By Randy Shafer


The following transcript documents the unscriptural and New Age direction that Focus on the Family is moving the Christian church toward.

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Most of the material that you are going to hear in this 90 minute tape is documented material. If it is an opinion, I will so state, because I have literally hundreds of pages of documentation on what you are about to hear. You are going to hear `clicking’ from time to time. This is because I could not possibly arrange the papers so that this would flow, therefore I have to be constantly shutting the recorder off and on as I move from subject to subject.

Allow me to begin by saying simply that I am a 66 year old man, I have spent 4 years and 10 months at Focus on The Family, I began with them in 1991 and my employment with them was terminated on October 3rd, 1996. I believe that James Dobson is the greatest threat to the true church of Jesus Christ in the world today. Through radio it is quite possible that he has done more to undermine the foundations of true Christian faith than any person since the church was founded two thousand years ago. Big statement? Yes! Think I’m exaggerating? But give me the opportunity to offer to you documented material and then you make up your mind as to where you stand on Focus on the Family.

James Dobson is a dangerous man. He is an ecumenist, he has psychologized Scripture that takes away the authority of Scripture and he is also a very, very adamant political activist and I am going to give you documented proof of all of those allegations.

In the process of time of working with Focus on the Family, after about one year and a half, or a year or a little over into my employment, I began to see many things that disturbed me. I, like many of you, came to Focus On the Family believing that I had arrived on the front porch of heaven itself but I began to realise that Biblical `counseling’ was not normal at Focus on the Family. Then there were many other things that I had heard and I soon began to change my mind about what Focus on the Family really stood for and where James Dobson was really coming from.

At that point I coined a word, I called this word “Dobsonology.” Basically it describes my observations of James Dobson and Focus on the Family and what they really are. It defines James Dobson and Focus on the Family.

Here is “Dobsonology” defined:

Dobsonology is a mixture of psychology, humanism, New Age, political activism and ecumenism packed in a silver box of morality. It is tied with a golden ribbon of assorted Scriptures, not necessarily in context. It is being sold to the Christian Community in lieu of biblical authority through sound doctrine by James Dobson and his Focus on the Family organization.

Let us first draw attention to the divisive, deceiving Statement of Faith, a Statement that was made by correspondents of James Dobson. His Statement of Faith reads simply:

“We believe the Bible to be the only infallible, authoritative Word of God. We believe that there is only one God, eternally existent in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ,in His virgin birth, in His sinless life,in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood and His bodily resurrection in His ascension to the right hand of the Father and in His personal return in power and glory. We believe that for salvation of lost, sinful man that regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is able to live a godly life. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost, they that are saved unto the resurrection unto life and they that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation. We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Now, let us do a `flip-flop’ here. That sounds good, and I really can’t fault it, that Statement of Faith. But awhile back, a man named Martin Bobgan was writing a book “Prophets of Psycho-heresy Two” and had written Focus on the Family about some of his concerns. As usual, Dobson did not respond to his mail, but rather hands the material over to the so-called master writers who search the computers for Dobson’s mind on a given matter.

Let me quote some things James Dobson said in response to the letter from Martin Bobgan.

“Dr.Dobson has made a deliberate decision to direct the attention of our ministry away from matters of Biblical interpretation and theology, choosing instead to concentrate our efforts exclusively on family-related topics.”

 Now, when you read the Statement of Faith of Focus on the Family and you hear James Dobson’s statement concerning the question about their direction, which is it? Will the real Jim Dobson please stand up!

Let us take a look at Focus on the Family training. In the fall of 1995 they published a book, about 80 pages, called simply “The Education Calendar.” They had also hired a lady named Jan Orler (sic) to head up the new training programs of Focus on the Family. She has since resigned from the Focus staff but, of course, is an advisor. I assume it is more lucrative to advise than to be on the staff, but that I don’t know.

There is nothing wrong with training people. Every company does it. But ministry should approach it from a Biblical standpoint using Biblical methodology. Training methods can be important, but allow me to introduce this by telling you that in November of 1992, because of many concerns I had Mr. Stan John, then director of Focus on the Family Distribution, invited me to his office where we ended up in a two hour session.

He allowed me about fifteen minutes to share my concerns with him and then proceeded for another hour and 45 minutes to tell me about his great expertise and experience in training. At this point he also told me that he wanted to introduce into Focus on the Family Megatrends Training.Megatrends is a very thick book which you can probably obtain from your library should you care to check in on the training methods and where it leads. Basically they seem to focus in on something called “Management by Objective” in their training. Now this means simply that the company sets the objectives and then, of course, those who work for that company are expected to meet them.

There is really not all that wrong with that, depending on what the objectives are. In ministry, certainly Bible objectives would be expected. However, that is not necessarily so. On page 80 of the booklet that I mentioned to you earlier (their Education Calendar), they have suggested two sources for their facilitators–that is, their teachers, where they might obtain material that would be useful in the training of Focus employees. One is called simply Games Trainers Play by Edward Scannel. However, the second book is of great concern. It is called the Encyclopedia of Group Activities and Focus I am told has a copy of that in their library.

I do know that it took a researcher a great deal of time to obtain at least part of this material. I had to go all the way to Denver to a library to get a copy and I am going to pursue to read just a few of the training methods offered in this book that Focus on the Family has suggested would be good material–would be good resource material I guess was the way I should read it for training methodology.

Allow me to read excerpts of three or four of these activities that are supposed to be good material for the use by facilitators in the training of employees. We are going to find such words as “values clarification,” “synergy,” “consensus.” You will have alluding to “out of body experiences,” the use of candles and other occultic methodology such as deep breathing are all a part of it. I obviously cannot read a very large portion of over 150 practical designs for successful facilitators, but I can give you a cross-section of three or four.

Consensus always is the beginning of something like this. Consensus, basically, is bringing people to a point of agreement, at least by majority. The Bible seems to teach that the majority are not always right, if I remember correctly. Here is one called “Obituaries.” Number three in the goals area is to encourage self-disclosure. The facilitator gives out paper and pencils and asks each person to a write a series of one paragraph obituaries. One for herself, one for every other group member and one for the group itself. Interesting!

