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Some have expressed an interest in corresponding with others who have been in Worldwide Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, or any related offshoot, in order to share experiences and/or to receive support and encouragement. The same holds true for those who have been impacted ( i. e., suffered) by having family, close person or friend inside and who desire to email someone who has had a similar experience.

NOTE: The ESN email list is not intended to provide a “dating connection” for singles. Neither is the list for those who are presently suffering serious mental, psychological disorders, or addictions.

If you are no longer attending, are not in contact with any of the leaders, and would like to request the ESN email list, along with being added, please furnish the following information on an email. (This info has been helpful for those who are deciding whom to write. Those on the list correspond with all ages and requesting this info is not an attempt to put someone in a certain age bracket. The ESN email list is strictly guarded. All info is kept confidential and is never passed on nor posted on the site. No one will know you are on the ESN list unless you first email someone.)

1. The name of the group or groups you were in. (or the group your loved one has been impacted by)

2. The years you were in the group. (i.e., from 19… to 19…)

3. Your age.

4. Your first name. (only first names are on the list)

5. Any other brief information. (where you attended or anything else)

Send your info to ESN.

NOTICE: If you are now fellowshipping with any group that believes they are the “only true church,” “God’s only true church,” or has been labeled or considered a totalistic or abusive church, please do not ask for this list. ESN’s purpose is not only to help others heal from exploitive and exclusive groups, but to warn others of such. If it is found that you are in such a group, your name will have to be removed from the list.

While it is helpful to share our experiences, keep in mind that each of us must take responsibility for our own recovery. Please be sure and read our section on Recovery. We also recommend you educate yourself on mind control and exploitation. Only when we understand what we were involved in and what was done to us can we start recovering.

NOTE: This list does not exclude any who are struggling with their faith; however, if you are an atheist, or planning on talking someone out of any existing faith they may have, please do not ask for this list.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to refuse to send out the ESN email list for any reason.