, he looked up and smiled and would say, “Boy, this is a stubborn little thing” and “I’ll get it.” He also said, “I don’t want you to get cold, that’s my job.”

I started becoming very concerned that my car would run out of gas since the engine was running, but I told God that He knew I needed gas to at least make it to the next town (9 miles away) and then 9 more miles from there to home. As nerve wracking as this all was, I just knew in my heart that God was going to use this man to help me get my car unlocked. He had to, this man was my only hope. The man continued working, all was quiet; I was patient, but my nerves were strained as I shivered in the cold, dark night. I continued to pray and thought of Scripture verses. A few cars passed every now and then, but no one stopped to even see if we needed help.

The Latch Clicked Open!

Finally, after about 1 hour and 15 minutes since I was first stranded, the latch clicked open!!! I was so thankful!! I told him that I wanted to pay him something and he said, “No, I don’t want you to pay me anything.” I asked him what his name was. I told him my name and my husband’s name. We talked just a little and he said he was from this area and he had had some bad luck with some renters and they had cheated him out of a bunch of money and it was “a long story.” I can’t remember all he said, but he was going to head out east somewhere and he wasn’t sure exactly where yet. I told him more than once that I appreciated so much what he did for me. He just said, “Go and do something for someone else.” There was something about his face and eyes, which looked so kind. And he was kind–kinder than anyone I’d ever known.

I checked the gas tank gauge and thankfully I still had enough to get home on. When I started driving home, that was when I started crying from all the stress. I was so thankful that God heard me and helped me! I prayed that God would pour out blessings on this man for what he did. I hope I’ll see him in eternity someday and talk about what he let God do through him.

Was the Stranger an Angel?

When I finally arrived home, I wanted to come barging into the house and tell my husband all about it, but he wasn’t home! So I emailed two friends and told them the whole incredible, miraculous story. Then I went back outside to bring my groceries in. When my husband phoned later (he didn’t get to come home that night because of his job), he said, “Maybe the stranger was an angel.” And you know what? He may be right. That man had the kindest eyes.

Our wonderful Heavenly Father is so amazing and loving and kind. One thing that has been deeply shown to me is that Jesus is ALWAYS there for us and He will always help us when we are in trouble, or when we need Him. No matter what!!

Today every time I drive past that place on the road, I think of that incident and the miracle that occurred.

By N. F.
Exit & Support Network™

“What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.” ~Psalms 56:3


Angels Help Us on Way to Feast

We were headed down the highway one hot, dusty day, on our way to the Feast. We had very little money. Suddenly when we were miles from any city, we broke a rear axle on the car. As we sat there, wondering what to do next, a truck with an RV drove up and asked if we needed help. They were very friendly and kind-hearted and drove us all the way back to the last city, which was a good 50 or 60 miles away, since they said there was a salvage yard there where we could get an axle. After we picked up an axle, they again drove us all the way back to where our car was.

While we were driving to and fro, they fed our entire family at a small table in their RV with lots of food and beverages. When we arrived back to our car, they stayed and helped us put the axle on. We were very grateful for all their help, and while we were standing by the highway, talking to the driver and thanking him, he slipped some money in my husband’s shirt pocket and said, “Here, this will help you enjoy your vacation.” We told him that he didn’t have to do that, but he insisted we take it. It wasn’t until we got back in our car and were headed down the highway, that my husband took the money out and was astounded to find out it was a $100.00!!

Looking back, we believe this probably was angels that God sent to help us in our time of need.

By N. F.
Exit & Support Network™

Miracle When Car Breaks Down

Another time I was driving home from shopping with my son who was only 10 at the time. We stopped at an out-of-the-way gas station near a very small town because the car started acting up. This was back before there were cell phones. We put water in the radiator, filled it with gas, but we couldn’t get it to start. My son was standing there, looking under the hood, not knowing what to do, when all of a sudden a man roared in on a motorcycle, and asked us what the problem was. We told him the car wouldn’t start and that we didn’t know what was wrong. He lifted the hood, fiddled around inside with a screwdriver that he had, and then when we turned the key, it started right up. We thanked him and he roared off. We were able to get home with no problems whatsoever. My husband never could find out what he fixed and the car worked perfectly after that. The man on the motorcycle was never seen again.