What about survival of the fittest? The facilitator asks the participants to fantasize that they are stranded on a desert island and that in order to survive, four members of the group must be eliminated. The participants are told that the majority vote is allowed and that failure to eliminate four members will mean everyone’s destruction due to a serious shortage of food and water. The group is to spend 30 minutes selecting four members to be eliminated. You cannot volunteer to be eliminated. I think you will find this is nothing more than adaptation of the old New Age Life Boat Game.

Here is another called “The Animal Journey.” Close your eyes and imagine an animal that you relate to in some way. Imagine the animal’s surroundings. Try to get in touch with the animal`s needs and desires. Now become that animal. Try to associate yourself with its movements, posture and temperament. If you feel comfortable in doing so, physically assume your animal’s posture. After pausing for a few moments, the facilitator will give further instructions. Slowly come out of your fantasy, leave your imagined animal and become yourself. This is “out of body” experience, people!

Here is the breath of life. For heightening effect, it is suggested a room lit only by candlelight. I believe that is the way the Devil-worshipers worship their god, isn’t it? The facilitator gives the following introduction:

Although breathing is essential to life, we often take it for granted. Awareness of our breathing can often give us greater insight into our feelings and thoughts. Now we are going to engage in an activity designed to help develop that awareness. I would like you to spread out within the room; reimagine standing with your eyes closed. Begin to breathe slowly and deeply, let your entire body flow with the motion of your breathing, in and out, in and out. Let your arms hang loosely, let your head rock slowly, now begin to feel anxious, again become aware of your breathing. When it appears that the participants have truly reached a point of experiencing anxiety, the facilitator says “become angry,” let yourself experience the stored up anger and hostility that you have been carrying around with you, begin to pant, let your body become tense. Get in touch with your anger, feel the anger, experience the anger, feel and be aware of your breathing and your body. Then after several minutes, the facilitator continues. Slowly let your anger subside.

Pandora’s Box has to do with values clarification. Process: I would like you to spread out on the floor, close your eyes and relax, breathe evenly and deeply. After a few minutes the facilitator gives these additional instructions:

Take a couple of minutes to reflect on your vices and your virtues, your strengths and your weaknesses. As your vices and virtues fly out and flood the room, I will identify them. When you hear me call the vice that you can most identify with, reach out and grab it. Lying around on the floor? I do sure hope that the ladies do not wear dresses.

One more. This is called “Fantasy Exploration.” The facilitator describes how fantasy can be an indicator of values and then invites the participants on a fantasy trip. The facilitator tells the participants to lie down in a comfortable position on the carpet, to close their eyes, to become aware of their breathing and to breathe deeply, in and out. Then the facilitator begins the fantasy. As you breathe in and out, let yourself become relaxed, become aware of your body, explore your body, if you feel tension in any muscle, tighten the muscle, hold it, tense it, hold it, now relax it and as you relax, let the relaxation flow throughout your body. Continue to breathe deeply, in and out, make sure you are in a comfortable position, breathe in and out. And finally the facilitator distributes copies of the fantasy worksheet along with pencils and he briefly explains the code, avoiding controversy over specific items.

The participants are given 10 to 15 minutes to record what they imagined on their fantasy trip. Again we are lying around on the floor.

You will remember in the beginning that I told you that one of the great objectives of all of this is to bring people to consensus. That is, the majority rules. The majority are right, but not necessarily so.

This all began with a mission statement, almost three years ago now. Many quit over this mission statement and one man that I know of was fired. They spent thousands of dollars trying to get people to agree to the mission statement that I am going to read to you next. They were unable to do it and so as is usually the case they mandate the mission statement if they cannot bring the group to consensus. Therefore, since they could not, at least in our group, some did, some did not. Management took this to be their mission statement.

Mission statement for distribution center. As devoted change agents for Christ and solely through His power in us, we will unite as a team to achieve recognition as a world-class distribution center. We will strive to be unsurpassed in our development of people and process and our stewardship of technology and resources in so doing we will accomplish unimaginable impact for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Now they spent thousands of dollars to get people to agree to this and they simply wouldn’t. Why? Well, for one thing, “change agents for Christ”?

The only change agents for Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit using the Word of God in the powerful conviction that only He can bring. And then they want to achieve recognition as a world-class or global distribution center? These are New Age terminologies and New Age goals. Globalism and it all came as a starter for the new age training that Focus expected people to participate in.

Before we go to another subject, I want to explain to you just very briefly what management by objective is. Basically the Company sets objectives and you are expected to meet them. It really isn’t bad on the surface but when it enters in to so called `ministry’ and you are expected to go along with the things that are not Biblical, that is another matter.

What happens if you don’t meet those objectives? Well, you are considered to be a dissenter. This means simply, that you can be frozen in pay, or that you will never have another opportunity to advance to another position. If that doesn’t bring you around and you are still a dissenter, probably you are going to find a pay- cut, whatever reasons they give will have to suffice and if that doesn’t do it, it can end in simply being terminated. All of those things did happen to me by process. It is only fair to tell you that the Images reason I was dismissed, and there were a number, was because they discovered that I was gathering information to share with those outside about Focus direction. There were many other reasons, long before they discovered this, they had been doing the N.B.O. job upon me.

You need to know that in 1995,according to Management’s figures, approximately 30 percent of Focus employees were either fired or quit I do not know the figures for 1996. I do know that they lost a number of key management personnel including vice-presidents and their C.O.O.

It is my guess that there were quite a number of people over and above 1995 who either were fired or quit. That information is forthcoming – I still lack a document and I don’t think it is pertinent to the subject now. But when one out of three approximately, one out of three of staff either leaves or were dismissed in a year, I think it suggests a real problem.

Next, let us take a look at James Dobson the ecumenist. I was present at this board meeting and document this statement, the source was Steve Alesaquez (sic), manager of the shipping department for the distribution center of Focus on the Family the date was Thursday, November 2nd, 1995.

“At a recent – that is, last week, Focus board of directors’ meeting, the 10 member board voted 5 to 5 on Dobson’s meeting with the Pope. It was decided will not take place at this time since it was a divided vote. James Dobson wishing to meet the Pope? I also have a copy here, a xerox copy of simply the outside of a letter which was sent to the president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Vatican City State in August of 1995. There is correspondence and there has been other correspondence going on between Focus and the Vatican and various Catholic organizations around the country.”

Item No. 2 on James Dobson – Focus on the Family and ecumenism. On May 2nd, 1995, this little brochure called “The Interfaith Alliance” was sent to all of the Family research institutes – Family Institutes, Family Councils of the various States around the United States. These are supposedly people who are working on behalf of the families, more or less – an activist group. There were a number of people mentioned on the board of directors of the Interfaith Alliance in this brochure who are National Council of Churches members, or they are Rabbis or they are involved in the Roman Catholic Church.

One in particular, a Dr. Albert M. Penneybacker (sic), President of the Ecumenical and Development Initiative which served both the National and World Council of Churches – and he is a professor of Ecumenical Studies at Lexington Theological Seminary in Lexington, Kentucky. Focus inserted these in their mailings to those that I mentioned earlier.

Locally, we have a Rabbi named Howard J. Hirsch (sic). Let me give you a quote.

“The 20th Century has witnessed the tragic descent of Jewish-Christian relations to their lowest level in 2,000 years. I believe that the closing years of the 20th century and the initial years of the 21st century are a special time of grace, a time of grace when Jews and Christians can take a fresh look at our common heritage and our mutual need to work–to work together–that is, to enrich our lives with love, gentleness and understanding.”

If I remember Romans 1:16 rightly, the gospel is to the Jew first and also to the Greek and we are to love the Jewish people. We certainly do not have that much in common. They have still rejected Jesus Christ, their Messiah. And guess who signed on as one of the board of directors of what they are calling “The Center for Christian/Jewish dialogue in Colorado Springs? None other than Dr. James Clayton Dobson, President of Focus on the Family!

The next one, although I do not have the exact date, I believe it might have been 1994, a group of local religious leaders took out a 4 page advertisement in the Gazette Telegraph, the local newspaper. It says simply:

“A message to the people of Colorado Springs.”

It continues:

“We the undersigned have entered into a covenant with each other, and it is called “The Covenant of Mutual Respect,” Catholics, Protestants and Jewish Leaders signed this agreement.”

I am not going to read it all, it is a little bit lengthy, a couple of lengthy paragraphs and we have an hour and a half tape. But the second signer was James Dobson, President of Focus on the Family. Still another ecumenical move on Dobson’s part.

In May of 1996, the Board of Directors had a meeting. The Board of Directors of Focus on the Family. It was decided by the B. of D. that likely James Dobson and Chuck Colson were the two men chosen of God to call the nation back to righteousness. A memo was issued to the staff, that is, all of the staff, not just the management staff, that a memo would be forthcoming explaining in detail how they would go about calling the nation back to righteousness.

I found it interesting that on my last day at Focus I sat in a meeting at the distribution center along with about 75 other people to hear a Mr. Dwight Grant, director of the Distribution Center make this statement:

“There has been a little problem with the memo that they had promised they were going to explain the plan to call the nation back to righteousness.”

He then dropped his head, smiled, shuffled his feet and said,

“They are having a problem defining ‘righteousness.'”

I have in my tape files a copy of James Dobson addressing his key management persons. He critique the board of directors meeting at which time it had been decided likely that he and Chuck Colson would, as early as 1997, perhaps even hold meetings calling the nation back to righteousness. Actually, it is an ecumenist move.

He detailed that Focus on the Family, while the staff did not necessarily understand the larger picture, needed to know had a plan. Then he paused, and then he said, “A global plan.” He went on to explain that this would begin with a meeting of America’s larger church pastors and then at a later time, they would meet with smaller church pastors, then perhaps in groups. He didn’t go into much detail of that.

One of the groups that they had hoped to meet with was the liberal Catholic Church. Now he did not state this, when he was talking to his key personnel, this came out a little later in the letters that were sent. These letters were letters of invitation to pastors in the United States. At least two letters were sent. They were sent, as I earlier mentioned, to America’s largest church pastors and specifically to representatives of the Liberal Catholic Church.

These letters were sent out by H. A. London, vice president of New Ministry Outreach and Pastoral Ministries for Focus on the Family. London is the cousin of James Dobson. All who attended this one-day meeting, they would come in, they would be put up overnight at Focus’ expense in a hotel or motel and their meals would be furnished. The meetings were to have taken place on Monday August 26th through Tuesday August 27th. It never happened, possibly because the “word” got out.

Focus on the Family went so far as to plead with the representatives of the Liberal Catholic Church to join them for what would be a “memorable event,” and if they couldn’t, please send representatives in their place, two designated representatives. This is the exact quote.

Now I want you to take a look at what the Liberal Catholic Church is, and then I have a question. Why was James Dobson trying to involve with leading American pastors, people from the Liberal Catholic Church? Ecumenism, I would say to the “nth” degree.

Let us take a look at the Liberal Catholic Church and what they really are and what they stand for:

Here are some of their publications, I think, to begin with:

The Goddess Religions
Gnostic Christianity
Eastern Mysticism
Mystical States of Consciousness
Reincarnation in Christianity?
The Feminine Aspect of Divinity

They also have a booklet of course, on Meditation. They say its mystical approach to Christianity represents the position of the Liberal Catholic Church. They also emphasize the commonality of all religions.

Those who wrote received this letter:

“Thank you for your interest in the Liberal Catholic Institute for Studies. As an institute, we are dedicated to the teaching of esoteric, mystical traditions of Christianity.”

I have a number of documents on this organization. Among other things, of course, they teach reincarnation and recognize the validity and unity of all religions There is your ecumenical approach again. They teach Christianity of the Cosmic Christ and they administer the 7 sacraments in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom, of course.

As nearly as I can ascertain from literature, there are approximately 1500 members world-wide in about 130 congregations.

Here are some more:

“The winds of change are reaching an ever-increasing velocity and those unwilling to recognize these changes will surely be swept away. If we are going to have faith and be guided by the Holy Spirit in this New Age, we have to be prepared for radical changes alarming revelations.