By H. C.
Exit & Support Network™

Son Saved From Careening Off Cliff

Once my son was driving down a mountain road by himself in the winter. All of a sudden the car slid on a patch of ice and headed off the road and down a cliff, completely out of control, and he called out to God in desperation. As it was lunging over the side of the cliff and aiming directly toward a house below, the car caught on a tree several feet down, and he was able to climb out and make his way back up to the highway to safety. If that tree hadn’t been there, he would have plunged on down the side to his death and any others in that home would have been killed or injured.

By H. C.
Exit & Support Network™

Angel Keeps My Motorcycle From Hitting Truck

Many years ago, I was on my motorcycle, cruising down the highway to another city 45 minutes away. If I remember correctly, I was on my way to look for another job. I hadn’t been getting a lot of sleep at the time and so I fell asleep on the cycle! What jerked me awake was a truck blowing his horn loudly. Being in a panic I saw a big truck headed straight toward me! Suddenly I felt my motorcycle being pushed over to the other side of the highway and I kept going. There is no way I could have done that. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was an angel that pushed my motorcycle over and saved my life that day.

By T. H.
Exit & Support Network™

Drowned Boy Comes Back to Life

My whole family was staying at a resort hotel that had two swimming pools. The pools were accessible for hotel residents only, but some of the local people sneak into the area because the beach and the view is so beautiful. The only reason we went is because my wife’s company paid the tab as a once a year “family gathering.”

It was about 3pm and I was looking out at the beach. I hadn’t seen my son for a while and was getting worried. When I saw a couple fishing, I wanted to find him even more so we could go see if they caught some fish or not. As I came around the corner of the building, I heard some crying and turmoil coming from the pool. Immediately I thought it was my son in trouble. All I could see was about 20 people standing around a body lying beside the pool.

I freaked out and ran, jumped over bushes, and darted toward whom I thought was my son. The feet sticking out of the crowd matched his! I can’t even explain the feelings I felt! As I was running to the crowd, I heard, “Dad, he was at the bottom of the pool.” Then I realized it was my son saying those words and I was relieved.

The child’s whole family (about twenty cousins, parents, grandparents, and others) were all standing around the child screaming, shouting, and in just complete disarray. They were not hotel residents, so they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. The eleven year old child had snuck off to the pool unattended, inhaled water, drowned, sunk to the bottom, and was pulled up by a teenager after he lay at the bottom for a few minutes.

The Boy Was Not Breathing

As I saw the child lying there, I stood back and took a look at the family standing around. Everyone seemed concerned by either screaming, or just turning their heads. He was not breathing and there was no pulse. When they opened his eyelids, there was nothing but black, no white. He was stiff. I wondered why nobody was praying?

I walked up to the child and placed my hand on his foot because that was the only place I could reach him. There were so many people hovering over him. I kneeled in prayer for his life while holding his foot. As soon as I did this, I was given assurance that he was going to be okay. The warmth I felt was unexplainable and I knew he was going to be fine. I hugged the mother and told her that it will be okay. He immediately started to cough and vomit water. It took about 20 minutes for the paramedics to get there, but by that time he was talking, and by the time they left he was up walking and hopped into the wheelchair by himself.

This really did happen and I will never forget it. I know I didn’t perform a miracle but I know that Jesus was there and did. This kid was revived from the dead.

I believe in Jesus Christ and that He performs miracles today just like He did when He walked the earth.

By Mike (a few months after being cut off from PCG)
Exit & Support Network™

Giant Rainbow in Sky

One day I saw a bright rainbow that was so splendid that it stretched from one end of the horizon to the other, the largest I’d ever seen. It lit up the sky with its brilliance. I felt as if God was telling me, at that moment, in this indescribably beautiful scene, that He loved me. It wasn’t an ordinary rainbow or one of those that just peeks from the rain clouds. It covered the entire sky in front of me. I wished then that those I cared about could see it and marvel in the wonder of it and that I would be able to tell them what it meant to me. I think God sends His love to us in different ways, and if we are attune to that truth, we will begin to notice it.

By N. F.
Exit & Support Network™

“Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth
unto the clouds” ~Psalms 36:5


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