I wonder if they mean “extra-Biblical”?

“And even demands to reinterpret our own faith, the prime task of those in Christian ministry today, is to help people evolve. The cultural Christians have to evolve along with the universe or perish.

“If the Cosmic Christ is saying anything to us today, it is ‘evolve or perish.'”

They go on to say that every man is a potential “christ.”

One more thing I want to mention. This is their statement “it is neither the Roman Catholic or Protestant, but Catholic.” And when they use the phrase “but Catholic,” it is spelt with a capital “C.” Basically, they are saying they are not Protestant, they are not Roman Catholic, but C-a-t-h-o-l-i-c. They are THE representatives of God on earth. This is clearly an occultic, new age group and James Dobson went out of his way, or at least his organization did–and I am sure with his knowledge, because he was going to be one of the speakers–went out of his way to invite representatives from this group to meet with leading ministers of the United States at Focus on the Family campus.

Just one more item concerning ecumenism. As you know, a few years ago the Family Research Council was formed and actually, it is indirectly, kind of, associated and an arm of Focus on the Family. Gary Bauer heads this up and he and James Dobson, of course, converse on the phone frequently. The Family Research Council, of course, came into being in order to protect, basically, the tax exempt status of Focus on the Family.

Now I think we have all heard of the “Moonies” haven’t we? Well, guess who a recent speaker at a Moonie convention in Washington D.C. was? None other than Gary Bauer!

Still another thing that I think all discerning Christians and all pastors need to be aware of is that H. B. London, the man who personally invited Liberal Catholics to the Focus campus, also is the man who is behind all of the Focus Pastors’ conferences being held around the United States. I don’t know the exact number but there are probably between 6 and 8 of these conferences or more a year and now they are spreading it and expanding it to Pastor’s wives. This, too, is breaking down the doctrinal walls of separation between denominations.

Promise Keepers is still another thorn in the flesh to discerning Christians. I think probably the most dangerous thing about Promise Keepers is that they are breaking down the walls of separation between denominations, as a matter of fact, between Catholics, Protestants and anybody else that wants to get involved. And I think their most dangerous position has been laid out by a man named Schlafer. Dale Schlafer is vice president of Pastoral Ministries of Promise Keepers and this is a quote:

“Patchwork Quilt of Theology, Schlafer says, this new paradigm is built on relationship, not doctrine.”

I was employed at Focus on the Family when Bill McCartney’s Promise Keepers held its first meeting. There was very aggressive recruiting in Focus on the Family to get people who worked there–the males–to go to that first convention. Without the nod of Dr. James Dobson, and Focus on the Family endorsement, it is not likely that Promise Keepers would be where they are today. Everybody believed without question, anything that Dobson says and goes along with anything he endorses.

Dobson has personally interviewed McCartney at least twice on his Focus on the Family Program, a major endorsement, exposing him to thousands of airings a week and in a special message to our friends, by James Dobson, November, 1995:

Item 1. James Dobson says this:

“We provide exposure and assistance to other worthy endeavors throughout the year–think about it. Where did many of you first hear about Promise Keepers?”

Then he goes on to list quite a number of other organizations, but he lists Promise Keepers first. More ecumenism. And who is ultimately behind it? James Clayton Dobson and Focus on the Family!

If you think there is not a concerted effort and an agenda, a planned agenda, to unite all religions into one great political bloc, basically, you are wrong!

Next, I would like to turn my attention to some of the Focus on the Family publications for children.

For instance:

Breakaway magazine (for teenage boys)
Brio (for teenage girls)

And, of course, most of you are familiar with:

Club House and Club House Junior

In 1993 the Breakaway Boys–the staff of Breakaway magazine held a contest and many young people, young males around the country sent in “Rap tapes.” It was a “Rap” contest. I am told that about 120 young people, sometimes a team of one or a team of two entered this contest and 40 winners were selected. I think you need to take a real look at the content in Focus publications for kids.

You are going to be hard pressed to find anything that will encourage them in the Christian walk. It is a combination of worldliness and Bible. I believe my Bible says something about “Love not the world neither the things that are in the world, if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

I am going to play you a bit of a tape, these are staff members of Breakaway magazine. They wrote their own Breakaway song and they introduced the 40 winners by singing their own Breakaway song. You are going to be shocked. Jesus Christ is referred to as “The Big J. C.” You will hear the word and then grunts and groans. You will hear “word,” “nerd,” “word” and other references that are absolutely blasphemous. This tape was offered for sale in 1993 to all who wished to obtain a copy and many, many thousands were sold. As far as I know it was removed from the active sales list in about 1994, December.

Well, here it is.Hear it for yourself. This is just more Focus error.

Rick Johnson, editor of Breakaway Magazine along with Jerry Price our designer, Michael Ross – Mikie, Mikie – ah, how we love it. O.K.! We are going to be Dee Jaying this tape. To give you a little flavor of how bad Rap can be, we are talkin’ bad, man! We will do a little Rap and we are going to”Q” it up right now!

(Music starts playing) Voice says: Hey Dudes. How do you like the music I picked up for our Rap tape? Wow, O.K. not bad! Mikie, Mikie, ——–, the “J”‘ man is in! O.K. ready. You guys are ready? Get with it. (many voices in background) Get them out of here! Yo! get it! Drop it! Take it! Kick it, make it, break it!

“We are the Breakaway boys and we are here to say. We can Rap with the best. Now’s our day. A look to the left, and to the right, the one I follow is Jesus Christ–the big J. C. He is our shield, our rock, our sword. Yo! Give me a different yo! on that one. Yo! Yo! Well done, buddy. He’s talking about the ——- he’s not bragging on our Lord. I see it in the store ——– on your new shoes, from Reeboks, there’s many to choose! (rest of song too fast to understand to correctly type; some disgusting lyrics regarding coughing up a fur ball and nerd, word. I’m talking about the Big Daddy G here!

If you think that was bad, there were plenty more of these “rap” songs on the same tape, only the rest of them were performed by teenage boys. By the way the tape number is CC801 Resource code 10802. James Dobson was made aware of this tape and its contents in November of 1992. I know because I sent him a letter to his home to be sure he got it! The response to a number of things, which were included in that letter came from his secretary who said simply:

Dr. Dobson asked me to call you and tell you he had received your letter. He is concerned about the content and he will be acting on it.

He did nothing about the Rap tape.

[End of first half of tape.]


[First sentence inaudible.]

“The powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God and they that resist shall received unto themselves damnation or condemnation. For rumours are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power. Do that which is good and thou shalt have praise of the same for He, the ruler is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid for he beareth not the sword in vain. For he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. Wherefore, ye must needs be subject not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For, for this cause, pay ye tribute also for they are God’s ministers attending to this very thing. Render therefore to all their dues, tribute to whom tribute is due, custom to whom custom, fear to whom fear, honour to whom honour.” (Romans 13:1-7).

This instruction is for all in relationship to their government. God used the apostle Paul to record this in the book to the Romans and we surely know that the Romans were cruel rulers.

American leadership today is not to be compared to Romanism of 2,000 years ago. The Bible is clear we are to obey, not fight government unless government forbids the Christian to obey Scriptural instruction. The key there is “forbids.” Even then it is an individual obedience of God’s Word to obey God rather than men, NOT a corporate effort on man’s part to force everyone to obey God’s Word. As James Dobson and others are leading American Christians to do today. This is sin.

Allow me to read a statement by Dave Hunt on political activism and the Christian:

“As the first letter quoted above said – more than 30 years of civil protest and Christian activism (Focus on the Family, The Christian Coalition and so forth), have not stopped abortion. Instead of the hoped-for moral awakening, morals have declined. Crime, drug addiction, pornography, divorce and so forth increased, scarcely 10% of Americans believe in all of the 10 commandments, 1/3 of all married Americans have had an affair, and 1/5 of the children have lost their virginity by age 13.

“Would all of that effort that has gone into political and social action have done more good if instead, it had been expanded upon reaching the lost with the gospel, as Christ commanded us. The question reimagines, what are we to do? We must follow Scripture, neither Jesus nor His apostles, nor the Biblical early church ever engaged in social or political activism or even advocated it. The great commission is not `go into all the world to reform its morals by forcing sinners to behave like saints’, but to preach the gospel and convert sinners. And in the end, the conversion of sinners will have a far greater impact on society than all of the lobbying, protest marches and passionate appeals to morality that consume the time and energy of ‘concerned Christians.'” 

To those of you who are walking with the Lord in the power of His Spirit, who are into the Word and to whom God has given discernment, I offer this challenge. What you are about to hear is going to be documented and James Dobson has been a part of something called “The Council for National Policy,” (which hereafter will be referred to as “The CNP”) since at least the mid-1980s. It was organized in 1981 by Tim LaHaye. What they are trying to do ultimately, is build a bloc of interfaith. So-called Christians to lobby for reformation, and reformation is not regeneration. [Note: Council for National Policy plus a list of members can be found in this offsite report.]

Millions of Christian dollars have gone into it and more millions will go into it unless the church wakes up. It is entirely possible that it could lead to serious persecution of true believers today.

I am prepared to show you through documentation that the ultimate purpose, at least underneath the surface of Focus on the Family today, is political activism. Reformation, not regeneration!

Information on the CNP is very hard to come by, they are a very secret organization, membership is not allowed to discuss meetings, meeting content, meeting speakers, or even admit that there are meetings. I think the best way to introduce you to the CNP and I think you will see the great danger of this organization and where it is taking American Christians, many of them.

Here is an article that was found in a magazine called “Covert Action.” These people contacted the CNP offices and I am going to be doing a little bit reading here and I think it will explain itself and as we read along the way, perhaps you will understand my concern about James Dobson’s leading Christians and using his Focus on the Family Organization into political activism.

Telephone CNP offices and the discreetly vague person who answers will tell you that although the group is indeed a tax exempt, non-profit, the CNP is a private organization. It has long been our policy not to discuss our speakers, the members who belong, or our visitors. In this way we are able to meet and discuss issues freely without having reporters present. So I could not give you any more information.

In fact the CNP will not discuss where and when it holds its meetings, or even confirm or deny if it holds meetings at all. One reason for the secrecy according to the investigative reporter Russ Bellet (sic) is that CNP is devoted to networking the foremost right wing activists and funders in the United States.

The CNP is an important and influential institution within the United States’ ultra-conservative right. It trains key political activists, promotes discussions of right wing strategies among leading operatives and funders, shapes how issues are chosen and framed and mentors young activists on the way up the reactionary ladder.

In itself, it has little power. Its members are key players who are networked by the CNP I am going to end the quote there for a moment just to make a comment.

Notice this last sentence: “In itself it has little power and its members are key players who are networked by the CNP” This means that the CNP is working through the organizations that its membership represent. James Dobson represents Focus on the Family, and he is committed to the agenda of the CNP. He is working through Focus on the Family and its many departments to further the CNP agenda.

Now, before I go on, this list is from 1995 and 1996. This involves only intimates of Focus on the Family or people who are presently employed by Focus on the Family who are Council for National Policy members. For the most part Focus on the Family has the largest bloc in the CNP membership.

Here they are:

Dr. James Dobson
Mr. Lee Egan (sic) – Member of the Focus Board of Directors
Mr. Don Hodel – Member of the Focus Board of Directors
Mr. E. Peb. Jackson – Former Focus vice president who now works in a different ministry.
K. Cole James – Member of the Focus Board of Directors
Mr. Richard Mason – until January of 1996, the Focus C.E.O.
Mr. Tom Minnery – Focus vice president of Public Policy.
Mrs. F. Prince – She is now a member of governors of the Council for National Policy
and she is a member of the Focus Board of Directors.
Mr. Richard J. Simmons – Vice president of Focus on the Family,
Mr. Simmons – Resigned and left Focus in January of 1997.
Ryan Dobson – Son of James Dobson is a member of the CNP Youth Council.
He is also an employee of the Family Research Council.
Mr. Gary Bauer – Heads the Family Research Council and he and Dr. Dobson are often on the phone together. He is a member of the CNP.
Mr. Anthony Warlich – He a member of the Focus board of directors and until 1995 was a member of the CNP.

It is interesting to note that on the executive committee of the Council for National Policy is Mr. Gary Bauer and Don Hodel as mentioned earlier. These individuals are active parts of the CNP and they are all connected or associated with Focus on the Family.

Now let us go back to the quotes from “Covert Action” telling us a little about what the CNP is and what it stands for.

Along with wealth and power, the ideal CNP candidate appears to be an ultra-conservative Christian evangelical who is comfortable with racism, sexism, homophobia, paranoid anti-communism and who has a distaste for liberalism and mass democracy.

The CNP was founded in 1981 when Tim LaHaye, a leader of Moral Majority proposed the idea to wealthy Texan T. Cullin Davis. Davis contacted billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt and from that point on it began recruiting members.

In a mere 3 years they had 400 members. They conceive themselves as a rightist alternative to the establishment called “Council On Foreign Relations” in New York City. Bellet (sic) told Covert Action that his continuing research reinforces his view that CNP was, and is, heavily influenced by the John Birch Society. At the Saturday evening reception recently, the CNP gave its Winston Churchill Award. This award is given to certain individuals whom the CNP considers their “kind of guy or gal.”

The main reason for this award, I think, is wrapped up in a quote which Winston Churchill made and which they use in the presentation of the award. Listen to the quote:

“Victory at all costs, for without victory there is no survival.”

We move on in our report. Since the CNP maintains a very low visibility, it is likely that members lobbying at the behest of CNP or CNP Incorporated would use the names of other groups with which they are affiliated. Well, with whom are they affiliated?

For one group, I can speak–Focus on the Family. The origins of the CNP are not found in mainstream conservatism or the traditional Republican Party, but the nationalistic and reactionary circles of the radical route, including the John Birch Society. The CNP frequently requests a slick up-date repackaging of John Birch philosophy.

Five more board members of Western Goals, essentially a John Birch Society intelligence-gathering operation and later used to funnel aid to the Nicaraguan Contras, they have joined the CNP as well. By the way, Ollie North who participated in that, is a CNP member.

The CNP’s first Executive Director Louisiana State Representative Woody Jenkins told members:

“I predict that one day before the end of this century the Council will be so influential that, is to say, powerful, that no President regardless of party or philosophy will be able to ignore us or our concerns or shut us out of the highest levels of government.”

Council members who are willing to discuss the CNP at all, describe its Images function as a forum for bringing activists and wealthy funders together to plan projects of mutual interest.

Let us take a look at some of the members:

Tom Ellis succeeded LaHaye in 1982 as President of the CNP. Ellis is a top political operative of Jesse Helms and this is a statement that Ellis made:

“The eventual goal of this movement, racial integration, is a racial intermarriage and the disappearance of the Negro race by fusing it into the white.”

Now Ellis later reputed that statement.

Another man, Richard De Vos, president of Amway Corporation also is a member of the CNP Executive Committee and Board of Governors at one time or another. De Vos was CNP’s President from 1986-1988. He was an early backer of behind the scenes efforts in the mid 1970s to stimulate the religious right to make the U.S. a Christian Republic, a theocracy.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you hear me, there will never be a theocracy other than the Devil’s theocracy during the Tribulation until Jesus Christ returns and establishes His reign upon the earth–never.

Another member, Richard Shoff, owner of Lincoln Log Homes in North Carolina, a former Ku Klux Klan leader in Indiana. Shoff is a financial supporter of High Frontier, a Star Wars Group allied with the tiny occult group headed by Elizabeth Clare Prophet called “The Church Universal and Triumphant.” Interesting? Huh?

By the way, the Council for National Policy also gave an award to “The Washington Times.” Reverend Moon’s Unification Network owns The Washington Times. We go on.

I think this is the man that frightens me the most. He is dangerous. R. J. Rushdoony, ideological leader of the Christian Reconstruction Movement, advocates that Christian Fundamentalists take dominion over the United States, abolish democracy and institute the death penalty for children who disobey their parents. According to Christianity today, Rushdoony also believes true to the letter of Old Testament Law, homosexuals, adulterers, blasphemers (I assume blasphemers are those who disagree with him), astrologists and others will be executed.

He believes there is no need for the U.S. Constitution and calls Democracy a “heresy.” Rushdoony was a featured speaker at the 1983 Free Congress Foundation conference on Criminal Justice Reform. F.C.F. conference described Rushdoony as a prominent Christian writer.

Another man, Ron Goodwin. Ron was formerly second in command at Moral Majority. He left Moral Majority and is now an Executive for the Reverend Sun Muyung Moons’ Washington Times newspaper.

Still one more. A figure of special note among unsavory characters in the CNP is Robert K. Brown. Brown is publisher of Soldier of Fortune mercenary magazine. Soldier of Fortune has regularly praised pro-Nazi individuals and groups.

That concludes the information from “Covert Action” on the CNP.

Next we will take a look at an update from the Internet. This concerns a meeting that was held in Virginia by the CNP recently. Among other things, those who go will see very much in evidence it says, “plain clothes security guards” carefully watch who comes and goes at the hotels where the meetings are held.

At that particular time, about a year and a half ago, about two years ago now, two of the people on six of the CNP Committees were Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and also Mr. Don Hodel of the Board of Directors of Focus on the Family. Each man held key positions on two of the six of CNP’s standing committees.

I want to throw in one more thing. James Dobson does sell himself well–grandfatherly, a ready smile, the way he uses his voice, he is good. But there is another side to James Dobson. I would like to read this quote from the Internet report:

“Dr. James Dobson led a workshop called “Abortion and the Republican Party.” He spoke about the attitude of Haley Barbour. This past spring, Dobson sent a letter to Barbour, the head of the Republican National Committee at that time and he said:

“If the R.N.C. abandons its clear, pro-life position then you leave us and millions like us no resource but to consider a 3rd party candidate for President in 1996.”

This is James Dobson blackmailing the president or the leader, chairman of the Republican National Convention. According to an informed source, during a question and answer session with Senator Bob Smith who appeared on behalf of Senator Bill Graham, Dobson proceeded to lecture the group about Graham’s waffling on family values. Moderator Edwin Meese cautioned Dobson that this was a question-and-answer segment not a debate.

According to their source, Meese finally said

“Jim, I have told you before that this is not a debate, it is a question-and-answer period, so please sit down so that we can have the next question.”

I believe with all my heart that James Dobson is a radical activist, leading all of Christendom into activism and in the next few minutes, I am going to expose some of the leadership. This is my opinion.

For at least a year, Focus on the Family was sending $1,000 a month to an organization called “The Center for Military Readiness.” It describes itself as an alliance of civilians and military to defend sound personal policies in the U.S. armed forces. Interesting that the leadership includes many CNP members.

The director for the Center for Military Readiness is CNP member Elaine Donnelly, some of the board of advisors are also CNP members, for instance:

Allan Carlson, president of the Rockford Institute
Lieutenant General Daniel O’Graham, retired, director of High Frontiers
Beverley LaHaye, president of Concerned Women for America
Phyllis Schlafly, president of the Evil Forum.

All these people are CNP members and are on the Board of Advisors of the Center for Military Readiness which Focus on the Family has been sending $1,000 per month to fund.

Still another CNP connection:

James Dobson
Bill Bright of Campus Crusades
Don Wildman of the American Family Association met and formed an organization which was to become known as “The Alliance Defense Fund.” In turn they appointed Alan E. Sears to head up the Alliance Defense Fund Organization and all of the above are CNP members.

You might want to confront Focus on the Family as to how much funding they have given to The Alliance Defense Fund. Sources that I have have suggested, actually have seen the check numbers that $100,000 was given to the Alliance Defense Fund in the form of two checks in January of 1996.

Let us get a little closer to home. The actual ministry of Focus on the Family and how they are using it to further a political activist agenda. Indirectly forming what I call shadow lobby groups. Recently in September of 1996, they offered to American physicians something called the Physicians Rapid Response Network.

Let me read briefly from this brochure. The Physicians Rapid Response Network is a free fax service designed to provide medical professional an opportunity to impact the debate on critical bio- ethical and public policy issues. More and more the social issues we face today have a strong medical component. Here is what they offer, I am going to read just one of them – and all of the parts of it.

We will automatically alert you by a fax to important medically-related state and federal legislation. The alerts will include background and facts of the legislation and a specific call to action.

I don’t believe that people who are educated and professional, especially people who are truly led by the Spirit of God need someone, somewhere telling them what action they should take on any issue. I am not in favor of corporate, political activism. Certainly I am in favor of any individual Christian confronting issues the Lord leads them to.

I think you also need to know that there is an organization called “The Patriots” and they have a Magazine called simply “The U.S.A. Patriot Magazine” and while I can certainly sympathize with many of their concerns, I cannot agree with the way they go about trying to accomplish their ends. They list in the November 1994 issue of the Patriot magazine telephone and address book, sources that can be contacted in their behalf.

On this list there are no less than four CNP members, but one of them is Dobson, Dr. James, Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Just a little more on political activism and Focus on the Family. On the 17th day of this month, February, 1997, the speaker on Dobson’s Focus on the Family program will be Charles Colson. His subject, it says “Faith in Action” and the subject matter is “Do Religion and Politics Mix?” Still more activism and still more of the intent to involve Christians in it using names like Chuck Colson.

In May of this year, on the 1st through to the 4th there will be an Attorneys’ Conference held at the Campus in Colorado Springs of Focus on the Family and guess who the Images speaker will be? I mean other than James Dobson? None other than former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, the 1996 President of the Council for National Policy.

The Bible is clear, the purpose of the Church is to propagate the Gospel and disciple the believers. You know the deceived soon become the deceivers. What better deceiver could there be than one whose lifestyle is above question, but whose methods do not line up with Scripture?

True believers would not follow just any man, only a person with a clean life could gain their respect. Enter a moral person whose religious experience seems to be based on doing good works which result in a zeal for God but whose conclusions are not based on Scripture in context. Enter a man who agrees with much of Scripture, but not necessarily all of it. Enter a man who loves people and wants to help them by all that he believes God wants them to be, but with a mix of men’s wisdom and psychology and assorted Scripture and political activism. It is not Biblical. Enter James Clayton Dobson.

There is so much more but the length of this tape forbids me to enter into any more of the political activism issues. How could one man go so wrong? Psychologizing the church, eucumenicalizing the believers–or at least some of them–and now political activism. James Dobson does not seem to understand that only the Spirit of God can change a life. Legislation and Reformation cannot do that. Enough said.

There is a lot of other error going on at Focus on the Family and we are going to take the reimagining minutes of this tape to get on some of those.

Some of the literature offered to young people in Focus’ Summer Reading Program has a disclaimer placed inside the shrink-wrap on the book. “Unfortunately,” it says, “it contains a few profane words. You might want to read the book yourself and see if you feel it is appropriate for your child.” But of all of the good literature out there, why must Focus sell books with disclaimers?

About three years ago, the man who was in charge of the Youth Culture Part of Focus on the Family Organization, Bob DeMoss who is no longer with Focus on the Family, came up with this idea:

Thirty-one Groups or individuals listed on a little chart called “I’m Radio-Active.” After looking over the fact that on this chart addresses were given as well as names, I dropped a note in the inner-office to Bob DeMoss. His response to me about my concern was, that after all, Jesus ate with sinners and my response to Mr. DeMoss is “but He didn’t send the kids to do it.”

“Dr. Dobson did order this pulled immediately, it was a freebee. We gave this away and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them were mailed free of charge to kids, who apparently are very much into the rock culture.” I suppose if you want to look at it that way, the idea was that you were to pray for these individuals and organizations. Hopefully, they would become Christians and put Jesus words to the Devil’s beat.

Here are just a few of the people on that list:

Ossie Osborne
Bon Jovi
Michael Jackson
Phil Donohue
Slaughter, and oh yes!

Focus on the Family have programs on stage in the chapelteria. This is actually the chapel which doubles for the cafeteria through the week so they call it the chapelteria. And then we are also required to go to a morning devotion time.

Well, some of the things that happened were not exactly `devotional.” Let me introduce you to just a few of them:

For one thing, on at least two occasions, they have had a worship, stretch and Israeli folk dance group performing at devotion time. As a matter of fact, they were allowed to set up a recruiting station in the chapelteria and they practiced in some of the Focus on the Family lunch rooms.

Here is another devotion time activity:

About three weeks after I was dismissed from Focus on the Family, a group called Capannio was present in the distribution center leading a “devotion.” Now Capannio is offering an opportunity for citizens to join an international effort alerting the world of an impending global disaster. The combined efforts by students, associates, corporate and scientific researchers “can truly help to save the world” they say. I thought Jesus offers salvation that would “save the world.”

Besides,judgment is coming and no group is going to change it. By the way, here is some more.

They have a monthly newsletter which will focus on who is doing what in the area of planetary defense. Topics with tracking and a catalogue of early warning deflection capability and impact crises response are offered. They are very concerned with “near earth objects.”

On stage in the chapelteria in June of 1995 on the 12th, was a group known as Island Breeze. They came complete with men and women dressed in grass skirts with music that reached at least 100 decibels and this group came to perform. They did many of the Hawaiian dances with all the usual gyrations. It truly would have fitted into any nightclub scene.

But that was not all. They invited visiting young people to come up and join them, and that is still not all! To close their performance they asked for four males who were, I think, in supervision. not on my side, to come up. And these four men did the Can-Can, the one-two-kick, the one-two-kick to the beat of the music.

Another non-time activity of Focus on the Family has offered–this was back in 1995 in February–you could go to room 3G and participate in “soaring to self-esteem” training.

In 1995 they also offered a “For Women Only” conference–well, almost women only. Bill Petty, the 1994 Mr. Colorado heavyweight was there complete with just brief attire. Those who were attending were asked to bring swim-suits and exercise outfits so that they could participate with Mr. Petty.

Additionally, on site opportunities at Focus on the Family includes such things as Aerobics, Karate, Massage Therapy, and of course, as I have previously mentioned, the workshops stretch and Israeli dance.

The gentleman who had for many years had worked at Focus on the Family and who still returns there sometimes, he is in business for himself now, usually does a lot of singing or leads the group in a lot of singing and I was present when he was singing for what we call a “devotional time” in the morning. One of the songs that offended many and was brought to the attention of management a few years ago–we were promised at that time this song would not be used again and it was just a misunderstanding. And it wasn’t really used again for about two years until the same man returned and led in the same song. I will read you just a few words from it:

Find my way in nature’s chain, Tune my body and my brain To the music of the land. Mother earth will make you strong, If you give her loving care.

Where I come from, that is called a New Age song. The name of it is “The Garden Song.”

Sadly, Focus has become almost cultish. They actually believe that God leads them in everything they do. They are now in the process of trying to invade every major ministry in the Colorado Springs area and we have about six dozen different ministries located here. This includes Images-line larger churches. A former C.E.O. of Focus on the Family appeared at Front Range Ministry Forum in October of 1985 at Glen Eyrie and his name was Richard Mason. He was a co-speaker with Jay Gary of Celebration 2000.

One of the ways that Focus on the Family is infiltrating almost every major ministry and large church in the area is through an organization called “Christian Management Association.” Now this is a national organization, but it is dominated in this community by Focus on the Family. Originally their address, or the return address was “Missionary Internship” in Colorado Springs.But that didn’t last long. Now all of the mailing is handled through Focus on the Family, and guess whose return address is on Christian Management Association Literature? Focus on the Family, 8605 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs. Colorado.

Let’s take a look at the content. For instance, a man named John Pearson was one of their guests at one of their meetings. He is the co-author of a group called “Marketing Your Ministry.”

Another one of their speakers, Lamont Hanks has said, “If you think you can, then you can.”  Sounds a lot like something called Positive Thinking??

I think that if you are in the will of God, then nothing can stop you.

Well as I said just a little bit ago, we are about to run out of tape. I trust that this tape will be helpful. I believe with all of my heart that Christians need to know the truth about Focus on the Family and James Dobson.

I will never question the morality of James Dobson. He is a moral man. As a matter of fact, I agree with many of the positions he takes. Government is in a mess, America is in a mess. But sadly, I think of a greater importance is that the church is in a mess. When the church turned from the authority of the Word, and from the clear teaching of the Word, American Christians did the ultimate thing–they failed their Lord.

I believe that this in turn is what has led to the circumstances that we find ourselves in today. Psychology can never do it, ecumenism will never accomplish it, and political activism will never change people’s hearts. Christians have blindly followed error. I would dare to go so far as to say–apostate error.

There is only one answer. We have to return to the authority of Scripture and Judgment still begins at the house of God. If we could clean our act up, if we could return to Biblical preaching, God might yet move in revival in America.

“If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from my wicked ways, then will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

If healing is to come, it will come from the Lord in response to believer repentance. An Old Testament verse, with a New Testament application.

As for those who hide behind the gospel, and behind Jesus Christ, I only have this to say: Psalms 138:2, the last couple of lines in that verse read simply:

“For thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.” Notice “singular” name. One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and He has magnified His word even above His name. And what has Isaiah told us? And we read in Revelation that His name is Holy – Holy – Holy. Three times this is spoken. Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit.

Thank you for allowing this unlettered layman to share his concerns with you. “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this Book, if any man should add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in the book and if any man shall take away the words of the Book of this prophecy, I shall take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city and from the things which are written in this Book.”

“So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many, and unto them that look for Him, He shall appear the second time without sin unto salvation.”

I will see you here, there or in the air. Thank you.

[End of transcript of 90 minute audio tape by Randy Shafer, February 2, 1997.]

UPDATE: James Dobson (born April 21, 1936) was founder of Focus on the Family (FOTF) from 1977 until 2010. He founded Family Talk as a non-profit organization in 2010.


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